15 Noelle Outfits Mick Foley Would NOT Approve Of

We first saw Mick Foley's daughter, Noelle, in Beyond the Mat, the wrestling documentary that takes a behind-the-scenes look at the world of professional wrestling and the injuries that come with competing in the industry. In the film, a young Noelle is seen watching in horror and crying as her father takes chair shot after chair shot from The Rock during his and her father's famous "I Quit" match at the 1999 Royal Rumble. It was almost as tough watching Foley's family cry as it is now watching that match knowing the damage those chair shots can do - and did - to Foley.

Fast forward 18 years and Noelle is one of the hottest women associated with the wrestling entertainment business, despite not officially being an in-ring competitor. Instead, the 23-year-old is a model with a large following on Instagram, owed to the fact she boasts a beautiful, long-legged body to go along with a pretty face and long, blonde hair. It's hard to imagine someone like Foley having a daughter so beautiful, but it's not as surprising when you look at his wife, Collettte Foley, a former model herself. Noelle was featured on the WWE Network's Holy Foley reality show, but none of her appearances were as racy as the photos below.


15 Use the Force

May the 4th be with you πŸ’« #StarWarsDay

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If you've scoured Noelle's Instagram - admit it, you have - you'll notice she's extremely proud of her nerd-like interests. She enjoys dressing up and, as such, she's an avid cosplayer. In the past, she has dressed as Poison Ivy, and on May 4th, she appropriately shared a photo of her as a sexy Princess Leia - let's be honest, any Princess Leia outfit that she wore would have been labeled as a "sexy" Princess Leia outfit.

Unsurprisingly, the post drew plenty of bashful comments from fans and general admirers alike. She has an incredible following of wrestling fans, but others even took the time to comment stating they had no idea who she was, but that she's the most beautiful woman they had seen. Again, we're not disagreeing.

14 God Bless AmericaΒ 


America the brave. America the beautiful. Regardless of your feelings about the United States and its current President or state of political affairs, it's well known that every woman looks better in an American-themed swimsuit. And that will never change. The WWE has utilized the stars and stripes on its wrestlers in recent years, from Lex Luger to The New Day members rocking the look during its Independence Day rap battle - yes that happened - but the look is better suited to Noelle, who, despite looking a bit tipsy, pulls it off tremendously.

She posted the photo a few times on her Instagram account, most recently on July 4, and unsurprisingly it received over 40,000 likes and hundreds of "God bless America" comments. We completely agree.

13 Naughty Elf

While this might not be the raciest outfit Noelle has rocked in her many Instagram posts, it certainly shows off more skin than the average Christmas-themed costume, which is especially exciting for fans of her long legs, which just might rival those of Stacy Keibler. The 6-foot blonde babe is a Christmas wish come true in her elf's outfit, which gives her Instagram followers a peek at what spending the holidays with her might be like.

What's worse about the outfit if looking at it from her father's perspective is that Noelle often dresses up as Buddy the Elf from the Will Ferrell film, Elf. She even recently visited Mick while he was in the hospital recovering from surgery dressed as Buddy. We certainly don't remember Buddy wearing the above outfit in the film, but we're guessing it looks better on Noelle anyway.

12 Devil in a Red Dress


Where to begin with the above dress? Clearly, Noelle is a damn fine bombshell in her own right without any touch ups or makeup, but there's nothing sexier than a blonde with deep red lipstick. Okay maybe there is - a blonde like Noelle Foley rocking said lipstick while wearing a red strapped dress that hides the goods but gives enough of a glimpse for every man reading this to make good use of his imagination.

Again, if you've looked through Noelle's Instagram enough or follow her, you'll notice she regularly posts photos of her in the above dress, likely because it's partly an ad. She has, after all, shared links to the designer at times. The problem is it might be false advertising because there's no chance any woman who buys that dress will look as good as Noelle does.

11 Selfies in the Champagne RoomΒ 

Noelle is again promoting a design by Pretty Little Thing, which she often tags in her Instagram posts, but as long as they keep her showing as much skin as she does we have no issues (although, let's be honest, we would be doing this same list if all she wore was clothes from Wal-Mart).

In contrast to the bright red lips she rocked in the previous entry, here she's perfecting the darker lips that match the cut-off top that likely made her the desire of all the men at the restaurant in which she took the picture. As white girls are want to do, she took the photo in the restaurant's bathroom, which has a champagne lounge, because where else is a better place to drink champagne than in a room full of toilets?

10 Pretty in Pink


As previously mentioned, Noelle's Instagram posts can essentially be advertisements for various beauty and design products, but that's the reality of being a model, especially one which has such a massive following on social media. Noelle has a great natural look, but the numerous hours it must have taken to achieve the above look - she has nine advertisements on the post, including everything from concealer to eyebrows - certainly paid off.

We've already showcased her ability to pull off bright red as well as darker colors, but she's just as sexy in a hot-pink dress and matching makeup, which she did herself obviously - she has a YouTube channel in which she often performs her own makeup tutorials. You can probably also notice the theme in that Noelle enjoys strapped shirts that expose skin above the chest.

9 The Breast There Ever Was

Is it just us or do the objects in the mirror appear closer - and larger - than they really are? There's something about the above photo that gives the sense that Noelle is even more so blessed in the chest than she already is, and that thought is echoed by most of the "appreciative" comments under the post. That idea is probably aided, once again, by the fact she's rocking a shirt which exposes some skin and cleavage, which is almost a necessity for Noelle.

