15 Must-See Pictures Of The Undertaker And His Family

The Undertaker. Probably the biggest and most influential Superstar in the history of WWE. The almost mythical figure made his debut for the company all the way back in November in 1990 and technically is still with WWEΒ to this day. He made the ridiculous gimmick of an undertaker work, something no one else in that role could have done, showed unwavering loyalty throughout the Monday Night War, and put simply bleeds WWE. There is no one in the locker room more respected than him and if he has truly hung up his boots once and for all, he will be sorely missed.

Something that has made The Undertaker so great and so successful is his dedication to protecting his unique character. Despite the fact that the man behind the gimmick has been married three times and has four children, he will very rarely allow anyone to get a glimpse into his private life. Even with the rapid popularization of social media Undertaker has managed to keep his life outside of WWE somewhat under wraps. Most of the pictures that do leak out of Undertaker's every day life focus on how 'bad' or 'out of shape' he looks. This article will have a different focus. I mentioned that 'Taker is married and has children, well here are fifteen photos of The Deadman with said family that you probably wouldn't have seen before.

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15 Running with Michelle

While the likes of John Cena and Bayley are well known for their charity work and it's effectively a part of their persona, The Undertaker isn't so much. He's not the only one either. There are plenty of people The Deadman has shared a locker room with that aren't known for their charity work. What you should know though is that doesn't necessarily mean Taker isn't a charitable man. For obvious reasons The Phenom's charitable ventures aren't public domain. Stopping off to visit people in hospital dressed as an Undertaker probably wouldn't go down too well. As you can see from the photo with his wife Michelle McCool, a couple of years ago Taker didn't just donate some money to a chosen charity, but he ran for one. Who says he's old, beat up and out of shape?

14 Attending a Softball Game

The Undertaker is a big proponent of other sporst outside of professional wrestling as The Deadman proved when he showed up at an NBA game in full Taker attire in 2016. Well believe it or not the former WWE Champion actually attends sports games in normal street clothes from time to time. The photo above is one that was taken at a softball game back in 2015, shortly after Undertaker had proved to the world that he can still win at WrestleMania by defeating Bray Wyatt a year on from Brock Lesnar ending his streak. Once again his wife and once WWE Diva Michelle is featured in the pic plus Taker's daughter has also managed to get a tiny bit of camera time in this one.

13 Post WrestleMania Vacation

Clearly The Undertaker and his family like to vacation after The Deadman is done with his WrestleMania commitments. For quite a while now Taker has only returned for that one time of year, and let's be honest he's earned it after being with WWE for over 25 years. This photo was taken a mere two weeks after the one of the happy couple and their daughter at the softball game. It certainly helps dispel rumors that after Undertaker has his one match a year that he's effectively bed bound for six months afterwards. He is in his fifties and competing in the ring must take its toll on him, but I'm glad to see that it doesn't render him useless until WWE come calling again.

12 Scuba Diving with his Son

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The Undertaker and Michelle McCool have actually only been married since 2010. Before that Taker was in two other relationships and has a grand total of three children from them. Undertaker's oldest child is Gunner, from his first marriage, who is 24. The photo above is presumably of a time the both of them went scuba diving recently and it's sort of hard to tell that the pair of them are father and son, maybe because I always picture The Undertaker in a long leather coat with a wide brimmed hat. Maybe one day Gunner will don his dad's signature get up and we could have a rebirth of the great gimmick in WWE. Still on the fence as to whether I would actually like to see that or not.

11 Father's Day

While trying to imagine The Undertaker casually attending sporting events is hard enough, picturing him hanging out at family events like barbecues is something else altogether. I may sound strange saying it but I'm sure many of you agree with me and it's simply because Taker was so protective of his character that you would very rarely see him as anything but his in ring persona, even following the popularization of social media. The picture we have here, once again courtesy of Michelle McCool, is one celebrating not only her own father, but also her husband and the father to her daughter, The Undertaker. The bottom right of this one pictures Taker along with Michelle's father, and I would love to be a fly on the wall and know what Undertaker talks about to his father in law.

10 Arm Bar!

Despite The Undertaker's career spanning almost 30 years, there aren't many Superstars who can boast that they made The Deadman tap. Well I think it's pretty safe to assume that his and Michelle's daughter Kaia can put that on her resume. Pictured above is Kaia, aged three at the time, with a pretty sweet arm bar synched in on her old man, and according to McCool when she walked in she was demanding that her father tapped. More recently Kaia even had some advice for her dad on how exactly he could go about beating Roman Reigns if they were to ever have a rematch. Maybe we'll have a female Deadman in WWE about 20 years from now. Fingers crossed!

9 Every Wrestler's Adopted Father

Either Undertaker wasn't supposed to be in this photo, or whoever took itΒ is not great with technology. Either way The Phenom's near absence from this pic is beside the point. Any Superstar who has spent an extended period of time under the tutelage of Vince McMahon cites him as not only being a genius, but also as a father figure. Despite what you may hear about the chairman of WWE, he cares about his employees. When you've worked together as closely as Vince and Taker have for over 25 years it's almost impossible not to consider each other family as opposed to just co workers or friends. Plus of course Taker's wife Michelle is featured once again who also spent a good chunk of time wrestling for WWE.

