15 “Not So PG” Pictures Of These Divas Pre-WWE

The list includes a variety of pictures coming from all over the place. The likes of the Bellas, Trish Stratus, Eva Marie and Maryse to name a few.

Back in the good old 90s, "not so PG" pictures were the norm. Whether it was Sunny or Sable, the WWE pushed that type of content and it worked wonders. However, the climate of the company is different today and those type of shoots are certainly few and far between. Thanks to the internet, we’ve dug up some epic pictures of these 15 WWE Divas prior to their days with Vince’s empire.

The list includes a variety of pictures coming from all over the place. The likes of the Bellas, Trish Stratus, Eva Marie and Maryse to name a few, all worked in the modelling business before the WWE, so a plethora of pictures are available here in this article and online of the Divas from their pre-WWE days looking "not so PG". The list also includes some “not so PG” pictures of Divas inside the ring. The likes of Paige during her FCW days and Asuka back in her indie days make the list as well.

So now without further ado, sit back, relax and enjoy these rare pictures that contain some “not so PG" content of former and current WWE Divas. Like always, be sure to share the article and let us know your favorite Diva picture from this list!

15 Asuka


For WWE fans who are unfamiliar with Asuka, this picture may come as a surprise. However, after one quick search, you can find a plethora of “not so PG” pictures featuring NXT’s Women’s Champion. Along with several bikini shots, Asuka even has some Rated-R in-ring pictures where she “feels up” some of her opponents, going as far as pulling a Paige by licking them. She was that brutal back in Japan and on the independent circuit.

However, since coming to the WWE, those days have changed and that’s most certainly because of the PG nature of the WWE program. Asuka is very reserved and tame compared to her previous days. Today, she’s mainly regarded for her awesome in-ring skills, highlighted by her outstanding footwork landing some brutal kicks on a nightly basis. At the age of 35, we believe her days of taking “not so PG” pictures are behind her.

14 Maryse


The early part of the 2000s was a weird point for the WWE’s Women’s Division. The class was mixed with experienced wrestlers along with those that came from the typical modelling background. The company tried to sprinkle a little bit of both in the division and it led to mixed results.

Maryse was a model recruited from the Diva Search competition. Prior to the WWE, she appeared in several beauty pageants along with winning Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada. Her most noticeable accomplishment, however, was appearing in Playboy magazine as a part of the Girls of Canada calendar.

Eventually, she would trade in her beauty pageant sash for a WWE Championship winning the Divas Title on multiple occasions. After a long hiatus from the WWE, Maryse is currently back in the mix and serving as the Miz’s manager. It looks like she’ll finally be stepping back into the ring partnering up with her hubby at WrestleMania when the two take on the WWE’s power couple of John Cena and Nikki Bella.

13 Torrie Wilson


Looking back at Torrie’s career, she might have been the most over wrestler with the least amount of abilities. Whether it was with WCW or WWE, Torrie was over with the fans no matter what. Making her heel was truly impossible as the fans connected with her due to her personality and looks. In her case, the in-ring work truly was not a factor in how the fans portrayed her.

Like Maryse, Torrie came from a modelling background working a variety of shoots for fitness magazines. She even won a competition before her WCW stint claiming the first prize at the Miss Galazy competition. As you see in the “not so PG” picture above, Torrie was lean as can be and continues to trend in the same direction today somehow, someway at the age of 41.

12 Mickie James


Judging by her in-ring skill level, you’d figure Mickie was a wrestler her entire life and pursued nothing else. However, before wrestling, she did partake in some steamy photo shoots, some that are even too graphic for TheSportster. Those days are fully behind Mickie as she would pursue a new career path in the wrestling business. She started way back in ’99 earning her stripes on the independent scene. After a brief pit stop with TNA, she would finally land a WWE contract and as they say, the rest is history.

A combined six-time Divas and Women’s Champion, Mickie is currently back home with the WWE. At the age of 37, the Richmond, Virginia native is still looking fantastic and if she wanted to, she could pull of another “not so PG” shoot, given her great looks today. However, don't hold your breathe as she's married with a kid.

11 Paige


Before she made it on the WWE’s main roster, Paige had to endure some tough times down in WWE’s developmental camp. When she signed back in 2011, the company was using FCW as their developmental system. Not only was the venue terribly outdated, but at times, the scripts were just as bad. Paige was forced into a variety of bikini contests, which wasn’t what Paige signed up for. An in-ring competitor throughout her career, Paige was quickly out of her element.

Things would change for the better when the WWE finally chose to invest time and money into their developmental system. The company would re-brand into NXT and it would be recognized as one of the greatest investments the WWE partook in the 2000s. Paige would blossom claiming the Women’s Championship, and later, winning the Divas Title in her first match on the main roster. She became the first and only female to hold both belts at once.

10 Lana


Like Torrie Wilson, Lana has managed to connect with the WWE Universe despite her lack of in-ring ability. However, we should note that at least Torrie regularly competed, while Lana continues to serve her role as eye candy, standing in Rusev’s corner.

For Lana, working for the WWE wasn’t always her biggest plan. Instead, she pursued a career in the music industry and entertainment industry, playing roles in several TV shows and even films. Along with her acting and musical chops, Lana worked a variety of photo shoots before heading to the WWE. The result, a plethora of “not so PG” pictures, which we can only assume, several fans have enjoyed. Her popularity continues today with over two million followers on Instagram. Lana's fanbase is driven by her obvious beauty.

