15 “Not So PG” Pictures Of The McMahon Family

You savages remember the good ol' times when blood, hot women, and the crudest entertainment was allowed in the WWE? If you don’t, then that’s unfortunate for you, but you’re in luck, as the internet holds all the outrageous content that your heart desires. The WWE took a bold move and decided to go PG in the June of 2008. The company knew they would receive backlash from diehard fans who enjoyed the content of the Attitude Era. It must have been like a junkie getting off drugs for the first time when they let the hardcore leave the business. That style of content is the reason why they defeated WCW in the ratings and are the sole super power in the wrestling world.

Today, you’ll never see anything like the images that are in this article. Some of them are just too brutal for children to look at, others are reminders of the twisted and messed up storylines that show some of the darkest moments in WWE history. Maybe one day the WWE could bring back an adult promotion on the WWE Network, but until then, you either have to look outside the WWE Universe or watch the old content online. The McMahons may seem like a pristine family, however, they’ve had some crazy stories and matches in the WWE. Triple H will also be included in this list, after all, he's the son-in-law of Vince.

15 Vinnie Puts The "Mac" in McMahon

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Long make out sessions and taking the female talents clothes off is a thing of the past. The closest thing we’re going to get to that is Enzo Amore showing up in a hotel with Lana in a robe. It’s not about sex anymore in the WWE and you won’t see this type of entertainment in the PG Era. The video showed Vince putting his hands all over Candice Michelle and we do mean everywhere.

Michelle would also moan loudly, making any father who brought their daughter to the event that night instantly regret their decision. Triple H eventually broke up the party but the damage was already done and this segment will go down as one of the steamiest in the WWE Universe.

14 King Shane

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Shane McMahon looked like he died after this. For all the gore enthusiasts that love watching people get wrecked, Shane versus Kurt Angle in a street fight at King of the Ring in 2001 is must-see match. It’s one of the most violent matches to ever take place, as Shane took the beating of a lifetime. Just look at the guy, this picture looks like a murder scene. Angle would suplex Shane through a glass window, but it took several attempts, making the match that more intense and dangerous.

There’s no doubt Shane got a concussion during this match. This photo is too violent to show on television today, so we doubt we'll see it in the promo video between A.J. Styles and Shane for this year’s WrestleMania.

13 Vince The Adulterer

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What’s so harmless and non-PG about Trish Startus giving Linda McMahon, Vince McMahon’s wife, a kiss on top of the head? It’s the fact that this whole story revolved around adultery, manipulation, and emotional abuse. Vince is one of the biggest storyline cheaters in the WWE Universe and has made out with many female talents on the roster.

Linda McMahon mostly stayed behind the scenes, but was front and center for this famous storyline. After Vince asked Linda for a divorce, she went into a traumatized state. Vince and Trish would abuse the emotional state Linda was in by getting frisky while she was present. The story came to a climax at WrestleMania X-Seven and we doubt we'll ever see anything like it again in this era.

12 Application Accepted

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When Sunny became the most downloaded women in the history of the internet and the WWE decided to sign Sable, the company began to use the sexuality of women to boost their ratings. Most of the female employees weren’t there to wrestle, but to put on a titillating performance. This trend not only helped WWE defeat their rival WCW in the ratings, but it transcended the company into pop culture.

This photo is of Stacy Keibler’s feet and Vince McMahon when the boss was looking for a new assistant. After a few unattractive applicants, Keibler decided to apply for the job with a lap dance. She got the job and the segment was well received by the male demographic of 18-45 years old. Today, this stunt wouldn’t have made it off the drawing board.

11 The Original Club

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There’s Bullet Club, The Club, and then there’s the Kiss My Ass Club. The day after Survivor Series in 2001, Vince created his own special club for the sole purpose of feeding his own ego with booty-kissers. We could have put any photo up on here, but the one with Vince wearing a black thong is hilarious.

This segment happened in 2006 on an episode of Raw and Jannetty came very close to kissing Vince’s behind, but was saved by his former partner, Shawn Michaels. Members in the club include Jim Ross, William Regal, Shane McMahon, Mick Foley, Shawn Michaels, and Hornswoggle (yes, quite the diverse group). The last time the WWE pulled this stunt was in 2008, a year before the PG era started.

10 The Apple Doesn't Fall Too Far From The Tree

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What’s with the McMahons screwing people out of championships? Just like his father, Shane followed the trend of being an unscrupulous trust fund baby when he screwed Stone Cold Steve Austin in the Deadly Games Tournament at Survivor Series 1998. It was the semi-finals and every fan thought Austin was going to get past Mankind in the finals.

We may have hated him at the time, but this is why we love Shane because he actually had the fortitude of a grizzly bear to screw Austin and give him the middle finger. We all know why this picture won’t be seen in any promos of Shane versus A.J. Styles because middle fingers don’t fly in the WWE anymore. If Shane ever becomes a referee again, look out, because he might screw someone.

9 A Stone Cold Accident

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In no way does the WWE condone women being stripped down to their bra and panties for the sake of ratings today, however, during the Attitude Era, it was a whole different ball game and set of rules. On the first day of the new year in 2001, Stone Cold Steve Austin "accidentally" ripped the blouse off Stephanie McMahon on an episode of Raw.

The venue absolutely popped with excitement after the stunt and Stephanie had to walk to the backstage covering herself. Today, the WWE wouldn’t go near a scene like that and probably never will again. If we are going to take the Women’s Revolution seriously, less bra and panties and more slams will be needed. Even though by today’s standards this seemed graphic, back then it wasn’t nearly as bad as some of the other segments going on.