Beyond that, the exposed stomach and outline of the abs are enough to make any sane man go crazy. The overall beauty of her body, the skin-tight outfit, and her picture-perfect face is underscored by the "Buddy the Elf" phone case, which we previously mentioned she loved. Simply stunning!


8 Enticing Eyes In Her Calvins


Noelle Foley workedΒ aΒ veryΒ popular Calvin Klein photo shoot, which she doesn't mind often sharing on Instagram, posting several photos sporadically throughout the year. They're all great, which is no surprise, but there's simply something about the above photo, in which she employs an enticing, inviting stare toward the camera that is both suggestive and seductive.

Seriously, as much skin as there is exposed in the photo shoot, we can't keep our eyes off her eyes. She tagged the photo with a poem she wrote, "Roses are red, violets are blue, if you don't like this picture I'll come find you." Knowing that's the case, we have to take back those compliments above and state just how terrible this photo is. It might be one of her worst.

7 Poison Ivy

We mentioned earlier Noelle's love of cosplay. And while the Elf and Princess Leia outfits put a sexy spin on the popular characters, neither top her take on Poison Ivy, the super-hot supervillain from the DC Universe. Foley is at her best when she's rocking her blonde hair, but she clearly pulls off the redhead look as evidenced above. It's a great supplement to her bright red lips and soft skin, not to mention the leafy dress she's rocking to perfection. The photo itself is even cropped to perfection, giving enough of a tease without exposing too much.

Noelle posted the photo prior to last year's New York Comic Con, which she attended with her father. She cosplayed as Poison Ivy the year prior, and we're assuming Mick couldn't have been thrilled with the amount of attention she must have received.

6 No Bones About It


We're not exactly sure what's going on with the dress Noelle is wearing in the photo above, but we like it. The white stripes on the black dress resembles something similar to that of a skeleton and we could certainly make plenty of "bones" jokes, but we'll keep it PG and good instead of going all rated R like our boy Xaiver Woods. If we were to make sense of her caption, the dress is inspired by aliens, kittens, ghosts, and the poo emoji, among other things.

Whatever it is, it's very typical of Noelle's style in that it exposes her chest and a fair share of cleavage. Beyond that, it's a strapless top, which leaves bare shoulders that every man can appreciate. Thanks again, Noelle.

5 Bedroom BrawlΒ 

Many of the previous photos showcase Noelle's beauty as well as a hint of her foolish and silly personality - the elf, Princess Leia, etc. She's both beautiful and funny and definitely someone you can bring home to mom. Here, however, she steps up her game with a maroon top that looks no bigger than the average bra and an exposed stomach that looks sexy as ever.

Yet, despite the racy outfit, again we're drawn to her eyes and bright red lips, which is an obvious strength of Noelle and a testament to her all-around beauty. The intimacy of the photo is emphasized by the high-rise city backdrop and her often-used seductive stare and silky blonde hair. The photo was taken nearly a year ago, and as good as she looks in the photos taken since, few top this gem.

4 No Pants Party


If we're strictly speaking of Noelle's outfits that Mick Foley wouldn't approve of, this likely isn't at the top of the list, given he is probably used to seeing her in a casual T-shirt and shorts look, but it's what's written on the shirt that he would likely take issue with - after all, no father wants to see their daughter promoting the idea of not wearing pants online.

The suggestive shirt leads to questions about whether or not she's only wearing the T-shirt and nothing else or if she's rocking underwear. It's quite likely the latter, but there's where the male mind travels when seeing photos like this one. She tagged the photo by stating "No pants party is the best kind of party," and we certainly agree, especially when that party includes Noelle Foley.

3 Holy Foley!

What better way to promote new episodes of Holy Foley than with a sexy photo posted to Instagram? Noelle posted the above photo prior to the most recent Royal Rumble as a tease to the new episodes of her family's reality show that appeared on the WWE Network. As is often the case, her red lips are among the photo's focal point, especially in contrast to the black strapped dress she's wearing.

It's certainly not a dress she would wear to a family gathering. In fact, in a lot of the photos she has posted with Mick, she's fairly well covered up; here, she is anything but. The straps leave plenty of skin exposed, while the short skirt does a great job of emphasizing her backside. And who doesn't love a beautiful woman in knee-high stockings?

2 500K Present


Not surprisingly, the above photo is one of Noelle's most popular on her Instagram account in terms of likes. Posted on January 2nd, the photo has since received over 43,000 likes, which still isn't enough. As mentioned, she has perfected the juicy red lip look to match her silky blonde hair, and here she matches that with the black that looked oh so good on her in the previous post - except she's baring a hell of a lot more here.

Noelle posted the photo as a thank you to her fans for helping her reach 500,000 followers on Instagram. She has been consistently gaining followers since then and is now up to 681,000. If the above photo is the prize for her reaching 500,000 followers, we can only dream about the sexy photo her fans would get once she reaches one million.

1 Wet &Β Wild

Even by our standards, you could make the argument that there's nothing so wrong about a father seeing his daughter in the previous outfits rocked by Noelle (OK, definitely not the last one), but there's no father in the world who wants to see his daughter in a white, tight-fitting, soaking-wet shirt while she sits on the shores of a beach staring into a camera, seemingly inviting you to come join her.

You guys got that same sense, right? Either way, the above photo didn't quite receive the same amount of buzz on her Instagram as ourΒ number two entry did, but it was posted over a year ago, prior to the release of Holy Foley, when she reached increased levels of fame. She asks in the caption if her fans think she could pose in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition and, to answer, we have to take a page out of Daniel Bryan: YES! YES! YES!


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