15 "Not So PG" Pictures Of WWE's PG Era Divas

The WWE is constantly evolving to adapt to modern times. Today's PG Era is a lot different than the Attitude or Ruthless Aggression Eras. Today's product aims to please audiences of all kinds from the fanatics to families of all ages. WWE PG Era is all about wrestling technique, getting viewers and setting a good example for children. Not to say that they have completely be rid of all badass intensity but there is most defiantly a fine line that the company does not want its wrestlers to pass. From Time to time the superstars seem to forget the fact that they part of a family show and things do slip out but for the most part the show is kept PG.

Part of the Women's Revolution in wrestling is the talented ladies no longer being referred to as Divas and now simply just known as female superstars. A lot has changed for the female competitors of today. The women on the roster are respected for their athletic abilities and in ring performances. The women are no longer just supporting roles or used for filler matches. The fans want to see the women succeed and they already have, surpassing milestones once never thought possible for women. All that being said with the hard work these ladies put in they certainly deserve to have a little fun and let loose once in a while. These next 15 pictures are some of today's PG Era ladies getting down right dirty and looking real good doing it.

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15 Lana Bikini Shot

via hawtcelebs.com

From the Golden Era to today's PG Era Lana sticks out as one of the most drop dead gorgeous manager/wrestlers to ever be employed by the WWE. Here's a peak at Lana's incredible body in this ridiculously hot picture. The typical get up for Lana is a classy dress-skirt and blouse but in this bikini shot the superstar shows off a little more than usual and what's not to like? First of all the blond bombshell's stare is so seductive it hurts.

Lana's got that look in her eye like she's up to no good and its hot as hell. The Bulgarian Brute's wife looks fabulous in her unique bathing suit. The royal lady once again has all the attention on her. Showing off her impressive figure in style the ravishing Russian is just two strings shy from a R rating and one step closer to the male fans hearts.

14 Rosa

via picturesbd.com

Rosa Mendes has retired from the WWE due to her recent pregnancy and choosing to raise her baby at home. Rosa was quoted saying she wants to concentrate fully on her new baby girl for now but who knows what the future may bring. In this steamy shot Mendes reminds the fans just what it is that they're missing. The yummy mommy looks fine as ever laying on her back. Her body suit and her seriously short shorts accent her fit body perfectly but maybe push the line of PG just a tad. You can bet if she decides to step back in the ring Rosa is going to be in top notch  shape and now with more to fight for than ever before her return is certainly something to hope out for.

13 Maryse Pearls

via totalsportsblog.com

The thing about Maryse is she looks good about 100 percent of the time. The Canadian born star is absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately Maryse's nasty attitude doesn't match her appealing looks what so ever. It has been made perfectly clear unless you are the one and only "A-Lister" The Miz, Maryse couldn't give a monkey about you. As The Miz's manager, Maryse constantly lies and cheats to gain her husband the upper hand in the ring or benefit him in anyway possible. Although her actions are often best described as shady at best the fact that she is willing to bend and break the rules for her man is definitely another one of her many attractive features. Maryse puts on hot lingerie and pearls to display some more of those features in this naughty photoshoot.

12 Mickie You're So Fine!

via fanpop.com

Mickie James is a fan favorite who has made a comeback over the last few months. She is an extremely skilled wrestler whos seen almost everything there is to see in the business. Bringing her back in now was a genius move on behalf of the WWE. A wrestler with her amount of experience and knowledge is exactly what the women's division was lacking. There's no question that both WWE women's divisions have a stock pile of pure talent but with so many of the ladies being young stars bringing in a vet like Mickie James who has already jumped through most hoops is a perfect move. Not only can Mickie still throw down but she looks spectacular.

11 Nikki Bella

via youtube.com

One of the faces of female wrestling has to be Nikki Bella. From Wrestlemania to their own reality show no one can get enough of the twin sister who took the WWE by storm. Although this picture is just of one of the sisters, twins are still the main topic. Nikki gets down on her knees to show off her busty curves in this one. The only small things Bella has are her clothes. Seems Nikki took "use what you've got" to heart when she created her "Rack Attack" finishing move. In her entrance Bella does a sexy hip shake and rips open her shirt exposing her even smaller ring gear for the crowd and they eat it up every single time.

10 La-la-la-la-la-la LANA!!

via worldofwrestling.it

Lana has definitely surpassed the PG rating in this suggestive shot.  She's sporting a superman shirt that shows just enough cleavage to be arousing make you want to be the Superman that comes to save her from the villain Russev.  Legs spread wide open and a dirty look on her face make this picture beyond steamy. Lana is by far one of the people on the roster that the audience loves to hate the most. As much as the people can't stand her foul actions its her stunning looks that won most fans over the day she first walked down the ramp. Her sex appeal is what truly made her what she is and Lana will most likely remain eye candy for the WWE unless Russev decides to leave the company in which case its only fair to assume Lana would part ways as well.

9 Nattie By Nature

via pinterest.com

Natalya takes pride in being one of the more technical wrestlers in the WWE. Her hard work and dedication to wrestling have made her stand out ever since joining the main roster in 2008. Being the daughter of famous World Tag Team Champion Jim "The Anvil" Neinhart, the brother-in-law of Bret Hart, meant wrestling was in Nattie's blood. Natalya trained in the infamous Hart Family Dungeon. The prestigious Dungeon has played a major role in a lot of talented wrestlers careers and not just Hart family members, many other stars such as Victor of Ascension and Chris Jericho trained at the school as well. Though Natalya is known as one of the toughest women to face up with in the ring she shows everyone what she's made of in a whole other way in this playfully naughty shot.

