15 "Not So PG" Pictures Of Brie Bella Daniel Bryan Doesn't Want You To See

While it seems as though all people are talking about is her sister Nikki, Brie Bella looks to be making a comeback. Her names back in the headlines after word spread around that she was close to a WWE return, possibly this year. Brie was also in the headlines this year for having given birth to her child which she of course had with former WWE star Daniel Bryan. While Bryan looks to have found his place with the WWE outside of the ring, Brie’s return to it means that we could see her and her sister reunite. It also means that we’re going to have an abundance of new Brie content in the near future.

Brie may be overlooked due to her not having her sister’s “assets” but she’s probably in better shape than her sister. Not to say that Nikki’s a slouch or anything, but Brie has a dynamite body that she’s earned from countless hours of maintaining her health and physical fitness. There are plenty of great shots of her online, and we’re going to look at a handful of them right now. These might be a little too risqué so consider yourself warned. Here are 15 not so PG pictures of Brie Bella Daniel Bryan doesn’t want you to see.

15 Toned

Though she might’ve been overlooked compared to her sister Nikki due to her lack of “assets”, Brie has always maintained an incredible body of her own through vigorous workouts and a healthy diet. The fruits of all that labor are on display in this picture here as we see her showing off her toned abs and incredible physique. Though this was taken well before Brie and Daniel had their first child together, you have to assume that she’s back at it given how much of a fitness freak she seems to be. If she’s going to return to the WWE any time soon, she’s definitely going to need to get back into shape. If anyone can do it it’s her.

14 Brie Mode

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The WWE is pretty well known for giving their female wrestlers some pretty skimpy equipment to work with, and because of that you get a fairly decent amount of eye candy out of it all. Action shots like this are pretty popular among fans for many reasons, the common one being how they highlight a wrestlers physique – in this case Brie’s. Here we see Brie looking especially ferocious while she demonstrates her skill in the ring. You get a pretty good look at her solid physique and get to watch her kick butt at the same time. It’s pretty much a win-win for every Brie fan out there. She might not have her sister’s assets but damn does she have a great body.

13 Which Bella?

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Here’s a picture of the twins in a shoot that looks like it took place prior to Nikki getting her “enhancements” which makes it all the more difficult to tell the two gorgeous ladies apart. Both are striking some pretty seductive poses while showing off their toned bodies and wearing some pretty skimpy attire. Brie’s slim, athletic build really outshines her sisters in this shot as she really steals the show with her curves and fantastic looks. As the two have become easier and easier to distinguish over the years, they’ve each attained their own level of success and fame while remaining close. While Nikki gets a lot of the spotlight we think its Brie’s time to shine.

12 Bottoms Up

Who would’ve thought looking at this picture a year ago that by that same time this year, Brie would’ve welcomed her first child into the world? It’s still hard to believe as Brie looks fantastic in recent shots. This gratuitous shot taken last summer shows just what all that time in the gym is spent improving, eh? Looks like Brie does squats, and a lot of them at that. Nikki might have her twins, but her sister definitely has her beat in terms of curves – though it is a close call. Though she might not get as much attention as her sister, Brie works hard and definitely likes to show off the fruits of her labor, and we aren’t complaining.

11 Tattoo Removal

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We’re all more or less with Brie’s bear claw tattoos, mostly because they stick out while simultaneously being on a pretty NSFW area – but maybe that’s why they catch so many people’s eye. Well believe it or not Brie actually had another tattoo on her body but had it removed a while ago. We’re not sure why she opted for the removal, but the whole procedure was documented on Total Divas and her sister was there for the entire ordeal. It looks like this tattoo was also located in a rather intimate area and so the pictures of its removal might be a little NSFW. It all goes to prove a valuable lesson; don’t get a tattoo unless you’re absolutely sure.

10 Twin Magic

A more recent picture for you all, this shows the two Bella’s at their absolute best looking, as toned and fit as they possible could look. Though they’re both wearing the same thing, Brie really looks fantastic in this shot and completely overtakes her sister. We’ve said it before, but she has a great body and she really shows it off in these types of shoots. Brie looks like she’s ready to return to the ring and with rumors swirling that she’s busy getting back into wrestling shape. If that’s true then you can expect to see this Brie back on your TV’s pretty soon. It’s no longer a question of if, but when.

9 Body Goals

As we all know, Brie recently had her first child and is enjoying the challenges of parenthood while balancing a soon to be return to the WWE which we expect will happen in the very near future if the rumors are to be believed. According to this post, it seems as though Brie went on a fertility diet sometime before she became pregnant. We’re not exactly sure as to what the diet was all about, but damn is that one demanding fertility diet. You’d think that she was training for a marathon instead. Brie’s body looks great here as she shows off her tined body and strikes a pretty seductive pose. It’s pictures like this that only build up the excitement for her return.

