15 Must-See Pictures Of Wrestlers Being COMPLETELY Out Of Character

There's nothing more surprising than seeing a wrestling superstar that many of us have grown up watching for years in a wrestling character out and about and totally out of character. They may also be doing something we often catch ourselves doing such as shopping with the family, having a meal at a restaurant or maybe even driving along the street. Whatever the case most die-hard fans are totally took off guard and in this day and age of social media, we're connecting more and more people who finally get to interact with their favorite wrestling superstars. They maybe even see them as a person instead of this larger than life figures that they appear as on television inside the squared circle. At one point social media wasn't so around and unless you were close or just listened to rumors about the wrestler, you had no clue to what the wrestler was like outside of the ring, but things have dramatically changed .

Most of the wrestling stars today seem to embrace fans who spot them outside the ring with a quick conversation, an autograph or maybe just a picture to capture the moment. For a fan who watches these wrestlers every week on television, it seems to be an amazing and almost breathtaking experience.

So with the list, we wanted to highlight 15 pictures of some the most talented and world renowned wrestling superstars being completely out of their wrestling characters while in their day to day life outside of the ring.

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15 Big Van Vader With A Fan


Starting this list off is the man known as Big Van Vader who is known for being one of the toughest and roughest wrestlers in the business which made Vader ultimately one of the worst guys that most people would ever want to meet in the ring. But here with a big smile on his alongside excited fan, we can tell that this athlete was totally a different person outside of the ring.

Big Van Vader shows his true side in this photo making it even more of a true standout out moment of our list from inside of the ring to outside of the ring. Vader really was a fan favorite that will be forever remembered as Big & Bad. It's nice to see he had a soft side to him.

14 Hulk Hogan Walking His Son


Mainly we know this next superstar as one of the wrestlers that help change this business forever with his great showmanship throughout his career. Whether he was a good guy or bad guy, people loved and respected The Hulkster for the excitement he brought to the each and every time he was in a match

So here have the legendary Hulk Hogan and his son Nick who seem to be doing some father/son bonding while out and about around the town making for the perfect photo to add to the list. The most standout part of this photo has to be The Hulkster's baggy jeans that were very popular during the early 2000s. This factor alone makes Hogan who is known for wearing spandex totally out of character. Yes, he's still in his signature nWo style black bandana and sunglasses, but he probably caught a few fans off guard with this one.

13 Braun Strowman

via instagram.com

Truthfully, we could have just taken any of Braun Strowman's Instagram pics, because if you follow The Monster Among Men on Instagram, you'll see an entirely different person than the one you see on television every week. The big man seems fun and outgoing and clearly doesn't take himself too seriously. Here we have Strowman posing for what we hope is a Halloween picture, dressed up as Wonder Woman. A guy like Strowman may have found it extremely tough in the territory days to go around remaining in character at all times. When looking at this picture, you clearly don't see a man who would hurt a fly, but perhaps that's all the more credit to Strowman playing the character as well as he does on WWE television.

12 Seth Rollins On Halloween

via Instagram.com

This WWE Superstar Seth Rollins went from being apart The Shield to being a part The Authority to being just a powerhouse wrestler on his own, from title reigns to being part of some of the most talked about WWE matches of recent history. For that alone he will definitely be a superstar that seems to be sticking around for awhile.

But here we have Seth trading his WWE identity we know him so well for another character, the very lovable and notable Super Mario which takes the 6'1 WWE superstar totally out of his element. Seth Rollins is alongside his then girlfriend Zahra Schreiber in this photo, although things have changed since this photo was taken of them. One thing will remain this is the perfect photo showing Seth out of his WWE character.

11 Triple H On Set

Via craveonline.com

Triple H is a true surprise. Who would have thought from his debut that this WWE superstar would grow to be one of the greats that wrestling fans would come to love and hate throughout his many years of wrestling.

Pictured here we have Triple H totally out of WWE character as he is another wrestler who has gone onto doing film roles aside from wrestling in the squared circle. Honestly, for someone as big as Triple H it's always funny to see him out of his known character and in this photo, we have The Game in between takes while working on the movie Inside Out. Trading one character for another, I wonder if his character in the movie is more memorable than his WWE character he left behind during this role.

10 Billy Gunn On Graduation Day

via ringthedamnbell.wordpress.com

Another wrestler who joins our list that is known for his shock factor, ability and talent alongside his pure skill is Billy Gunn or Mr. Ass, who will forever live on as a WWE Attitude Era icon as he played a big role in making the WWE into what it is today. Billy along with Road Dogg played the lovable tag team duo The New Age Outlaws who were one of the greatest tag teams of their time.

Today Billy adds to our list as he is pictured with a big smile on his face as a proud dad standing next to his son Austin during his graduation. It seems that the times have grown much simpler now for Billy but we thank him for all the years he spent being apart of the WWE as Bad Ass Billy Gunn.

9 Sting & The Ultimate Warrior

via wrestlingnewssource.com

Two wrestlers that are known for making magic inside the ring while the captivated the fans' hearts like no other superstars had the power to during their time and era. Sting and The Ultimate Warrior are wrestling royalty who will live on forever throughout the history books of the business. Sting and Warrior were different in so many ways they almost seemed to be the same. They both fell into wrestling by fluke after first pursuing bodybuilding careers.

