15 Of The Craziest Romantic WWE Urban Legends

The crazy world of urban legends in professional wrestling has given us some of the most bizarre stories imaginable. Things get even more ridiculous when it comes to the romantic urban legends that have been passed on through rumors and speculation. We all know about the long term romantic pairings in WWE. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, Edge and Beth Phoenix, and John Cena and Nikki Bella have been proud couples publicly showing off their relationships. However, many rumors were out there floating around with speculation and momentum making it interesting stories.

Many of the urban legends regarding relationships in wrestling range from shocking to unbelievable. We'll take a look at the history of WWE stars partaking in the romantic rumors in the past and some present. Time has shed new light on some of the rumors confirming, denying or adding even more mystery to them. Each of these instances gives a glimpse just into how shocking the world of wrestling can be along with the popularity of rumors. Take a trip down memory lane as we examine some of the wildest rumors in the history of wrestling. These are fifteen of the craziest romantic urban legends in WWE history.

15 Sunny & Bret Hart

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Shawn Michaels crossed the line during his very personal feud with Bret Hart when claiming the married star was cheating on his wife with WWE Diva Sunny. Michaels and Hart absolutely hated each other in real life allowing it to stem over to television with this accusation. Hart and Sunny both denied the claims. Sunny actually was involved in a relationship with Michaels making it all the more shocking when he said this.

Hart and Sunny have continued to shut down this urban legend to this very day. We can probably take their word for it. Sunny has no problem outing the dozens of wrestlers she has been with. If she was with Bret, she could use it for profit in her book and interviews. The urban legend of Hart and Sunny is one that we can assume is very false.

14 Vince McMahon & Shawn Michaels

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A shocking urban legend also involving Shawn Michaels comes in the form of a potential secret relationship with Vince McMahon of all people. It's no secret that McMahon allowed Michaels to get away with more than just about any wrestler in WWE history. Michaels was often a mess and made life miserable for his co-workers but nothing stopped McMahon’s belief in him.

Various wrestlers have implied in shoot interviews that the locker room believed there was something going on between Michaels and McMahon backstage. Michaels did have backstage pull for many years that added to this urban legend. This however is likely another false one. Many wrestlers hated Michaels and it likely led to them buying into a rumor that was meant to embarrass him.

13 Undertaker & Jenna Jameson

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Jenna Jameson created a rumor when releasing one of her books due to a connection to The Undertaker. Both stars found their fame in completely different worlds, but they were friends at a younger age. Undertaker and Jameson apparently hung out as teenagers at a tattoo parlor he worked at and she implied he attempted to hook up with her.

One of the stories featured Jameson claiming Undertaker wanted to beat up her boyfriend at one point. This story seems a bit too specific to be made up. Undertaker never confirmed or deny it, but he doesn’t do any interviews to answer such silly rumors. Regardless, one of WWE’s biggest stars being linked to an adult star legend created an urban legend with many people wondering if they dated or eventually hooked up after the fame.

12 MVP & Sherri Shepherd

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Another odd rumor regarding a WWE Superstar and a celebrity came in 2009. Actress and The View host Sherri Shepherd did a guest appearance on WWE television working with MVP. We would later see MVP appear on The View. The two allegedly started dating and they went to a prom event together when Shepherd visited her old high school.

Many wondered how authentic this relationship was given the worked world of WWE. Considering no on-screen storyline came from it, the romance was likely real but very short. The story ended up fizzling out and the two were not publicly together at any point after. It still was one of the more surprising stories of the time with a wrestler and women’s talk show host making for an odd potential couple.

11 The Rock & Trish Stratus

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The Rock and Trish Stratus had an on-screen relationship that only lasted a couple of weeks before WWE ended it. It came out of nowhere and didn’t make much sense aside from both being common enemies of Vince McMahon. Bob Holly dropped a snide remark in his book about the success of Stratus to create an urban legend along the way.

Holly claimed the success of Stratus came shortly after she had an affair with Rock allowing her to get perks from being on his good side. The odd short relationship on television could give this credence. It still seems like a long shot and was more of an assumption of Holly rather than having proof. Both former WWE stars are clearly too big to do shoot interviews or tell all podcasts meaning we’ll likely never get this confirmed or denied.

10 Mae Young & Moolah

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Every longtime wrestling fan remembers the appearances of The Faboulous Moolah and Mae Young during the Attitude Era. Both were legends from their glory days starting all the way back in the 1940s. WWE brought them back as elderly women to be a part of storylines. They were real life best friends that always traveled together and were basically an item when getting booked.

Many rumors were out about the two actually being a couple in their older years. Some wrestlers claimed they lived together and showed signs of being involved in a romantic couple. Mae and Moolah went back decades working during a time when the wrestling business was an extremely tough place for a woman. The scenarios of them just forming a strong friendship or becoming partners are both possible.

9 Vince McMahon & Candice Michelle

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Vince McMahon used his position of power running WWE television to make out with many WWE female wrestlers. The owner of WWE found his way in storylines with the women he found most attractive from Trish Stratus to Sable to Torrie Wilson. One other romance storyline with no real reasoning behind it was Candice Michelle.

The pair of McMahon and Michelle would make out weekly for a couple of months despite it not mattering at all in any stories. Coincidentally, Candice would get a huge push as the top face in the Women’s Division shortly after. Internet forums were starting to grow in popularity at the time and the urban legend of McMahon having an affair with Michelle become something discussed given the timetable of it all.

