15 Must See Photos Of The Undertaker In His Personal Life

Let’s take a look at the man himself Mark Calaway. Here are 15 photos you must see to believe, for you might not recognize him outside of the ring.

Although only World Wrestling Entertainment fans will recognize the name Mark Calaway - everyone knows who "The Undertaker" is. The "Phenom" is notoriously known for his supernatural character, the “Dead Man Walking” is one of the longest in-ring performers, and easily considered one of the best characters ever created in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment.

He is known for “The Streak” – having the longest run of 21 straight victories at WrestleMania, the biggest pay per view of the year. Year after year, the expected was still always unexpected. You knew Undertaker was going to win yet it was still your favorite match to watch. His first loss was to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XXX on April 6, 2014. It was one of the most shocking results that has ever happened in WWE history, shocking both the fans and colleagues alike. Breaking WrestleMania’s streak as we all know it to be, leaving everyone in disbelief.

His last and final WrestleMania for what we know of, was on April 2, 2017 at WrestleMania 33. The Undertaker was once again defeated, this time by Roman Reigns. As “The Undertaker” left his trademark hat, coat, and gloves in the ring, it was described as a farewell and retirement for “the greatest wrestler of all time”. He left a legacy within the WWE which no other can deny. We can only hope that The Undertaker will return one last time.

Let’s take a look at the man himself Mark Calaway. Here are 15 photos you must see to believe, for you might not recognize him outside of the ring.



Shocking at first, The Undertaker married former WWE Diva Michelle McCool on June 26th, 2010 in Houston, Texas. Michelle is a former two-time WWE Divas Champion and two-time WWE Women's Champion. This will be Mark Calaway's third marriage. They welcomed their first child together in 2012, Mark's fourth from previous marriages, Kaia Faith Calaway. We must say, The Undertaker sure cleans up nicely - in a suit and tie, and his long hair pulled into a braid. This photo is lovely and captures a side of "The Phenom" that we have never seen before, as he smiles down at his beautiful wife. The happy couple had a Christian wedding ceremony that took place outside.

It's hard to imagine The Undertaker being a father to four and wedding a beautiful diva, but we have a feeling that the "Dead Man" is a total softie. Just don't tell him we said that.



This is not how we remember the Undertaker to look in the ring. At 52 years old, we can't believe that this is "The Phenom" himself. If we bumped into him at an airport the only possible way we might recognize him is from his 6'10" statuette. The once scary and menacing wrestler looks just like the average Dad, or your Grandfather. Don't get me wrong though, it's nice to see the former "Deadman" look average. We still find him quite intimidating and wouldn't know how to strike up a conversation with him, but if we ever do cross paths we sure will try. Either way, get used to this look from The Undertaker, as he's by all accounts done for good in the ring.

13 Family By The Waterfall


While The Undertaker himself lays low from social media, luckily for us his wife Michelle McCool keeps us updated once in a while via her Instagram account. Pictured here is the happy couple and their children enjoying themselves on vacation as they admire a stunning waterfall. We can't help but love everything about this image. The tattooed wrestler is actually a loving father and devoted husband.

This picture in itself should teach you not to judge a book by its cover. Although choke slams and body slams can tell you a different story. We are happy to see the life The Undertaker has created for himself and his family outside of the ring. They look just like a normal family, enjoying memories together.



Our first reaction - "I can't believe they actually make a wet-suit that size!" Our second reaction is "Who is that guy?" Yes that is The Undertaker himself, all 305 lbs enjoying himself on what seems to be a nice vacation. So many thoughts run through my mind when I see this picture. The dark, mysterious supernatural wrestler is out in broad daylight, in a wet-suit. As crazy as that sounds, it makes us happy to see that The Undertaker has another side. A side that comes out during the day and even wears a smile.

The other highlight of this picture is seeing Undertaker's fully grown son. The Undertaker's on his third marriage and had his son with his first wife. When you remember that Taker had ginger hair in his early days, you can start to see the resemblance with his oldest son.



Words can't describe how much we love this photo. The "Phenom" is holding two of his children and feeding them. We just love Mark Calaway! A sweet and loving father is what we see here. It almost makes us wonder if Mark Calaway had a twin brother who wrestled under the name The Undertaker, because we can't believe this man is capable of choke slamming or Tombstoning anyone! The man who left a legacy behind in the WWE will always be known for his choke slams and "Tombstones". We can't help but wonder if The Undertaker's children will follow in his footsteps. With not only a superstar for a dad, but their mom Michelle McCool, former 2x WWE Divas Champion how could they not?



Seven years later, the happy couple is still going strong, and we couldn't be happier. Now I'm sure most look at this photo and think, she married him? Wait he married her? But the more we look at these family photos of Mark Calaway and his wife Michelle McCool, we can't help but love them both even more. The Deadman is never going to get an Instagram or a Twitter account. We don't have any factual evidence to back that up, but Mick Foley made the best point about The Undertaker staying off social media: "Deadmen don't tweet."

So keep posting your photos on Instagram Michelle because we just love seeing who The Undertaker really is and there's no way he would ever be the kind to share that himself.



