15 Of The Most Bizarre Road Stories In Pro Wrestling History

One of the toughest aspects about the world of professional wrestling is enduring life on the road. Wrestlers spend the majority of the time in their careers traveling all over the world to get to their next show. Wrestling shows only take a few hours and specific matches typically last ten-to-fifteen minutes. The rest of the time is spent going from show to show and travelling to different destinations. Most wrestlers drive to hotels together, circulate the local establishments and fly to various cities and countries. Life on the road creates entertaining stories and moments for the wrestlers traveling together. Sometimes, however, it gets downright bizarre.

The majority of wrestlers have found platforms to share their most memorable stories. Shoot interviews, podcasts and books have given us insight into some of the craziest things that have happened on the road. The stories range from humorous to surprising to absolutely ridiculous. Wrestlers have a knack for finding themselves in weird situations more than any other professions.

Past eras of wrestling saw the performers spend all of their free time partying. The current stars are a bit more subdued but still have a knack for getting involved in strange moments. We’ll break them all down with fifteen of the most bizarre road stories to occur in wrestling history.

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14 Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart Perform Finishing Move on Vince McMahon in A Bar

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The first story takes place in a bar and involved Vince McMahon. Hulk Hogan, Animal and Hawk, who all decided to have some fun with the owner of the WWE. McMahon wanted to take the finishing move of The Legion of Doom. Animal put the boss on his shoulders and Hawk went to hit the "Doomsday Device." Instead of the hard hitting move we all witnessed on television, Hawk took it easy on Vince and did a much lesser version of the maneuver with Hogan and Brutus Beefcake catching him.

Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart had a few drinks on the night and decided to take matters into their own hands. Neidhart grabbed McMahon and put him in position for the Hart Foundation to hit the finishing move known as the "Hart Attack." Hart didn’t hold anything back and absolutely clobbered McMahon. Following the move, Vince was not upset and just told Bret that he owed him a drink.

13 Jack Evans Tests Sami Zayn’s Religion

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One of the tougher aspects of life on the road for a Superstar is finding good food to eat while traveling. Everyone has different diets and food preferences when it comes to their meals. Sami Zayn is of the Muslim religion and one of the beliefs he follows is to never eat pork. Kevin Owens shared a story on The Kevin Steen Show that saw Zayn lose his cool at a restaurant during their independent wrestling career.

Fellow wrestler Jack Evans decided to pull a prank on Zayn by sprinkling small pieces of bacon on his pizza. Zayn started to realize what he was eating and flipped out on Evans. Zayn's personal beliefs are very important to him and Evans felt horrible thinking it would be a harmless prank, but Zayn was livid at his actions. Zayn eventually forgave Evans. Hopefully no one in the WWE tries to pull this rib as it may result in an uglier situation.

12 Rick Steiner - The Dangerous Pranker

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The Steiner Brothers are one of the greatest tag teams in wrestling history but they also are quite intimidating in real life. Everyone knows Scott Steiner has an unpredictable personality, while his brother Rick Steiner has also been known to do a couple of ridiculous things throughout his wrestling career. Rick had one specific prank that seemed both bizarre and downright reckless. Wrestlers would drive to the same towns in different cars so they’d see each other on the ride from city to city.

Rick decided to scare the hell out of any wrestlers he would see driving by his group’s side. The car would slow down for Rick to stick his head out of the window and open the car doors of the other wrestlers. Not only did he put the other wrestlers in danger, but he risked his own safety all for the love of the prank. The bizarre joke is definitely the most reckless one on the list.

11 Mick Foley Gets Stuck On A "Particular" Beach

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Steve Austin, William Regal and Mick Foley grew close during the early 90s in WCW. These three legends were good friends during their wrestling career and found time to pull elaborate pranks on each other. Austin and Regal convinced Foley to hang out with them at the beach on an off day. Foley decided to hit the water and enjoy the ocean as most of us would do. One thing appeared quite different when Foley came out of the water.

There were only men on the beach wearing very little clothing according to the details told on Steve Austin’s podcast. Foley then realized he was on a gay beach. Austin and Regal abandoned him and laughed at Foley being stuck all alone. To make matters worse, no one hit on Foley. Not only was he pranked but his self-esteem must have taken a serious hit thanks to Austin and Regal.

