15 Must See Photos Of Wrestlers Being Gross AF

Wrestling is a unique form of entertainment. Predicated on matches with predetermined outcomes, the vast majority of a wrestling show is made up of violence and interview segments meant to lead to a fight. Filled to the brim with over the top characters, many people still hold the industry to a different standard than movies or television because there aren’t any credits and it holds itself up as a sports event of sorts. While that may seem unreasonable since every bit is as fictional as any comedy or drama we see, that is the world we live in. Still, that hasn’t stopped the powers that be in the wrestling world from pushing the envelope, sometimes to a shocking level. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of 15 photos of wrestlers being gross.

In order for an image be up for consideration for inclusion on this list, it must feature someone who made their living performing in the wrestling industry doing something disgusting. That means that anyone regularly featured can be the focus of the image, including the likes of wrestlers, announcers, interviewers. With that in mind, let’s get to the list and everything revolting in wrestling.

15 Everything Bastion Booger

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This one doesn’t take much explanation. Like T.L. Hooper, this character was designed to be foul, but Bastion Booger was even more shameless than the wrestling plumber ever was. An overweight man who came to the ring in gear that did little to cover up his oversized body, and was a color that only made him look worse, they opted to go further in an attempt to make him look as bad as possible. He was oftentimes sent to the ring with food in hand that he would devour prior to his match. In the case of this image, he could be seen biting into a hamburger and intentionally getting as much food on his face as possible. Can you imagine how gross it would have been to wrestle him after this, especially if shoving his face with food before the match upset his stomach?

14 Nasty Boys’ Pit Stop

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A tag team that was named appropriately, it was the entire gimmick of The Nasty Boys to shock and disgust wrestling crowds with their gross actions. Made up of Jerry Sags and Brian Knobbs, it never seemed like these two had to struggle too hard to get into their characters and to this day there are loads of stories of their outrageous behavior. Known for their distinctive mohawks, big bellies and looking as though they hadn’t showered in weeks, that last fact made a move like this one all the more off-putting to see. Shoving the face of their opponent into the armpit of their tag team partner (or into one of their own armpits), this was made all the worse by the fact that this took place late in the match. Having worked up a sweat by then, we can only imagine how sickening that experience would be.

13 Mick Foley’s Crimson Mask

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One of the most beloved figures in wrestling history, Mick Foley spent most of his career destroying his body for the entertainment of wrestling fans all over the world. At the time he was seen as a total badass who seemed capable of bouncing back from virtually any injury without too much trouble, now we know that isn’t the case. A photo of the man covered in blood to the point that fans have come to call the look a crimson mask, this photo was taken while he was participating in the King of the Death Match tournament. Disgusting on the face of it, the hardest part of this image now is knowing the toll events like this took on his body. Famous these days for shuffling around since his body has been ravaged by injury and walking typically isn’t possible, we wish we could take back our support of his reckless behavior and tell him to slow down.

12 Rikishi’s Stinkface

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Thinking about wrestlers that shove gross parts of their bodies into the face of their opponent, these days there is nobody better known for that kind of thing than Rikishi. A WWE Hall of Famer who spent years working for the company as Fatu and The Sultan before coming out to the ring sporting bottoms that revealed far more of his bottom than we ever wanted to see. A massive rear, to say the least, it was impossible to ignore and we didn’t have to cope with our face ending up directly in between his huge cheeks. We’re certain he doesn’t regret the makeover, as it rekindled his career and legacy, but we still get a little bit queasy thinking about what his opponents went through.

11 Al Snow Eats Boss Man's "Pepper Steak"

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The Attitude Era probably is the most celebrated time in wrestling history for good reason. Receiving unparalleled ratings and cultural impact, the industry was hip for the first time in years, but that fact has clouded a lot of people’s memories. Featuring a number of lowlights, the WWE’s attempts to shock fans resulted in some pretty brutal moments being broadcast to millions. Case in point was this moment in which a feud between Al Snow and The Big Boss Man was taken to a whole new level. Boss Man had kidnaped Al’s pet and blackmailed him to join him for a meal if he wanted Pepper the dog back. Agreeing to the terms, Al ate the meal and then it was revealed the "pepper steak" that was prepared for him was the animal in question. We really don’t think we need to elaborate any further why the image of the segment is gross.

10 Everything T.L. Hopper 

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In between the eighties and mid-nineties, the WWE seemed obsessed with creating gimmicks for their wrestlers that were based on various professions. You had a barber, hockey player, repo man, dentist, baseball player on strike, and too many other ridiculous examples to list here but one of the worst was T.L. Hooper, a wrestling plumber. Coming to the ring carrying a plunger and sporting a sleeveless shirt that was stained with something we can only imagine was meant to be feces, he was meant to gross us out. We can definitely say that the WWE succeeded in that effort as we find this whole thing rather distasteful. The only problem was they may have thought the whole thing was hilarious but all it inspired in us was a desire to change the channel to something less odious. Like WCW Nitro, for instance.

9 Abdullah Gets Vicious

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We previously touched on Mick Foley’s legendary ability to absorb punishment, but he is far from the only one known for the gruesome nature of the majority of his matches. Another such man is Abdullah the Butcher, an overweight wrestler who wasn't exactly the spriest performer in the ring. He made up for his lack of speed with a real propensity for violence and became one of the most feared wrestlers of his generation. Someone who oftentimes ripped into the forehead of the men he fought in the ring with a pencil or fork, his matches oftentimes became total bloodbaths. Accused of knowingly risking the health of his opponents by sharing a blade with them despite having Hepatitis C, we can’t be sure if he was sick here and infected this man, but either way, this is hard to look at.

