15 “Not So PG” Pictures Of Trish Stratus WWE Doesn’t Want You To See

Trish Stratus is a WWE Diva who helped define the Attitude Era. The Canadian-born grappler captivated wrestling fans around the world with her undeniable sex appeal and impressive athleticism which she displayed in the ring. Moreover, the blonde bombshell was involved in some of the most controversial angles in the company’s history.

The anything goes programming that was prevalent during Stratus’s run in WWE is much different from the more family-friendly product the organization puts out these days. The WWE Hall of Famer was involved in several racy angles, as well as many matches that involved having articles of clothing removed. The former Women’s Champ participated in storylines with certain members of upper management that still might make some wrestling fans cringe.

That being said, when it was all said and done, Stratus excelled in this environment and went on to become one of the most successful and popular wrestlers to ever compete in World Wrestling Entertainment.

Fans who only recently began watching Raw and SmackDown will most certainly find some of these images to be quite shocking. Many of these photos and the storylines surrounding them would never happen in today’s family friendly PG era.

These are without question 15 “not so PG” Pictures of Trish Stratus WWE doesn’t want you to see.

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17 Made To Bark Like A Dog

via wn.com

One of the most cringe-worthy segments of The Attitude Ear involved Trish Stratus and WWE owner Vince McMahon. World Wrestling Entertainment’s CEO spends several minutes berating Stratus in front of the entire audience as well as millions of fans watching at home. As if that wasn’t enough, McMahon eventually forces the blonde Canadian to strip, crawl on the ground, and bark like a dog.

While this probably wasn’t a fun angle for the former Women’s Champion to be a part of, it was certainly a memorable one. Even if the entire bit was scripted, having McMahon, the corporate face of WWE, forcing a woman to strip in the ring isn’t a great look for the company. This is an example of a storyline that WWE would probably like the fans to forget.

16 Provocative Yoga Pic

via pwmania.com

Since retiring from WWE and professional wrestling, Trish Stratus has been heavily involved in yoga. In fact, the former Women’s Champion even owns a yoga studio just outside of Toronto. As one can see from this particular photo, Stratus looks every bit as good as she did in her wrestling prime. In fact, an argument could be made that the WWE Diva looks even better since becoming a yoga practitioner.

It’s understandable that Trish Stratus would want to use her signature sex appeal with photos like this to help promote her relatively new business venture. That being said, one has to wonder how her former employer feels about photos of the former grappler being take in her skimpy exercise outfit, now that they’ve gone the family-friendly route.


14 Smacked By Steph

via thesportster.com

Long before Stephanie McMahon became WWE’s Chief Brand Officer and an on-screen authority figure, she was involved in a feud with Trish Stratus. As part of the storyline, Stephanie McMahon was furious with the WWE Diva for her attempting to break up her parents' (Vince and Linda) marriage. This resulted in the two squaring off at the pay-per-view No Way Out back in 2001.

What made this match so memorable was that during the contest McMahon actually smacked Stratus’s partially exposed bottom. Fans of today’s WWE product likely can’t even imagine something like this happening during a match nowadays. While the two women may have been fierce rivals while the cameras were rolling, they were actually friends backstage. In fact, it was Stephanie McMahon who inducted Trish Stratus into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013.

13 Making Out With The Rock

via youtube.com

It seems like kissing Trish Stratus was the thing to do if you worked WWE back in the day. Dwayne ‘The Rock" Johnson was one of the superstars who got a chance to lock lips with the Canadian beauty … as part of the storyline. Before Johnson became one of the most successful movie stars in Hollywood, he was one of the most popular wrestlers during WWE’s Attitude Era.

This may have been slightly less awkward than making out with Vince McMahon as The Rock and Stratus are close to the same age at least. Moreover, there are probably more than a few women out there who wouldn’t mind being kissed by “The People’s Champ.” In truth, WWE still does romantic angles from time to time but they tend to avoid suggestive storylines as much as possible these days.


11 Risque Lingerie Photo

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WWE still isn’t shy about posting photos of their female competitors in revealing outfits from time to time. That being said, there was actually a period in the company’s history where women not only posed for photos in lingerie type outfits but also wrestled in them.

In the late 1990s and well into the 2000s, it wasn’t uncommon to see females competing in bathing suits, bra and panties, and just about everything in-between. That’s right, there was a time when WWE Divas would have competed in an outfit similar to the one shown in this picture. This image might take fans back to a time in which females in the business were treated a bit more like objects of desire as opposed to professional athletes. This is a period WWE is trying to distance themselves from.

10 Steamy Bikini Pic

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Trish Stratus was involved in many bikini photos shoots like the one pictured here. During her tenure in World Wrestling Entertainment, it may have felt like there were constantly new bikini pictures of the Canadian starlet being released, much to the delight of many wrestling fans around the world.

However, these days WWE is focused on promoting what they call “The Divas Revolution.” This revolution focuses on recognizing females for their talents inside the ring as opposed to how they look in a bathing suit. To be fair, Stratus started her career out being utilized as much eye candy but eventually worked hard to become a competent in-ring performer. In light of the Divas Revolution, WWE most likely wants their fan base to remember Stratus as a talented wrestler as opposed to a bikini model.

9 Mickie James Stalker Angle

via therichest.com

The stalker angle involving Mickie James and Trish Stratus was one of the most memorable storylines that either woman has ever been involved in. The rivalry involved James stalking Stratus as a sort of superfan but eventually evolved into James having a romantic feeling toward the blonde Canadian. The feud featured James making out with Stratus on multiple occasions and sometimes placing her in proactive positions during their matchup.

