15 “Not So PG” Pictures Of Stephanie The WWE Doesn’t Want You To See

Born on September 24th, 1976, perhaps not even her father himself, Vince McMahon, could have imagined what Stephanie would turn out to become. She began outside of the business, earning a degree in Communications from the University of Boston. Shortly after, her WWE ride began as she was employed for a job at the head office, working in the sales department.

Thanks to the mind of Vince Russo, Stephanie would be encouraged to join the company on-screen. Say what you will about Russo, but his idea changed the business forever. Stephanie would go on to become one of the greatest heels of the 2000s and is still at the top of her game nowadays.

As the Chief Branding Officer, Steph has helped to change the course of the business. Her job is to put the WWE on a global stage and that’s easier to do when your company is PG and internally clean. Much to the displeasure of fans, she’s not only cleaned up the business, but cleaned up her own act in the last couple of years.

Instead of celebrating change, we're gonna take a look back at the times when Stephanie wasn’t all that PG. These pictures are from an array of moments, whether it be the Attitude Era, her run as SmackDown’s GM or a casual photo shoot which shows the advocate for woman in power wearing minimal amounts of clothing. These are 15 "not so PG” pictures of Stephanie that the WWE doesn’t want you to see. Enjoy!

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15 The Enhancement

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After being pinned by her own husband during a triple threat match, Stephanie was forced to leave the WWE. She would ultimately return to the company during the brand split serving as the General Manager for the SmackDown brand. Two noticeable changes took place when she returned.O ne, Steph was a fan favorite and two, her chest looked a lot bigger than we remembered.

She didn't confirm it at the time, but surely Steph got a little surgery done during her brief hiatus from the company. This picture proves that, with Stephanie showing a serious amount of cleavage. We won’t see Steph wear a similar shirt today with the PG climate, but she was prone to such wardrobe choices back in the 2000s during her run as a babyface GM. It's something we’ll probably never see again.

14 Upskirt Shot

In the world of pro wrestling, a wardrobe malfunction is extremely common. Given the athletic body types of the Superstars, wrestlers around the world usually wear tight clothing, whether it be inside of the ring or even cutting a promo. Who can forget Batista ripping his jeans following a promo which resulted in a brawl.

For women, however, this is even more likely to happen given the form fitting clothing that they wear. Poor Stephanie got caught in multiple wardrobe malfunctions throughout her career. The very worst took place while in a Pedigree position between her husband’s legs. As Hunter locked in her arms, Steph’s breast popped out of her dress. She quickly pushed it back in but it was too late.

This incident wasn’t as bad, but still, it's one that is "not so PG" and surely wouldn’t be wanted. Dressed in a tight skirt, the audience got a nice visual of Steph’s undergarments on that night.

13 Eating Her Booty O’s

vai twitter.com

Let’s make one thing crystal clear, the WWE Universe catches everything. Whether it be at home or live in the audience, the fan base is obsessed with the company and nothing gets by them.

This candid picture proves that as Stephanie is surely eating her fair share of Booty O’s, as her backside looks pretty great. The candid shot just goes to show how hard Steph’s been working outside of her business suit and in the gym. The company tried to sell that with a Stephanie workout DVD, but it tanked. Sales were nothing close to what the company expected and it’s likely they won’t retry a DVD of the sorts anytime soon. With loads of free fitness content online, why the hell would someone buy a DVD? If they did, it was probably to get a glimpse of Steph’s backside...

12 The Wedding Dress

As much as they despised Stephanie back in the early 2000s, fans still found her smoking hot. This particular segment furthered that as Stephanie took part in a Raw wedding. Weddings are a classic staple of the Monday Night flagship program, as they never seem to occur without a major disruption.

This one was no different, as Stephanie failed to lock down a second marriage live on Raw when Hunter snapped botching a pedigree on Vince while shoving the lovely bride to the ground. There's two things you’ll never see again here. One, that amount of cleavage on Stephanie while wearing a wedding dress. And two, a male wrestler attacking a female, even if it was just a shove. In the new PG era, there is no room for such acts.

11 Kissed By Randy

vai tuttowrestling.com

Stephanie would appear sporadically during the 2000s. She returned in 2008 to replace Mike Adamle as Raw’s GM and to partake in a family storyline which featured the McMahon’s against Legacy, building up to an intense battle in the main event of WrestleMania XXV.

Orton kick started the feud by punting the boss and would continue with his disturbing antics. Things reached a boiling point when Orton kissed Stephanie while she was unconscious in the ring. Without a doubt, something like that would never pass today. Orton was a major heel going into the clash at WrestleMania, leading to Hunter retaining the title in the lackluster main event. Stephanie would leave following Backlash, taking some more time off.

10 WrestleMania Outfits

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When it comes to WrestleMania, everybody on the WWE roster ups their game, whether it be an in-ring performer or even a manager. Wrestlers work matches with their very best move-sets while dawning their best attire. These are the elements that make the night that much more special.

Stephanie is no exception to the rule. She’s taken part in several WrestleMania events and one constant is how stunning she normally looks. This trend began way back at WrestleMania X8, when Stephanie played the role of the villainous heel alongside Chris Jericho. In the main event, Stephanie was ringside wearing a skin tight jump suit which really complemented her chest. The outfit was rated TV-14 and something we’ll never see from Stephanie again sadly...

9 Referee Outfit

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The Attitude Era was wacky to say the least. That time period was littered with gimmick matches and one that took place more times than not was a special guest referee bout. Wisely, the company would chose female refs to serve in the role from time to time. As children watching the program, we were confused as to why, but as we grew older and took a further look at the outfits they sported, we began to understand.

