15 Notorious "Users" In Wrestling: Where Are They Now?

WWE in the 80s and during the Attitude Era was like a rock show 300 days a year, with wrestlers living the rockstar life. With WWE and their wrestlers being so popular, wrestling thrived and the cash kept flowing in. However, the hard constant life on the road, the beatings their bodies took in the ring, and the expectations of what a wrestler was supposed to look like, all took a damaging toll on the wrestlers. Still, along with the pain came the glory and the wealth. Suddenly, wrestlers, who had no money at all, had all the money in the world. Wrestlers were living the rockstar lifestyle, and, like many rockers, became notorious users and abusers.

A career in professional wrestling involving repeated slams, shots with chairs, punches and stomps can result in some bruises, aches and pains.  Often wrestlers take pain pills to stop these aches, but then find they can't function without the medication. They get addicted to the pain pills and can't get off them. Yet, pain pills aren't the half of it. With wrestlers living the high life and partying after every show, illegal substances and alcohol find their way into the lives of wrestlers. They suddenly have more money than they've ever had and spend their money to fund their addictive habits. Topping it all off was the unrealistic expectations of a wrestler. The bodybuilder wrestler was a staple of what WWE wanted their employees to look like. This naturally led to steroid abuse and almost shut down WWE during their steroid scandal.

Sadly, many wrestlers fell victim to addiction during their time in WWE, and when the money dried up, their addiction didn't stop. Many wrestlers were left with nothing, having lost all their money to feed their addiction. Luckily, others were fortunate and received the help they needed. After hitting rock bottom, many wrestlers were able to bounce back and get their lives into working order, while others are still coping. This article is about those users of WWE, and where these wrestlers are today. Some of the results may surprise you.  Here are 15 of those notorious users.

15 Chris Masters

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Chris Masters was known as the Masterpiece, because of his Herculean size and strength. Jerry Lawler let us know on just about every Raw that Masters' body looked like it was chiseled from granite, just in case we didn’t get the connection. With that massive body, it was hard to deny Master was a piece of work all right. He actually wasn’t too terrible of a wrestler and possessed decent mic and ring skills. Unfortunately, his physique put a bullseye on him for the Wellness Policy, and Masters got popped for a violation to the surprise of no one.

Where is Chris Masters now? Masters had to be whittled down from Michelangelo masterpiece to Boy Scout bird house. When Masters returned from suspension, he lost a ton of muscle mass and had to be promoted as “meaner and leaner.” He’s wrestling in TNA but looks nothing like he did when he debuted in WWE.

14 Perry Saturn

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Perry Saturn never had the bodybuilder mass, but he still had a solid physique. He was definitely on something when the rage kicked in and he almost killed a jobber in the ring. I’m not sure if that was from roid rage or if Saturn is just crazy, but he definitely had some sort of drug issue when he was wresting. Saturn admitted to being a humongous addict and said professional wrestling provided the means to fuel his out of control habit. When the money dried up, Saturn found himself with no money to supply his habit and became homeless.

Where is Perry Saturn now? It’s a sad sight to behold. Saturn’s lost all his muscle mass, making the head tattoo all the more hideous. He’s allegedly dealing with traumatic brain injuries resulted from wrestling and joined a class action lawsuit against WWE.

13 Sunny

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I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Sunny is kind of a wreck. She’s a notorious user which cost her her job in WWE and WCW. Naturally, she fit right in at ECW. Over the years, Sunny has found herself in jail for disorderly conduct, third degree burglary, and violating a protective order four times in a span of a year. In 2016, Sunny was arrested for DUI and for violating her parole due to a separate DUI and additional charges from the previous year.

Where is Sunny now? Surprisingly, Sunny is alive and out of jail. Even more shocking, Sunny was inducted into the family friendly WWE's Hall of Fame. Not that she didn’t deserve it, but with her history, her induction is kind of surprising. In 2016, Sunny appeared in an adult film, so, needless to say, she’s been keeping "busy."

12 Lex Luger

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Lex Luger’s moniker of The Total Package and The Narcissist could not have been more appropriate. Luger had the action hero look and was supposed to be the next Hulk Hogan. Like Hulk Hogan, Luger loaded up on roids to give him his muscle mass and superhuman strength to pick up The Giant and Yokozuna. Luger was the perfect image of what Vince McMahon wanted in a wrestler.

However, the years of wrestling, as well as drug and steroid use, finally caught up to Lex Luger legally and physically. He was arrested for DUI and arrested again the day Miss Elizabeth died after several steroids and other drugs where found in his residence.