8 Poolside

Pool time 💦

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Summer is everyone’s favourite season for a reason, and when it comes to the lovely ladies of the WWE there’s an abundance of great shots to be seen. While the season is slowly winding down for us, there’s plenty of great stuff to be seen. Or if you prefer, you can go back in time and look at some great older shots of your favourite female wrestling stars. This pool picture of Brie shows her in a different light than we’re used to seeing her in. She – along with the scenery – are incredibly beautiful and are really easy on the eyes. It’s another great picture of Brie to get you going halfway through our list.

7 Brie Gone Wild

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If you needed any indication that Brie was pretty wild back in her youth than look no further than this picture here. It’s pretty hard to tell that it’s her at first, as upon first glance this picture looks like it could be just about anyone else. But you can notice her bear claw tattoos barely hidden by her sultry red bikini. If you didn’t already notice, it looks as though Brie really likes the sun and warm weather areas, but then again who doesn’t? She looks absolutely insane in this picture as she shows off her incredible body and nice tan. It seems as though Brie’s calmed down quite a bit since this photo was taken, but she probably still has some fire left in her.

6 Work It

Another rather gratuitous shot of Brie’s backside, this one looks like it was taken by Nikki during one of their workout sessions. We know that Brie likes to workout. It isn’t hard to see that she’s dedicated to improving her health and is very high on personal fitness based on how good she looks and how she takes care of herself. She’s no stranger to the gym and is probably hard at work in there as we speak getting ready for her WWE return. The fact that she’s coming back so shortly after having had her first child is nothing short of amazing and shows just how dedicated she is to both her craft and fitness.

5 Sunday Fun Day

Lay out first then push ups! 😎😜 #sundaymorning #sunnyday #lovinglife

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Here’s another gratuitous shot of Brie in a bikini for you all, this time with a much more intimate view of the former WWE starlet for you to enjoy. It’s clear that Brie really wanted to show off her great body in this one and judging by the comment section in this post her fans were pretty happy with the decision. Brie has always been the more athletic looking sister and there are plenty of pictures you can find of her showing off her great body. You can tell that she’s a fan of going to the gym and it looks as though she keeps it up at home too. You can’t as for much more than that.

4 Bathroom Break

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They say that twins share a special connection at birth, and watching the Bella’s you could tell that they’re pretty close to one another. The two came into the WWE together and have done a number of photo shoots together as a result. This is one of the more popular ones the two have been a part of and both looked fantastic in these pictures. While Nikki shows off a tad more skin, Brie instead puts her glutes on display and we have to say it looks spectacular. As we’ve said before Brie is a workout warrior and is in incredible shape. You can look forward to more shots like this in the near future.

3 Babe Bella

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Have we said that Brie’s body is amazing? Well just in case you didn’t get the point the last dozen times we mentioned it, we’ll say it again; she’s fantastic. The attention she puts into maintaining her health and physical fitness are to be admired. She obviously enjoys it given how frequently she does it and how great she looks. Of all the pictures on this list, none quite illustrate just how good Brie looks as well as this one does. You can see how great her abs look as well as how ridiculous her figure is. She might be an athlete, but you still can’t quite imagine that her body would be that good looking.

2 Slip-Up

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It happens to plenty of celebrities all the time. Slip ups can happen at any time and any place. Heck, the majority of them happen to celebrities while they’re pretty much stationary. It’s just a few seconds of misfortune that causes the incident for them. It happens quite a bit in wrestling too as you’d imagine, seeing as they’re constantly moving and contorting their bodies. But you’d never expect it to happen to a wrestler while they were sitting down. But that’s just what happened to brie as her dress gave out on live TV. As luck would have it there was barely anything to see, so at least it wasn’t a particularly bad slip up but it’s still something no one would want happening to them.

1 Packin’?

On A Boat 👯 #cabo

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If you’ve been following both Brie and her sister on social media recently you might have noticed something a little different about Brie. It’s quite well known that Nikki got herself some enhancements a while ago and that Brie turned it down, instead going for the natural look. But that’s not Nikki on the right of this picture, it’s Brie. Could it be that Brie recently had some work done after initially turning it down? Anything’s possible and as of right now, she’s yet to mention anything regarding her apparent new look. It could just be framing or whatever that’s playing tricks on our eyes, but then again her WWE return should be coming up soon – and having hat kind of procedure would be one heck of a way for her to make a huge first impression.

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