11. John Cena Finds New Character On Tour Bus

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The United Kingdom tours for the WWE are always one of the more memorable trips on the schedule. WWE provides a bus to take the talent from city to city. John Cena was struggling to get over with the fans at the time following his debut with a bland character. The bus ride in England saw Cena sit with Rikishi, Rey Mysterio and Chuck Palumbo. All four men enjoyed hip hop music and started talking about their shared interest.

They engaged in a freestyle rap battle for fun. Mysterio, Rikishi and Palumbo did as well as any average person could have done with the improvisation. Cena however did an incredible job and went over ten minutes adding to his rap. The wrestlers were all impressed and members of the creative team noticed the freestyle skills of Cena. That led to him adopting the rapping gimmick. Cena achieved huge popularity and went on to become one of the biggest stars in WWE history.

10 Kurt Angle Wrestles Vince McMahon On Plane

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Vince McMahon appears to be all business, but he likes to have fun as much as the next guy. Kurt Angle became victim to McMahon’s antics backstage when Vince jumped him and was able to get him to the ground. McMahon constantly ribbed the Olympic gold medalist about taking him down. Angle decided it was time to get revenge on an airplane of all places by taking him down and the two went back and forth wrestling.

The Undertaker had no clue what was going on and stumbled upon them. Upon believing Angle was fighting the boss, Undertaker stepped in and started to choke Angle out. Undertaker is often viewed as the most loyal employee in WWE history behind the scenes. There’s no doubt he would get physical if he felt someone was trying to beat up his boss.

The harmless rib from Angle turned into a legitimate fight, with Undertaker later apologizing after finding out it was all a joke.

9 Sid Loves Squirrels Too Much

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Sycho Sid is often considered an after-thought in the world of pro wrestling, but despite that, he endured one of the most successful wrestling careers in the 90s. Sid held both the WWE and WCW World Championship belts on multiple occasions and actually main evented two WrestleMania events. The accomplishments of Sid all are tame compared to the most bizarre tale of his career. Sid apparently had a fondness for squirrels and traveled with one as his pet during the early 90s.

On a boring night, a few of the wrestlers dared Sid to put the squirrel in his pants for a full minute. Sid took the dare and went through with it. Needless to say, it did not go well. The story goes, Sid suffered injuries that forced him to visit the hospital. Wrestlers have a tendency to do ridiculous things when they're together, but putting a squirrel in your pants has to be the most bizarre. Hopefully the story served as a cautionary tale for future wrestlers.

8 Terry Funk vs. Ric Flair's Dog

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Terry Funk and Ric Flair produced incredible matches against each other in the ring and were also good friends outside of it. Funk spent time at Flair’s home one day on the road, since having a friend with a place in town was a luxury at the time. The two legends had a few drinks together and things would get very bizarre. Funk apparently tried to pet Flair’s dog only to get bitten right on the nose.

The alcohol took effect with Funk running around the house like a madman chasing the dog with a knife in his mouth. Funk was drunk as can be cursing out the dog and looking to get revenge on an animal. Flair was apparently passed out drunk after throwing up. Flair's wife at the time walked in on the insanity and it felt like just another day in the Flair household. Can you imagine why she and many others have divorced The Nature Boy?

7 Jim Cornette vs. Dairy Queen

The legendary viral video of Jim Cornette waging war on Dairy Queen is one of the things that will always be associated with his legacy. Chris Jericho, Lance Storm and a few other wrestlers were traveling with Cornette and they ordered a ridiculous amount of food from Dairy Queen. The employees thought it was a joke and chose to ignore the order placed at the drive-thru. Cornette realized they were not making the food and lost his mind.

Known for his blunt personality, Cornette unleashed one of the loudest tirades one will find outside of a fast food restaurant. Cornette started cursing out the employee berating them for failing to take their order seriously. The wrestlers couldn’t believe their Smoky Mountain Wrestling boss was flying off the rails in such humorous fashion. Cornette definitely had the most absurd but humorous moment on the road. There can only be one Jim Cornette and the Dairy Queen incident proves that.

6 CM Punk & Vince McMahon Bunk Together

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Vince McMahon is now viewed as one of CM Punk’s biggest enemies after his bitter falling out with the WWE. The two however shared many moments together when their relationship was in a better place. WWE’s former annual trip to Iraq was great to watch on television, but a mess behind the scenes. Wrestlers had to bunk on the base like the soldiers which meant sharing rooms. Punk and McMahon found themselves sharing a bunk bed.

