15 “Not So PG” Nikki Bella Outfits The WWE Would NOT Approve Of

Ardent followers of the WWE would be able to tell you that the company is a lot of things, including entertaining, over-the-top, and shameless but it should not be forgotten they are also controlling. A massive company whose principal product is entertainment, it is of pivotal importance for its continued dominance that they ensure that their fans invest in the characters seen on their shows each week. As such, it should come as no surprise that they have clothing guidelines for their performers when they come to the ring that have become even more severe in the PG era. On the other end of the spectrum, Nikki Bella obviously is someone that deservedly takes pride in her body and seems to enjoy flaunting it. Realizing these two things is what inspired us to put together this list of fifteen “not so PG” Nikki Bella outfits the WWE would not approve of.

In order for an outfit to considered for inclusion on this list, it has to have been worn by Nikki Bella at some point, and photographic evidence has to available for public consumption. It doesn’t matter where she wore it with the notable exception of if it was as part of Raw, SmackDown, any Pay-Per-Views or other televised wrestling events as we can assume those were WWE approved. We do, however, want to take specific note of her appearances on the “reality” show Total Divas and Total Bellas as it seems clear that WWE production staff aren’t there to approve of her clothing choices.

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15 Underwear Rearview

via Twitter.com

One of two screengrabs of Nikki from one of her many appearances on the Total Divas and Total Bellas “reality” shows, this shot is different from the majority of clips of her on the show for two reasons. The first and most obvious is the fact that she is being filmed from behind, which gave the audience a view of her rear end, one which is an underappreciated attribute for her. The second and more alluring reason is that she is wearing nothing but her neck brace and underwear, which on her turn out to be a pretty wonderful combination. At least it is for us, since we aren’t her bosses that have to worry about keeping their company PG which would make her clothing choices rather worrisome.

14 “J-Lo Outfit”

via dailystar.co.uk

Lots of us hit milestones in our life that we want to celebrate with those around us but when you are someone that is famous and want to ring in an accomplishment with your fans things are different. A screengrab from a video that Nikki uploaded on YouTube around the time that her channel hit the 200,000 subscriber mark, it seems like she wanted to turn some more heads. If that is the case we think she succeeded completely by taking footage of herself in clothing like this and releasing it to her followers. Wearing an outfit that she claims people have said make her look like Jennifer Lopez without a bra on, the view her fans got of her was far more revealing than her bosses seem comfortable with these days.

13 Side Sports Bra

via nydailynews.com

If you are a follower of any of Nikki Bella’s social media accounts, there are two things that will have likely become clear to you very quickly. First, that she seems to share images of herself that reveal much of her body, and secondly, that she has turned the taking of a selfie into a work of art of sorts. In the perfect combination of those two ideas, here we see Nikki taking a selfie of herself in an outfit that reveals all but the smallest portion of her torso. While you could conceivably say the same thing about the ring gear she has worn to the ring, for the WWE there is a pivotal difference here. She is wearing a sports bra, which is something that gives us a much better view of her cleavage than the PG stuff WWE would ever approve of.

12 Deep Cut

via Twitter.com

Nikki is a pro wrestler that has spent years going to the ring each week and putting her body without any discernable hesitance and with a great degree of passion. On the other hand, during her off time, she seems to live a life of both decadence and determination. Oftentimes posting images of her in the midst of a workout or on any number of trips in service to her various businesses, alternatively she also puts out photos of herself enjoying the good life. If you ask us, this picture is another example of the dichotomies that make up our perception of her life, as she has an upper-crust look on her face while wearing a top that could be scandalous. Even if society thankfully accepts and embraces people wearing clothes that cover up as little as this top does, judging by what the WWE presents these days, they don’t.

11 Closet Underwear

via worldofwrestling.it

When the two women you see here joined the WWE it wouldn’t have been outrageous for anyone to think they would have had a short tenure and be forgotten soon thereafter. Instead, they made a huge mark both in the ring and in outside business opportunities since they know what they are doing as evidenced by something like this. Here's a picture of the Bella Twins in a closet wearing their underwear while trying to find something to wear; for many of their fans, this is a thing of utter beauty. After all, the idea of seeing not only Nikki but her sister Brie also in an underdressed state seems like a dream come true if you are someone that has the hots for them. On the other end of the spectrum, when it comes to clothing choices for the WWE to disapprove of this is a case of double the fun, double the trouble.

10 Sports Bra

via Twitter.com

We’re not exactly sure what Nikki was going for with this image, aside from the obvious. Was she trying to indicate that she’s seen the light in some way? Was she trying to point out that she is of singular focus? Both of those seem possible but at the core, it seems clear that she was looking to tantalize her fans with a picture like this one. Previously on this list, there was an outfit Nikki wore that was very similar to this since it comprised of pants and a sports bra. With that in mind, you may be wondering what made this one stand head and shoulders above the other, and there is one reason we feel that way. With the other shot, it was theoretically possible that she was covered in some way under her top. Here, a cursory visual inspection reveals that is certainly not the case.

