15 Steamy Photos Of Women Batista Got With

Batista may be known as a successful movie star these days, but for wrestling fans, he'll always be "The Animal", the powerhouse wrestler of the Ruthless Aggression Era who pumped out some great, hard-hitting matches during his peak. Batista got over in the WWE as part of Evolution but asserted himself as a star when he turned on Triple H to go on to win the World Heavyweight Championship from him at WrestleMania 21.

"The Animal" also gave some tough competition to the face of the company in John Cena as he was just as popular as him and was pushed by the WWE because he had it all. Batista may have been destroying his opponents in the ring, but he was quite a playboy in the back. The success of Batista along with his well-toned figure definitely makes him someone the ladies want to be with and "The Animal" took full advantage of that as he dated some of the hottest ladies in the company and outside it as well.

These women have also posed in some photos which aren't "PG" at all, and makes you wonder just how lucky Batista was to have been with these women.

15 Rosa Mendes' Stunning Photo Shoot

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Batista was a real playboy in the WWE locker room when he attained a lot of fame in the Ruthless Aggression era, as he admitted to having also dated WWE Diva Rosa Mendes in 2009. Mendes will is remembered for her looks rather than her actual wrestling skills, as she was used as a stunning diva who mostly spent her time as a manager in WWE. Rosa is quite the beautiful woman who stands out in this stunning picture which is anything but PG. This picture of Mendes from a few years back shows just how sexy she and her "assets" can look when dressed well for a photo shoot, as this sultry picture proves why Batista decided to hook up with her - which probably helped Rosa keep a spot in WWE.

14 Kelly Kelly Gorgeous In Pink Swimwear

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Kelly Kelly is a diva who was brought into the WWE because of her looks, as she was placed in ECW where she started the infamous raunchy segment called "Kelly's Expose" where she'd take it all of every week. So knowing how much of a hottie she was, it's no surprise that Batista also got with her back in the day. The two dated for a while and one can say that Batista got quite the catch in the sexy Kelly. This amazing picture of Kelly Kelly posing in a pink bikini is not exactly PG, as it shows off her amazing curves and stunning figure in quite the revealing manner. Kelly was quite the sultry diva who loved to show off her amazing body and "The Animal" was quite the lucky man to get to date this smoking-hot diva at her prime.

13 Taryn Terrell Getting Down Pool Side

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Batista hooking up with Taryn Terrell hasn't really been confirmed by either parties as it's a rumor which has been floating around the internet for a long time, but because neither have denied it, one can assume that it may be true. Terrell was part of WWE's version of ECW around 2006 when she apparently hooked up with Batista. One can't really blame The Animal for getting with a stunning woman like Terrell, who had the amazing looks but still couldn't really make it in the WWE. This picture of Terrell is anything but PG, as it shows her terrific figure in an amazing manner. Her sexy "assets" are glaring in this amazing picture which shows what impressed Batista enough to make a move on Terrell back in the day.

12 Rebecca DiPietro Steamy In White

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Rebecca DiPietro may not be remembered by many, but she definitely made an impression upon Batista during her short and forgettable run in the WWE. She was hired by WWE in 2006 after they saw some videos of her and after some-time at Deep South Wrestling, she was promoted to ECW as a backstage interviewer. So according to the website whosdatedwho.com, Rebecca and Batista had a fling for a few months in 2006 after he broke up with his second wife Angie. This picture of Rebecca in a photo-shoo proves why, as this "Not So PG" picture shows exactly how sexy Rebecca is as well as showing how her "assets" seem to shine out as well. This smoking hot picture of Rebecca proves what charmed Batista into dating her and one can understand why dated this amazing woman after his divorce.

11 The Red-Hot Layla Flaunting Her Beauty

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This is another hook-up which hasn't been confirmed by either parties, but there's evidence of it actually taking place in the past. When The Miz and John Morrison decided to prank call Layla during a taping of The Tom Green Show in 2008, the man who picked up the call was someone sounding awfully familiar to Batista. "The Animal" probably hooked-up with the gorgeous Layla during that time and this "Not So PG" photo proves why he did. Layla looks absolutely smoking-hot in this revealing picture from her modeling days, as she's pulling off this red-hot look amazingly well with her curves highlighting this picture. Layla was pushed by the WWE because of her looks and after taking a look at this picture, it's quite obvious why Batista got with her.

10 Sarah Jade Showing Off Her Skills

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Batista was already married twice before he got married again recently, but many were surprised whom he decided to marry this time around. After marrying childhood sweethearts Glenda and Angie, Batista tied the knot Sarah Jade. Sarah is a famous competitive pole-dancer and does things which children should definitely never get to see. This stunning, "Not So PG" picture of Sarah Jade shows her doing what she does best, as she manages to look extremely sexy doing it. Sarah has an amazing figure and is extremely fit, allowing her to pull off some amazing moves and techniques. Her stunning figure is on display in this sultry picture which shows why Batista decided to remarry even at his age.

9 Melina Revealing Her Real Star Power

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After Batista divorced his second wife Angie in 2006, he needed to be with someone who can make him forget the painful divorce which he'd just gone through with. It was reported that Batista had started dating WWE diva Melina after his divorce had gone through which had also resulted in an angle with him and MNM. They dated for some-time and one can't really blame for Batista into getting charmed by Melina after his divorce as this picture shows how hot Melina really is. This "Not So PG" picture of one of Melina's photo-shoot shows just how sexy her figure really is, as her stunning "assets" are also popping off in this picture. The gorgeous Melina increased her own reputation with the hook-up with Batista as the Animal chose quite the sexy diva after going through a tough divorce.

