15 "Not So PG" Gifs Of Trish Stratus You'll Never Get Tired Of

Trish Stratus was a fan favorite throughout her wrestling career. She was beautiful, talented, and tough in the ring. There are only a handful of WWE Divas that have ever reached the level of success that Trish Stratus obtained during her time in the company. She was crowned the WWE Women's Champion an unprecedented 7 times, and she retired as a champion.

Stratus left the world of professional wrestling in 2006, but she went on to do big things in the world of fitness and television. In 2013, Trish Stratus was inducted into the hall of fame by none other than Stephanie McMahon. Today, Trish Stratus is a married woman with two children.

While she hasn't been in the ring for over a decade, Trish's legendary career will never be forgotten. During the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression Eras, Trish Stratus blazed a path for future WWE Divas to come. She had some of the most memorable Women's matches at WrestleMania and other major WWE PPV events. Trish Stratus provided the fans with Stratusfaction each and every time that she was featured on WWE television.

She was the first female in the company to combine amazing sex appeal with legitimate wrestling skills. It was obvious that Vince McMahon saw the potential in Trish early on. Vince placed Trish in some of the most erotic and risque WWE segments ever. This list of the 15 Not So PG Gifs Of Trish Stratus You'll Never Get Tired Of will show you just how hardcore wrestling used to be.

15 That Thong Though

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The Attitude Era and Ruthless Aggression brought us some of the sexiest WWE Divas of all time. We were regularly treated to such hotties as Stacy Keibler, Sable, Lita, Victoria, Torrie Wilson and of course, Trish Stratus. All of the ladies that I just listed were in phenomenal shape back in the day, but no one possessed such an incredible backside like Trish's.

It's clear to see that Trish enjoyed showing off her body during her WWE career. In fact, it seems that Trish Stratus was equally as comfortable bearing all for the world to see. Her pants are barely on in the Gif above, and we are definitely not complaining. She looks absolutely amazing walking up that ramp with her black thong exposed. Trish knew how to work a crowd and leave them begging for more.

14 Here Comes The Bride! 

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During Kane and Lita's wedding on RAW, Trish came down the aisle to mock her old nemesis on the fact that she was getting married. While Lita showed her feelings about Kane while wearing a black wedding dress, Trish stole the show by coming down to the ring in a white maid of honor dress that showed us much more than a maid of honor normally shows. It's arguably the hottest outfit Trish ever wore in a WWE ring and we couldn't let you forget about that moment without taking you back to it.

Trish really had a good strut going here and fans momentarily forgot just how ridiculous the whole Kane/Lita pregnancy storyline was once Trish gave them a glimpse of what she was packing.


13 Beach Booty 

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Like I said before, Trish Stratus most likely has the best booty out of any WWE Diva in history. This fantastic Gif of Trish laying in the sand in a yellow bikini is something to write home about. Her body is absolutely flawless here, and she appears to be enjoying her time in the sand.

It's honestly hard to notice anything other than Trish's backside in this picture, but we also shouldn't forget about her glorious chest that is barely staying contained in her bra. Ahh. Trish was definitely the total package. Speaking of the total package, Trish was fittingly the valet for the group TNA during the attitude era. Honestly, I don't think you could have found a better gimmick for the Hall of Fame Diva.

12 Fantasy

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Wow, this gif looks like it was taken right out of an adult film. What in the hell could be sexier than Trish Stratus barely clothed bending over right in front of the Camera? Trish is stunning here, and few WWE Divas could match her sex appeal.

Trish Stratus was clearly one of the bustiest Divas ever! This short clip is a perfect example of how she used her assets to get to the top and become the most successful female wrestler of all time. It's obvious that Trish's chest is the focal point here, but her face is equally as visually pleasing. I think it's safe to say that she's drop dead gorgeous.

11 Thick Booty 

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What can I say? Trish Stratus just loves to show off her booty! Her outfit in the gif above proves just how much hard work she puts into maintaining a perfect physique. Aside from being one of the hottest female athletes of all time, Trish Stratus was also a hell of a wrestler. In fact, some WWE fans would argue that Trish was the best female wrestler of all time.

While it is true that Trish was phenomenal in the ring, we have to admit that her competition was very talented as well. In the Gif above, Trish is holding WWE Hall Of Famer Lita in a headlock. Anyone who watched wrestling in the early 2000s would know about the incredible matches that Trish and Lita fought in.

10 Schoolgirl

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It's not hard to see why Trish Stratus was and still is so loved by the WWE fans. She really did have the perfect pair of sex appeal and wrestling ability. Also, lets not forget about her other perfect pair that is prominently on display in the gif above.

The cameramen of the WWE must have enjoyed working whenever Trish Stratus was in the ring. Her schoolgirl outfit is one of the hottest things that any WWE Diva has ever worn. Her pigtails only add to the incredible package. Trish always knew exactly how to get the perfect angle up her cleavage. Yes, Trish was truly the best at providing "Stratusfaction."

9 Spanking From Stephanie 

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This is one of the sexiest and yet funniest gifs I have ever seen. This alone could take the cake for the entire list. I'm pretty sure the McMahon family would appreciate if no one from the current WWE fan base saw this Gif. Imagine having to explain to a 10-year-old kid the contents of this clip!

