15 Must-See Pictures Of WWE Superstars With Kids

Many professional wrestlers are still considered to be young at heart when it comes to meeting the WWE Universe. Many WWE Superstars allow themselves to act out of character and weird around their fans because it makes it a much more fun experience for them.

Many wrestlers like Triple H, The Miz, and Randy Orton don't mind acting weird if it means that the fans walk away knowing that they got the full experience because they know it is something that will stay with them forever.

There are some incredibly funny pictures online of wrestlers with members of the WWE Universe that definitely need to be seen. Some wrestlers even break character in order to show the kind of people they really are to their fans in the WWE Universe.

There was once a time when Kayfabe was something that WWE liked to remain inside at all times, but more recently it seems that attitudes have changed and Superstars have much more control over their persona outside of WWE which means that they are allowed to break character if they feel the need too.

The following list looks at some of the weirdest, funniest, and sweetest pictures of wrestlers with their young fans.

15 Randy Orton Breaks Character

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Shane McMahon returned to WWE last year and after his loss to The Undertaker at WrestleMania 32 inside Hell in a Cell. It was decided that he would remain part of WWE as the Commissioner of SmackDown Live.

As part of being the Commissioner, Shane decided to add himself to the Five-on-Five traditional Survivor Series match against team Raw and a Spear out of mid-air from Roman Reigns midway through the match actually managed to take Shane out. His children at ringside were slightly concerned, so Randy Orton took it upon himself to go over and assure his sons that he was OK. Orton doesn't usually break character so easily, but being a father he knew that he needed to make sure that Shane's wife and kids didn't worry about his wellbeing.

14 AJ Lee Meets Conor Michalek

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It was one of the cutest moments of WWE's Conor Michalek montage. Conor still believed in the characters who he saw on WWE TV each week and one of these included former Divas Champion AJ Lee.

AJ met Conor and he told her to "stop her craziness" because at the time AJ was busy trying to extract revenge on Dolph Ziggler when he broke up with her. AJ's reaction was just as cute as Conor himself as she laughed and promised the terminally ill little boy that she would. Conor touched the heart of the WWE Universe and WWE roster as a whole and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame the night before WrestleMania 31 as the first Warrior Award recipient and WWE has set up Conor's Cure in honour of him as well.

13 Sheamus And His LookaLikes

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There is a reason WWE like to sell merchandise in the WWE Shop so that children can continue to dress up like their favorite Superstar. Sometimes they even manage to get noticed by them if they're close enough to the ring.

Back when Sheamus was a face, these two little boys decided to head to a WWE event dressed as their favorite Irish wrestler and when Sheamus noticed them sitting front row he decided to take them over the barricade to parade them around ringside with him while Triple H and Randy Orton looked on and found it hard not to laugh about it. Sheamus genuinely looks like he's having just as much fun as the two kids are, and that's what wrestling is all about, right?

12 Triple H Breaks Kayfabe For Fan

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When you're the COO of WWE, you can actually get away with breaking character every now and then. On a live episode of Money Night Raw back in 2015 John Cena was put in a Handicap match against Seth Rollins, Kane, and Big Show. While Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were at ringside, the COO was able to make a child in the front row cry.

Triple H was seen as a villain on WWE TV at the time, but rather than remain in character Triple H smiled at the boy before going over, hugging him and rubbing his head. The little boy and his father were then taken backstage after the show and able to meet many of their favorite stars. Even Triple H has a soft spot for children when they are upset, after all, he is a father.

11 Daniel And Conor

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WWE Superstars grant the wishes of terminally ill children all the time. The Make A Wish Foundation and WWE have a very close partnership and one of the children who met WWE stars through the foundation was Conor Michalek. Conor was an eight-year-old boy battling terminal cancer, but he loved Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan became close to Conor and even invited him to WrestleMania XXX where he sat in the front row and watched Daniel win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Daniel then inducted Conor into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015, the year after he passed away. As seen above, Daniel and Conor became good friends and Daniel wasn't the only WWE star who fell in love with Conor "The Crusher" during his numerous visits to WWE events.

10 Sasha And Izzy

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Izzy and Bayley became best friends when The Huggable star was down in NXT. Izzy was always at ringside for Bayley's matches and WWE even saw her as Bayley's biggest fan. At NXT TakeOver: Respect back in 2015, Sasha Banks decided to take advantage of their friendship by making Izzy cry and creating easy heat.

Sasha beat Bayley in front of Izzy before walking back down and stealing her headband. Sasha then put it on her own head and celebrated in the ring with it before throwing it back at Izzy. At this point, the little girl was being comforted by her dad because she was in tears but Sasha didn't break character at all. It was reported that The Boss did apologize after the show for upsetting Bayley's biggest fan.

9 Babies Don't Like Randy

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WWE Superstars are sometimes even forced to meet babies who don't actually know who they are. This is more for the benefit of the parents than the actual child and even though Orton has children of his own and is reportedly close to his wife's Kim Kessler's three sons, he was still unable to calm the baby down during a meet and greet.

