15 Naughtiest Confessions Of WWE Superstars

Being a WWE superstar was different back in the 1990s as WWE could better control their superstars and they were able to maintain a form of kayfabe at the time. The rise of the Internet, Social Media and the sheer number of wrestling Podcasts out there now mean that WWE has no real control over their superstars because they can share whatever information they want freely 24 hours a day online.

This means that there are a number of things that WWE superstars have confessed to over the past few years that the WWE Universe didn't really want to know. Sometimes it seems that the invention of the internet and Social Media has created many more negatives than positives and this is why a number of these stars have been added to this list. Anyone can hack a social media profile now as well, which means that much of the time stars can easily take back many of these comments by easily claiming that they were hacked.

The following list looks at 15 of the naughtiest confessions that WWE superstars have made, whether that's online, as part of a podcast or on WWE TV. As the saying goes, some things are better left unsaid.

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15 Kurt Angle Slept With His Stalker

Via gazettereview.com

Kurt Angle is the current General Manager of Monday Night Raw after being away from the company for more than 11 years. Angle made a lot of bad decisions when he was with WWE the first time around, but the decision to sleep with his stalker was perhaps one of his worst.

Angle was married to Karen Jarrett at the time and decided to have an affair with this woman, who actually offered to kill Angle's wife for him. The same woman had stalked Ric Flair for a number of years as well and Kurt wasn't going to fall victim to her like Flair did so he decided to get the police involved and ensure the safety of his wife instead. Probably shouldn't have slept with a stalker to begin with, no wonder he has an illegitimate child.

14 Dean Ambrose Slept With A Woman While Dressed As A Bear!

Via Youtube.com

Dean Ambrose was recently part of a WWE storyline alongside The Miz where he dressed up as a bear a number of times. This could be Vince McMahon's way of making a joke out of the fact that Ambrose apparently once slept with a woman while wearing a similar outfit.

The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion got his big break in wrestling when he was part of CZW and his friend DJ Hyde was the one to lift the lid on this story when she took part in an interview on Youtube. Ambrose may portray a crazy superstar on WWE TV, but there have been rumours that the man formerly known as Jon Moxley is just as crazy in real life and this could be the first piece of solid evidence to support this theory.

13 Sunny's Night With Dolph Ziggler

Via Stillrealtous.com

Sunny may have gotten herself a bad reputation over the past few years, but there was one time when she was considered to be one of the first ever WWE Divas and one of the greatest wrestling managers of her generation.

Sunny is well-remembered when it comes to her history in WWE, but Sunny has become the butt of a number of jokes recently after she decided to come clean about her night with Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler is a former World Champion in WWE, but the WWE Universe really didn't need to hear about the fact that Ziggler lasted for more than seven hours with Sunny and apparently it bends to the left which she was quite impressed with. Sunny will seemingly say anything in interviews to remain relevant in the eyes of the WWE Universe nowadays.

12 Nattie Wet Herself In The Ring

via pwmania.com

Total Divas burst onto the scene back in 2013 and it was WWE's way of showing the WWE Universe what happens behind the scenes when it comes to the women of the company and their personal lives.

The WWE went a little further than they should have when they revealed that during a match between Natalya and Naomi, the former Divas Champion took a shot to the stomach and accidentally wet herself. Natalya was fuming about it after the match and Naomi then went on to tell all of the females in the WWE locker room, who then laughed at Natalya for it. If it wasn't bad enough that WWE gave Natalya a flatulence storyline a few years ago, she was then known as the wrestler who wet herself in the ring.

11 John Cena Admits To Soiling Himself In The Middle Of A Match

Via WWE.com

John Cena is one of the biggest stars that WWE has ever created, but that doesn't mean that he hasn't had some embarrassing WWE moments over the course of his career. When Natalya was being bullied for accidentally relieving herself in the middle of the WWE ring, Nikki Bella found Cena so that she could laugh about it with him before he went on to confess that he had done much worse.

Cena stated that he had food poisoning and still had to go out and wrestle on live TV and once again, all it took was one shot to the stomach and Cena managed to soil himself. Cena wasn't as embarrassed about it as his fiance since he admitted that he knew it was just another part of the job.

10 Junkyard Dog Charged Female Fans Money For Intimacy

Via WWE.com

Junkyard Dog is one of the most memorable superstars in WWE history, but  while he lit up the ring for a number of years, it is his antics outside of the ring that the WWE Universe still feel the need to talk about.

Junkyard Dog had quite the fan following in the 1980s and many of these fans were female. Dog decided that because of how popular he was, he could charge women for his time and "intimate" company. It was revealed by a number of stars that were once part of the same shows that Junkyard Dog appeared on that the star would charge a number of women up to $100 a night for the pleasure of his company, and even more incredibly, some women would actually pay it.

9 Amy Schumer Talks About "Relations" With Dolph Ziggler

Via Youtube.com

Amy Schumer is a well-known comedian and has appeared in a number of films recently, including one alongside John Cena, but one of the things that Schumer is best remembered for in WWE circles is her relationship with Dolph Ziggler.

Schumer and Dolph dated for a number of months before she revealed that she had dumped Ziggler via text after a night together. She stated that the bedroom activities were just way too athletic for her and Ziggler basically rag-dolled her throughout. Schumer stated that it just wasn't for her and she decided to break up with him the next day, which was when she realized that he was actually a softie deep down underneath the persona he plays in front of an audience. It appears a number of women have different views on the "intimate" life of Dolph Ziggler.

