15 Nasty Things You Won't Believe Happened Backstage In WWE

There have been specific cases where some really nasty and unbelievable things have taken place backstage in the WWE.

WWE has over the years transitioned into a rather friendly environment where the wrestlers are all pretty good buddies with each other and there isn't the backstage tension anymore which plagued the company in the 90s. There have been some really disturbing incidents which have taken place in the company in the past years, from bullying to backstage incidents between the wrestlers which many wouldn't believe.

While some of the fights were not that bad and had been easily contained by the officials, some other tensions and unbelievable incidents show just how messed up the locker room in the WWE can be. There have also been disgusting incidents of wrestlers pulling awful pranks on somebody they don't like, as well as a vast history of bullying in WWE and some of the victims actually standing up for themselves. While there might be some backstage stories which actually might be hilarious, there are others where things just got nasty very quickly.

There have been specific cases where some really nasty and unbelievable things have taken place backstage in the WWE - we list them here.

17 JBL Hazing Wrestlers In The Shower


JBL has the reputation of being wrestling's biggest bully for quite a long time now, but he was at his peak of bullying back when he was yet to turn into John Bradshaw Layfield. JBL loved to "rib" wrestlers and had the tendency of hazing a lot of his juniors, including the likes of the Hardy's, Mark Henry etc. He even hazed wrestlers in the showers, as Edge himself revealed how JBL soaped him once when he was taking a shower. JBL also tied Brian Cristopher aka Grandmaster Sexay to the shower once and threatened to sodomize him and his tendency of sneaking up into showers is quite nasty and disgusting. This shows how JBL has a fetish of hazing wrestlers and the fact that he sneaks up to bully wrestlers when they are taking a bath is absolutely weird and disturbing.

16 Alberto Del Rio Slapped An Employee Who Racially Abused Him


Alberto Del Rio sounds like a really bitter man right now when ranting about the WWE after being released for the second time from the company, but you can understand his resentment towards the WWE. Del Rio was built as a really strong main-eventer in his first stint with the company but left on rather sour terms after a nasty backstage incident. Del Rio was apparently racially abused by a WWE employee in the back and he slapped him for it, but shockingly was himself fired. Rather than firing the man who made racist comments towards Del Rio, they fired the Mexican man himself and you can understand why he's so angry at the company who treated him terribly.

15 Harley Race Tried To Shoot Hulk Hogan


There has always been a battle for pulling more crowds in the wrestling industry, but it was at heated peak during the 80s when the WWE started to do live events around the country. They decided to have shows at the Kansas Territory where Harley Race had his NWA promotion's live events going on and when WWE decided to hold an event on the same day as NWA, Race got really angry. According to Hulk, Race had already told everyone how he was "looking to kill Hogan" and tried to light the ring on fire beforehand. Hogan was in the toilet when Race came scurrying through to meet him and had an actual gun pointed at him too. Race threatened to blow his kneecaps off but the tensions were cooled down later on with this shocking, nasty incident showing just how much of a mad-man Harley was back in the day.

14 Sin Cara Teaches Sheamus A Lesson


Sheamus might be one of the top stars in the WWE for a long time now, but it seems like he has a bad attitude at times in the locker room and when he displayed that arrogance towards Sin Cara (Hunico), he paid for his mistake. Sheamus had some beef towards Hunico for apparently "disrespecting" his good friend Drew McIntyre and one day he stepped into a room where Hunico was taking a rest. Sheamus then lectured him on how "he's the bigger man" and disrespected him, calling him out for a fight. But that would be a grave mistake, as Sin Cara quickly swept his legs and pounded him with fists when he got a hold of him. Sheamus would try to shove the incident under the rug, but he was definitely taught a lesson of not messing with someone like Hunico.