Here we have both wrestlers pre pro-wrestling days. Simple, plain, no war paint and out of character with the whole world ahead of them. Who knew from this photo, that each superstar would grow to be legendary throughout wrestling. In 2014 we lost The Ultimate Warrior and his infectious intensity but his legacy will live on forever through pictures, videos, and in the hearts of fans and his close family forever.

8 Brock Lesnar At A Farm Show

via twitter.com

Brock Lesnar isn't the kind of person to really socialize outside of the squared circle. He lives on a secluded wheat farm up in Saskatchewan and he purposely moved to the Prairies up north to have privacy. However farming happens to be a big passion of The Beast's when he isn't making part- time appearances or standing around menacingly while Paul Heyman works his magic on the microphone. Many fans have said Lesnar is very stand-off ish in real life when fans are looking for pictures and autographs but perhaps Lesnar made the exception here, due to a man in uniform asking for a quick snap. So there you have it folks, if you want a pleasant picture with Lesnar, join the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

7 Happily Married Kane

via wrestlingnewssource.com

Many know this next WWE superstar as the Big Red Machine, who caused a massive uproar with his massive size and excitement he brought to squared circle when he premiered as the mute and powerful Kane. This wrestling legend played The Undertaker's long lost brother whose face was hidden behind a mask for many years during his earlier days in WWE. Eventually, the mask was taken off, and Kane the wrestler was known as someone you didn't want to meet in the ring at any time.

Although his image in WWE has changed drastically, here in this photo we see the Big Red Machine minus the mask and the hell fire and brimstone effects he had throughout his career totally out of character. He has a big smile on his face and we see Kane alongside his wife. If you want to see more of Kane in personal pictures, you might want to check out his campaign website. There are some gems there.

6 The Rockstone

via wallsofjerichoholic.blogspot.com

Without a doubt Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock has grown to be one of the biggest superstars outside the ring, taking on movies and television this wrestling superstar made a big change to further his career as a household name. The Rock will go down in WWE history as one the most electrifying wrestlers to grace the ring from his charisma to his pure talent in the ring. The Rock captivated many WWE fans that made him a true superstar throughout the business and into the realm of entertainment overall.

Another wrestling great who traded his WWE character for another, The Rock in this photo seems to be having the time of his life as the cartoon character Fred Flintstone. Who would have imaged Fred would ever get into shape like this?

5 Doink The Person

via wrestlingmemorabilia.blogspot.com

Gone but not forgotten Matt Osborne AKA Doink The Clown brought a very entertaining character to WWE during the earlier years of the company during the early 90s of WWE bringing his natural talent and skills and the ability to make fans laugh or get freaked out to the ring. It made him a very likeable character thought his wrestling career overall and Doink The Clown will be missed.

Here we have the WWE legend alongside a smiling fan minus his makeup and clown attire it's hard to even tell that it's Doink But real fans can spot their favorite wrestler no matter what with that said Doink The Clown gave of many years of laughter his legacy will live on throughout wrestling history.

4 The Undertaker In DX?

via pinterest.com

A WWE legend who was so hard to catch at any moment inside the ring or outside the ring not in character was The Phenom known as The Undertaker who took the fans on a long ride. The Phenom was one of the only wrestlers of the modern era who was super careful in ensuring that his persona stayed with him outside of the ring. Even in some moments of the social media age though, Mark Calaway couldn't resist but to let loose every once in a while.

In this rare photo, we see The Undertaker out of his dark character as he poses in an ultra cool moment as he wears a D-Generation X shirt beside D-Generation X members X-Pac and Billy Gunn. What a moment.

3 Andre The Giant Protecting Stephanie

via imgur.com

Andre the Giant was one of the true legends of the business. Back in his day, seeing a man of that size was nowhere near as common as it is today so he truly was a special attraction everywhere he went. Fans from around the world paid to see him and towards the end of the 80s, Andre took a huge chance in his career and turned heel. However one little known fact about Andre is that he was a young Stephanie McMahon's protector backstage. They had a very special relationship and despite Andre posing a very intimidating figure, young Stephanie was never afraid of Andre and here is a great moment of the two bonding. There's no doubt Stephanie must look back at this picture and get a little emotional.

2 Stone Cold Steve Austin On The Beach

via prowrestlingstories.com

Here we have a group of wrestlers that made each history throughout their careers by making wrestling bigger than ever with their charisma and skills. During the 90s and early 2000s, Ricky Steamboat, Kevin Sullivan, Arn Anderson, Steve Austin and William Regal helped build wrestling with each show they were apart of. But here today I wanted to focus on one wrestler in particular from this photo that is totally out of the character he is known so well for.

Here's Stone Cold Steve Austin back when he was Stunning Steve Austin, pictured here minus the bald head and the beers and boots with a smile on his face. Almost unrecognizable here, Stone Cold sums up the WWE Attitude Era but in this photo, it seems the legendary superstar is just starting out on the road to his well known and celebrated career.

1 Meng and Kevin Nash Enjoying Each Other's Company

via imgur.com



It's hard to tell when this photo was taken, but either way it is a goldmine. It was probably sometime shorty after Kevin Nash joined WCW in 1996, and we can see Nash enjoying a cold one while sitting on Meng's lap. Meng looks slightly amused, but is probably hoping the seven foot Nash will get off his lap soon. If the stories about Meng being the toughest man in wrestling history are to be believed, here we have Meng both out of his in-ring character and the character he was known to be outside of the ring. Then again, maybe Meng was just a really relaxed guy that you didn't want to mess with. Either way, we have no regrets in bringing you to this hilarious picture.

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