15 of the Dumbest Descisions Made By Wrestlers

When you belong to a group of muscle bound men with six - seven figure salaries, dumb things are bound to happen. Especially with easy access to drugs, alcohol, women, and steroids. Decision making skills are not usually part of the interview process when becoming a professional wrestler, so it is inevitable that guys who don't make the wisest decisions are going to be on board.

Whether trying to have a little extra fun while on a wrestling tour overseas or just acting out in an airport, wrestlers are subject to the same punishments as other humans when they do something dumb. Far too often, these men who build muscle and assault people for a living think it is okay to take that behavior outside of the ring and not have it come back to haunt them.

Men and women in the WWE are however paid to be entertainers and sometimes they forget that when they aren't wearing their spandex. The result can sometimes be putting themselves in physical harm or getting in trouble with the law. Regardless, these men are stillintelligent human beings, but here are 15 lapses in judgement where a random act of dumbness has taken over and landed these wrestlers in the headlines for the wrong reasons.

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15 Sycho Sid

via fanpop.com

One of the worst WWE performers in its history (we believe him to be the worst wrestler of the 90s), Sycho Sid was known in the ring for his insane behavior. So when he picked a bar fight with WCW wrestler Brian Pillman and Mike Graham, Sid was ready to whoop some ass. However, the story didn’t turn out in Sid’s favor as the two much smaller men showed Sid who was boss and threw him out of the bar. Seeking revenge from the beating, Sid sought out a weapon to use upon returning to the bar. His weapon of choice? A car window squeegee, according to Bleacher Report. Sid never got his revenge and was laughed out of the bar, while remaining the butt of jokes in wrestling rings for years.

14 Stephanie McMahon 

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In one of the strangest comparisons to 9/11, Stephanie McMahon announced on a live showing of Smackdown that the infamous attacks on the United States were similar in the way the media has slandered her and her family. Saying that because her family was able to overcome steroid allegations against her father and other slandering intended to destroy the WWE, America too should be able to overcome a national tragedy that killed nearly 3,000 people. Strange choice, Steph,

13 Scott Hall

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Scott Hall’s accomplishments as a wrestler, he was the first three-time Intercontinental Champion, as well as the first wrestler to hold both the TV Title and U.S. Title for the WCW, make him a legend in the industry. Hall was, however, one of the most notorious bad boys in wrestling, frequently getting into trouble for his drinking, including allegedly choking out his then girlfriend Lisa Howell in a drunken rage, according to WrestlingINC. On top of that, he once decided to get so drunk before a live event that he passed out during an autograph signing, according to SEScoops.

12 Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

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One of the most popular wrestlers in WWE history, as well as being known as one of the nicest guys ever, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has a bit of a sketchy criminal past. In an interview with Muscle and Fitness Magazine The Rock admitted to "being arrested8 or 9 times...by the time I was 17". Part of these arrests include being part of a theft ring in his hometown or Waikiki. Johnson and his pals would target tourists in their town, stealing high end clothing and jewelry. That is not what "the people" want Dwayne.

11 Macho Man Randy Savage


Though one of the most polarizing figures in wrestling, it is safe to say Macho Man should have stuck to what he was good it when deciding he wanted to make a rap album. The album titled “Be A Man” was written with some incredibly basic lines that seemed to have been given to him by an elementary school student. Even worse, the title track “Be A Man” was a diss intended for Hulk Hogan, that was laughable. After the release of the album, Macho Man played his one and only live show in Florida that was a failure and ultimately decided to put up the mic. Not a brilliant business decision.

9 Vader 

While on a tour in Kuwait for the WWE in 1997, Vader got in trouble for what was supposed to be a prank. He was warned by his producer that an interviewer from a Kuwait news station was going to ask he and The Undertaker whether or not wrestling was fake. While, The Undertaker gave a reasonable response about how wrestling isn’t fake, Vader's reaction wasn’t quite as peaceful, as he kicked over a table and grabbed the interviewer by his shirt, which you can see above. The World Heavyweight Champion was sent to jail and ultimately deported from the country.

8 The Ultimate Warrior

via pixshark.com

While this event actually happened in the ring, it makes the list because it involves The Ultimate Warrior being shut up by Andre the Giant.

Shortly before Andre retired, he was doing a tour where he'd be putting over The Ultimate Warrior. There was a spot in the match where Warrior would clothesline Andre the Giant. Apparently, Warrior had been continually giving Andre a stiff shot with the clothesline. Andre told Warrior to ease up. However, when Warrior failed to listen, Andre the Giant had enough. When the next clothesline came, Andre stuck out his giant fist and pummeled Warrior.

It proved to be the move that finally got Warrior to lighten up on his clothesline.

