15 Steamy Photos Of Women CM Punk Got With

CM Punk became known as the self-proclaimed "Best In The World" during his time in WWE as well as being the longest reigning WWE Champion of the modern era with his 434 day reign as Champion that ended back in 2013, it was only a year later that Punk shockingly walked away from the company following the 2014 Royal Rumble match. Punk was widely considered to be one of the best wrestlers of his generation, but it seems that his talents in the ring were nothing compared to the talents that Punk had with female wrestlers backstage in WWE.

Punk was known to have dated a number of female superstars who were part of the company while he was still under contract. But history with some of the most beautiful women in the world didn't start when he made his way to WWE, it actually started when Punk got into wrestling. Punk may be happily married now, but his dating history over the past few decades is certainly interesting reading. The following list looks at some of the women that CM Punk has been linked to throughout his wrestling career and some of the pictures of these women that would never be revealed in WWE's PG era.

15 Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly was signed to WWE back when the company was attempting to rebrand ECW and decided that Kelly would be a fantastic addition to the roster, even though she was mostly used to put on a striptease on each show.

Kelly later was able to show that her gymnastic background had helped her to learn how to wrestle and was actually about to capture the Divas Championship on one occasion before she left the company in 2012 after complaining about a neck injury. Kelly Kelly worked together on ECW when the duo first arrived in WWE and for a long time, Punk was Kelly's love interest even though Mike Knox was said to be her boyfriend. It seems that this storyline later led to a real-life fling between the two stars.

14 Maria

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Maria came to WWE through the 2004 Diva Search and was signed to the company as a backstage interviewer, despite not being seen as one of the finalists in the competition that was later won by Christy Hemme. Maria gave off a ditzy vibe when it came to her interviews and went on to be part of a number of WWE storylines involving many of WWE's top stars.

During her time in WWE, Maria was linked to a number of WWE stars including John Cena and CM Punk. Punk and Maria were seen as one of WWE's cutest couples back when Punk was first promoted to the main roster, but it seems that Punk's womanizing ways were the reason that the duo went their separate ways since Maria later revealed that it was Punk that broke her heart.

13 Felice Herrig

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Felice Herrig is the only woman on this list that isn't a professional wrestler. Felice is actually currently signed to UFC and is part of the strawweight division. As of September 2017, she was ranked number nine in the official UFC Strawweight rankings.

Unlike many UFC fighters, Felice is very active on Social Media and is considered to be the queen of selfies, since she shares a number of these and a number of scantily clad images like the one above, on her social media. It seems that Herrig and Punk crossed paths at some point in his career as well, since she was asked on the MMA Roasted Podcast whether or not she had hooked up with Punk, and shockingly she didn't deny it, which has only led to further speculation.

12 AJ Lee

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AJ Lee is best remembered for her time in WWE as the Divas Champion, a Championship that she once set to record for as the longest reigning Champion. AJ was part of WWE at a time when she controlled the Women's Division, but unlike many of the women on this list, AJ actually had WWE storylines with CM Punk, where the couple was in a relationship on WWE TV.

AJ wrote in her biography that it was the time that she was forced to kiss CM Punk on-screen that she realized that Punk was the man for her. Obviously Punk was dating Lita at the time, so the couple didn't get together for another few years, but it is AJ Lee that finally managed to take Punk down the aisle since the couple has now been married for three years.

11 Mickie James

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Mickie James returned to WWE earlier this year after leaving the company back in 2010 and having a brief stint with TNA where she is a former Knockout's Champion. Mickie has been linked with a number of men backstage in WWE including John Cena and her fiance Kenny Dykstra, but it seems that for a short time Mickie was also romantically linked to CM Punk too.

Punk was linked to a number of women in WWE when he was first coming through the company from 2006 onwards, and it seems that Mickie was just another name on that list. Mickie has managed to clean up her image over the past few years and recently married fellow TNA star Magnus and the couple welcomed their first child together called Donovan Patrick back in September 2014.

10 Daffney

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Daffney is best remembered in wrestling circles for her time in WCW in the late 1990s and early 2000s as well as her time as a TNA Knockout in Impact Wrestling. Daffney has been known under a number of guises throughout her career, but it is as Daffney that she has seemingly become the most recognizable to wrestling fans.

Daffney has the same kind of reputation as Punk when it comes to being a serial dater. Not only was she linked to CM Punk much earlier in her career, but she was also romantically linked to former WWE stars Shannon Moore and Stevie Richards and for a few years she was also married to Rich Ward, who found fame as part of the same band as former WWE Champion Chris Jericho.

9 Lita

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Lita was one of the women of WWE in the early 2000s that wasn't happy just being seen as eye candy. Lita and Trish Stratus changed the world of professional wrestling and inspired a number of women to lace up their wrestling boots, many of these women are currently in WWE right now.

Lita didn't exactly have the greatest history when it came to relationships since she played her part in one of wrestling's most well-known cheating scandals along with Matt Hardy and Edge, but it seems that Lita had put all of this behind her when she met and began dating CM Punk in 2009. The couple is believed to have broken up and then began dating again in 2013 before Punk later moved on to marry AJ Lee the following year.