8 Rear View

via imgur.com

Though Lana may be billed as Russian Royalty the reality is she hails from Gainesville, Florida. The American cutie pie shows some southern love, flaunting her backside for the camera. You need to slap a wide-load sticker on that rear end, of course talking about the huge vehicle that Lana is hanging out of. The sole purpose of a shot like this is so everyone can see for them selves Lana has clearly been eating her Booty-O's for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hopefully since she's got her buns popping out the door this rear view picture was taken far, far away from the road to avoid causing any full on traffic collisions. The beautiful Lana mostly sticks to managing her Husband Russev right now but don't let looks deceive you the Ravishing Russian can absolutely throw down in the ring.

7 The Enchanting Emma

via wrestlingforum.com

Emma has already shown fans her bubbly side and now the smoking hot Australian is letting everyone see another seductive side of her that is almost too sexy to fathom. The Superstar may be from Down Under but she is far from an underdog. Since her debut inNXT Emma has been able to capture the attention of the audiences. The pairing with Santino Marella also helped attract attention from fans but as technically sound as Emma is as a wrestler  her personal life and career have unfortunately been a little rocky. Apart from Emma's days in NXT she either just hasn't gotten the push she needs or is struggling to find her place. Hopefully the stunning native of Melbourne can get her Mojo together and get hyped enough to stay around for a while.

6 Straight Fire

via youtube.com

The Irish Lass Kicker looks like "straight fire" in this beach shot. Becky poses down on all fours in what might be the hottest picture of her on the internet. Normally known for her toughness and grit a sexually appealing image is at the bottom the Irish superstar's priority list. Becky Lynch was a first round draft pick in the NXT Extension Draft and won the first ever SmackdownLive Women's Championship. Lynch injured her shoulder and was forced to the sidelines for sometime. Upon returning she hasn't quite got the ball back rolling on a championship level just yet but her feud with The Welcoming Commitee is helping to push her back up to a main card level where the sizzling star belongs.

5 Boss Lady

via youtube.com

What's more attractive than a powerful woman? The Boss's daughter has taken the reigns alongside her rival and brother Shane O'Mac in running the family business. Stephanie is all business all the time. Her talent knows she doesn't take crap from anyone and when Steph expects you to get something done, you better do what she says or she'll have you taken out like the trash.

Stephanie McMahon is certainly not loved by the fans like her brother is but that's because she's not afraid to make the hard decision or to pull the trigger on a superstar when they step out of line. The CEO of Monday Night Raw can be brash and harsh but this picture reminds the fans that the big bosses little girl has an R rated edge to her whether she admits it or not.

4 Summer Heat

via WWE.com

Summer Rae has been on injury hiatus for a long time now and the fans are extremely eager for miss Summer's return. Still unclear when the beautiful blonde will reappear in WWE but she remains under contract and is hopeful for a comeback. Not hard to tell by this photo that Summer keeps herself in fantastic shape and will no doubt come back fiercer than ever if and when she does eventually get back to the ring. The bright multi-colored workout gear is a phenomenal look for Summer Rae whether she's actually breaking a sweat or just stopping to take a sweet body shot. Every square inch of the superstar billed from North Carolina is toned and ripped but she still keeps a petite figure and it makes her stand out from the rest.

3 Lingerie Rosa

via wwe.com

Rosa Mendes takes sexy to another level in her lingerie and high heels. In this picture Mendes flaunts her tiny but curvaceous frame in a heart stopping getup that makes the WWE Universe miss the spicy star more than ever. Rosa has the figure of a model but her athleticism and heart set her aside from the other women in the locker room. Mendes was never able to reach her full potential or get a chance to really show what she was made of in the wrestling business but she was absolutely capable of reaching heights only a hand full of competitors could touch. Her pregnancy has lead the beautiful wrestler down a new life path and she will no longer be returning to the WWE but she will be remembered as one of the spiciest senoritas to ever appear in WWE.

2 Maryse

via fanshare.com

Maryse Ouellet has shot more than a couple risque pictures in her time as a model and WWE performer but this one in particular might just take home the trophy for most sexual photoshoot done by a WWE star that doesn't including nudes. Being on her knees with her back arched and bare butt on display is enough to make your mouth water and even if you don't necessarily consider Maryse a smoke show the pose is outlandishly seductive. A picture like this makes you think of all the Attitude Era and how the WWE used to do bra and panties matches, where the female wrestlers would strip each other down to their underwear or lingerie pillow fights. Female wrestlers today are not viewed the same way as they were even ten years ago but seeing Maryse like this makes you wish she was around in the days of lingerie wrestling.

1 Maryse Shower Shot

via totalprosports.com

If you had to rate this picture it'd probably get a big, fat 10 on 10. There's nothing about the photo that isn't sexy, point blank, period. The look on Maryse's face says far more than a thousand words could. Its a sexual picture, no doubt. Her long, wet, blond hair leads your eyes right to her sweet curves. The denim booty shorts and tiny tank are a serious combination. Her chest looks good and her cheeks look even better. The gorgeous Quebecer may be nice on the eyes but along side her real life husband The Miz, Maryse has proven to be the furthest thing from pleasant. Still the conniving but captivating Maryse is one of the WWE's best at interfering and influencing matches and maybe that has something to do with why The Miz is a seven time Intercontinental Champion. This hot picture is proof the mischievous manager Maryse is hands down one of the hottest women to ever step foot in a WWE ring.

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