15 Of The Most Bizarre Pro Wrestler Arrests Of All-Time

Sadly, arrests and pro wrestling have gone hand in hand in the past, with various WWE Superstar mug shots even surfacing online. Usually, the offence committed by a pro wrestler is either DUI related

Sadly, arrests and pro wrestling have gone hand in hand in the past, with various WWE Superstar mug shots even surfacing online. Usually, the offence committed by a pro wrestler is either DUI related or some sort of battery or assault related charge. In this article, we'll include these types of stories, but only those with a seriously bizarre twist. We will also take a look at other bizarre crimes that’ll have you scratching your heads.

We should acknowledge and praise the WWE for their product today which is “cleaner than ever” internally. Rarely do you hear of a WWE Superstar committing an illegal offense nowadays and, if they do, they’ll either be suspended or released depending on the nature of the crime. For that we must applaud the company and their new found efforts.

However, in this article, we are completely disregarding that and taking a look at some of the more puzzling arrests that have gone down. The timeline ranges from the 90s to this very day with a recent peculiar charge pertaining to a current WWE star starting off our list. With that said, let us start with that very entry. Enjoy!

15 Bo Dallas: Public Intoxication

With the rise of technology and mainstream media, it’s pretty much impossible to get away with something nowadays, especially if you’re a celebrity of some sort.

Poor Bo Dallas learned that the hard way when TMZ released footage of the young WWE star getting arrested for public intoxication at the Fort Worth International Airport in Dallas. Bo was completely out of it, stuttering the entire time. He even told the cops he didn’t know it was illegal to drink in public. At the end of the day, the cops weren’t “Bolieving” any of it and he was taken out of the airport and brought into custody.

Believe it or not, this wasn’t Bo’s first alcohol related offense, as he was also arrested in 2012 for a DUI in Tampa, Florida. Although this offense wasn’t as severe, as he was released a day later on a $500 bond.

14 Emma: Shoplifting iPad Case


In terms of bizarre, this one is right up there at the very top. While under contract in June of 2014, Emma was arrested for shoplifting an iPad case at a Wal-Mart in Hartford, CT. Some of you are probably thinking, “ok well that had to have been some expensive high tech case.” Not even. The case was valued at $21 which made the robbery that much more confusing.

After the arrest took place, the WWE immediately released Emma. Following the court hearing, however, she was only obliged to partake in some community service as her lawyer made the claim that she forgot to pay for the iPad at the self-checkout cash.

Following the verdict, Emma was reinstated by the WWE within a couple of hours. Truly bizarre stuff.

13 Nicole Bass: Shoplifting


Outside of her brief WWE career, Nicole Bass found herself in trouble with the law on multiple occasions. One situation won’t shock you as much, as Bass was once arrested for assaulting her husband. The man called the cops after Nicole began to get aggressive with him and she was later brought into custody.

The other situation was a little more odd. Bass actually tried walking out of a grocery store with over a $1,000 in food and other goods. The situation transpired in Glendale, where authorities found over 160 total items in her bag that went unpaid. Wow.

Luckily, she escaped the situation with a six-month plea based on good behavior.

12 Paige: Rumored Public Dispute


Since her newfound relationship with Alberto Del Rio began, Paige has made headlines several times for all the wrong reasons. Fast forward to the present and Del Rio is out of the WWE, while Paige remains off television and has done nothing of note since the brand extension began.

To make matters worse, rumors circulated that Paige was actually arrested at one point, though it is still unclear how or why. Pictures leaked online following WWE’s Money In the Bank PPV, showing both Paige and Del Rio surrounded by police and an ambulance. The charges were not made public, but it was not believed to be staged as the WWE seemed to have no knowledge of the event.

The bizarre nature of the situation certainly warranted a spot on this list.

11 Heath Slater: Chokes Female Security


Unfortunately, the title of this entry is actually exactly what happened, Slater apparently put a female security guard in a chokehold. Perhaps he thought he was being filmed for a backstage segment on SmackDown Live?

The situation all went down at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. According to reports, Slater was too aggressive with a female security guard, trying to drag her into the elevator and bring her up into his room. Corrine Oliver, the alleged victim, suffered some serious injuries which included damage to the vertebrae in her back. She also made the claim that other WWE Superstars saw her in danger and did not help her at any point.

To make everything even more bizarre, Oliver waited two months to file a police report on the situation and, in the end, the charges were dropped.

10 Kevin Nash: Battery Against His Son


Over the course of his long pro wrestling career, Kevin Nash was one of the only wrestlers to stay with his wife the entire time. Behind the scenes, he seemed like a normal dude... until this story came out.

Nash made headlines in 2014 for a brawl involving himself and his son, Tristen. The story goes that his son was apparently intoxicated when he showed up back home. He then started to criticize and get aggressive with both Nash and his wife. When his son started getting too out of hand, Kevin took him down and that’s when the cops showed up. Initially, Nash was taken in for being the primary aggressor, but the cops quickly realized that he wasn't at fault and the charges were dropped.

TO make matters worse, Nash was brought to jail on Christmas Eve.


9 Vader: Arrested for Acting


While backstage at a show in Kuwait, Vader was told to do an interview by a WWE producer. The producer proceeded to tell Vader that he needed to snap on the interviewer when he would ask him if wrestling was fake. Vader seemed hesitant because of the fact that he was in a different country, but he ultimately obliged because the interviewer apparently knew about it.

