15 “Not So PG” Stephanie McMahon Outfits The WWE Would NOT Approve Of

We showcase some of Stephanie McMahon's top wardrobe choices that simply would not fly in the world of the current WWE.

Looking back, it’s quite surreal to see what Stephanie McMahon has turned into both visually and character wise on WWE programming. She started off as this quiet character that made the jump from the WWE office to the big stage working as a love interest for an upcoming Superstar (Test). Then, out of nowhere, (no, not an RKO), she would turn heel altering her character as one of the greatest villains of the 2000s. Along with that, she underwent some major physical changes and all of a sudden, she seemed to be a little more “blessed in the chest” due to a certain surgery.

Such changes turned McMahon into a massive sex symbol. Although we hated her on-screen, we couldn’t help but to stop and stare at her beauty, which in some aspects, made us hate her even more. In this article, we celebrate the edgy outfits by showcasing some of her top wardrobe choices that simply would not “fly” in the world of the current WWE. In the words of Drew Gulak, this is a “no fly zone” when it comes to the outfits.

Like always, enjoy the article and be sure to pass it along to a friend, particularly one that missed Stephanie’s run in the early 2000s. So without ado, here are 15 “Not So PG” Stephanie McMahon outfits the WWE would NOT Approve of. Ring the bell and let’s begin!

15 Throwback HOF Outfit


Holy smokes does Stephanie ever look like one hot mom in this throwback Hall of Fame shot. Sitting alongside her mother and sister-in-law, McMahon’s top is barely hanging off her chest, in the words of the great Jerry Lawler, PUPPIES.

It seems like we got spoiled that year as Steph’s HOF outfits have been quite tame in the recent years. Now don’t get us wrong, she still rocks her outfits to perfection, but in terms of cleavage friendly like the one you see above, those types of outfits have been few and far between. With Stephanie becoming a huge advocate for women empowerment movements, the wardrobes have been scaled down in the last couple of years. However, we celebrate the good times with this fantastic throwback picture the WWE would likely not approve of today.

14 “Not So PG” Wedding Attire


We haven’t seen this element on WWE TV in quite some time, if you’re a long time fan of the product, you’re likely aware that wedding segments normally don’t have a happy ending. Such was the case with Stephanie back in the early 2000s when she decided to renew her vows with Triple H. It was a rare moment that saw the duo split up, as Hunter went full babyface, while Stephanie, continued on as the heel alongside her father. It would later lead to a WM clash featuring the challenger Triple H, taking on Chris Jericho with Stephanie in his corner.

The wedding segment finished with Hunter throwing Stephanie to the mat. However, most fans just remember one thing about the segment and that was Stephanie’s wedding outfit which was truly nothing close to being PG. Heck, even her own dad was checking her out... boy was that ever a creepy angle.

13 The Pink Tight Dress


During her prominent run as a heel in the early 2000s, not only was Stephanie killing it persona wise, but her wardrobe choices were also on point. This dress was quite stunning and one that likely would not fly in today’s WWE. The dress was skin tight and not to mention, quite revealing in a certain area. We hope Stephanie kept that dress and puts into a Hall of Fame one day, cause it’s definitely worthy.

Not only was the dress appealing but it also came at the time of her “enhancement surgery” which really added to the allure of this outfit. As we’d see throughout that particular run, the likes of Chris Jericho and The Rock weren’t afraid to point that out as they had a field day ripping Stephanie on her surgically enhanced chest area.

12 Cleavage As The SmackDown GM


Following her heel run against Triple H, Stephanie was briefly written off only to return as the newly appointed GM of SmackDown. The announcement was met with mixed reactions, although Stephanie would turn the jeers in the cheers pretty quickly as she established herself as a fan favorite. It was a really weird point in her career as although she played the role of a dominant female in power, she was also quite edgy in various instances enticing the viewers with her short skirts and cleavage friendly tops.

