15 Must See Photos Of The Undertaker Breaking Kayfabe

The Undertaker will forever be remembered as one of the most epic characters to have ever stepped foot in a WWE ring, as his gimmick of a "deadman" is something with which many fans grew up with. The Undertaker was also one of the most terrifying characters during his time in the WWE, as he gave nightmares to many of his opponents and was loved for the unique persona which he portrayed during his 25+ years in the company.

The Phenom will also be remembered for rarely breaking kayfabe in the WWE as he always stuck to his character and carried on his chilling representation of The Deadman. But unlike his in-ring character who liked to stay alone and in the dark, The Undertaker was quite the opposite in his real life where he was quite the fun-loving person and got along really well with his colleagues. He was WWE's locker room leader who set things straight whenever an issue arose, as he loved to party and do things in real life which his character would never even think of.

The Undertaker never broke kayfabe when he was in-character in the WWE, but when he did get out of character, he was quite the delightful person in real life who loves to hang out and interact with people.

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15 Hanging Out With Goldberg And The Hurricane

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The Undertaker has been a WWE guy throughout his professional career as The Deadman has been a hard-hitting, technically gifted wrestler who could fight it out with anyone inside the squared circle. The Deadman may have been a WWE devotee, but also has other interests and one of those include his love for MMA fighting. He has attended UFC events many times and was also caught on camera during some instances and in 2008 he also attended another MMA event where co-wrestlers Shane Helms(Aka The Hurricane) and Goldberg also attended. This picture shows the three hanging out together in the event and even though the Deadman never really faced off against either of these two, he still has a lot of respect for them. This picture of The Undertaker (along with the other two) breaking kayfabe is quite the rare one showing the MMA fan in him.

14 The Undertaker Carrying Sable

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The Undertaker wasn't really a ladies man during his WWE career where he had an incredible manager in Paul Bearer and didn't really need a valet to guide him in the WWE. He was never a person who "flirted" with the ladies and in fact he actually intimidated a lot of them, which included Sable when the two were top stars during the Attitude Era. The Undertaker never interacted with the stunning Sable  on-screen apart from one time during his Ministry of Darkness days, but it seems he was on good terms with her in real life. This surprising picture shows Taker breaking kayfabe by carrying Sable in a rather friendly manner in the back, as the sexy diva also seems to be enjoying it as well. This shows the friendlier side of The Undertaker.

13 Reuniting With Shawn Michaels And Triple H

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The Undertaker was part of a generation of wrestlers who will always be remembered by WWE fans because of the awesome product they helped produce during the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression Eras. Along with The Undertaker, some other wrestlers who will be remembered forever are Shawn Michaels and Triple H, who are arguably two of his toughest opponents as well. Both of them faced him at WrestleMania but failed to defeat him. The Phenom reunited with the two prior to his match at WrestleMania XXX, where his streak would end. This picture shows The Undertaker embracing his good friends and shows the bond these "rivals" share outside the ring. The Deadman went on to lose his legendary streak at the hands of Brock Lesnar later that night, but this picture gives a sweeter taste to the event.

12 Going For A Swim?

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The Undertaker was one of the most hard-working wrestlers for the WWE during the Attitude Era and later the Ruthless Aggression Era, but he toned down his schedule in his final years as his body just couldn't take the pressure anymore. The Undertaker has been living a peaceful life with family and friends in the past few years and has broken kayfabe quite a lot of times in the process as well. This rather surprising picture shows The Deadman sailing on a boat with his son and is seemingly having a great time. One can imagine he's about to go for a dive wearing the swimming costume, as The Deadman is still pretty fit despite his age.

11 Drinking With The Rattlesnake

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The Undertaker may have been a cool guy when he was not portraying his gimmick in the WWE, but he rarely stepped into a WWE ring out-of-character which made him the amazing character that he was. The Phenom may be a fun-loving person in real life, but he likes to be professional when in the WWE. But it seems that even The Undertaker couldn't help but break kayfabe when The Rattlesnake "Stone Cold Steve Austin" held a small party of sorts inside the WWE ring when the curtains were closed. Taker can be seen in this picture drinking a cold one with Austin, Vince McMahon and many others as the awesome Stone Cold even managed to convince The Undertaker to enjoy a drink inside the ring with him and overlook his own values of never breaking kayfabe inside a WWE ring.

10 The Undertaker With Sting

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The Undertaker has been part of many dream matches in the WWE already as he faced off against every top superstar to have stepped foot in the WWE during his career. But there have been some matches which we'd have loved to have seen The Undertaker be a part of and the one everyone regrets to have never taken place is against The Icon, Sting. When Sting appeared in the WWE in 2014, many thought that the "dream match" can become a reality and anticipated a match between them at the grandest stage of them all. But sadly, the powers that be didn't book it. This candid picture of both of them interacting in an airport only makes us wonder how epic the match would've been, as a non-kayfabe Undertaker and Sting are probably wondering the same in the picture.

9 Having A Good Time With The APA

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The Undertaker had a lot of friends in the WWE during the Attitude Era when he created the heinous Ministry of Darkness and recruited (brainwashed) some of the toughest superstars in WWE to join his cause. That included The Acolytes which was comprised of Bradshaw and Farooq who were two of the most dangerous men in the company. But as it seems, Taker was also good buddies with them in the back as it can be seen in this awesome candid photo of them together, where they seem to be having a great time. The Undertaker seems to be enjoying the party in this kayfabe-breaking picture, as he's showing off his style along with the weirdly dressed Bradshaw and Farooq.