9 Eva Marie


For Eva Marie, her lack of success comes from being at the wrong place, at the wrong time. If Eva showed up back in the 90s during the Attitude Era, fans would be praising her presence but the company is completely different today. Despite her obvious good looks, fans have given Eva a tough ride due to her lack of in-ring skills and constant opportunities given to her by the WWE. Back in the day, we would understand her push, but today, with the competition so fierce in the division, fans are having none of it.

The good news is that Eva really doesn’t need the company either. The beauty worked in the modelling industry beforehand, and without a doubt, could still pursue the career today with her popularity. The picture above shows a “not so PG” picture of Eva during her fitness modelling days. It’s hard to hate her when she looks so darn good!

8 Dana Brooke


Dana is one of the only WWE stars in history to receive a pro-card in the world of bodybuilding. That’s a pretty big deal and something only given out to major fitness competitors. She’s slated for another competition in the near future, which is why her TV time has been cut short as of late. With Triple H having such a strong passion for bodybuilding, he certainly understands where Dana is coming from.

Dana has a variety of awesome shots coming from her peak bodybuilding days. This “not so PG” picture above shows just how steamy Dana looks when prepping for a comp. The photo shows a lean Dana that has the curves in all the right places. Hopefully, she can pull off all the right moves in all the right spots when she returns, as her run thus far on the main roster has been quite forgettable.

7 Stacy Keibler


While playing the role of Miss Hancock with WCW, there was nothing PG about Keibler’s persona. She played the role of a “bad girl” while rocking some of the shortest skirts you’ll ever see. What made her so unique was the fact that it wasn't the usual “puppies” that got the fans' attention, but her luscious legs that would make people drool every Monday night. Keibler became the first and only wrestler to have a pair of legs that were regarded as “not so PG”.

After her WWE departure, Stacy would rise to new heights in terms of popularity, making a name for herself on Dancing with the Stars and later, dating ex-boyfriend George Clooney. Today, she’s traded in that fame for a life as a mother. She's married to Jared Pobre, the 37-year old is a proud mom nowadays giving birth to her daughter back in August of 2014.

6 Melina


The sizzling hot California native was a rare blend of beauty and beast. In the ring, she was far ahead of the others during her time, and visually, she came from a modelling background. Melina won the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Anaheim before her wrestling days. She would compete in a variety of other competitions before finally trading in her previous career for a shot in the world of sports and entertainment.

Her decision paid off big time as Melina thrived with the WWE. Praised by the great Bret Hart, Melina was a combined five-time Divas and Women’s Champion throughout her run. Had it not been for her attitude behind the scenes, she might still be employed by the company today.

5 Summer Rae


Before we give some background information on this “not so PG” picture, let us remind you that Summer is in fact still employed by the WWE. She’s been out of action for quite some time now due a knee injury and it remains to be seen when she'll return. Given that the women’s storylines are already booked and ready to go for WrestleMania, we assume a post-WrestleMania return is likely at this point.

As far as the picture goes, Summer had an interesting background before joining WWE. The photo you see above is from her days with the Chicago Bliss of the LFL. What’s the LFL? The Lingerie Football League! She spent three years in the league from 2008 until 2011, and she would transfer over to the WWE when it was all set and done.

4 Lita


Like some of the others on this list, we could not post some of the other graphic pictures from her career. When looking back at Lita’s run with ECW, she had a variety of Rated-R pictures while she served her role as Miss Congeniality and later, Angelica.

Thanks to Dory Funk Jr. and his wife, Lita would get trained as a wrestler and the couple would even send the WWE a video package of Lita’s work with the company. The video was enough to impress WWE officials, and by February of 2000, she was already debuting alongside Essa Rios as his manager. She would go on to become a four-time Women’s Champion. Lita recently returned as a panelist for the WWE, but quietly left the company in December of 2016.

3 Noelle Foley


Before Noelle appeared on the Steve Austin Podcast alongside her dad, we really knew little about Mick’s beautiful daughter. All we really had were pictures that stole our hearts. Despite her not being a part of the WWE prior, she still rose to stardom with some of the most fantastic pictures coming from her modelling career. Most of them were of the “not so PG” nature making her a huge fan favorite.

She still hasn’t done much with the WWE, but she’s already thriving in popularity with more than a half a million followers. Once she starts working for the WWE on a regular basis, you can expect her stock to reach new heights.

2 Trish Stratus


Hard to believe with so many “not so PG” pictures online, that Trish is remembered more so for her in-ring work than her actual beauty. Although some will debate that, Trish forged an incredible path for herself becoming one of the best WWE Divas of all-time. Her body of work truly speaks for itself as a seven-time champion along with an induction in the Hall of Fame back in 2013, an induction that took place even before Trish hit her 40s.

Despite her success inside the squared circle, that didn’t always look like Trish’s trajectory. Before she entered the WWE, Stratus worked as a model posing for a variety of fitness publications. Her role as eye candy would continue with the WWE as she served as the manager of T & A along with becoming the love interest of Vince McMahon. We celebrate her legacy with this “not so PG” throwback picture coming from her pre-WWE days.

1 The Bella Twins


Like many others on this list, the Bellas moved to Hollywood in search of stardom, whether that meant working in the acting field or modelling. They began as waitresses trying to make it into Hollywood and would end up becoming some of the most popular faces in not only the WWE, but reality television as well.

However, it truly wasn’t all that easy. Not only did the Bellas have a rough first stint with the WWE, but their modelling career involved some “not so PG” photo shoots. Thanks to the wonderful world of the internet, the Bella Twins have a variety of pictures from their days prior to the WWE. The pictures consist of low budget modelling shoots taken on a beach. As of today, they have a combined ten million followers on Instagram.

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