15 “Not So PG” Pictures Of Noelle Foley The WWE Doesn’t Want You To See

The WWE universe knows her for being the smoking hot daughter of Mick Foley, as documented through a variety of online pictures.

Times have changed in the WWE. Today, the company is cleaner than ever both on-screen and behind the scenes. The days of Sable coming out topless are a thing of the past, and the company is now all about women in power. It started with Triple H down in NXT, revamping the women’s division and that has carried over to the main roster. The revolution continues to take place with all the emphasis going to what takes place inside of the squared circle.

With that being said, along comes Noelle Foley. Aside from her appearances on Holy Foley, the WWE universe knows her for being the smoking hot daughter of Mick Foley, as documented through a variety of online pictures. We aren’t sure about how the WWE feels when it comes to Noelle and her background as a model, but judging by some of the pictures, we’re sure they’re not all that happy with the prospect of children searching her name to see such images. With the company high on Noelle, you best believe the content from her pictures will slowly clean itself up as she gets closer and closer to a possible spot on the WWE roster.

In this article, we highlight some of the pictures we believe the WWE doesn’t want you to see with its PG label. Enjoy these 15 pictures and like always, be sure to share the article and let us know your favorite image from the bunch!

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15 Them Puppies


Before the PG era began, Jerry Lawler coined the phrase "puppies", which referred to the chest area of the Divas and rather than baby dogs. It was a term that caught fire with the WWE Universe back in the 90s and the company didn’t shy away from it either. Women were dressed far differently during the TV-14 era, with cleavage being exposed on the regular. Who can forget Sable being pretty much nude in the ring with nothing but hand marks painted on her chest?

Those days, fortunately or unfortunately, however you want to look at it, are done. Today, the company sees their women as equals to men inside the ring. As for wardrobe choices, cleavage is nothing like it used to be. So with that said, enjoy this nice cleavage shot of Noelle as she poses for that fantastic selfie with her “puppies” on full display.

14 Halloween TV-14

#BackRolls #HappyHalloweenie

A post shared by Noelle Foley (@noellefoley) on

Who can forget those days on WWE television when the women celebrated the day of Halloween by wearing as little as possible? Many outfits instantly come to mind, including Stephanie’s loose take on a witch outfit. She wore the witch hat, but what would turn most heads was that low-cut shirt she wore on top. It was acceptable in those days, but today, we’ll never see a similar sight from the Chief Branding Officer.

Another outfit we probably wouldn’t see either was Noelle’s recent choice of Halloween outfit, dressing up as Princess Leia. Noelle posted a back shot of the revealing outfit, which received more than 35,000 likes on her Instagram account. That costume wouldn’t cut it in modern day WWE, but we’re certainly not complaining that we got to see it.

13 Noelle & Pizza


Hard to believe that a picture of Noelle and pizza would be categorized as none-PG and something the WWE doesn’t want you to see. However, when you take into account her facial reaction and the fact that her cleavage is on full display, we bet the WWE would rather young children not see this picture.

This photo really sums up as to why she has gained so much popularity over the last couple of years. Noelle is the exact replica of a good old American girl next door who just likes the normal things in life. One of them, being her love for pizza. Despite the fact that she has a tremendous body and that she's training for a WWE career, Noelle still enjoys the regular things in life like a nice piece of pizza as you see in the picture above. If you find Noelle and pizza a hot combo, take a look at her Instagram account which is loaded with pizza pictures.

12 More Puppies On The Beach


Along with pursuing a possible WWE career, Noelle continues to work in the modelling business. She’s worked various shoots thus far in her young career as she continues to build up her portfolio. Looking at the pictures, the most popular shots are her beach photos, which the WWE probably isn’t going to use, if and when, she joins the company in a permanent role.

This is another revealing shot that highlights a couple of things. For one, the obvious, her puppies are well positioned and chances are, most males, or females, looking at the picture were initially drawn to those twins. Secondly, her facial expression is truly worthy of five stars. Noelle has a very kind face which has endeared her to the public.

11 Calvin Klein Is Not Available On WWE Shop


In order to rock some Calvin Klein undergarments, you must fit the bill physically. Without a doubt, we give Noelle the thumbs up while rocking the grey and white sports bra and shorts. Foley has various steamy pictures online rocking the brand, and we’re quite shocked Calvin hasn’t given Noelle a call just yet. Judging by the plethora of pics with Noelle in the gear, we think she surely deserves a shot.

For the WWE, there are two problems pertaining to this picture. One, Noelle is way too exposed with her lovely legs and stomach on full display. Second, this item looks incredibly good on Noelle, but it’s not available through WWE Shop, so Mr. McMahon probably doesn't want you to see it. Are we being sarcastic? We’ll let you decide that.

10 We Love Short Shorts


Rocking a pair of fantastic short shorts, Noelle seems to be channeling her inner AJ Lee. Who do you think rocked the shorts better, Noelle or AJ? We say it’s a tie as both women look top notch. However, in terms of the size of the curves, we’ll give the advantage to Noelle who is bigger in stature compared to AJ.

Speaking of the two, they actually have ties with one another. Noelle was actually a huge fan of CM Punk before he wrecked the WWE verbally. Punk, who hates most people, was actually fond of both Noelle and her boyfriend during the times they were together. Since his departure however, Foley’s made no mention of her former favorite wrestler, and we truly believe it stays that way if she wants to last with McMahon and his company.

9 More Halloween Fun


This photo was posted 16 weeks ago on social media, and it made grown men around the world wish they were an ugly plastic zombie looking mannequin for that split second. Noelle, who’s a huge fan of Halloween and other colorful holidays, is seen in the picture getting her puppies grabbed by the zombie. The picture was taken in Vegas, and without a doubt, such picture wouldn’t fly in today’s WWE.