7 “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and The Iron Sheik

via toptenz.net

It was well known throughout the wrestling community that Hacksaw and Sheik enjoyed partying together. However, in 1987, a routine traffic stop hurt both of their careers. After being pulled over and questioned if they had and drugs in the car, Dugan admitted to having marijuana, not knowing Sheik had cocaine. The two were immediately fired. They've both been back on WWE since (with Duggan featuring more prominently) and Hacksaw insists that the incident is the reason he was never given the push that would have afforded him an opportunity at a World Title.

6 Mick Foley 

via TMZ

At 6’2’’ and 286 lbs, one might expect Mick Foley to easily be a top competitor in a chicken wing eating contest. However, earlier this year at Wing Bowl 23, the biggest chicken wing eating contest in Philadelphia, Foley was caught stuffing chicken wings in his fanny pack. When confronted about the issue by the officials, Foley disputed the decision. The situation somehow became more embarrassing for Mick, as footage of him stuffing the wings in his pack was shown on the stadium's Jumbotron.

5 Nathan Jones 

via stampedeprowrestling.angelfire.com

In post 9/11 life, it is common sense to behave normally at airports. However, at the peak of airport fear in 2003, it is strange to think that former professional wrestler Nathan Jones thought it was okay to joke about bomb threats. Allegedly, the star of the upcoming Mad Max remake did just that, stating that he had a bomb in his shoe to a security personnel during a layover in Orlando, FL, Jones was detained and missed the following week’s SmackDown in Winnipeg, Canada.

5. Nailz

via galleryhip.com

One of the fastest ways to lose your job anywhere, especially when your boss is Vince McMahon, is to assault your superiors. Which is exactly what Kevin “Nailz” Wacholz did in 1992 after receiving his SummerSlam pay.

After arguing over the sum received, Nailz had enough of being told that he wouldn't be receiving any more money and jumped McMahon. In the police report filed by Wacholz he stated that he was sexually assaulted by McMahon. That was however proven false by everyone who saw the event and Nailz immediately had his contract with the WWE terminated.

Funnily enough, Nailz was called as witness against Vince McMahon during the steroid scandal of the early 90s. His testimony was so ridiculous that many feel he helped get Vince acquitted. Good work Nailz.

4 Brock Lesnar and Curt Hennig

via easypowerful.com

In 2002, on the now infamous “Plane Ride from Hell,” which was transporting a number of WWE wrestlers and management from Europe back to the U.S., a drunk Curt Hennig was egging a young Brock Lesnar into a fight.

Lesnar, just a rookie at the time, tried to ignore Hennig's suggestions at a brawl. However, according to Bleacher Report, Paul Heyman told Lesnar that he would never hear the end of it if he didn't shut up Mr. Perfect. The match between the two was one-sided as Lesnar slammed Hennig into the plane door, terrifying the passengers into thinking the door was going to fly off.

So, to break it down, there were two terrible decisions here:

1. Mr. Perfect thinking he could get one over on Lesnar and subsequently getting embarrassed.

2. Lesnar suplex him into a door and nearly killing everyone.

Fight on steady ground boys, not in the air.

3 Chyna

via sports-kings.com

Time and time again in the world of professional sports, we get to witness an epic fall from grace. Sadly, in this case, a drug addiction began to take hold of Chyna’s life and eventually all the money in the ‘90’s had evaporated.

She has since tried to make up some of that money by getting involved with adult entertainment and by becomnig the lead singer of a band, The Chyna Dolls. Her meltdown went as far as taking off her dress on the Howard Stern show in 2005 and telling him that if he had a line, she'd do it right there.

2 Dave Schultz

In some people’s eyes, professional wrestling is completely fake. However, to others, like Dave Schultz, that's far from the case. Just ask 20/20 reporter John Stossel, who after stating “I think this is fake” was hit and knocked to the ground by Dave Schultz. As Stossel began to get back up, he was open-hand slapped back down to the ground. Stossel got up one last time and started to run away, only to be chased by Dr. D who was exclaiming “Was that fake?” Though he insists the WWE told him to slap Mr. Stossel when he asked the question, Schultz was fired and the WWE was sued by Stossel (they settled out of court for $425,000).

1 Juventud Guerrera 

via catch-americain.wifeo.com

Early in his career, during a WCW tour in Australia, Juventud Guerrera or “The Juice” was found committing one of the crazier acts on this list. A series of events that had The Juice under the influence of PCP led to the wrestler being found naked, running and screaming down his hotel hallway. When the police showed up to help him, Guerrera started to attack them too. The Juice was found to have a wad of the drug ecstasy in his possession and later pled guilty to assaulting police officers, willful exposure and possession of ecstasy, among other things.

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