8 Taker and his New Born Daughter

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As you'll already know if you're fans of his or pro wrestling in general, pictures of The Undertaker out of character and looking vulnerable are few and far between. When a pic of Taker looking less than dominant leaks out it is normally pretty big news. While that sort of photos in recent years have been of The Deadman looking old or frail, this one demonstrates Undertaker's vulnerability in a completely different way. It looks as if Undertaker has come straight from the ring in this one and been handed his new born daughter, and who knows that may have very well been the case. He may be a near seven footer that has laid to rest anyone and everyone in professional wrestling, but he can also be a gentle giant when it comes to his children.

7 At Work With The Family

#blessed #family #mylove πŸ’™πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ’™

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This one is slightly different to the ones you've seen so far in this list, and maybe even one that some of you may throw a flag on. It's made the fifteen nonetheless, and is definitely worth talking about. Undertaker famously went to his family at ring side following his match at WrestleMania 33, something we will cover in more detail a little further down this list, but clearly that wasn't the one and only time Michelle and his daughter were there to support The Deadman. This photo was taken a whole year before when Taker took on Shane McMahon inside Hell in a Cell. As mentioned before The Undertaker is a very private man and I imagine he wouldn't have wanted his family shown in the front row. Knowing they're there would damage his gimmick, which is why it's so telling that he acknowledged them this past year.

6 His Second Wife Sara

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The Undertaker has been married not once, not twice, but three times over the course of his life. While in the present day he is happily married to Michelle McCool, previously he was married to the woman pictured above, Sara. For those of you who don't know, Sara wasn't a pro wrestler but she was involved in a rivalry between The Deadman and Diamond Dallas Page back in 2001. She is also the reason that Taker had the name Sara tattooed on his neck, emphasis on the word had. When you divorce a woman previously getting her name tattooed on the front of your neck must be something you deeply regret. If you take a look at Taker now you'll notice that it's gone because let's face it, it would be pretty awkward for Michelle to have to read that every day.

5 The Cowboys and The Steelers

Some might look at this photo and say The Undertaker looks a little out of shape. Well I can assure you he's not and it's merely the way that he's sat as this photo was taken around the time of The Phenom's WrestleMania 32 match with Shane McMahon. On a lighter note, have you ever seen The Deadman looking so happy? There's good reason for that, and it's not just because he's sat next to his wife. Undertaker is a huge Dallas Cowboys fans, and evidently the franchise were nice enough to let him and Michelle take a look around Jerry Jones's office. Wrestling in front of a packed Cowboys' stadium must have been a pretty big high for him too.

4 Out With A Friend

Don't let the date on this one fool you, it's a much older photo than youΒ might be lead to believe. If it had been released around the time it was taken I imagine it would have been one of those that fans got into a frenzy about what with Undertaker looking a fair bit older than he leads us to believe he is when performing in the ring. Aside from that it's also a photo with a sad story behind it. Apart from Undertaker and Michelle McCool, the third person pictured in this photo is Pera Bauer. Pera was a close friend of the couple and she sadly passed away in 2015. Michelle posted this photo on her Instagram to mark the first anniversary of her passing.

3 At The Beach

Happy Father's Day to these two studs! #loveandprotect πŸ’™

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It's unclear as to whether The Undertaker has retired from professional wrestling or not following his defeat to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33. Judging by this Instagram post from his wife Michelle McCool just last month, whether The Deadman will ever step foot in a WWE ring to wrestle again probably couldn't be farther from his mind right now. The man with his back to the camera is of course the man who is the focus of this article, and he's enjoying a day at the beach with his and Michelle's youngest daughter Kaia, who is now almost five. As I alluded to earlier, we may have to wait for little Kaia to grow up before we see another manifestation of The Undertaker performing in the ring, and what a story it would be.

2 Anniversary Bananas

#7years πŸ’™πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’™

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The Undertaker and Austin Aries didn't share a locker room for long, but clearly The Greatest Man That Ever Lived had a profound influence on The Phenom. Well probably not, and maybe Taker just liked bananas anyway. This photo was taken even more recently than the one of Undertaker and his daughter on the beach together, and is even further evidence that The Deadman is living life to the fullest now that his in ring career may very well be done and dusted. Not entirely sure where the happy couple are in this one, but it looks like somewhere exotic. Michelle McCool posted the photo near the end of June this year in celebration of the couple having spent seven years together.

1 Thank You Taker

My heartπŸ’™ #mylove #thankyoutaker #WrestleMania #blessed #GOAT

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I touched on this moment earlier and promised that it would be covered more extensively later on in the list. The whole match from start to finish and beyond, including this moment with his wife Michelle, was so iconic and will never be forgotten. Losing to Reigns, his age, his time in the business, the folding up and leaving of his coat, gloves and hat, all of those alone suggested that Undertaker would never be returning to the ring again. What cemented his retirement for most of us watching was what's pictured above. For the first time ever on screen The Undertaker broke character, found his wife in the front row and kissed her. I don't know about the majority of the WWE Universe but it was then for me that I realized that this was it for a man I had grown up watching, and it was a pretty fitting ending truth be told, regardless of how the match itself went.

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