15 “Not So PG” Pictures Stephanie McMahon Wants Deleted From The Internet!

If you watched pro wrestling back in the late 90s and early 2000s, thinking of Stephanie as the most clean cut employee in the entire company would seem as something pretty impossible. Stephanie at one point, not to sound harsh, was regarded as “trash” on-screen, as the likes of The Rock and Chris Jericho would dig into her in order to get some extra pops from the crowd. Her first run as an Authority Figure didn’t help things either, as she was used as “eye candy” more than anything else. Today, she’s somehow put those moments in the past becoming not only the Chief Branding Officer of the company, but a huge inspiration for women in power. A big part of her rise, the WWE’s ability to put her “Not So PG” moments in a box, buried in the past.

In this article, we go the opposite route and take a look at moments from the past both the WWE and Stephanie want deleted. For the most part, these are questionable segments that hurt her current standing in the company.

From locking lips with her own dad to getting kissed on the neck by Rico, this list truly has it all. Enjoy the twistedness and like always, be sure to pass the article along to a friend. Without further ado, here are 15 “Not So PG” pictures Stephanie McMahon wants deleted from the internet. Let’s begin with a questionable skit involving a current WWE Cruiserweight veteran star.

15 Brian Kendrick Baring It All

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Talk about a debut meeting Stephanie for the first time ever, Brian Kendrick ended up in the former GM’s office in the complete nude during a skit back in Stephanie’s babyfaced SmackDown days. It was a laughable moment, and even appeared as though Brian was a little too excited to see Stephanie, as the two stated during the backstage segment.

During the early 2000s such a skit was okay but today, in the midst of a sensitive PG era, you likely won’t see the WWE showing similar footage making it something “Not So PG” McMahon more than likely wants deleted from the internet. Looking at her run atop SmackDown, this was one of the many instances she’d love to press the DELETE button on, but thanks to The Sportster, you won’t ever forget!

14 Getting Kissed By Rico

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Another moment coming from her run as the GM of SmackDown, former WWE star Rico (who looks nothing like his former self nowadays) joined McMahon during a backstage skit. Once again, things took a “Not So PG” turn as Rico embraced Stephanie by kissing her neck out of all things. Once again, this is a moment WWE won’t be re-showing and clicking the delete button on such a memory wouldn’t bother anyone inside of the WWE, especially Stephanie.

Without a doubt, we won’t see anything similar nowadays, as Stephanie instead puts down wrestlers on the regular with some harsh verbal assaults. With a PG rating in place, we shouldn’t expect anything featuring Stephanie and kissing, at any point, aside from with her husband that is.

13 A Creepy Encounter With The Big Show

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Looking at the current WWE roster, there perhaps isn’t a Superstar the company itself respects more than the Big Show. Seriously, the dude is not only still around, but he’s even main eventing taking part in Raw’s recent final match featuring himself and Big Cass. His career got off to a rocky start with the company, but we can safely say he’s Hall of Fame bound once he calls it a career in the near future.

Big Show’s had some questionable moments however. Yea, he’s turned heel and face one too many times but worse than that, he took part in this creepy skit with Stephanie that both likely want deleted. During Steph’s final run as the SD GM, Big Show tormented her backstage. The skit involved Show getting way too close to Stephanie, playing the role of a pure creep even twirling her hair. It was a “Not So PG” moment both want to keep hidden in the past that’s for darn sure.

12 Flirting With Scott Steiner

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This one is without a doubt right up there in terms of moments Stephanie wants to delete. Looking back, one has to wonder how in the hell both the WWE and Stephanie agreed to this in-ring segment which saw Steiner, almost rape Stephanie in front of a live audience.

Entering the WWE in the early 2000s, Steiner was made to be a big deal and the company pushed him to the moon instantly. Giving him such a skit showed how highly they thought of him at that point but looking back at everything that would unfold, pressing the delete button is the preferred option by the WWE and Stephanie. McMahon tried to sign Scott over on the Thursday show, even flirting with him in the awkward segment. Making matters even worse and that much more irrelevant, Scott would end up signing with Raw... Yikes.

11 Anything Test Related

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Some relationships, the WWE just wants to keep in the past, even if it was only for television purposes. Think of the last time you recall the WWE ever mentioning anything related to Stephanie and Test as a couple? Never, is probably the answer.

Steph made her debut in the late 90s, becoming the love interest of Test as her first piece of business. The move was actually meant to elevate Test as a big time player, given his size, potential and look. However, things went astray and the only person to shine from the ordeal was Stephanie, alongside her next love interest Triple H.

Once the McMahon-Helmsley era was in full swing, the relationship with Stephanie and Test was put and kept in the past permanently.

10 Brock & Steph’s “Not So PG” Moment

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SmackDown was at its absolute peak while Stephanie was running things. The talent was littered top to bottom with the likes of The Rock, The Undertaker and Kurt Angle. The youth wasn’t too shabby either, a dude by the name of Brock Lesnar was also starting to hand out F-5s on the regular. With Heyman’s creative genius, the show was thriving.

One moment that wasn’t so creative and quite forgettable to be quite frank featured Lesnar strong-arming Stephanie backstage. It was a creepy moment that once again, was quite borderline as Lesnar nearly got physical with Stephanie. Such a creepy moment with high profile faces won’t be shown any time soon that we can assure you. But hey, at least Lesnar didn’t spank Stephanie like Cena did at one point during her run atop SD!

9 Kissing The Nature Boy

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This hilarious photo continues to make its way online, many have no clue what the story is to the picture, but in truth, we have reason to believe Stephanie wishes such a picture never went public. Ric is extremely close to both Stephanie and Hunter, but this shot might indicate that they’re a little too close. This “Not So PG” picture is another underground photo you won’t see on WWE TV that’s for darn sure.