On September 28th, 2014 Mark Calaway, his wife Michelle, and he "World's Strongest Man" former WWE Wrestler Mark Henry participated in CC4C Micro Marathon 4 Inspiration. Located in Bee Cave, Texas the 2.62-mile run was created to help raise funds in order to inspire children with rare and undiagnosed conditions. Not only do we love everything about the inspiration behind this marathon, we love that Mark and Michelle participated in such an important cause. The Undertaker has become very active in this cause the past few years and we're sure now that he doesn't have to worry about bulking up to get in ring shape, he'll be concentrating more of his efforts on physical feats like this.

Mark Calaway, as we really now know him, has completely won us over. Undertaker who?



Mr. & Mrs. Calaway with family and friends, the wedding party. This looks like a fun bunch of girls here, smiling and flexing for the camera. Mark Calaway looks delighted to be surrounded by such beautiful women with his lovely wife, and we can't blame him. I can't help but wonder what it must be like to be at The Calaway Wedding.

What type of music did they play? Every time the light's go dim all we can think of is The Undertaker's classic and scary entrance music, but the guy pictured here doesn't look so scary at all. Taker looks like quite the charmer here, as the women all gather around him. Taker was known as a serious guy backstage, but one thing many vouched for, was that he always knew how to party.



Mark and Michelle snapped a selfie here with their daughter. They make a happy couple and a beautiful family. And is that Mark smiling? Is that The Undertaker smiling? We are nine photos in and we still can't help but go crazy over the fact that The Undertaker is smiling. The "Dead Man Walking" is smiling, and happy. As crazy as it looks, we love Mark and Michelle more and more.

Although if The Undertaker returns to the WWE soon and he is smiling, that just might be terrifying. The Undertaker likely won't be making any more appearances in character, but when he does make his way onto our screens, perhaps it'll be for a Hall of Fame speech, in which case, we'd love to see some smiles.



According to the New York Post  Mark Calaway was seen entering the Hospital for Special Surgery in May of 2017, due to reports that he needed hip replacement surgery and has been putting off getting surgery until his last match. After a long and heavy battle, that left him defeated against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33, a trip to HSS was much needed and long awaited. We hope The Undertaker has had a speedy recovery, because now he's finally at a point where he can just live a normal life and not have to worry about putting his body through hell after each WrestleMania match. Taker gave us everything he had to give to the business and now it's time for him to enjoy life.



Just your average family. Michelle posted this absolutely adorable photo of Mark and herself with their children, trick or treating on Halloween via Instagram. Holding hands and wearing cute costumes, we wonder why Mark didn't bring back his leather trench coat and hat. I'm not sure how much candy The Undertaker would actually get, but I'm sure his daughters got everything they wanted. I can only imagine what their dating life will be like when they grow up. God bless those poor boys who try to talk to The Undertaker's daughters! Or as The Undertaker would say - "Rest. In. Peace." While Taker may never show up in character again, it'd be cool to see him go trick or treating with his daughter in a full on Undertaker getup.



Even without his long hair and hat, standing at 6'10" you aren't bound to miss The Undertaker at the airport. We actually can't imagine that he flies too comfortably, and we are not sure how we feel about flying on an airplane next to The Undertaker, but from what it looks like Mark Calaway is a nice guy and we think he must be really pleasant to be around. Mark and his family are not shy of cameras and are more than happy to stop and say hello to fans and pose for a picture.

Also in this photo appears to be Sting standing next to The Undertaker and we wonder if they were discussing a potential WrestleMania match down the road. Of course, that ship has now sailed.



You will find a complete biography on The Undertaker, including his former wives and past relationships before his current wife Michelle, and the names of his children from all three marriages. You will find some fun facts including his hobbies like his love for motor-bikes, tattoos, and his favorite TV series - The Sopranos. And his startling fear of cucumbers. It is hard to believe The Undertaker has a fear of anything or anyone. With a WrestleMania streak of 23-2, we aren't so sure how true this is. If we ever speak to Mark, or if Mark reads our article - give us a call and tell us about your fear of cucumbers!

Here though, Taker is with his wife enjoying another one of his passions - MMA - as Taker is constantly seen at UFC events.



We don't know if The Undertaker is going on a vacation in this photo here. Perhaps he was heading to Monday Night Raw, or better yet, WrestleMania. These two fans sure look ecstatic to be able to take a picture with The Deadman. The Undertaker proves yet again that he is never to busy to stop and talk to his fans. He is never too busy to take a photo either. He looks like a kind, giant soul, not the grim and scary wrestler we know him to be. Perhaps one day we will get the chance of a lifetime and be lucky enough to bump into him. Who wouldn't want a photo-op with the greatest performer of all time?



There you have it. We just had to end with a lovely photo of Mark Calaway and his beautiful wife Michelle Calaway. We learned that behind the dark, mysterious side of the "Phenom", one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time - is a down to earth, gentle loving family man. Mark Calaway is both a husband and a devoted father. If these pictures don't make you love The Undertaker more than you already did, we don't know what will. So, Undertaker please come back to the WWE soon, we have your hat and gloves. You left a legacy that can not be filled. Please bring your Divas Champion Michelle McCool with you too! Together Mr. and Mrs. Calaway make a great tag team.

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15 Must See Photos Of The Undertaker In His Personal Life