Where is Lex Luger now? Luger suffered a spinal stroke which caused him temporary paralysis. Luger has recovered some of his mobility but is mostly confined to a wheelchair.  He is currently speaking out against steroid and drug use and still is in regular contact with WWE saying "When they want somebody to tell the young guys all the things that you don't want to do, I'm there."

11 Scott Steiner

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If you’re looking for the poster child for roid rage, here’s Scott Steiner. Steiner was one intense dude, bordering on insanity. He’s been involved in some real life backstage brawls, most famously against Diamond Dallas Page, where Page admitted had the locker room not been there to break up the fight, Steiner would have killed him. Steiner had a reputation of being a ticking time bomb and rumors of steroid use surrounded him. When Steiner went to WWE, Steiner was asked to take a steroid test. Steiner agreed to take the test if Triple H took one. As a result, no test was ever given.

Where is Steiner now? Steiner returned to TNA in April, and Big Poppa Pump is looking a little deflated. The muscle dystrophy looks like it’s kicking in with his pectorals and arms shrinking. The muscle loss must be pretty bad as Steiner is now wearing a shirt to cover his once great physique.

10 Jake The Snake Roberts

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Jake The Snake Roberts is one of the most iconic wrestlers of all-time. The Snake had all the potential to be WWE World Champion, but his demons got the better of him. Drugs and alcohol sidelined Roberts and took a major toll on his health. Roberts hit rock bottom, but credit Diamond Dallas Page for taking The Snake in and getting him into rehab, which probably saved his life.

Where is Jake The Snake now? At 62, Jake is clean, spending time with his family and enjoying the retired life. He’s still active in the DDPYoga, continues to make appearances and still does interviews for magazines from time to time. Despite his health issues, The Snake remains about as active as he can be considering the rough life he lived. We’re all just happy he’s still with us.

9 Scott Hall

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Scott Hall, better known as Razor Ramon, came to WWE with a character based off of the movie Scarface. Unfortunately, “the bad guy” lived his drug kingpin gimmick a little too much. Drugs and alcohol ruined Scott Hall's family life and quite possibly extinguished any chance of holding a deserved World Title. It clearly affected Hall’s screen time, as his alcoholism and addiction to painkillers kept him from regular appearances causing WCW to force him into rehab.

Where is Scott Hall now? Hall’s demons nearly killed him, but thankfully, Razor is another legend who hit the lowest point and bounced back. He moved in with Diamond Dallas Page so he could get sober, and he’s slowly rebuilding his life. He recently posted on his Instagram page and looks to be in phenomenal shape for 58.

8 Rob Van Dam

When you think of laid back gimmicks in professional wrestling you think immediately of Rob. Van. Dam. However, RVD wasn’t a gimmick. Van Dam would make it big in WWE, winning the WWE World Championship, but was suspended for a drug possession arrest and ultimately had to drop the WWE World Title and ECW World Title, both of which he held at the same time.

Rob Van Dam has always been an outspoken advocate for cannabis and admits to smoking virtually all the time. He said it helped him relieve the stress of the road and allowed him to perform in front of millions of people. Mr. Monday Night even admits to smoking during his workouts which according to him, helps him stay focused on them.

Where is Rob Van Dam now? Currently, RVD is enjoying the semi-retired life, chillaxing at his California home. He’s active on social media, teasing fans with a possible future WWE return and posting videos on his Youtube channel as well.

7 Billy Graham

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Superhuman appearance? Check. Flamboyant personality? Check. Superstar Billy Graham had the look of a WWE superstar as his name suggested. Graham decided to go into wrestling and trained even harder in hopes to merge wrestling with bodybuilding. This merging led to the expectations of what a professional wrestler was supposed to look like.

With weight lifting, strong man competitions and wrestling, Graham was a perfect target for steroids. During the WWE’s steroid scandal, Graham would sue WWE for allegedly forcing him to take steroids. However, because of Graham’s prior steroid use, the suit was dropped. Graham later claimed himself to be the "innovator" of steroids in WWE.

What’s Billy Graham doing now? Not much of anything at 74. Unfortunately, Graham’s health has been poor after a liver transplant and complications that resulted from the surgery.  Graham still wants to be a part of WWE and stays in communication with them despite his hot and cold relationship with the company.

6 X-Pac

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X-Pac wrote the book on notorious “users” in professional wrestling. X-Pac is, or at least was, an avid pot smoker (if you consider that a drug) and has done heavier drugs in the past as well. His troubled relationship with Chyna didn’t help his sobriety either. Chyna has accused X-Pac of getting her addicted to drugs, although, it’s hard to take Chyna’s word seriously. However, in 2011, X-Pac would turn himself in over outstanding drug charges for a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.