8 Beth Phoenix

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Beth Phoenix is a former WWE Women's and Divas Champion and perhaps one of the most dominant female wrestlers in WWE history. Beth doesn't fit in with Punk's usual type when it comes to the women that he has dated, which can be seen from this list and it seems that the couple didn't part ways on good terms either.

Punk stated in an interview that Beth was the kind of girl who wanted to have a boyfriend backstage and she didn't actually care who the boy was. This obviously didn't sit too well with Punk who decided to air his feelings to the world. Luckily for Beth, she has since moved on to marry former WWE Champion and fellow WWE Hall of Famer Edge and the couple have two daughters together.

7 Lita Part 2

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Lita is a WWE Hall of Famer and a former four-time Women's Champion during her time in WWE from 2000 until 2006. Even though Lita wasn't happy only being seen as eye candy, it seems that she knew how to pose when it came to photo shoots. Despite leaving WWE more than a decade ago, there are not many women who have stepped into WWE since that have been able to fill her shoes.

Lita makes the list for the time she spent dating CM Punk in both 2009 and 2013, but it seems that the couple's relationship didn't end on great terms following their breakup in 2013, since it was revealed that CM Punk had been cheating on Lita with AJ Lee for a number of months. AJ all but admitted this in the autobiography that she released last year.

6 Maria Part 2


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Maria is no stranger to provocative images, after all, she did pose for Playboy magazine back in 2008. This then allowed Maria to be pushed as an in-ring talent in WWE and put her on the card for WrestleMania that year.

Maria was never really seen as that much of a wrestler, she always worked well as a manager, which is why she has had so much success alongside Mike Bennett in TNA and Ring of Honor. Paul Heyman once stated that Maria had a smart brain when it came to wrestling and it seems that he was right. Maria, like many other women on this list, managed to move on from CM Punk and married Mike Bennett back in 2014. The couple recently debuted on WWE TV and could be seen as the promotions next IT couple.

5 Kelly Kelly  Part 2

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Kelly Kelly is certainly no stranger to provocative pictures, even though she is now a stepmother to her husband Sheldon Souray's children. Kelly has a number of less than PG images online, but it seems that she has changed somewhat since her mildly successful WWE career.

Kelly had a worse reputation that CM Punk while she was part of WWE, being likes with the likes of John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton, Batista, Chris Jericho and Alex Riley during her time in WWE, it seems only right that Kelly also had a short relationship with someone like Punk, considering how similar the duo are. Kelly has moved on to marry former Ice Hockey player Sheldon Souray in 2016 but it was recently reported that Kelly and  Sheldon had decided to go their separate ways in 2017.

4 Becky Bayless

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Becky Bayless is a female wrestler who has been around the circuit for a number of years, with many rumors linking her to Raven when she was just 15-years-old. Becky has since gone on to become a wrestler for a number of promotions including TNA, Ring of Honor and Full Impact Pro. Becky has also worked as a backstage interviewer and in-ring announcer for a number of promotions and seems to have a talent for talking on the mic.

Bayless has made quite the name for herself on the Independent Circuit and even though Punk has never openly admitted to dating Bayless, there are many rumours that state that the duo worked together on the Indies and that they were once an item, Bayless has never officially confirmed these rumours either.

3 Allison Danger

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Cathy Corino is the younger sister of Steve Corino, who is best remembered for his time in Extreme Championship Wrestling. Cathy became known under the name of Allison Danger during her time on the Independent Circuit but is also known for her time in both Shimmer, which is an all-female wrestling promotion, and Ring of Honor.

CM Punk helped to train Allison along with her brother Steve and the duo spent a lot of time on the Independent Circuit together. Allison and Punk got together at the beginning of his wrestling career and she is thought to have been one of the first female wrestlers that "The Straight Edge" star was linked with. Allison moved on from Punk and married fellow professional wrestler Marco Jaggi who is known professionally as Ares back in 2008, the couple their first child, a daughter called Kendall Grace in February 2009.

2 Traci Brooks

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Traci Brooks has made a name for herself in TNA over the past few years and is another female wrestler who isn't shy about posing for some not so PG pictures. Tracy has always wanted to be a professional wrestler and it seems that she is currently living her dream after years of training to be at this level.

Traci is reported to have met CM Punk while he was performing for TNA at the same time as she was and the couple hit it off. Traci began dating fellow TNA superstar Frank Gerdelman in 2006, a few years after she broke up with CM Punk. The couple went on to marry in 2010 before the duo welcomed their first child in 2013, so it seems that Punk just ended up being a footnote in the dating history of this retired TNA superstar.

1 Mickie James Part 2

There's a reason WWE brought Mickie James into the company back in 2005 and she managed to easily slot into the company alongside some of the most beautiful women in the world. Mickie managed to carry a rivalry with Trish Stratus for almost a year and at WrestleMania 22 it was Stratus who passed the torch over to Mickie when she won her first ever Women's Championship.

Mickie is one of the very few women who have both the looks and the talent to make it in WWE and even now, more than a decade after she first made her WWE debut, Mickie is still considered to be one of the most talented women in the company. How did CM Punk manage to talk Mickie into dating him and then how on earth did he let her go?

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