15 Of The Craziest WWE Stories From The Road & Behind The Scenes

The backstage world of WWE is often as fascinating as the in-ring product. Many of the things to go down behind the scenes are so entertaining that they can’t be scripted. Wrestling has exploded in popularity online when it comes to media forms like shoot interviews, podcasts or posts chronicling history like this list. Part of the reason for this is just how fascinating the behind the scenes stories can be. Unlike other forms of sports or entertainment, wrestlers share their best memories and craziest moments on their platforms. There have been countless shocking incidents to go down while wrestlers are traveling or hanging out behind the scenes.

We'll take a look at some of the most unbelievable stories that have gone down in the real life aspect of the wrestling world. Some of these stories took place while wrestlers were traveling from town to town considering how many different locations they will work in each year. Others took place behind the scenes far away from the cameras. All of them are nearly impossible to imagine happening at the average. However, the wrestling business is anything but average when it comes to jobs. Let’s take a look at why with fifteen of the craziest WWE stories from the road and behind the scenes.


15 John Cena Accidentally Saves His Career On Tour Bus

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John Cena is clearly one of the greatest stars in WWE history. This level of success was not always guaranteed for Cena as Vince McMahon was down on him during the first year of his main roster stint. Cena was playing a vanilla character that showed little to no charisma. Stephanie McMahon overheard him freestyle rapping at the back of a tour bus during an overseas tour and everything changed.

Cena was just having fun with one of his hobbies, but Stephanie was the one to realize this would be genius for television. The character change happened shortly after and Cena became one of the most popular performers for his freestyle raps before matches. WWE eventually evolved Cena into a traditional top face character, but his career could have been at its end if not for that tour bus rap.

14 Kurt Angle Wrestles Vince McMahon On A Plane

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Vince McMahon is a ridiculous person to work for from all accounts. From having rules like no sneezing allowed to believing that no one should ever eat with their hands, McMahon’s quirks certainly provide insight into his wacky way of thinking. Another thing that McMahon reportedly likes is engaging in roughhousing with the wrestlers on the roster.

An instance of this took place when McMahon would try to take down Kurt Angle in shoot wrestling style. McMahon wanted to prove that he could take down an Olympic gold medalist. Angle tried to continue their battle on a plane as he tackled McMahon during the flight. The two men tried wrestling while the plane was in the air. At one point, The Undertaker discovered this and tried to attack Angle thinking he was really attacking the boss.


13 WWE Filmed Katie Vick Angle Next Door Of An Actual Wake

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The WWE segment involving Triple H dressed as Kane pretending to have intercourse with a deceased body inside of a casket is considered one of the worst moments in wrestling history. This was meant to be the backstory of Kane’s girlfriend Katie Vick dying in a car accident. However, it turned out to be horrible comedy with Triple H acting inappropriately the dummy inside of a casket meant to be Katie Vick.

Bruce Prichard recently revealed the actual atmosphere filming the skit inside of an actual funeral home. There was apparently a wake going on in the room next door with very thin walls separating them. Triple H and Prichard wanted to film another version that was less offensive, but Vince McMahon demanded they went through with the one that we witnessed.

12 The Undertaker Freaks Out When Finding Cucumbers in his Luggage

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The Undertaker is one of the most mysterious people in the wrestling industry. Unlike most others, Undertaker has yet to partake in any shoot interviews. Undertaker went out of his way to protect his character and avoid giving up personal details about his life. However, other wrestlers have confirmed an extremely bizarre fear of the Dead Man.

According to a few of his friends in the business, Undertaker is terrified of cucumbers. The vegetable in its full shape apparently freaks him out. Paul Bearer was the target of Undertaker’s pranks a few times in the early 90s as the on-screen pairing would travel together. The revenge of Bearer was to hide cucumbers in the luggage and gear of Undertaker. Naturally, Undertaker was horrified and Paul clearly got him back after the countless ribs.


11 Rob Van Dam's Push Ends When Getting Pulled Over

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It felt like WWE waited forever to push Rob Van Dam into the World Title picture. Van Dam was clearly over with the fans early in his WWE career but it would take years before he won his first WWE Championship. The ECW rebirth featured RVD becoming the WWE Champion and ECW Champion to start the new brand with a credible top star as the face of the show.

Van Dam’s timing of getting in trouble with the law came right when WWE was pushing him to the moon. A cop pulled over the vehicle of RVD and Sabu - they arrested both men for having 18 grams of marijuana and five Vicodin in the car. It led to WWE suspending Van Dam and having him lose both belts. The timing was almost impossible to believe and it crushed the ECW brand.

10 Ultimate Warrior Snubs Sick Fan

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Bret Hart has shared some of the most detailed wrestling stories of all time in his autobiography. While most of the stories were about his life, Hart revealed one incident behind the scenes that exposed the Ultimate Warrior. Fans in the late 80s were obsessed with Warrior as he was up there at his peak with Hulk Hogan as the most popular star in the company.

According to Hart, Warrior did not care about the fans one bit. The behind the scenes featured a sick young fan dressed in complete a Warrior costume from the gear to the tassels to the face paint. Instead of taking a picture with the fan or signing an autograph, Warrior requested security remove the fan and his family from the backstage area. History would continue to expose Warrior as a terrible human being.


9 Shawn Michaels Gets Brutally Attacked At A Bar

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The controversy surrounding Shawn Michaels saw him become the most hated man in the WWE locker room. Michaels was such a jerk that he not only upset wrestlers but people in everyday life as well. This was shown when Michaels was on the negative side of a brutal bar beat down in the 90s. Michaels apparently tried hitting on the girlfriend of a man from the Navy.