13 Some Wrestler Took A Dump All Over Sunny's Food


Sunny might have been the hottest women in the WWE back in the mid-90s, but she wasn't really liked by everyone because of how she acted backstage. She was a successful manager who was extremely popular because of her stunning looks. She started to fool around with Shawn Michaels, becoming quite disliked in the locker room. Somebody decided to teach her a lesson during WWE's European tour in 1996, when some individual actually took a dump on Sunny's food when she was with Chris Candido. She was sent back home after this incident, with many reports stating that it was Scott Hall while others say it was X-Pac who did the deed. This just shows how nasty some of the pranks were back in the day, even towards a sexy woman like Sunny.

12 The Big Show And The Great Khali Get Into A Gigantic Fight


The Big Show is remembered by modern era fans as the most convincing "Giant" in the wrestling business as he has been doing his role as a monster amazingly for the past few decades, but it seems like even Show got jealous when The Great Khali got prominence in the company. The two had some heat in 2009 and the tension between them imploded during a show in Puerto Rico, where the two got into a nasty fight backstage. Show apparently called and lashed out on Khali for "stealing his moves" and botching a finish during a match and threw a punch on Khali, who blocked it. Khali then got the upper hand when Show slipped on something, jumping on Show and pounding him with vicious slaps. In the end, The Undertaker and the crew members had to calm these angry giants and keep them separated for a long time.



10 Jim Cornette Once Threatened To Shoot Brock Lesnar


Jim Cornette is known in the wrestling industry as quite the loudmouth who can definitely back up what he says, as the legendary manager was a trainer in OVW(Ohio Valley Wrestling) which was WWE's developmental when he started to train Brock Lesnar. The two had a good relationship until when Lesnar was scripted to slam Cornette's girlfriend Synn who had told Lesnar of not squeezing her too hard in the "nether regions" which had been pierced recently. But Brock didn't care and went onto doing exactly that, squeezing her hard and got cursed by Synn backstage. Cornette also came to take his girlfriend's side and lashed into Lesnar, even threatening to pull a gun on him and shooting him for doing that. In the end, the tension was extinguished but Lesnar was taught a lesson to not piss off somebody as mad as Jim Cornette.

9 Michael Hayes Using The "N" Word 


Michael PS Hayes might be part of one of the greatest stables of all time in the Fabulous Freebirds, but he often misuses his influence and power in the WWE. Hayes has been involved in a non-wrestling role with the WWE for a long time and despite doing some terrible things has survived in the company. When he was the lead creative writer for Smackdown many years ago, Hayes was pretty disrespectful towards Mark Henry and did some really nasty things towards him. He would degrade Mark Henry and even used the "N" word against him during one incident much to the disgust of everyone. While this must've been a punishable offense, Hayes actually got away with it thanks to his close terms with the McMahon's as this nasty insult towards poor Mark Henry was completed ignored by the company.

8 Kurt Angle And Eddie Guerrero Got Into A Very "Real" Fight


Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero were two of the finest wrestlers in the WWE back during the mid-2000s but it seems like they still had some heat with each other despite putting so many amazing matches on display. This heat also escalated towards a very "real" and nasty fight taking place between the two when both were part of WWE's Smackdown brand. Apparently, Guerrero was really angry with Angle because of his in-ring antics and tried to engage in a legitimate fight with him after a match between the two. Eddie apparently took him with a double-leg takedown and tried to pull some punches on him, but Angle just front-facelocked him before they were both separated. Even though Guerrero did admit that he was foolish to fight with the Olympic Gold Medalist, this fight could've gotten nastier had nobody separated them and shows how heat can be created even between the best of wrestlers.


7 Ric Flair Beat The Hell Out Of Eric Bischoff When He Came To WWE


Eric Bischoff is quite the charismatic yet controversial figure in the wrestling industry and when he made a shocking arrival at the WWE after the Monday Night Wars, many wrestlers had a bone to pick with him. But none of them hated him as much as Ric Flair, who decided to teach Bischoff a lesson for screwing with him during his WCW days. Flair wrote in his autobiography on how he found Bischoff alone in a room during a WWE show and went onto pummel him with some slaps. He even threatened to gouge out his eyeballs but then let him get back up when he'd give him some hard kicks. Flair was beating up Bischoff when Sgt Slaughter came to the room and cooled things down, but this nasty beat-down of Bischoff shows just how much of a hated man he was back in the day.