Orton instead decided the best idea would be to adopt the same expression that the little boy had and it made a great picture. When he's grown up and looks back at the fact that even meeting a former WWE World Champion wasn't enough to calm him down, then he will understand when his parents tell him that he was a tough child to please.

8 The Architect And A Baby

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Seth Rollins has proved over the past few years that there isn't a lot that scares him inside a WWE ring. But when it comes to a fan handing him a baby, the man known as "The Architect of The Shield" is actually terrified.

Rollins looks like this is the most uncomfortable position he has ever been put in like children could well be breakable objects. Rollins is 31-years-old and he is still yet to have any of his own children. It appears the main reason for this could be because he is actually scared of them. Hopefully, the baby's expression, which is unseen in the photo, is the real reason for Rollins' terrified face and the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion isn't actually afraid of children in general.

7 Some Children Don't Like The Demon

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Most WWE fans would be happy to meet Finn Balor. But even when they are not, The Demon is able to keep a smile on his face. Looking at this photo it seems that either the boy is overcome with emotion because he is able to meet his hero, or he is crying about the fact that there is a strange man doing a strange pose next to him while holding his shoulder.

Unlike Randy Orton, Finn isn't broken out of his phase by a crying fan and instead he keeps a smile on his face while this is still happening, which makes the photo even stranger. Surely Finn should have checked he was OK? Because now it looks as though the fan is crying and Finn is laughing at him.

6 Don't Interrupt The Shield While They Eat

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This little fan broke the biggest wrestling rule ever, and that is that you never interrupt a wrestler whilst they are trying to eat. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are obviously trying to quickly eat some food before they head to a show since they are still in their wrestling attire, but they've been caught by an eagle eyed fan.

Seth Rollins looks as though he wasn't ready for the photo to be taken while Dean Ambrose doesn't look impressed at all. Some fans sneak up on wrestlers and take the pictures without permission and it seems that these are the kind of expressions you get from wrestlers when you disturb their quiet time. Hopefully, this boy and his parent learnt their lesson when they got home and saw the photo.

5 Drax And Stardust

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The great thing about playing a weird character in WWE is that you can get away with being weird outside of the company as well. This is what happened when Cody Rhodes began being seen as Stardust on WWE TV and met a little boy named Drax Shadows.

Drax was another child who was battling a terminal illness and he told Stardust that he was his favorite Superstar. This meant that Drax was able to do his entrance alongside Stardust as seen above, as well as being taken out of the WWE audience and able to sign a WWE contract to make him an actual honorary superstar in the company. Drax sadly passed away recently, but Stardust's weird persona and WWE's humbling approach to these children obviously gave him a new lease on life.

4 The Lunatic Fringe

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You obviously know what you're signing up for when you ask the man known as "The Lunatic Fringe" for a photo outside of the ring. Ambrose obviously likes to give fans what they ask for and these two in particular ended up being put in a double headlock by the former World Champion.

Ambrose is seemingly a stark contrast to the character he plays in a WWE ring when he is outside of it and instead is a fun loving guy who isn't even scared to turn up drunk to important WWE events like the Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Ambrose likes to push the boundaries of his job with WWE and apparently only just managed to toe the line, but at least he sent these two WWE fans home happy after they actually got to wrestle with their hero.

3 The Miz And Miz Girl

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When The Miz cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on Randy Orton on Monday Night Raw back in 2010, not everyone in the crowd was happy about there being a new WWE Champion. Cayley was sat in the crowd and camera's picked up her angry reaction to the cash in and she became an internet star.

Cayley later won the Slammy Award for Fan Reaction of the Year. And this was her chance to finally meet The Miz. Here is the picture the duo took together and it seems that Cayley changed her allegiance and became a fan judging by the shirt she's wearing. That being said, there were reports that when she was hugged by Randy Orton later in the night, she did refuse to let go, so she still holds a candle for The Viper too.

2 Roman Reigns And His Daughter

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Roman Reigns is a fantastic father this has been made evident by his family as well as the advert that WWE filmed and included Joelle in back in 2015. Roman was reportedly not happy that his daughter was then dragged into a storyline with Bray Wyatt after her part in the ad campaign. But he didn't have a problem with acting foolishly around her.

Roman was seen sipping tea and having a tea party with Joelle whilst also singing "I'm a little teapot." Roman was trying to make Joelle feel at ease throughout the advert and this allowed her to act just as foolishly as her father. Despite how much the WWE Universe dislikes him, you definitely can't judge his skills as a father.

1 John Cena Is Invited For A Tea Party

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Roman Reigns isn't the only WWE star who enjoys making a fool of himself in front of children. Cena has granted more than 500 wishes for The Make A Wish Foundation and this little girl's wish was to have a tea party with The Champion himself and it seems that he couldn't say no.

Cena has always made it obvious on Total Divas that he doesn't actually want children of his own. But despite this, Cena is actually very good with kids. He knows how to behave, he doesn't mind making a fool of himself for these terminally ill children and he's always seen as the respectable man he is outside of the ring rather than the person he portrays inside it.

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