The program helped establish James as a star in WWE but was considered risqué, even at a time when WWE didn’t shy away from proactive storytelling. If a member of today’s WWE creative team even suggested some of the things that took place during this feud they probably wouldn’t be working for the company very long. This is a storyline from WWE’s past that they certainly won’t be reminding fans about.

8 Bra and Panties Matches

via youtube.com

The bra and panties matches were certainly popular contests during WWE’s Attitude Era. When you have females on your roster who look like Trish Stratus and Stacy Keibler (who are pictured above) there are many ways to use them in order to generate ratings. Having WWE Divas compete in bra and panties matches was certainly one way to bring in many male viewers. That being said, it may not be the kind of thing you want to put on television when you are trying to attract high-end advertisers.

There were likely a few potential sponsoring partners out there that probably didn’t like the idea of having their brand associated with a television show that featured two women trying to tear each others close off. For that very reason, it’s highly unlikely we’ll be seeing any of these types of matches in the near future.

7 Mud Wrestling

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Mud wrestling is the type of thing one might expect to see featured at a dive bar in the middle of nowhere. However, there was a time when WWE featured these sorts of spectacles on some of their flagship programs. This image, which shows Stratus covered in filth after competing in mud wrestling contest against Stacy Keibler, reminds us that WWE most certainly wasn’t always a PG product.

Now that WWE is a publicly traded company that wants to maintain a respectable image, they likely won’t be discussing the time Trish Stratus and Stacy Keibler wrestled in a pool full of mud. There were likely some female fans and possibly even a few potential investors who understandably may have found this particular type of match to be in poor taste.

6 Linda McMahon Coma Angle

via forums.rajah.com

The image here shows Donald Trump’s current Administrator of the Small Business Administration, Linda McMahon in a (storyline) coma. The angle centered around Vince McMahon having is wife (Linda) medicated in order to be able to continue his affair with Trish Stratus. It’s quite easy to see how this story could be offensive on multiple levels.

Having a woman (or even a man for that matter) drugged is probably not something you want to have your company associated with even if it’s being done in the fictional realm of the WWE Universe. When you add to it the fact that the person is being drugged so that their spouse can carry on an extramarital affair…that only makes matters worse. It’s easily apparent as to why WWE steers clear of this kind of thing in 2017.

5 Wet T-Shirt

via theworldaccordingtozah.com

This image shows the vivacious former WWE Diva in the tight fitting white top. The photo of the busty Canadian certainly flatters her figure. However, it’s shots like this that helped WWE earn a reputation for objectifying women in some circles during the Attitude Era. The image in of itself seems relatively harmless, but when you combine these types of pictures with racy storylines, it’s easy to see how some spectators might have viewed WWE as a company that didn’t always portray women in the best way possible.

In light of the “Divas Revolution,” a movement brought about to help bring women’s wrestling forward, images that make wrestlers look like their competing in a wet t-shirt contests seem to be frowned upon. Pics like this one may soon become a thing of the past.

4 Another Bikini Shot

via mrpopat.com

There is no denying that the stunning blonde former Women’s Champion looks amazing in her blue bikini while posing inside a giant wheel. However, images like this one used to promote WWE swimsuit magazines and videos that feature female wrestlers modeling are fast becoming relics of a bygone era. This primarily has to do with how WWE is marketing their female division in 2017.

While today’s wrestling females are certainly easy on the eyes, that isn’t enough anymore. This is because many modern wrestling fans demand their performers have more than just a pretty face and an excellent physique. This new generation of sports entertainment fans want wrestlers who can also perform inside the squared circle. Interestingly enough, Stratus was one of the first females to successfully transition from being a valet into a World Champion. WWE is much more likely to promote an image of Stratus proudly hoisting the women’s title over her head, than a shot like this one.

3 Kissed By Vince

via youtube.com

Imagine if you were told that one of your job requirements was to make out with your boss in front of the entire world. Furthermore, imagine if your boss was about twice your age. This is what happened to Trish Stratus when she was involved in a storyline where she portrayed Vince McMahon's on-screen lover.

In fairness, it probably isn’t much different than what most actresses are asked to do for other types of television shows. However, given professional wrestling’s history of blurring the lines between fiction and reality, the angle may have been uncomfortable for some viewers at home to watch. This angle definitely wouldn’t fly in today’s more family-friendly WWE, but Stratus did gain a great deal of notoriety from participating in the segments.

2 Skimpy Ref Outfit

via pinterest.com

There was a time in the early days of professional wrestling that a referee was considered an authority figure. If a wrestler broke the rules or dared to put their hands on an official it would likely result in an immediate disqualification. While Trish Stratus certainly looks quite attractive in this modified referee outfit, one has to wonder why she can’t simply wear a regular ref’s uniform. It seems unlikely that WWE would have tried to put referee Earl Hebner in an outfit like this one back in the day.

Costumes like this may cause some fans to draw the conclusion that WWE had a double standard when it came to uniforms and attire, in the not so distant past. WWE will probably use costumes like this for female wrestlers in the future but don’t expect them to highlight it like they once did.

1 Ladies Locker Room

via dailymotion.com

This image might reasonably prompt one to ask, why is there a camera in the women’s locker room? That being said, Trish Stratus and Lita don’t seem to be the least bit surprised that there is someone in the room while their changing. In those days it seemed like WWE would use virtually any excuse to find a way to get scantily clad women on television. In fact, it was such common place back then that skits involving what would seem to be an awkward invasion of privacy weren’t considered all that unusual.

Today it’s not unheard of to see skits involving females in a locker room. However, it is unlikely those women would be in the middle of changing clothes while they were caught on camera. Shots like this are a no-go in 2017.

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