Stephanie was just another female face to put in the white and black stripes. The outfit she chose was fantastic and skin tight. Stephanie’s goods were popping and nobody was complaining about it. Given her status in the company as a woman in power, we’ll never see this type of outfit again.

8 The Blue Dress

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When she became the Chief Branding Officer for the company and with the PG rating, Stephanie’s wardrobe choices began to change. The days of cleavage and puppies went by the way side and, instead, Stephanie would dress more like a businesswoman.

This, however, doesn’t mean that some of her outfits weren’t pushing the limits. This outfit in particular turned a couple of heads as Stephanie’s blue dress was incredibly tight on this night. From the back, it complemented her hard work in the gym and from the front, it complimented her chest. McMahon proved that you don’t have to show cleavage in order to turn a couple of heads and she’s done that on multiple occasions since her new role began with the company.

7 Seductive GM

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Stephanie’s role in 2002/2003 was something we’ll never see again. Stephanie was R-Rated at times, as she teased the crowd week in and week out with her seductive ways. Whether it was wearing a short skirt, low cut shirt or flirting with some of the Superstars, like asking John Cena to spank her, Steph was a character we’d never seen before.

We could have done an entire article on hot pics from her GM run, but instead we figured it was better to offer a little more variety. Today, Stephanie is in the polar opposite role as the Commissioner of Raw, belittling men and turning into a dominant authority figure. It's night and day from how she used to run the ship over on SmackDown.

6 Trick-or-Treat

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Okay, so we lied and decided to put another picture of Stephanie during her run as the SmackDown GM. We really couldn’t help ourselves. This picture needs no explanation as to why it made the list, as Steph rocked some serious cleavage while dressing up as a naughty witch. Things took a bizarre twist when Eric Bischoff showed up to the Halloween edition of SmackDown dressed in a Vince McMahon outfit and proceeded to make out with his rival GM. To make matters even worse, the story went absolutely nowhere and things went back to normal the next week.

Given the nature of today’s program, Steph likely wouldn’t wear anything as revealing, let alone makeout with any member of the roster. Instead, she’d probably be fully dressed in her business suit while verbally abusing a male WWE Superstar... Sounds about right, don’t you think?

5 Kissing Test

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Although wrestling marks love to bury Vince Russo, he did do a lot of good for the business. One of the good things he did was convincing Stephanie to become an on-screen talent. She would oblige by becoming the shy love interest of Test.

The WWE initially had big plans for Test, so putting Stephanie by his side was meant to expose the big man with a greater storyline. Unfortunately for the Canadian, the story was only short-term, as Stephanie would eventually leave Test and become one of the best heels in WWE history. As for poor Test, he fell to irrelevancy, becoming a lower-mid card guy throughout the remained of his WWE stint. He sadly passed away in 2009 at the young age of 33.

4 Antics With Kurt

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Throughout her WWE journey, Steph rarely had love interests, aside from her real husband, Triple H. However, Kurt Angle was a rare exception, as he and Stephanie got close on a couple of occasions. Things got heated between the two during the Attitude Era as a love triangle made waves between Stephanie, Hunter and Kurt. McMahon and Angle even partook in a scene which resulted in the two kissing.

Things would continue during Steph’s reign as SmackDown’s GM. The two took part in a steamy scene filled with a variety of touchy moments that certainly would not be tolerated today. The incident between these two is something the WWE surely wants you to forget about given Stephanie’s new role as an advocate for woman in power.

3 Blonde

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This “not so PG” picture of Stephanie is a dream for hardcore wrestling fans. She’s blonde and showing some serious amounts of cleavage. As wrestling fans, we truly couldn’t ask for more.

Today, those days are gone. The chances of Stephanie showing any signs of cleavage during a PG WWE program are gone. Not to mention her mighty fine blonde hair, which she sported to perfection back in the 2000s. Sadly, we didn’t see enough of that Stephanie, as she spent time away from the WWE giving birth to her three daughters. Thanks to TheSportster, however, we can still smile at the fact that this moment did happen at one point in time. You can’t take these pictures away from us Vince!

2 Steph and Stone Cold

For our second last image, it was only fitting that we chose a picture from the Attitude Era, which was more R-rated than TV-14 on most nights. This particular segment featured Stephanie, the heel, alongside the most over wrestler in the entire company at the time, none other than The Texas Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Stephanie was wearing a vendor’s satchel across her chest and as Austin went to rip it off, along came her shirt. The crowd popped insanely loud, as The Billion Dollar Princess was left shirtless with nothing but a bra. Stephanie would proceed to run to the backstage area covering up the goods. Once again, Stone Cold was the hero of the night for exposing Stephanie and creating another “not so PG” moment.

1 Steph In A Bathing Suit

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Something we hardly ever witnessed throughout the course of Stephanie’s WWE career was Steph in some beach wear. From the 90s until the 2000s, it was a common occurrence for the WWE Divas to appear in swimsuits for magazines, but Stephanie was always kept away from that side of the business.

That all changed with a photo-shoot showing Stephanie wearing nothing but a pair of short shorts and bikini top. The steamy shoot shows Stephanie executing a number of workouts including tire flips, rope pulls and, even a favorite of her husband’s, the sledgehammer lifts. Both her trainer Joe DeFranco and husband Triple H were on hand to participate in the shoot and, without a doubt, they were pretty impressed. Computer screens surely shattered after these pictures were made public.

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