8 The Undertaker Paying Homage To Ric Flair

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The Undertaker is a wrestler who has rarely broken kayfabe inside a WWE ring as he portrays his brooding, dark character to perfection when he's performing for the company. He has kept portraying his character without a hitch for a long time, but something which really moved him enough to break character inside a WWE ring was the retirement of Ric Flair. After the Nature Boy lost his match against Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania XXIV, he got his own "retirement show" the night after at Monday Night Raw. Many wrestlers (heels and faces) came to pay tribute to him along with some of his friends and enemies, but something which shocked many was when The Undertaker broke his character to come down. It was a dark segment, but someone like The Phenom breaking character to pay homage to Flair was amazing and showed the amount of respect everyone has for him.

7 Hanging Out With Paul Bearer

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The Undertaker was made to portray quite the difficult character when he came to the WWE in 1990, as this gimmick of a "Deadman" was not an easy one for somebody who had been in the wrestling circuit for only a few years prior to his WWE debut. But The Undertaker was helped in developing his character by Paul Bearer, who was his "father" in the WWE and instructed him on everything he did in his early years. Bearer was also a very good friend of The Undertaker and a great mentor as well, as this almost unrecognizable pictures shows both of them breaking kayfabe .It's quite the amazing candid picture which shows just how attached they were together in real life as well, as the Undertaker loved to spend time with him and the two mingled on really well outside the WWE as well.

6 The Undertaker Drinking With Shane McMahon

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The Undertaker has been a highly respected individual in the WWE for a long time now, as his friendly nature and ability to mingle with everyone is a reason why he was chosen to be the locker room Leader back in the day. He's been friends with everyone including the McMahon's ever since he's step foot in the WWE and did not hesitate when he was called upon to face Shane McMahon at WrestleMania 32. After having a stellar match, the two opponents reunited in a bar in Texas the next night and were seen drinking together. This picture shows the both of them drinking together as some fans got the opportunity to snap some pictures of them without their kayfabe forms and it's pretty awesome to know that the two didn't have any bad blood after the match and drank to a successful encounter.

5 Chilling With The Bone Street Krew

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The Undertaker may have been part of some alliances in the WWE, but he didn't really seem happy to be part of it as he was more of a loner who liked to take the high road by himself. The Phenom was part of the WWE when there were some really mean stuff going on at the locker room because of the Klique, so he decided to form his own backstage group. The Undertaker created the Bone Street Krew which consisted of the likes of Paul Bearer, Rikishi, The Godfather and Mideon. This was to make sure the Kliq wouldn't be able to even touch his group and this picture shows just how well bonded they were. The Undertaker even had the words BSK tatooed in his skin and when he wasn't portraying a Deadman, he was hanging out with his buddies at the back.

4 Undertaker, The DX Fan?

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The Undertaker has seen a lot go through in the WWE as he rose as a superstar when the company started to get bigger and bigger, as he played a pivotal part in both the "Attitude Era" and the "Ruthless Aggression" era. He has also seen many stables and groups being formed in the company but none of them were as rowdy as D-Generation X who created quite the nuisance in the Attitude Era and the Ruthless Aggression era as well. But as it seems, The Undertaker is actually a fan of the stable as this picture of him breaking kayfabe wearing a DX t-shirt goes onto show. He's posing with DX members Billy Gunn and X-Pac in the picture which is quite the awesome candid picture which shows that even an intimidating guy like the Undertaker is into the antics of D-Generation X.

3 The Undertaker Taking A Selfie?

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The Undertaker maintained himself as quite the "old-school" wrestler in the WWE despite things changing in the company as he kept his original moveset which continued to be terrifying for everyone else. But it's pretty surprising to see this selfie which is seemingly taken by The Undertaker posing with his wife Michelle McCool, as he's breaking kayfabe in quite the major way in this picture. He's seemingly having a blast and while he wasn't portraying his character, it seems like The Undertaker took a chance to look at the changing technology and fell in love with it. This awesome selfie goes onto show how The Undertaker is adapting to changes in technology really well.

2 Posing With The Bad Guy

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The Undertaker may have already been a veteran in the WWE from the time many of the younger fans started to watch, but even he had issues settling into the company when he initially arrived in 1990. He did portray his chilling character really well (thanks to the help of Paul Bearer) but also needed the help of other talents to make him feel at home. The Deadman was quite well received in the locker room as he was already good friends with "The Bad Guy" Razor Ramon, who was himself a major star at the time. This picture shows the two of them posing together as it shows how they were buddies and how Ramon probably helped Taker blend into the WWE. This cool image of the two posing is a major throwback to the good ol' days when the tough talents just did not give a damn.

1 The Undertaker's Marriage To Michelle McCool

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The Undertaker did a great job at keeping his personal life separated from his private life back when he was a full-timer in the WWE, but ever since losing his ability to wrestle on a full-time basis, he's been more devoted to his personal life. He has displayed his personal, non-kayfabe side more frequently and even got remarried in 2010 to former WWE Diva Michelle McCool. The two have maintained quite a happy family ever since, but this picture of their wedding back in 2010 is something where he breaks kayfabe like no other time. This picture shows the two possibly exchanging their vows before officially tying the knot and shows how happy The Undertaker was to have such a public marriage to McCool. The Undertaker may have rarely broken kayfabe, but at least he was happy to do it during his marriage to the love of his life in Michelle McCool.

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