All jokes aside, Flair has grown extremely close to the McMahons. Vince himself has even loaned Ric huge amounts of money, helping him through tough financial times. Yea, Vince is a billionaire, but he isn’t so generous with everyone when it comes to financial aid showing just how close the two really are.

8 Women’s Championship Run

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When it comes to anything in-ring related, we generally think of Stephanie serving her role as an evil heel working the microphone. Rarely do we think of her actually taking part in a match and the WWE would likely want to keep things that way.

However, she did endure a certain period as an actual champion, which just shows how laughable the Women’s Division truly was in the early 2000s. For that reason, rarely does the WWE make reference to her title run, especially in an era filled with competitive in-ring females. Stephanie would win the title from Jacqueline during an episode of SmackDown thanks to some help by DX. She actually kept the belt for a couple of months shockingly, before finally losing it to Lita.

7 Wardrobe Troubles

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In the world of sports and entertainment, wardrobe malfunctions are unfortunately an aspect of the business that take place more times than not. With tight clothing, muscular physiques and live TV, the chances of it happening are pretty high and Stephanie certainly knows that.

Wardrobe malfunctions have taken place with Stephanie at the forefront one too many times. Who can forget Stephanie being moments away from eating a Pedigree when boom, her puppy just so happens to pop right out. This picture is another instance with Triple H involved as Stephanie’s WM X-8 attire seemed to be a little too tight, with once again, a puppy finding a way out of the attire. Without a doubt, Stephanie wants all these wardrobe malfunctions deleted, but thanks to us here on The Sportster, to quote a wise man, there’s simply “no chance in hell” of that happening.

6 “Not So PG” Antics With Kurt

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Aside from the previously mentioned Test and of course, Triple H, Stephanie’s love interests were limited. However, she did have several romantic encounters with Kurt Angle, leading many to believe that it caused real-life animosity between The Game and the current Raw GM.

As a proud mother, she likely won’t be showing her daughters past footage of moments that saw her lock lips with the current Raw GM. Some things are just better left in the past and we have reason to believe her encounters with Kurt classify in that category. It’ll be interesting to see what angle (no pun-intended) the WWE takes once Stephanie finally returns and confronts Kurt for the first time in over a decade. Many believe it’ll lead to a showdown between Kurt and Hunter, which seems to be the most possible scenario at this point.

5 Kissing Eric Bischoff

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Stephanie admitted to regretting two main things during her WWE run; one, we’ll discuss in the next entry, the other, was agreeing to kiss Erich Bischoff, something she truly regrets looking back. Once again, the moment took place during her run as the SD GM. The episode was a Halloween themed edition of SmackDown which added to the twistedness of the skit. Why you ask? Well because Eric was dressed up as Steph’s dad, Vince McMahon.... Good lord shame on whoever wrote up that segment up.

In fairness, Eric was a great Raw GM, and many wrestling fans consider him to be one of the very best at running the show. However, such a moment is better off being buried in the past given Steph’s feelings about the ordeal.

4 “Not So PG” Work With Her Mother

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The biggest regret Stephanie has when looking back at her career was the treatment of her mother she was forced into on-screen. In order to add heel heat, Stephanie took part in several questionable acts which included slapping her own mother multiple times, whether it took place backstage or even, in the ring in front of a live audience. Again, few questioned the acts during such a crazy era but looking back today, most fans are shocked that such angles ever took place.

Poor Linda was one the wrong side of several disputes, even Vince made out with countless females in front of his own wife. Let’s take a second and applaud Linda’s contributions, poor woman was buried on too many times. Not surprising that the WWE rarely shows anything Linda related...

3 Antics With Chris

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Stephanie and Chris Jericho had a weird relationship looking back. Chris benefitted greatly from Stephanie multiple times, whether it was in an attempt to gain heat with McMahon by his side, or verbally abusing her to gain some fan fare, Steph had a huge impact on Jericho’s career.

The WWE loves to discuss their rivalry, however they rarely ever say anything about their time together as a duo. Stephanie was put alongside Jericho adding heat to his character. The two even got a little too close at one point hugging backstage. Not to mention, they even kissed in the middle of the ring. Looking back, the WWE wants us to remember about their rivalry but their alliance, not so much...

2 Steph’s Brief ’05 Return

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Following her run as the GM of SmackDown back in 2003, Stephanie would appear sporadically for the next couple of years. Getting married to Triple H in ’03, Steph was written off losing a forgettable Father versus Daughter “I Quit” match. Seriously Vince, what the hell were you thinking on that one?

She returned sporadically after that, including a weird cameo in 2005 that just highlighted Stephanie as nothing but “eye candy”, as she rocked a black revealing top, along with a Stone Cold hat. Looking at her attire nowadays, rarely rocking any type of cleavage whatsoever and becoming a huge advocate for women empowerment movements, she likely wants to keep such a return a distant memory and one nobody revisits. Once again, The Sportster is here to revisit such a “Not So PG” moment!

1 The Creepy Backstage Smooch

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This picture takes the award for the most twisted “Not So PG” image on this entire list. We turn the clock back for this throwback photo as Stephanie, who’s rocking her Women’s Championship, tries to convince her dad in putting Triple H in a match against The Rock. After saying he’d consider it, Vince goes for a distasteful peck on the lips onto own daughter.

The segment never gets mentioned as it was and still is rightfully kept in the past, far, far away from our eyes. However, Vince would try to take things a step further by pitching an incest angle that was see him as the father of Steph’s child! Thankfully, that time, Stephanie disapproved the idea. Though, we’ll always have this creepy “Not So PG” moment to remember the disturbing relationship between the two. DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!

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