6 Joey Styles Knocked Down JBL After Being Bullied


We have already seen the limits to which JBL can go through with his bullying as he loves to bully the weak and powerless superstars who can't stand up to him. He continued this during his time as JBL aka "The Wrestling God" and even decided to pick on poor old ECW commentator Joey Styles who was in the company. JBL would constantly degrade Styles, who snapped one day when JBL pour a drink on him and went to degrade his family. Styles went after JBL but the two were separated at first, but later when they were both free, Joey clocked one on JBL right beneath his eye. JBL was knocked down for quite a while before they were properly separated, as Styles was shocking part of this nasty incident where he stood up to JBL and completely humiliated him in front of everyone.


4 Booker T Laid Out Batista In A Legitimate Backstage Fight


Booker T might be one of the coolest wrestlers of his time, but he's not somebody anyone would want to mess with because of his street fighting experience and legitimate toughness. Booker had some real heat going on with Batista in the mid-2000s when the Animal started degrading Smackdown after leaving Raw. The two had a heated argument before SummerSlam 2006 where Booker made some very personal comments towards Batista who continued the heated argument. The two later went into a scuffle but was no match for the 5 time WCW Champion who dominated the Animal because of his street-fighting experience. Batista was clocked with vicious strikes as he had a bruise on his face and this nasty incident also earned Booker a lot of respect from the locker room who themselves wanted to see the arrogant Batista be taught a lesson.

3 Ric Flair Flashed The Goods On The Plane Ride From Hell


The Plane Ride From Hell is one of the most memorable incidents in WWE history because of how it showed just how insane these wrestlers can become when they are given freedom on a flight. While the other stories like the infamous Brock Lesnar fight with "Mr. Perfect" Curt Henning and Michael PS Hayes almost urinating on Linda McMahon became famous, another nasty incident was also shoved under the rug by WWE. That incident involved Ric Flair, who was also knackered in the flight. He was dared by Jerry "The King" Lawler to do his signature pose by wearing nothing but a robe, which The Nature Boy actually did in character! Flair was uncontrollable on the flight, as he even allegedly sexually assaulted a few flight attendants and was apparently even sued by them. Flair's nastiness was proved in this flight where he was at his disgusting worst while absolutely sloshed on alcohol.

2 Mr. Perfect Fed Yokozuna Laxatives On An Airplane Ride


Mr. Perfect might not have looked like that much of a "fun guy" when he wrestled in the WWE, but he seems to have been quite the prankster when not in the ring. He pulled off some hilarious pranks at times, but one time it got really nasty when he decided to fool around with the 600lb Yokozuna. Perfect fed Yokozuna chunks of chocolate which the Japanese heavyweight loved, but little did he know it had laxatives in it. Some-time after eating, Yokozuna almost shifted the course of the plane as he raced to the emergency room to get help from the stewardess. Because of his size, the plane's toilet wouldn't fit him and they had to escort him to the back where a make-shift toilet was created and the brave stewardess had to cover the scene with blankets. This might've been a joke, but was quite the nasty one towards the poor and mighty Yokozuna.

1 Nailz Assaulted Vince McMahon


The early 90s wasn't really the greatest period for the WWE who were finding it difficult to come up with promising characters and had to hire some real tough men to legitimize their product. So Nailz was hired as this run-away prisoner who feuded with the Big Boss Man and later with the Undertaker. Nailz was a really scary character who was also an intimidating person in real life and after being paid way too less by WWE, he took matters to Vince McMahon. He argued with Vince about his pay and wanted $150,000 for putting over the Undertaker and when Vince didn't grant him his wish, Nailz snapped. He took down McMahon and choked his neck for quite a few seconds before agents and wrestlers separated him and he was fired on the spot. This was the only occasion when a wrestler assaulted McMahon in real life as this mad-man was as nasty as they come.

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