15 Nikki Bella Pictures That John Cena Has Lost Sleep Over

Who would have thought that Nikki Bella would help the WWE’s publicly traded company with her projects outside of the ring? Thanks to her work on Total Divas and the new spinoff Total Bellas, the WWE stocks changed dramatically due to the ongoing support the Bella Twins have been receiving. Even if her in-ring career is set to end following WrestleMania 33, we have no doubts that the WWE will continue to employ her as a reality TV star, as she continues to thrive as away from the ring.

What makes everything so much better is the fact that she’s dating the franchise player, John Cena. Without a doubt, the couple is an absolute power within the WWE. What makes things unique, however, is the fact that they continuously enjoy separate success in different avenues.

In this article, we take a look at some Nikki moments that John might want us to forget about. With an empire on social media, Nikki posts on the regular and, at times, Cena might have thought we got to see a little too much of his girl. In this article, we celebrate those instances with 15 Nikki Bella pictures John Cena lost sleep over. Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share it with a friend!

15 Flaunting Them Enhancements

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If you haven’t been paying attention, you probably missed out on the fact that Nikki’s chest has grown quite a bit since her debut with the company back in 2008. Now, we're not suggesting Nikki was completely flat, but she paled in comparison to the goods that she has today. Nikki has openly admitted to getting enhancement surgery and she hasn’t shied away from flaunting the goods. Whether it be on SmackDown Live, Total Divas, Instagram or YouTube, Nikki’s puppies have been on display a bunch. With the PG label in place however, she’s scaled it back a little bit on the television with her wardrobe choices.

Without a doubt, at some point, Cena has lost some sleep over Nikki constantly flaunting those goods. But again, Nikki doesn’t really value his opinion cause he’s never there... For your information, that’s the first of many you can’t see me jokes in this article.

14 Wrestling On The ECW Brand

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It wasn’t always Divas Championships and appearances on her spinoff Total Bellas for Nikki, as like everyone else, she had to work her way to the top and started with some lackluster work. Coming into WWE with no prior experience, picking up the in-ring skills took some time. With that said, the company wanted to protect the twins by shipping them off to the not-so-glamorous ECW brand. It gave them a smaller stage to work on, but at the end of the day, their time there was truly forgettable judging by how badly the brand tanked.

Cena can sleep much easier nowadays looking at all the success his partner has had both outside of the ring as a reality star and in the ring as a top notch performer and a big time fan favorite.

13 Cena & Nikki At Wal-Mart

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As documented on Total Divas, John Cena is quite different outside of the ring, living a strict life away from the cameras. He also enjoys his privacy away from the ring and does not shy away from doing the things average joes like to do, like shopping at Wal-Mart and standing in line, starring at the wonderful goodies he simply can’t eat thanks to his rigorous diet.

However, his time outside of the ring is meant to be his personal private time and this is likely a picture he didn’t want us to see. Nikki is also looking pretty tired, as it appears the two weren’t in the mood to get spotted.

12 Shaking Her Booty On Youtube

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This one was a double whammy for John. Not only was his girlfriend Nikki rocking a braless outfit, but she decided to shake her booty as a thank you to all the fans that subscribed to her YouTube channel. Without a doubt, the video got a few more clicks than normal... John must be losing sleep thinking about what Nikki might do if she reaches a million subs on YouTube. Topless dancing?

All jokes aside, Nikki continues to expand her empire with a YouTube channel. Despite being relatively green to YouTube, the channel already has ushered in nearly 400,000 subscribers. Her booty shake video didn’t do too bad either, bringing in over 330K views in just two months.

11 Hanging Out With Punk

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While John Cena got along pretty well with CM Punk during his time in WWE, that doesn't change the fact that Cena is a huge WWE guy, so he won't to see his new fiancee in pictures with someone who detests the WWE as much as Punk. With Eve Torres still being associated with the WWE and the Broken Brilliance of Matt Hardy recently returning to the WWE, the only real issue with this image is the current UFC fighter.

To make matters a little bit worse for Cena, Nikki looks like she's been drinking and CM Punk is widely considered to be something of a womanizer. We don't think anything happened, but we wouldn't blame John for being a little worried about it.

10 CTWE Days

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According to sources, Cena and Nikki started to date in 2012. That must have led to many sleepless nights for John. considering that Nikki and sister Brie left the WWE that year when contract negotiations when south. For a brief amount of time, the twins were forced to hit the indie scene away from the WWE spotlight.

Nikki would go on to work for a small promotion called CTWE Pro Wrestling out of Newburgh, New York. The evidence is online and kind of cringeworthy to watch. Brie seems to be into by her managerial role, while Nikki doesn’t seem interested at all, likely thinking about John. Thankfully, the indie days wouldn’t last too long and by March of 2013, the twins were back with the WWE, signing a deal to not only appear inside of the ring, but to star on a new reality show, Total Divas.

9 With Dolph

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In all likelihood, most fans instantly thought of Dolph Ziggler when reading the title of this article. We believe Cena has definitely lost some sleep thinking about that prior relationship.

While learning her new line of work down in FCW, Ziggler was joining the promotion as well in an attempt to revive his career. After failing with The Spirit Squad, Dolph was one of the only stable members kept. The two met down in the Florida promotion and would start to date shortly after.