9 Latex

via Twitter.com

We’re not experts on the material that people make clothes of. We named this entry latex since we think that the dress Nikki has on here is made up of it but we easily could be wrong. That said, we’re pretty sure that you’ll agree wholeheartedly with us that none of that matters in the slightest when looking at a photograph like this one, where she wears a dress that reveals that she has curves in all of the right places. It seems hard to fathom that anyone could disapprove of this shot of her wearing it. However, the WWE is PG so they can get great business deals done and the dollar rules so we’re sure the company does, even if the many of the individuals would be delighted to see her like this.

8 Video Malfunction

via thesun.co.uk

There is no way to know how the WWE feels about wardrobe malfunctions happening on their shows. Likely unfortunate for the people that are “accidentally” exposed, we’re not sure there is any negative for the company, especially since Rosa Mendes practiced faking one during an episode of Total Divas. Their sponsors may heavily dislike these moments but the WWE has plausible deniability, and fans of theses gorgeous women may be motivated to tune in more hoping for another such moment. That said, there doesn’t seem to be much in it for the company if these moments take place in a video shared online, which is exactly what happened when Nikki wore this top in that situation. There are arguments whether she suffered a full on slip but the fact that is up for debate is something the WWE would likely want to downplay when they have nothing to gain.

7 Underwear Selfie

Via Reddit.com

There are a lot of things going on in this selfie, some of which we totally get and love and others that cause nothing but confusion for us. Examples of the latter include Nikki holding up three fingers which is something that has zero meaning for us and the odd way she has her mouth open. Still, we have to admit that it took us about 30 viewings to notice either of those things as our eyes were focused elsewhere, just as we assume yours and her WWE bosses would be. Instead, it seems certain that they would instantly take note of the fact that she is wearing nothing but underwear and a tiny tank top of sorts, which is certainly something that is far from PG.

6 Calvin Kleins

Via Imgur.com

From one shot of Nikki wearing her underwear to another, this time around we’re looking at a screengrab of Nikki from a video she uploaded in March of 2017 that spread online almost instantly. Taken backstage at an event specifically designed for children, the 2017 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, it seems as though she may have felt her more mature fans deserved entertainment too. Wearing a colorful underwear set while addressing a camera after the show, she even went so far as to say that she is “so burning hot” in the clip. It may have been in reference to her actual temperature but it still seems rather tantalizing which probably would make the WWE censor’s hearts race even more than her clothes already would have.

5 Nightgown

via Twitter.com

When you first meet someone that you are attracted to there is no doubt that you’ll probably want to find yourself with them in some of the most intimate locations in their lives. Chief among those is their bedroom since that is where people get undressed and have alone time with those that we are romantically involved with. As such, any time that we get to see one of these people in that environment it feels like mana from the heavens. In this example of why these shots are so delightful, not only are we seeing Nikki in bed here but in a nightgown, which is a piece of clothing that brings something similar to mind. Since our heads go there, we’re guessing we’re not the only ones which makes this something the WWE can’t embrace.

4 MMVA Dress

via Pinterest.com

When you are famous enough to be invited to walk down a red carpet it is a major achievement that you should take pride in. Once that moment has come and gone it is time to get down to business and find yourself an outfit that will make you stand out among a group of other big celebrities. Clearly, Nikki brought her A-game when she attended the 2017 MMVAs since we can attest that if we were the photographers there that night we know looking away would feel nearly impossible. Wearing a dress that went from her shoulders to past her feet, it is the way it is cut down her front that really makes it remarkable. Designed to reveal almost all of her legs and a heaping handful of cleavage, it is a masterwork for attention getters and a nightmare for censors.

3 Front Cut

Via nydailynews.com

Another instance in which Nikki seems to be wearing something akin to latex, this time around the ante has been upped significantly. Featuring strategic horizontal cuts that were clearly designed to reveal bits and pieces of her torso, it allows those lucky enough to see her in it to get a view of her midriff and chest from a number of angles. An image that was uploaded by the focus of the photo on Instagram, in the caption she wrote, Nikki also revealed that apparently, it was her sister Brie that bought it and gifted it to her. Astounding on the face of it, that fact makes this outfit more interesting, but it didn’t need any help to be scandalous enough to make her WWE bosses shudder.

2 Total Divas Cleavage

via Twitter.com

We all know that Nikki underwent plastic surgery in order to augment her chest size, since it was obvious based on comparison alone, but that is also due to the fact that she has been very open with it. Speaking on the subject, she has rightfully taken pride in her choice since it has made her feel more confident about her looks and we should all support people making choices like that. Of course, our support of her here doesn’t come without the fringe benefit of being able to appreciate the view of her, which is even more impressive than before. Now that's really saying something. A great example of what we mean would be this screengrab of Nikki from an episode of Total Divas in which she is wearing clothes that reveal a level of cleavage that make us swoon and WWE execs cringe.

1 Baring It All

via theberry.com

Ok, ok, we admit it, Nikki isn’t exactly wearing an outfit here but we think this entry is totally in line with the spirit of this list. In a screengrab that is taken from a video celebrating that the YouTube channel run by the Bella Twins has surpassed 500,000 subscribers, we see her and John Cena with nothing on. The ultimate example of a clothing choice that the PG version of the WWE could never embrace, there really isn’t any way that Nikki could have gone further in what she has on, or in this case off. In fact, if you ask us, had it been a lesser employee of the company that made this choice their job may have been endangered, even though she wasn’t on any form of media operated by the company. Luckily for her, she has become a big star through her WWE runs, “reality” shows and much more.

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