The photo above clearly proves that as she rocks a mesmerizing top that has lots of cleavage. In terms of “Not So PG” outfits, her run as the SmackDown boss was full of such wardrobes. Don’t expect anything similar once she returns from her latest hiatus.

11 One Very Short Dress


Taken in the early 2000s, this outfit wasn’t “Not So PG” because of the cleavage, but instead, it turned heads due to the shortness of the attire. Steph’s dress was uber tight that night and the cameraman gave us a clear indication of that as he takes a close up shot of Stephanie as she makes her way into the ring. You won’t see such shots in the WWE nowadays that’s for sure. Back in the day, it was all about the “hot angles”. That was a big part in WWE powering passed WCW.

Nowadays, McMahon still rocks the tightly fitted dresses, however, in terms of length, the dresses are quite conservative and nothing like the picture you see above. This throwback shot is just another Stephanie outfit you won’t be seeing again anytime soon.

10 A “Not So PG” Referee Outfit


If you lived through the Attitude Era and the early 2000s of the WWE, you’re likely well aware that the company would use the “special referee” stipulation on the regular. It was a great way to not only push certain feuds but also, give some of the beauties in the company something to do. Most of the Divas at the time had limited skill-sets and working as a ref was an easy way to expose their beauty.

Stephanie certainly didn’t need the exposure given her terrific character work as an excellent heel. However, she dawned the referee outfit to push storylines and man did she not disappoint when it came to her zebra striped choice of wardrobe. As you see in the picture above, McMahon proudly dawns the revealing referee top, from the short shorts to the reveling nature of the top portion, this ensemble belong in a Hall of Fame.

9 Backstage Attire


Once again, this spectacular wardrobe comes from her days as the acting SD GM. Seriously Steph, why did you have to sign Hogan to SmackDown? It was that very move that caused heat between Steph and her pops. It would later cause Stephanie to leave and vacate the GM position. Looking back at her run, I think most of us can agree we’d rather Hogan go to Raw, while Stephanie stayed on board with such outfits over on the blue brand show.

Nonetheless, we still remember her short run vividly, and that’s in large part because of such outfits. Even when her cleavage was hidden, Steph still managed to take our breathe away wearing such top notch short skirts. From the hamstrings, to the quads, to even her calves, Steph’s got it going on in this shot.

8 Black & Leather Skin Tight Top


During her prime run as a heel, Stephanie made it particularly hard for us to hate her given the wardrobe choices she selected on the regular. However, her character work was so on point that she we hated her regardless overlooking the serious heat involved in her outfit choices. She began as a tame babyface alongside Test, but that all changed once she joined forces with Triple H as a powerful heel. Before we knew it, she was the biggest villain in the company while wearing the most seductive outfits of that particular era in the early 2000s.

This wardrobe was another “Not So PG” selection as McMahon wore an incredibly tight black leather dress. The cleavage was limited, but the puppies, were by no means hidden in such an outfit.

7 A “Not So PG” Witch Costume


Back in October 31st, 2002, SmackDown held a Halloween themed edition of the show. Once again, McMahon left us stunned and literally with the feeling that we just got stunned by Stone Cold himself after she wore this very Witch costume that was a treat to the eyes.

Later on in the show, something would happen that many of us could have never predicted. For a minute, we wanted to switch bodies with Eric Bischoff as he took part in a steamy make out session with his rival GM Stephanie. The segment was pretty creepy however as Eric wore a Vince McMahon mask to entice Stephanie... what would follow was worse as the two locked lips, looking back, Stephanie herself has called it the most regrettable decision of her entire career. Shocking.... no, not really.

6 The Red Dress Cut To Perfection


The camera work for this particular segment specifically started to ride up Stephanie’s legs, yes, the company was truly a different animal and like we said earlier, you won’t see similar camera work nowadays. Poor Matt Hardy had to somehow communicate with Stephanie during the segment, how can you speak to such a beautiful creature while she wear’s that type of dress? Good for Matt who kept his composure in the angle.