8 Sunny Gets Slopped

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This may be decidedly PG in comparison to the bloody image we just touched upon but this photo of Sunny having a bucket of “slop” dropped on her head may be worse than it seems. The Godwinnns were a tag team that competed in the mid-nineties and were known for their good ole boy gimmick and bringing a bucket of “pig slop” with them they’d pour over their enemies at the end of a match. At one time managed onscreen by Sunny, they weren’t always so cozy with her and at feuded with other teams she represented. At the end of one of those matches, instead of slopping their fellow wrestlers, they poured the bucket’s contents over Sunny. While this wouldn’t be too bad in most situations, as the “slop” wasn’t as gross as it seems, stories suggest that wrestlers had added to the bucket in the back to get back at Sunny’s diva behavior. According to these claims, tobacco spit and fecal matter had been added to the mix that was dropped over her head and, while that can't be verified, we still find this image awful to look at.

7 Triple H And Katie Vick

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One of the most infamous moments in wrestling history for all of the wrong reasons, saying the name Katie Vick has become shorthand for wrestling fans for the worst in wrestling. A storyline that saw Triple H reveal that Kane’s ex-girlfriend from his teen years had died, the Game would then go on to heavily imply that the Big Red Machine was responsible for her demise. Going even further, Hunter claimed that Kane had his way with Katie’s body after her death, even going so far as to show footage of him supposedly in the act. Though this was clearly Trips sporting a Kane mask, the fact that we saw a wrestler climb into a coffin in order to pretend he was going to get busy with a corpse is just plain nasty.

6 Mr. McMahon's Particular Club

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Vince McMahon is the man with the ultimate say so of what makes it to television in the WWE and has been ever since he and his wife Linda took the company over from his father. That is why there have been some highly questionable moments involving the character he portrayed onscreen over the years, including several incidences with women, one of which we will be touching upon later. One of his oddest calls was to okay an ongoing storyline in which several of his own employees literally puckered up and kissed his butt on national TV. That's something that happened several times, we were heavily tempted to include an image of his own son, Shane, smooching his butt. Instead opted to include the inaugural participant, William Regal. One of the most respected ring generals around, the idea that this talented and well-spoken man was scripted to humiliate himself like this, and he was only the beginning, is outrageous.

5 Choppy Choppy

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Another one of the Attitude Era’s greatest lowlights, the feud between Val Venis and the faction Kai En Tai quickly devolved into outright racism and stupidity. A group that originated in Japan, it was managed by a man named Yamaguchi-San during its initial WWE run and in the storyline, his wife was unfaithful to him after falling into the arms of The Big Valbowski. In an effort to gain his vengeance on the man who’d defiled his marriage, Yamaguchi-san had his followers capture Val and tie him up in the back. Pulling off Val’s trunks, Yamaguchi-san stood with a samurai sword. Earlier on he’d threatened to “choppy choppy your pee pee,” so when he was shown thrusting the sword towards Val’s nether region the implication was clear. As WWE was taking the business in a direction it never should have gone, from a moral ground this is one of the grossest things the company ever did.

4 The Boogeyman’s Worms

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One of the more outrageous characters of recent years, The Boogeyman was regularly seen clutching a huge amount of worms on WWE television. Prone to putting the creatures in his own mouth after taking them out of his pocket, he was all too happy to trust them at his enemies, including in the skirt of Jillian Hall and face of fellow wrestlers. One example of the latter, in this image he has shoved so many worms and a substance we can only hope is mud (or chocolate), in the face of a wrestler whom we couldn't even identify. Considering we here at TheSportster are big fans of the industry and are pretty knowledgeable of the WWE roster through the years, that speaks to just how covered that person was.

3 Mae Young Gives Birth To A Hand

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Why is the Attitude Era so beloved again? An unforgettable angle for regular viewers at that time, 70-something women's wrestling legend Mae Young went into labor with what was supposed to be the child of Mark Henry. This was part of an unusual storyline in which the young wrestler was seduced by Mae, and after he professed his passion for her, the pair was shown in bed together on more than one occasion. Coming to a head during the aforementioned birth segment, Mae was shown in the back in the throes of labor when suddenly she gave birth to a….hand. Seeing the appendage covered in what can only be described as goo, an explanation was never forthcoming and the image haunts us to our core to this day.

2 Trish Debased

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Trish Stratus is regularly pointed to as quite possibly the best women's wrestler of all time. Capable of taking part in some of the best matches we’ve seen, absolutely gorgeous and great at portraying her character, there doesn’t seem to have been any part of the business she didn’t excel at. Yet, she still was put into a storyline in which she was scripted to make out with her boss in front of his real life wife multiple weeks in a row, and somehow things only got worse from there. In a moment that can only be described as disgusting, Mr. McMahon the character ordered her to get on all fours and bark like a dog in front of millions for his amusement before undressing to her bra and panties. Of course, in real life, the true Vince McMahon was her boss so he approved the storyline meaning he actually did instruct her to do this and we can’t help but gag at that idea.

1 Tommy Dreamer And Undertaker’s Tobacco Spit

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As soon as we sat down to put this list together Tommy Dreamer came to mind. Known best for being a hardcore legend just like Mick Foley or Abdullah the Butcher, when he went to the WWE it shouldn’t surprise anyone that he embraced a more sports entertainment-esque gimmick. In 2002, that took a form that we had never seen before or since on WWE television. Shown to be willing to do things that would make the average person vomit with a smile on his face, he shared a toothbrush with a dog, drank toilet water and ate hot dogs off an arena floor.

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That wasn’t bad enough, however, as one night he was joined in the ring by The Undertaker who had chewing tobacco stuffed into his mouth. Angry at Tommy for “taking up his time” Taker spit the contents of his mouth, including tobacco spit and a glob of tobacco chew and forced him to consume it before punching a smiling Dreamer in the mouth. If you vomited a little bit in your mouth just reading that we totally understand.

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