8 Sunny And The British Bulldog

Via Uproxx.com

Sunny has already been mentioned once in this list, but her naughty confessions don't end there. Sunny did a lot of things that normal women wouldn't be proud of during her time in WWE, but it seems like she has taken a certain amount of joy in sharing the details over the past few years.

Sunny decided to share the fact that she had also had an affair with The British Bulldog during her short stint in WWE, while he was still married to Diana Hart. Sadly for Bulldog, these claims caused a number of problems for his marriage and didn't sit well with Diana's family, which lead to Hart actually filing for divorce in 2000, just two years before the WWE legend sadly passed away.

7 Ric Flair And Halle Berry

Via ibtimes.co.uk

Ric Flair is WWE's only ever two-time Hall of Famer and a 16-time World Champion, but sometimes the things that he says in jest can come back to haunt him. For some reason Flair decided to brag about a hook up with Halle Berry last year, stating that she "liked space mountain."

Obviously, these claims made their way back to the former Bond girl and she then put Flair straight by pointing out that she actually had no idea who he was. When it comes to his limousine riding, nightclubbing ways in his early career, he may have completely imagined a night with the Hollywood actress since she has no memory of it and she made him look like quite a fool when she stated that.

6 John Cena And The Ring Rats

Via Forbes.com

John Cena was already mentioned above, but when it comes to the naughtiest confessions that have ever been made by WWE stars, look no further than John Cena's appearance on the Howard Stern show.

Cena spoke candidly about the way he would treat female fans in his early career, presumably before he was married back in 2009. Cena talked about how women would wait for him after shows and more often than not he wouldn't go home alone. There was a time when Cena went home with six different ring rats and also when she was dared to go home with a 280-pound fan. Cena has quite the history when it comes to women in WWE, as well as the women outside of WWE. Nikki Bella has herself quite a catch there.

5 Raven's Inappropriate Encounter

Vai WWE.com

One story that has done the rounds in the wrestling business for a number of years concerns Raven and his time in ECW. It became well-known that Raven would take women back to his hotel room after shows, and while this wasn't exactly uncommon in the wrestling business, Raven took it too far.

Police once raided Raven's hotel room and found that one of these women was a 15-year-old Becky Bayless who would later go on to make a name for herself in the wrestling world. Bayless was found sleeping naked when the police raided the room but Raven stated that he never actually slept with her. Raven was never charged for this, but the fact that he took a 15-year-old back to his hotel room to begin with was something that haunted him for the rest of his career.

4 Batista Confessed About An Affair In His Autobiography

Via Dailymotion.com

Batista is a former World Champion in WWE and currently plies his trade as an actor after landing starring roles in James Bond's Spectre and Guardians of the Galaxy. Before Batista was able to seamlessly make the switch from wrestling to acting, he was part of a number of scandals in WWE.

Batista and former Divas Champion Melina were linked together on WWE TV as part of a storyline in 2005. This storyline later led to a brief affair between the duo, one that Batista decided to share in his 2006 autobiography and force his wife to read about. Batista wanted a divorce and it seemed that this was the best way for him to do it, which tells you the kind of man that The Animal really is.

3 Mick Foley And Ron Simmon's "Tag Teaming"

Via Cagesideseats.com

Mick Foley is remembered in WWE as the Hardcore legend and former General Manager of Monday Night Raw, but apparently there are still a number of stories circulating about Foley and a time during his WCW run when he would often be seduced by the attention he was receiving from the ladies.

Former SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long recently shared a story about Mick Foley and one of these women where apparently Foley turned to the former Nation of Domination member Ron Simmons and asked him to hold his hand part way through the activity. Whether Foley meant this as a joke with his friend or not, it is thought that Simmons actually did as he was asked and helped Foley to finish up the deed with this unnamed woman that night.

2 Sunny And Shawn Micheals

Via Dailymotion.com

There aren't many stories in WWE that are sadder than the one between Sunny and Shawn Michaels. Sunny was always attracted to Michaels and set her sights on him when she came to WWE. The couple did finally get together when both stars were contracted to WWE, but it wasn't something that went any further than a hook up for either star.

Sunny has gone as far as confessing that Shawn Michaels was the best that she ever had, and she delighted in telling the WWE Universe about her night with the WWE Hall of Famer even though she was technically dating Chris Candido at the time. Michaels wasn't very proud about this affair with Sunny though and tried to hide it for a number of years, even throwing some of the shade onto Bret Hart at one point as a way to get away from it.

1 Scott Hall Wants To Get It On With Paige

Via pinterest.co.uk

Scott Hall is a WWE Hall of Famer and a legend in WWE circles, but when it comes to former Divas Champion Paige, he has a few thoughts that he should probably keep to himself.

Scott Hall commented on a video that Paige posted on Twitter back in 2015 where she was sensually pinning fellow Diva Brie Bella, where he stated that he wanted to spank her before he was hit with a number of negative comments from his Twitter followers. Scott made things much worse in an interview that he conducted a few months later where he was asked which WWE Diva he would like to perform a certain act with and he responded with Paige. The duo must have a much closer relationship than the WWE Universe ever realized.

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