Well, when the situation actually played out, the interviewer became startled to the point that the cops showed up and arrested Vader. The skit went horribly wrong and Vader took all the heat for something a WWE producer completely failed at.

Can you imagine Vader behind bars in his mask and tights?

8 Tazz: Rumored Tanning Salon Incident


To this day, it's unclear whether this is true or not, though some believe it’s a very valid story that Tazz has done a great job of keeping under wraps after all these years.

The Beaver Country Times first reported this bizarre event that went down back in 1998 at a tanning salon of all places. Apparently, the story goes that the ECW legend asked a 15 year old to lift up her shirt. Things somehow got worse when Tazz was said to have “exposed” himself in front of the 15 year old.

Rumors indicate that Tazz was arrested and stayed in jail. failing to payoff a $10, 000 bond.

What do you think Sportsterers, true or not?

7 Jimmy Uso: Driving The Wrong Way on a One-Way Street


Before he broke out as a Tag Team wrestler, Jimmy Uso made headlines for his arrest on TMZ for the simple fact that he was The Rock’s cousin. Talk about a “rocky” start to your pro wrestling career (see what I did there).

Uso was in the Florida area cruising down the street at 3 AM, but the only problem was that he was cruising down the wrong side of the street. The intoxicated wrestling star was caught by authorities driving his silver Mustang on a one-way, going the opposite direction. After being pulled over, Uso was given a breathalyzer test which showed he was over the legal level by a heck of a lot.

After the arrest was made, Jimmy was released on a $500 bond.

Remember kids, don’t drink and drive or you might end up driving in the opposite direction in a one-way.

6 Adam Rose: Domestic Abuse


Domestic abuse arrests are pretty common in the world of pro wrestling, but it was just bizarre to see it happen to Adam Rose, who was absolutely beloved following his E:60 cameo which showed his life outside of the ring with his family.

The bizarre situation went down in the couple’s home, when Rose allegedly grabbed his wife by the face after a heated verbal argument. To make matters worse, when his wife called the police, Rose took the phone away from her, which also caused a charge of “a felony tampering with a witness.”

The situation could not have come at a worse time for Rose, as he walready serving a 60-day drug suspension. Following the charges. he was released by the WWE.

A bizarre ending to what seemed like a truly inspiring story.

5 Ric Flair: Road Rage


Ric Flair has certainly lived the life, both in and out of the ring. Due to that to some extent, he’s also gotten into some serious trouble with the law time and time again. A lot of his most memorable out of ring situations either deal with Flair and his ex-wives or Ric being heavily intoxicated.

This particular situation was out of the norm for Flair, which saw the 16 time World Champion snap in Charlotte, North Carolina while driving. Flair apparently got out his car and grabbed a guy by the neck while he was still in his car. He proceeded to strike the man's car repeatedly out of anger.

Flair was later charged with the damaging of personal property and simple assault and battery.

4 Chris Jericho: Public Intoxication


Back in 2010, Chris Jericho was “drinking it in” literally, following an arrest in Kentucky for public intoxication alongside his good buddy and pro wrestler Shane Helms. The two were spotted outside of a gas station, completely out of it, and they were apparently “fighting in a cab” at one point before that. Just imagine driving a cab with two pro wrestlers fighting in the back while they're wasted. Man would that be a sight to behold. The cab driver was probably thinking, “man, these guys are stupid idiots.”

Anyway, Jericho and Helms were later arrested at a gas station in Kentucky for creating a ruckus. They would later receive a bond of $120 for good behavior which is absolute peanuts for both pro wrestlers.

3 Shawn Michaels: The Mysterious Arrest


For years and years, this mug shot of Shawn Michaels went unexplained, leading to speculation amongst fans. All we really knew was that he got arrested when he was a blonde haired kid, but everything else was left to our imagination.

Finally, his former tag partner Marty Jannetty let the juicy details be known. According to his former partner, Shawn was arrest in a Louisville bar for “mouthing off” when it came time for the club to close. Police were eventually called to the scene, other wrestlers Dino Bravo and Joey Marella (no not Santino) were also escorted out of the club by police and brought to jail.

Jannetty claims he had the honor of bailing his friends out the next day, something he says he’ll never forget.

2 Big Show: Public Nudity


This one is probably regarded as every girl's nightmare. Big Show took part in one of the most bizarre acts on this entire list, although, in his defense, there wasn’t enough proof to prove that it actually happened.

While staying in a motel in the Memphis area, Show allegedly took things a little too far with the lady who was working at the reception desk. The big man apparently revealed his private parts to the girl working the front desk, which led to her immediately calling the police. The charges were inevitably dropped because of insufficient evidence.

True or not, this remains one of the most bizarre incidents to ever take place. The situation was so much worse because it involved the mammoth Big Show.

1 William Regal: Urinating on a Stewardess


This story will never get old and still makes old school wrestling fans chuckle. In terms of bizarre, this one is in a league of its own.

During the late 90s, William Regal was struggling with drug and alcoholic addiction and things would ultimately reach a new low for the WWE legend. While on a WCW flight from Tokyo to Detroit, William got up, feeling the need to urinate. While performing the simple task, he got a tap on his shoulder from a flight attendant to close the door of the bathroom. As he spun around, you can image what happened next; urine everywhere and all over the stewardess.

The next thing Regal recalls is waking up in a prison, which was not in Detroit, but Alaska. Regal’s face in the picture above sums up how he must have felt once he realized where he was and what he had done.

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