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The tougher guy wasn’t having Michaels making a fool of him and it turned into a fight. Michaels claimed there were ten guys that attacked him, but this brutal beat down was at the hands of the one person according to the story from others there. This caused Michaels to miss some time in the ring as he recovered from the bar fight injuries.

8 Sid's Pet Squirrel

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Sid Justice aka Sid Vicious aka Psycho Sid was one of the more confusing men in the wrestling industry. Both WWE and WCW gave him huge pushes as their World Champion at different points in the 90s, but he never took it seriously. Sid would often no show events so he could enjoy his true passion of playing organized softball games. However, it was another interest of his that puts him on the list.

Sid apparently loved squirrels and took to traveling to shows with his pet squirrel. The urban legend goes that other wrestlers dared Sid to put the squirrel inside of his pants for a full sixty seconds. Sid would not accomplish this feat as the squirrel bit him in a place no man wants a squirrel to bite. It landed him a trip to the emergency room and stopped his desire of traveling with a live squirrel.


7 CM Punk and Kofi Kingston Handcuffed For Looking "Suspicious"

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CM Punk and Kofi Kingston were both new stars in WWE making an impact around the end of the 2000s decade. WWE placed them together in a tag team at one point. The two talented wrestlers were real life friends that traveled together on the road. Punk shared the stories of the struggles they would get into being pulled over for Kofi being black and Punk having a large number of tattoos.

According to Punk, they would both get handcuffed outside of the car until backup showed up due to the cop in question fearing they were dangerous. Once the cops looked up their records, they were free to go but were still forced to be handcuffed for quite some time. Punk initially refused to leave the car until Kingston followed the orders in fear of more issues for him.

6 Bubba Ray Powerbombs Writer

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The writers for WWE are often viewed as the most hated people in the company by the talent. Most wrestlers, especially old school ones, hate the fact that people with no experience in the wrestling ring are telling them how to do their job. Vince McMahon however loves the option of having experienced television writers write scripts for the WWE programs.

Brian Gewirtz is viewed as one of the greatest WWE writers when he worked there, but the wrestlers often targeted him. Before a show one day, Gewirtz got talked into taking a powerbomb off the top rope by Bubba Ray Dudley as a fun gag. It ended up being a painful introduction to the ring and how dangerous wrestling was. Gewirtz held no ill will towards Bubba, but this would lead to a firing if it happened today.


5 The Coach Gets “Arrested” For Gambling

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Everyone gets into the spirit of playing pranks on each other at different points in WWE. Jonathan Coachman was on the savage end of one behind the scenes at Raw. Some of the wrestlers would get into low stakes gambling on sports backstage and Coachman would collect the bets. Vince McMahon used this as the in to plan a huge prank on Coach.

Cops showed up to arrest Coachman as they handcuffed him and walked him into the back of a police car. McMahon chewed him out for disgracing WWE and added another element of fear as Coachman thought he was losing his job as well as going to jail. The police car would drive for a short time period before pulling up back to the arena and revealing the prank to a horrified Coachman as McMahon laughed.

4 Owen Hart's Epic Prank on Ahmed Johnson

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Another incredible prank came at the hands of Owen Hart in the late 90s. Owen was considered the greatest pranksters in wrestling history for his elaborate jokes being lighthearted and fun. Ahmed Johnson learned about the pranking skills of Owen in shocking fashion. Hart called Johnson and talked him into believing he was going to appear on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Johnson purchased a new suit and waited on the promised limousine to pick him up to go to the show. Instead, he stood there waiting and found Owen with a smile. Hart asked Ahmed if the limo was there to pick him up. Johnson didn’t tell anyone about the Tonight Show appearance and realized it was an Owen rib when the prankster asked about it. Ahmed would never get the chance to meet Jay Leno.


3 CM Punk Bunking with Vince McMahon

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It is impossible to envision CM Punk and Vince McMahon speaking to each other today, let alone sleeping in the same room. However, they did sleep in the same room at one point during a WWE trip to Iraq for one of the Tribute to the Troops specials. Punk and Vince shared the bunk beds in their room in a small confined space.

McMahon decided to have fun at Punk’s expense by loudly passing gag intentionally trying to make a scene. Punk was shocked at his old billionaire boss engaging in such humor. McMahon cracked up loudly as he made it a tough night for Punk to get any sleep. This was clearly during better times as Punk and McMahon had a solid relationship. Now, they are basically enemies after Punk walked out of WWE.

2 Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels fight it out

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The backstage tension between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels in the 90s is one of the most fascinating stories in WWE history. Michaels and Hart hated each other in real life as much as they portrayed it on-screen. Both men often lost their cool in promos crossing the line with their insults towards each other. After weeks of avoiding each other, the two engaged in a confrontation backstage.

Michaels and Hart started hitting each other before backstage personnel stepped in to break it up. Bret apparently pulled a huge clump of Michaels’ hair off of his head and was holding it after the fight as Michaels walked away in anger. This culminated in the Montreal Screwjob and many more years of hatred before making peace in their older years.


1 Plane Ride From Hell

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The wildest travel story in wrestling history is definitely the infamous plane ride from hell. This trip featured the roster flying from the United Kingdom back to the United States after a grueling UK tour. Many of the wrestlers started drinking and it led to insanity in various stories. Goldust started harassing his ex-wife Terri Runnels by serenading her in offensive fashion in front of everyone.

Brock Lesnar and Curt Hennig started wrestling on the plane to prove who the better amateur wrestler was. Michael Hayes was a writer at the time but decided to throw a punch at Bradshaw after having a few drinks and an argument with him. X-Pac retaliated by cutting off Hayes’ ponytail and taping it to the wall at television the next day. Henning and Goldust ultimately lost their jobs following this. Jim Ross called it an unacceptable night for WWE.


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