In what other sports league would you ever see the boss's daughter viciously spanking an employee? Either way, who cares? Trish is barely wearing anything and Stephanie is holding nothing back. I'm pretty sure that this entire feud had something to do with Triple H and Trish flirting. Stephanie's actions don't surprise me here. We all know that Mrs. Hemsley was and still is a psycho.

8 Strip Poker

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The Acolytes Protection Agency were a great tag team back in the Attitude Era. Farooq and Bradshaw were favorites among the WWE fans back in those days. They were beer guzzling bad asses who weren't afraid of a fight or a good time.

In the gif above, the APA was lucky enough to witness Trish removing her stockings. In fact, the original segment was even better than this short clip. I believe they were playing strip poker, and thankfully, Trish Stratus was losing. Which in turn meant that we were all winning.

It's also clear that Bradshaw was loving his job that day, and it's not hard to see why! Trish just looks so damn good.

7 Sexy Crawl 

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Wow! Could you imagine if you saw Trish Stratus crawling towards you like this? What would you do? Hold that thought. In this gif, it's clear that Trish is trying her hardest to turn each and every male fan on. With a set of puppies like that, I think she accomplished her goal.

Not only is her body drop dead gorgeous, but she also mastered that seductive look. She crawls towards the camera with lust in her eyes. A segment like this would never be filmed on WWE television these days... I know guys, I hate the PG era as well! However, I guess it's a good thing if you're a parent, but it does suck for the single men out there who are over the age of 18.

6 Perfect Twerk

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As I said before, Trish had one of the best booties of all time. In this gif, Trish moves her lower body in incredible fashion. It's obvious that she was in phenomenal shape here as she is toned, but yet still thick. She adds a little bit of a bounce towards the end of her body movement to get her booty jiggling.

I'm pretty sure Trish distracted all of the WWE fans on this night. She probably distracted the wrestlers and referee as well. If twerking were a thing during the Attitude Era, Trish would've been the best at it. The only WWE Diva who could compete with Trish's movements would probably be Naomi.

5 Rubbing That Booty 

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I'm not exactly sure whats going on in this gif, but I must admit that I do love it. We get a perfect angle of Trish's booty once again. But, what makes this clip so risque is the fact that she is rubbing her backside in a tight pair of leather pants.

The camera pans down perfectly to the area of interest. Either Trish's booty was sore, or maybe she was just really feeling herself that day. It would appear that Trish is in pain from her facial expression. It might be possible that this was filmed after the spanking by Stephanie McMahon. Either way, it's too hot for the current WWE programming. This segment would never be allowed in the PG Era, and that's why old time WWE fans are so nostalgic of the past. We miss this stuff!

4 Bra and Panties

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Jeez! Trish looks incredibly stacked here. She's also very angry as her robe has been thrown on the floor. No worries though, because she looks even sexier as she bends over to pick it up. Once again, I have no idea were this Gif was taken from, but I don't think it matters.

Trish is wearing nothing but a sexy pair of bra and panties. Not much is needed to be said here. She is just so hot! Truthfully, this is one of the most risque moments of Trish's WWE career. Her body is on full display, but she knows it looks amazing. Trish was an entertainer, and she knew how to play to the crowd. While she looks angry for the fans, inside she knows that we love every minute of her performance.

3 Wood Polish

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I'm done! This segment might be the hottest thing ever shot in the WWE. This was filmed during the Attitude Era, and Trish was showing the world how to clean a table. She changed her clothese several times throughout the segment, but this was the hottest moment of the whole scene if you ask me.

First of all, Trish is wearing one of the sexiest outfits possible. Second of all, she is bending over as she firmly rubs down a dirty table top... Vince McMahon is a genius!! Honestly though, I'm wondering if Trish was ever appalled by the requests that Vince had back in the day. Could you imagine the conversations between Vince and Trish? "Ah Trish! I wan't you to polish a table in a scandalous outfit, but be sexy damn it!"

2 Showing off The Goods

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It's clear from the gif above that Trish Stratus had one of the best physiques in the history of the WWE Diva's division. She was toned but thick in all of the right places. Trish had the perfect body for the sport of professional wrestling. She had the ability to turn the fans on and take crazy bumps in the ring. She was a trend setter and a true star.

Trish was mainly used as a valet in the early part of her career. However, it didn't take long before everyone realized that she was more popular than the male superstars that she accompanied to the ring. This Gif is a perfect example of how confident Trish Stratus was during her WWE career. She happily shows off her body for the world to enjoy.

1 Oh Canada!

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This gif is simply incredible. Trish Stratus is so hot here that it hurts. The Canadian flag has never been in a better spot and Trish reminds us here why she is Canada's greatest export. Have you ever gotten more excited about seeing a maple leaf? Heck, even Bret Hart may admit to that if he saw this gif. Trish was wrestling in her hometown of Toronto at WrestleMania X8 when this beautiful moment happened and we wish WWE would have let her capture the title that night in Toronto. At least they had Trish end her WWE career with a title win over Lita in her hometown.

Either way, Canadians can feel very proud of their country after looking at this Gif... Over, and over again.

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