8 Greatest Feud Ever

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WWE’s St. Valentine’s Day Massacre: In Your House PPV in 1999 lived up to the expectations of being a violent event, as you can see in the picture. After Vince McMahon screwed Stone Cold Steve Austin and won the 1999 Royal Rumble, the two squared off in a Steel Cage match to determine the number one contender for the Heavyweight championship at WrestleMania XV.

Blood was spilled and middle fingers were rising in this slobber knocker of a classic. There is "no chance in hell" this match wouldn't have gone down the way it did if we applied the PG era rules of today. Vince may look like he’s in pain with blood dripping down his face but he clearly gives his approval of how the match is going with two middle fingers up.

7 Suck It

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When Triple H and Shawn Michaels had a D-Generation X reunion back in 2006, one of the stables sacrificed to this epic duo was The Spirit Squad. Even though the WWE wasn’t exactly in the PG era yet, the company was taking steps to becoming more family friendly. This limited the obnoxious innuendo sexualized pranks by DX, but they still found ways to make light of things. During their feud with The Spirit Squad, DX brought out a bunch of look-alike midgets and they eventually mooned the Spirit Squad with the words “Suck It” painted on themselves.

Guaranteed little eight-year-old Timmy asked his mommy what "suck it" meant after the segment. That’s the double edge sword the WWE was playing with during an era of family-driven content. On one hand, adults and teens love it, on the other, board members and parents hate it.

6 Wardrobe Malfunction Anyone?

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When people hear the word nip-slip or wardrobe malfunction, the first thing that may come to mind is Janet Jackson’s famous incident at the halftime show of Super Bowl XXXVIII. In the WWE Universe, fans will think of Stephanie McMahon when it comes to the embarrassing gaffe. In 2002, Chris Jericho and Triple H were involved in an epic feud leading up to WrestleMania X8 and Stephanie was a main character in the storyline.

At the time, she was on Jericho’s side and this didn’t sit well with Triple H. During an episode of SmackDown, he would try to pedigree Stephanie on the announcer's table. In the process, Stephanie’s infamous nip-slip came to life. The show was taped, however, so the footage surfaced from a fan picture for all eyes to see.

5 A Christmas Special

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Christmas is still a long way off, but TheSportster still wanted to give anyone physically attracted to Shawn Michaels or Triple H an earlier gift. During the height of the original D-Generation X stable, the trio decided to give fans more skin for their buck. On a Christmas special, they stripped down to their mistletoe-covered thongs and once again pushed the edges of wrestling and television.

Their ways and out-of-the-box style helped skyrocket the WWE to higher ratings and the company eventually beat out their main competition in WCW. Even though male wrestlers still perform in trunks, we doubt the WWE would ever have another Christmas special involving thongs and their top Superstars. We wonder what Vince was thinking when watching his future son-in-law pull this stunt off and it's probably not the most appropriate conversation at the family dinner.

4 Deadman Walking

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Vince McMahon introduced the WWE Universe to The Undertaker at the 1990 Survivor Series. Fast track 13 years later and the man who brought The Undertaker into the fold would have a Buried Alive match against him at Survivor Series. The match lasted a little over 11 minutes, however, it was one of the more gruesome ones in the history of the company.

Vince looks like he’s in real pain in this image and he probably was at the time. The crimson mask always sets the tone for an epic match and Vince was never shy about pulling it off. Show a young child this image today and we bet you they would want no part of the WWE, or at least their parents wouldn’t. Surprisingly, Vince won the match with the help of Kane.

3 When Parents Fight Back

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The WWE doesn’t promote physical assault, battery, or any other abusive behavior, especially when it comes to family, however, the McMahons are known for fighting with each other in the ring. Even though most of the crowd knows it’s an act, there are still many children with impressionable minds that haven’t figured out the lines between reality and entertainment. In 2003, Stephanie and Vince had an I Quit match at No Mercy.

The storyline was based around the loser of the match having to forfeit their position in the company. WWE literally had a father choking his daughter with a lead pipe at a live, televised event. Can that trigger a parent or a victim of abuse today? Absolutely and that’s why you won’t see it happen again.

2 A Picture Tells A Thousand Words

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Vince is unconscious with his head in Big Show’s rear end, need we say more about why this isn’t PG? It’s an epic picture of a war between D-Generation X and the McMahons (along with Big Show) at Unforgiven in 2006. It was just your average handicap match but a Hell in the Cell encounter, which lived up to the hype.

The WWE no longer uses a crimson mask to sell a story, but, back in 2006, it was fair game to get as bloody as you want. The match ended the feud between DX and the McMahons and a short time later Triple H would tear his quad, again. If you want to see a bloody and physical match, this is the one for you.

1 You Do What The Boss Tells You

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Abuse in the work place is a very serious matter and so is sexual harassment. There have been more than enough cases of a boss abusing the power he has and committing a crime involving a female employee. Vince never shied away from this in the kayfabe world of the WWE, in fact, he relished in the thought of being a power hungry maniac.

Not only did he order legendary women’s wrestler Trish Stratus to strip naked, but he also told her to bark like a dog. The picture says a thousand words and can easily trigger someone who actually had a familiar experience as to the one playing out on television. Can any of you imagine Vince doing this to Bayley or Sash Banks? No, we didn’t think so.

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