So, where’s X-Pac now? X-Pac is cohosting a podcast, and while many users have aged horrifically, X-Pac is clean and looking better than ever. He had a brief run-in with the law and arrested for possession. Because of his history, no one believed that he was innocent, but the charges were eventually dropped. Here’s hoping The Kid stays clean and keeps up the workout routine.

5 Shawn Michaels

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Shawn Michaels’ backstage history is well documented. The Heartbreak Kid was a handful backstage in his early years, and the drug abuse only made him more irritable. In addition to hard illegal drugs, HBK was downing painkillers like Tic-Tacs, just to crawl out of bed. Thankfully, Shawn Michaels got clean, found God and received a much needed surgery to cure those relentless aches and pains.

Where is the “Showstopper” now? Shawn Michaels is still involved in WWE, occasionally making surprise appearances. Shawn Michaels will be the special guest referee for the Adam Cole vs Drew McIntyre match, but when Shawn is not working for WWE, he’s actually acting in movies. HBK has two films under his belt The Resurrection of Gavin Stone and Pure Country Pure Heart.

4 Sting

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Believe it or not, The Man They Call Sting was another one of professional wrestling’s users. Sting, like most wrestlers back in the day, pursued a career in bodybuilding only to later find an interest in wrestling. The Stinger was a huge guy with uncanny strength so no one was surprised when he became a born again Christian and admitted to being a steroid user during the 1980s.

What is Sting doing now? The Icon has likely wrestled his last match, after suffering a severe neck injury in his match against Seth Rollins. Sting was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016 where he announced his retirement from the ring. While in-ring action might be out of the question, Sting has publicly said that he can still wrestle and that an on air authority figure is a possibility. In other words, the only thing for sure about Sting is that nothing’s for sure.

3 Jeff Hardy

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The Charismatic Enigma was very much an enigma when it came to staying clean in professional wrestling. Jeff Hardy got popped for two violations of the WWE Wellness Policy amid a huge singles push. In 2009, Jeff Hardy would be arrested on charges of drug trafficking and possession of steroids. Hardy pleaded guilty and served jail time. Life for Jeff didn’t get much better in TNA when Hardy lost the TNA World Heavyweight Championship to Sting in a 90 second match. The match was cut short after Jeff was deemed too intoxicated to wrestle.

What is Jeff Hardy doing now? The Hardy Boyz made their surprising return to WWE, and thankfully, Jeff has remained clean, siting his debacle with childhood hero, Sting, as a huge wake-up call. Although sober, another bump in the road came when he tore his rotator cuff, putting Hardy on the shelf for six months. Hopefully, Jeff gets healthy and returns better than ever.

2 Kurt Angle

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I don’t care what anyone says, Kurt Angle is an American hero. He won a gold medal with “a broken freakin' neck” after all. However, that’s not to say the Olympian is perfect. Angle was essentially carrying the WWE on his own, after Steve Austin and The Rock left. Angle was in constant pain, on the road for 300 days a year and couldn’t get any time off. He was at one point taking “65 extra strength Vicodin a day” and some days slept for 24 hours. Vince McMahon would mercifully grant Angle’s release from WWE which that alone probably saved his life.

Where is Kurt Angle now? Thankfully, Kurt entered rehab and had gotten himself clean. As you know, Angle is now the General Manager of Raw and recently made his return to the ring. Sober and healthy, Angle is looking great and hasn’t missed a step in the ring either. Oh, it’s true. It’s damn true!

1 Hulk Hogan

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Hulk Hogan told his young fans to, “train, say your prayers, and take your vitamins.” He just never specified what kind of “vitamins.” Did you think those 24” pythons were all natural? Hulk Hogan is the face of wrestling’s steroid scandal, admitting to using steroids, starting in 1976, to increase his muscle mass. He denied ever being supplied steroids by Vince McMahon but testified that about 80% of his wrestlers during the 1980s were on them.

Where is Hulk Hogan now? Probably laying low somewhere. Scandal seems to find Hogan like flies on stink. Hogan returned to WrestleMania in 2015 and worked on WWE’s Tough Enough. However, the leaking of Hogan’s racist rant caused WWE to terminate Hogan and erase any mention of him within the company. Hogan has repeatedly apologized for his past words, and Triple H has recently stated that he is open to a Hulk Hogan return.

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