As for the outfit, you won’t see something similar today that’s for darn sure, especially from Stephanie. Not only was the dress short, but it also featured a cut that rode up insanely high. Without a doubt, Stephanie hypnotized many of the viewers with this wardrobe choice from back in the day.

5 The “Not So PG” Business Outfit


The Ruthless Aggression era was kind of a weird one. Now it wasn’t bad, but the message was certainly confusing as the company kept many pieces from the Attitude Era. When it came to women wearing revealing outfits, SmackDown was the place to be. Raw emphasized more of the in-ring action with Trish and Lita, while SmackDown, was more of the glamour brand as the likes of Torrie and Sable feuded for bikini supremacy. Heck, there was even a point that saw Dawn Marie and Torrie feud over Wilson’s father Al. Man was it a weird time.

Adding to the twistedness, Stephanie played the role of the GM, and although she did exercise her power as a strong female, the company still for some reason stayed adamant on putting a sexy edge to her character. This outfit perfectly sums up the confusion as Stephanie looks kind of corporate, but judging by the shortness of the outfit, that corporate look came with a “Not So PG” twist.

4 WrestleMania X-8 Outfit


WM X-8 was a rare sight as Stephanie worked against her husband Triple H in the main event of the night. Seriously though, how in the hell was this match the main event on a show that featured Hogan and Rock? Good heavens.

Nonetheless, Stephanie did not disappoint with her wardrobe choice that night as the ensemble was insanely tight and revealing in a particular area. Once again, such an outfit belongs in a Hall of Fame somewhere. Steph’s man of the night Jericho would end up losing the bout and she’d be written of TV shortly after when Triple H pinned her in a Triple Threat Title match featuring The Game, Stephanie and Jericho. If Steph got pinned she’d be forced to leave and that’s exactly what transpired when The Game pinned his future wife.

3 Suffering A Defeat With A “Not So PG” Outfit


She suffered a brutal loss on the night but hey, at least she looked spectacular while doing so. Stephanie wore an incredible “Not So PG” outfit, but it wasn’t enough to keep her run as acting SD GM.

In one of the most twisted and disturbing stipulations you’ll ever see, Vince challenged his own daughter in a Father-Daughter I Quit match. If Vince won, Stephanie was forced to leave her job. As we stated earlier, the heat between the two began when Stephanie hired Hulk. Things would reach a boiling point in 2003 when the two fought at No Mercy. Linda ended up throwing in the towel and Steph would depart for a couple of years. On the bright side, she got married a week after the loss.

2 The Black Top Of Doom – SmackDown GM Days


We call this one the “Black Top Of Doom”. You can trademark that. Whenever you search anything Stephanie McMahon related, more times than not, this picture will end up coming up on your screen. Without a doubt, it was one of Stephanie’s hottest outfits she ever dawned on WWE television as she rocked the black on black look to perfection. The true hero of the picture is the top portion as Stephanie’s twins seem to be out in full force. Many of you are likely salivating at this point and we don’t blame you one bit!

As we’ve discussed, such outfits are a thing of the past nowadays, however, Steph does sprinkle in a little cleavage from time to time like that recent night that she wore a black fishnet with a revealing top under her blazer. Without a doubt at the age of 40, she still looks as spectacular as ever.

1 The Blue Dress – Recent


What makes this outfit so great is the fact that it really isn’t all that old compared to most of the other attires featured on this list. McMahon made us drool when she rocked this ultra tight outfit, not only was it a treat in the back, but it was just as appealing in the front. Nowadays, Stephanie rocks these dress types on the regular, however this one was certainly more noteworthy given how gosh darn tight it was. Looking at how much attention it generated, the WWE likely would not have approved looking back. Thankfully, we got to see it, and in the words of Ric Flair, WOOOOOOOO.

For now, McMahon remains on the sidelines since she was put through a table at the recent WrestleMania. She’ll be back very soon and we can’t wait to see that precious face back on WWE programming. Once again, WOOOOO.

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15 “Not So PG” Stephanie McMahon Outfits The WWE Would NOT Approve Of