8 Sarah Jade Showing Off With A Beach Ball

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Batista decided to go through with the 3rd marriage in his life almost after a decade of divorcing his 2nd wife Angie and it's quite obvious that it had to be someone really special for him to actually tie the knot once again in his life. Sarah Jade is quite the special woman which can be seen when she's doing her work in the pole dancing competition where she's actually quite famous because of how good she is. Jade obviously has to train a lot and do a lot of exercises to keep herself fit and she's doing some training in this picture where she's stretching off her legs with the help of this beach ball. This "Not So PG" picture shows how hot and fit Sarah really is as her "assets" are really shining through in this picture and one can understand why Batista decided to marry again.

7 Rosa Mendes Showing Off Her Side Tattoo

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Rosa Mendes never really made it to the WWE as a wrestler which she would've liked it to be, as she was only kept in the company because of her good relationship with creative and charming people in the back. Rosa was also quite popular in Total Divas for a while which helped her case, but something which definitely helped was that she dated Batista in the company. Rosa had the smoking-hot looks which are enough to charm just about anyone, as this amazing "Not So PG" picture proves just how much of a smoking-hot diva she is. Mendes looks smashing in her bikini in this picture where she's showing off her tattoo on the side and her stunning "assets" are also shining out in this picture which proves that having sexy looks can definitely help your career in WWE.

6 Rebecca DiPietro Pulling Off A Stunning Dress

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Rebecca DiPietro may not be remembered by the WWE fans because of how much of an irrelevant stint she had in the company, but even in her short time in the company, she managed to woo "The Animal" Batista. Rebecca and Batista apparently had a fling when she was in ECW many years ago and one can see why Batista went ahead with trying to seduce DiPietro. This stunning picture of DiPietro is anything but "PG" as it shows her in a photo-shoot looking absolutely incredible. Rebecca is revealing quite a lot despite wearing a proper dress in this picture as her "assets" are also being flaunted in this smoking-hot picture as one can understand why Batista went onto have a fling with this smoking-hot woman who despite not making it in the WWE definitely made an impression on the Animal.

5 Melina Sizzling In White 

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Melina was quite the popular diva in the WWE when Batista took an interest in her after his divorce in 2006 and she definitely became a reputed figure after she started to date the Animal. The stunning former Women's Champion was always shown in high light by the WWE and her sexy figure was noticed by Batista after his divorce as the two were together for a few months in 2006. Melina looks absolutely smoking-hot when she wants to and in this "Not So PG" picture she shows that as she looks amazingly sexy in this picture. Melina's beauty and "assets" are all shown in their brightest light in this picture which proves what exactly charmed Batista into going into a relationship with this sexy Mexican after he divorced his second wife.

4 Kelly Kelly On The Beach

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Kelly Kelly got over in the WWE because of her sexy looks as she actually looked like a barbie which helped her become popular with the fans and later receive a push to the top. She was also a rather "friendly" woman in the back which probably resulted in her relationship with Batista a few years back. Kelly Kelly was a really sexy diva in the WWE and while she did reveal a lot during her "Extreme Expose" in ECW, she did more of the real revealing in her modeling career away from the WWE. This incredible "Not So PG" picture of Kelly shows just how sexy she can look when she decided to flaunt her sexy figure. Her smoking-hot figure is revealing a lot of its "assets" in this sexy picture which proves just how much of a hottie Kelly was and what charmed Batista into dating her.

3 Layla Posing On Top Of A Chair

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Layla's relationship with Batista was also something which was very short and would've been a big secret had it not been exposed when Batista picked up a prank call from The Miz and John Morrison on a taping of The Tom Green Show. The former Divas Champion was signed by the WWE mostly because of her terrific figure which she showed off as a model prior to signing with the WWE. This amazing picture of Layla posing in her lingerie on top of a chair is anything but "PG" because of shows just how outstanding Layla looks in real life. Her incredibly toned figure and stunning assets are looking smoking-hot in this sexy picture which proves how much of a lucky man Batista is to have been with this British knockout.

2 Taryn Terrell Smashing In Blue

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Taryn Terrell's relationship with Batista probably was a very short one as it hasn't even mentioned by either of them, but one can understand why the former World Heavyweight Champion would be charmed by Terrell. She was recruited by the WWE because of her looks and has quite the stunning figure as well as it can be seen in this incredible photo-shoot of her where she's donning this sultry blue top. This picture of the sexy Terrell is anything but "PG" as it shows her amazing "assets". While Terrell wasn't really as successful as she would've wanted to be in the WWE, she did manage to hook-up with someone like Batista which proves how hot and irresistible she was back in the day.

1 Sarah Jade's Stunning Dancing Skills

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Sarah Jade's profession and work may be not be respected by many because of what she does could be considered as some as "dirty", but she has to do a lot of training in order to do what she does perfectly. Jade's a terrific professional pole-dancer and it's because of her incredible looks that Batista decided to marry for the 3rd time and the two have been very happy ever since. Sarah Jade's got quite an amazing figure which can be seen in it's best form in this "Not So PG" picture which shows just how much a smoking-hot woman she is. Jade's curvy figure and stunning looks can be seen in this picture which proves how sexy she can look even when she's doing her work and one can understand what got the Animal charmed into marrying this stunning woman.

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