This was one of the many times where Punk lost a battle to McMahon. Vince apparently passed gas rather loudly according to Punk’s recollection of the tale. There have been rumors for years that McMahon enjoys potty humor and apparently found entertainment in grossing out Punk with his "gassy" antics. The chairman of the board let out his classic laugh after passing wind.

We now understand how the rage for Punk started when he unleashed the pipe bomb promos against McMahon.

5 Paul Bearer Scares The Undertaker With Cucumbers

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There are few wrestlers that can strike fear into the hearts of wrestlers like The Undertaker can. Between the mystique behind his terrifying character and the legitimate toughness he possesses in real life, no one wants to mess with The Undertaker. Paul Bearer however found a weakness in The Deadman and it’s a rather strange one. The Undertaker has a bizarre fear of cucumbers and the vegetable creeped him out for some reason.

Mark Henry, Big Show and Kane confirmed the myth on a recent edition of Table for Three. The three big men stated Bearer used to rib Undertaker by hiding cucumbers everywhere when they traveled together. Bearer and Undertaker had a close relationship that allowed him to get away with such a ribbing without getting any heat from the WWE's most respected locker-room leader.

The visual of the seven foot tall badass freaking out upon the sight of a cucumber being in his attire is absolutely incredible to realize.

4 Owen Hart Plays Incredible Prank On Ahmed Johnson

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The late great Owen Hart has the legacy of not only being a great in-ring performer, but the best prankster in wrestling history. Owen would play humorous and harmless ribs on the entire roster constantly. No one took offense to it because it was done in good spirit. Ahmed Johnson developed quite an ego during his push as one of WWE’s new stars in the mid-90s. Hart decided to tap into that and play arguably his best rib.

The prank saw Owen call Johnson and disguise his voice claiming he was a representative of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Hart convinced Johnson that The Tonight Show wanted him to appear as a big guest. Ahmed even got suckered into thinking a limo would come pick him up outside of his hotel. Wearing a suit outside of the hotel, Johnson realized the prank when Owen asked if the limo had arrived yet.

The elaborate prank has to go down in the history books among the top ribs in wrestling history.

3 X-Pac Cuts Off Michael Hayes' Ponytail

The most epic road event has to be “the plane ride from hell” with the WWE wrestlers flying back from a United Kingdom tour back to the United States. There were quite a few incredible stories from the flight, but one stood out among the rest. Michael Hayes had a position in the WWE management team at the time, which meant he had power. Upon getting drunk and out of his mind, Hayes apparently hit Bradshaw in the face and got away with it.

X-Pac decided to take matters into his own hands and pulled off an incredible prank. While Hayes was passed out, X-Pac found a pair of scissors and cut off his ponytail. The rest of the wrestlers supported him, feeling Hayes deserved a dose of karma striking him. No one snitched on X-Pac, but he admitted it was him many years later. X-Pac claimed to have taped the ponytail on the wall at the next event the company was performing at.

2 Ryback Hates Panera Bread

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The road often leads to weird traveling groups driving from town to town together. No one could have predicted Daniel Bryan, Ryback and Cody Rhodes would become travel partners. The odd trio found dissension in many areas, especially the task of finding food. Bryan and Cody chose the respected establishment of Panera Bread to get dinner following one of their shows. Ryback was not pleased upon looking at the menu and not finding enough meat options.

Bryan was a vegan at the time and Panera Bread was one of the few options that allowed options for his lifestyle. Ryback claimed smaller guys like Bryan and Rhodes could eat there, but it was impossible for him to order enough food. Bryan claimed Ryback had a “mental breakdown” asking about the various meal choices. Some stories sound too good to be true, but all three former road partners confirmed it was true, though Ryback believes the other two exaggerated the story.

1 Joey Styles Knocks Out JBL

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One story stands out among the most bizarre because it was so unbelievable. JBL had a reputation of being a big bully to the other talent and backstage personnel when he was a wrestler. Karma struck him back on this fateful flight.

The wrestlers and employees were traveling to Iraq for the annual show for the troops. A drunken JBL started to harass many people on the plane. The worst moment saw him dump a bucket of ice on Lilian Garcia for no reason whatsoever.

JBL would continue his antics and tried to pick on the small announcer Joey Styles thinking he would get away with doing whatever he wanted. Luck was not on JBL’s side this night as Styles delivered a knockout punch that sent him down. JBL was sporting a black eye following the incident.

The shocking and bizarre turn of events showed the best way to stop a bully is by standing up to them. Styles' was likely the smallest person on the flight and got the better of the large Texan in one of the most bizarre tales ever.

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