Given his status as a womanizer, the relationship did not last and it eventually ran its course, likely because Dolph had commitment issues. The two have moved on with Nikki happily with John, while Ziggler continues to be linked to various partners, including the most recent name to surface, Dana Brooke.

8 Instagram Posts

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We have to give credit to Nikki as she continues to expand her empire. Nikki’s biggest platform continues to be social media, whether it’s posting something on Snapchat or putting up a stunning picture on Instagram. Looking at some of the photos she’s put up, we believe John has had some long nights with minimal amounts of sleep.

The picture you see above is just a snippet of the stunning photos featured on Nikki’s Instagram account. This picture was posted just a week ago and already has close to 170K likes. Looking like she’s braless in the picture, several fans probably took more than one look. We hope Cena didn’t click the comments section, as a lot of fans had a field day with the picture. Then again, what does it matter if she can't see him...

7 Flirting With Her Future Step Dad

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Looking back, this picture is kinda disturbing and one that probably has Cena opening his eyes in the middle of the night. During his days as an authority member (seriously what was the WWE thinking with that?), the twins got a little flirtatious with their future step dad. Taking a look at that today, the plot seems like something from a low budget adult film. We here on TheSportster are a little surprised a parody has not been made to this point.

Johnny Ace would end up proposing to the Bella's mother, Kathy Colace, on September 3rd, 2015. The two tied the knot in March of 2016 and the wedding was showcased on Total Bellas. Cena was said to be in attendance but all we saw throughout the episode was a floating glass.

6 Nikki’s Neck Injury

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Nikki’s neck injury came at a horrible time. Even John was nursing an injury, leading to some sleepless nights for the both of them. Not only did John have to focus on rehabbing his own injury, but he also had the stress of Nikki suffering a possible career ending injury.

Thankfully, the injury did not end her career, however, it seems like she’s set to call it a day in the very near future. Bella was previously sidelined for ten months, rehabbing the terrible neck injury. She eventually came back with a surprise appearance at SummerSlam, but it seems like the problems have persisted since her return. With so many projects currently percolating outside of the ring, it seems wise for Nikki to step back while she still has her youth and, more importantly, her health. Nikki stepping out of the ring might allow Cena to sleep easier.

5 Wardrobe Malfunction

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Compared to other forms of sport or entertainment, the wardrobe malfunction is more than likely to take place inside of the squared circle. When you blend muscle and tight spandex, something’s got to give and we’ve seen that time and time again with both genders throughout the history of the WWE.

Unfortunately, both Bella twins have suffered this fate at one point in time. For Nikki, it happened twice. On one occasion, the camera got a quick up skirt shot as she wore a revealing skirt while cutting a promo. In the picture you see above, Nikki’s goods came popping right out while she was outside the ring. Surprisingly, that was the only time her goods came out and judging by how tight her wardrobe is, that’s a pretty darn good outcome.

4 Chilling In Her Calvins

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If Cena’s a subscriber to Nikki’s YouTube channel, we believe he’s lost some serious amounts of sleep over the past couple of months given some of the content on the channel. Nikki isn’t afraid to showcase her body and this was yet another example of that.

Following a day’s work in the locker room, Nikki decided to strip into her Calvins and let's just say, the clip got a couple of clicks. When you put “Nikki Strips down to her Calvins” as the title, fans are likely to flock in numbers. The video generated an insane amount of hits, as it’s already reached close to 700K views in just two weeks. Adding insult to Cena, he gets covered in slime during the same video.

3 Nikki’s Entrance

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Nikki has one of those entrances that has probably caused many households some serious damage. At the sound of her music, the males in the home likely stopped whatever it was they were doing to get a glimpse of the beauty shaking it.

Her entrance is a big time fan favorite, especially at live events as numerous videos are available online of the shake. It's remarkable to see how much her backside has grown over the year and we can thank Cena for improving her squat game. He probably regrets that given the amount of fan interest her booty shaking receives. He probably wishes she just ran to the ring like he does, but, thankfully for us, that’s not the case.

2 The Total Divas Incident

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Total Divas was the platform that launched Nikki into superstardom. She was popular in the WWE, but the reality show really helped her express who she truly is. It also gave Nikki a broader audience to work with, which made her a global star. Her contributions to the show were immense, so much so that she was given her own spinoff, Total Bellas. The show has also thrived, leading to WWE’s stocks taking a big time leap. Who would have thought years ago that Nikki would be at the forefront of that?

John’s for sure thrilled, but we question his feelings about some incidents on the show. For one, we believe he lost some sleep following the episode that saw Dolph “express his love” for Nikki. Although it wasn’t all that serious, we question John’s feelings towards the moment.

1 The Slip

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A couple of weeks ago, Nikki headlines on various entertainment websites for a slip while showing some love to the family dog. In the clip, while Nikki went down to pet the cute little creature, but did so in a revealing top, which pretty much exposed her chest area. You can see Nikki protecting the exposed area with her arm in the clip, although most fans had seen enough to be happy at that point.

For sure, Cena wasn’t all that pleased with his girl making headlines for such an incident. It isn’t all ideal any time your girlfriend makes headlines for nearly exposing one of her breasts while petting the family dog. Nonetheless, the video got massive exposure and much to Cena’s dismay, the damage was done once the video went viral.

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