Call it harsh, but the WWE is very no non-sense when it comes to men and women interaction. Nowadays, seeing a man even put his hand on a woman during a televised event is absolutely unheard of. Back in the day, that wasn’t the case as the sexes would interact on the regular from performing R-rated antics, to being drilled through a table by the Dudley Boyz. Today, those days are long gone with touching, being strongly prohibited by the PG rating.

8 More Beach, More Curves


For those of you that haven’t followed Noelle religiously, you’ve missed out on an enormous amount of bikini pictures throughout the last couple of years. Surely, her fame started from these pictures as she began to get noticed by more and more fans throughout her rise. Today, Noelle continues to bank on her popularity with over half a million followers on Instagram, who lurk and drool over her plethora of fantastic pictures, especially those of the bikini nature.

This is another TV-14 shot that showcases Noelle’s fantastic curves. We can’t confirm whether or not she was paying tribute to the great Dusty Rhodes with the polka dots on her bikini, but if she was, Dusty’s smiling down on her. Vince, however, is not, as he’d rather she lather herself up with WWE related merchandise.

7 The One Piece


Noelle has a short resume on IMDB, but we can expect that to change in the next couple of years as she grows her stardom through the WWE and social media. One of the things that she does have listed currently is an on-going production of the documentary Marks: It’s Still Real to Me. Even boyfriend, Frank the Clown, is listed in the credits. Thus far, no real news have come about the production, but it did release this fantastic cover picture, showing Noelle looking perfect in her lace black one piece. If Tye Dillinger was around, he’d be chanting 10! 10! 10! 10!

The picture is a dream to wrestling fans as pockets of people probably envisioned waking up to that visual. Nonetheless, such pictures won’t fly once she joins the WWE and her acting will need to get the green light from the company. Without a doubt, her current documentary would net get the OK from Vince had she asked.

6 The Outfit That Made Us Drool

Nowadays, if women do rock a dress in WWE, it’s normally tightly fitted with a PG amount of cleavage. This outfit, however, is not WWE appropriate as Noelle looks sensational while rocking the revealing dress. Noelle tries to promote Holy Foley with the picture, but fans are thinking about something else as they probably forgot who her dad was while looking at the picture in utmost excitement.

We have said it plenty of times but honestly, how the heck did Mick Foley create this human being!? Tall, blonde and curvy, we truly have a right to believe that Mick should probably go on Maury and get that situation checked out with a DNA test. We can see it now, “Mick, you’re not the father” (random guy from audience jumps on stage uncontrollably).

5 Hair Whips & Wet T-Shirts


Something about a wet t-shirt just brings us back to the days of the Attitude Era. During that point in time, Diva matches were littered with some of the dumbest gimmicks we’d ever seen. The ultimate goal of it all? Look hot and leave the paying customer satisfied as they watch the hotness of the women. Noelle takes us back to those days with the picture as she rocks the wet t-shirt, along with giving us a perfectly executed hair flip. Let’s hope she can execute an arm drag in the same fashion.

With the days of gimmick matches and wet t-shirts the way side, it’s likely the WWE wouldn't want this one to be seen. Instead, they’d appreciate a Cactus Jack T-shirt on Noelle, which would be available for purchase on WWE Shop.

4 Future Wrestling Attire?


We could see it now, making her way to the ring, “Little Black Riding Hood” Noelle Foley. Ok, the name needs some work but the look certainly doesn’t. In terms of the male demographic, ages 18-30, objections would be few and far between for Noelle coming out with her bra, panties and black hooded thing.

Had it been the 90s, Vince would have not only obliged but he would have escorted her to the damn ring in the outfit. That was then however, and this now, today, the company does not tolerate such outfits as they continue to put an emphasis on the women, as equals to men inside of the ring. Since Triple H started down in NXT rebuilding the gender’s division, the perception has changed and for the better. Despite the fact that we’d love to see Noelle in some revealing clothing, we’d appreciate her in-ring work more.

3 One Last Bikini Picture


Before we say farewell to our TheSportster readers, we felt obligated to include another bikini picture, this one however of the candid nature. Candid or professionally, one thing doesn’t change and that’s the fact that Noelle looks glorious–even Bobby Roode probably thinks so. This revealing picture shows her innocent tan lines, along with her curvy body that have made her a fan favorite with lots of wrestling fans.

Even if her in-ring work suffers and she doesn’t become an in-ring competitor, you truly believe Noelle can find another role and receive some huge pops. Lana has done it and we truly believe Noelle can do it as well, no matter what her future holds in, or out of the ring in the WWE.

2 Calvin Take Two


It was only appropriate to include one more “not so PG” picture of Noelle as she rocks her Calvin gear. Most fans of Noelle are probably irate that the picture cuts at the bottom, but we're appreciative as the beauty strikes a brilliant facial pose leaving pockets of wrestling fans speechless.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for Noelle, but at the age of 23, the future is certainly in her hands. She’s starting to make waves with the WWE and its network appearing on Holy Foley. This is likely the plan to ease her into the company. However, if the WWE doesn’t work out for Noelle, a possible career in another field like modelling isn’t a bad idea either. If these pictures weren’t enough justification, we suggest you purchase yourself a pair of glasses.

1 That Darn Clown


What makes the story of Noelle Foley that much more appealing is the fact that she’s dating an actual clown. This gives many of her fans an array of hope that they actually might have a chance with her...

All jokes aside, the couple is very happy together. It was actually Noelle that approached Frank in the first place, believe it or not, and the two have hit it off ever since. Father Mick isn’t all too pleased with the situation, but as documented on Holy Foley, he’s made his peace with it. What he probably hasn’t made his peace with is this picture of Noelle his daughter and Frank, as he rests on her comfortable puppies. Both Mick and the WWE probably wish this photo never took place.

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