8 Dolph Ziggler & Amy Schumer

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The odd pairing of Dolph Ziggler and comedian Amy Schumer became a rumor online that would eventually get confirmed. Schumer appeared on the Howard Stern Show and discussed their time together before admitting they broke up. Ziggler is badly trying to get into the comedic world to set up a future after wrestling making it an even better fit.

At the time, there were rumors about Ziggler dating a celebrity that was not named. Schumer admitting it finally confirmed who the mystery woman was. Ziggler claims the two are still friends today as he's still working on finding relevancy in the comedy field. Schumer has seen her career skyrocket to huge heights following the breakup proving just who the winner in the split was after all.

7 Rey Mysterio & Jennifer Aniston

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Another shocking urban legend regarding a wrestler dating a celebrity featured Rey Mysterio and Jennifer Aniston. This rumor actually started back in WWE and resurfaced years later when Mysterio found bigger fame in WWE. Tabloids in the 90s speculated that the mega-star Aniston met Mysterio at a television event and the two hit it off enough to start a relationship.

People asked Mysterio enough about it for him to address the urban legend in his WWE book. Mysterio stated they never even met, let alone dated. The rumor came out of nowhere during the popularity of tabloids covering stars like Aniston. Someone made it up and it caught on to become a popular rumor that fans in both worlds of professional wrestling and television sitcoms believed.

6 Pat Patterson & Brooklyn Brawler

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Pat Patterson and Brooklyn Brawler were two of the most loyal backstage employees in WWE history. Something they may have in common aside from the WWE love was a potential relationship together.

A rumor made its way online that Brawler and Patterson had a secret romance that wrestlers alluded to. Patterson has been out a proud gay man that did great work helping get WWE to the stage it is today with great ideas. Brawler worked in various jobs backstage through the years after his wrestling career ended. The urban legend is they found love together for a short time period. Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake claimed to have known about it in one of his shoot interviews. No one with more credibility has addressed it either way leaving it to be an urban legend.

5 Batista & Melina

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The love triangle between Batista, Melina and John Morrison became an embarrassing urban legend for two of the three. Rumors circulated online that Melina openly cheated on Morrison with Batista and everyone backstage knew about it. Batista stated the stories were true when referencing his intimate relationship with Melina in his book.

Melina has claimed it wasn’t true and the two were only good friends. Aside from Melina and Morrison, just about every wrestler asked in shoot interviews that worked in WWE during that time frame confirmed it was true. It ended up hurting Melina’s reputation backstage and was one of the reasons Vince McMahon did not want to push Morrison in a top role. The affair ended up ruining both of their careers in the long run in terms of what their potential once was in WWE.

4 Paige & Xavier Woods

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The recent sex scandal of Paige’s private videos and pictures being leaked online created a new urban legend. Paige and Brad Maddox was obviously a couple at the time of these actions but one of the videos featured Maddox filming Paige being with another man. The person in question happens to look a lot like Xavier Woods did during his time in NXT with the other two.

A new urban legend is wondering if Woods is the person with Paige and if the two were involved. New Day and Woods himself have made jokes about him shortly after the leak. It all but confirmed he was indeed the man in the video. Woods likely would have denied such a huge rumor if it wasn’t true. Sadly for both, the video came out during a time when the internet is bigger than ever.

3 Chris Jericho & Kelly Kelly

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An urban legend of an affair puts Chris Jericho on the wrong side for potentially cheating on his wife with Kelly Kelly. Pictures leaked online of the two partying together along with close dancing and a shocking kiss. Jericho was already married making it look even worse than the usual WWE public display of affection. The hot rumor was that the two were an item often hanging out at bars after shows.

Maria Kanellis took some shots at Kelly in an interview following her WWE release implying she was hooking up with a married wrestler. The urban legend of it being Jericho would make sense given both the story and the pictures that were all over the internet. Neither party has ever discussed this rumor in any platform likely adding credence to it since both would want to deny something that looked so bad.

2 Triple H & Christy Hemme

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A huge urban legend revolved around the real reason Christy Hemme got fired from WWE. Hemme was very popular after winning the initial Diva Search competition. WWE invested a lot of money and time in the Diva Search and Hemme did a solid job getting over as the first winner. It was a huge surprise out of the blue when Christy would be named one of the wrestlers released from their contract.

The crazy rumor of a potential affair with Triple H started to gain momentum. There’s a belief that Triple H cheated on Stephanie McMahon with Hemme leading to Stephanie finding out and the firing occurring shortly after. The thinking here is that Stephanie forgave Triple H and both wanted Hemme out of the company to fix the problem. It's hard to truly buy into this urban legend but the reason for Christy’s firing is still a big mystery.

1 Stephanie McMahon & Randy Savage

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Triple H’s urban legend is pretty wild, but his wife Stephanie McMahon has the biggest one in wrestling history. Randy Savage leaving WWE in the mid-90s led to him never returning again. Unlike the majority of other wrestlers to have ugly falling outs with WWE, Vince McMahon never made peace with Savage. Former WWE writers have claimed McMahon told them in meetings Savage would never be welcomed back.

A rumor started to become red hot online that Savage slept with an underage Stephanie McMahon to earn the black-listing from WWE. Some wrestlers like Scott Steiner claim the story has some truth behind it. Wrestling fans are hoping Stephanie addresses it one way or the other in her upcoming book to finally answer it. It has become the biggest romance urban legend in wrestling history and Stephanie is the only one that can answer it.

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