15 Of The Most Bizarre Rumors Currently Circulating About The WWE Men's Roster

The wrestlers who are signed by WWE know that when they are contracted to the company they become international stars and they will then become the subject of a number of rumors.

When it comes to the personal lives of many WWE stars, they know that it will become public because of the internet and the fact that fans are everywhere and they will always post what they have seen online or even post pictures that then begin speculation when it comes to cheating scandals or even relationships.

Speculation happens in WWE all the time because fans think that they have ideas as to where WWE is going with their current storylines. They then begin rumors that are picked up by other fans who also agree with their opinion.

The following is a list of some of the biggest and craziest rumors that are currently circulating about the male roster of WWE. Some of these could be false and some of these could have already been confirmed, but either way, these are some of the strangest rumours that the WWE Universe has come up with recently.

16 Randy Orton Set To Take Time Away From WWE

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Randy Orton is currently playing a main part in the WWE Championship picture and steps inside the Punjabi Prison next Sunday night at Battleground in an attempt to win back the the title. But rumors now suggest that Orton may not be taking back that title next weekend since he has bigger commitments to fulfil after the Battleground event.

Randy will be taking some time away from WWE after the event to fulfil his movie commitments for a film called Changeland. Orton will appear alongside Seth Green and Macaulay Culkin in the film, but it is thought that he won't be missing a significant amount of time, just enough for him to be taken out of the title picture to allow someone else to step in his place.

15 Braun Strowman and Nia Jax?

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This is one of the strangest WWE rumors that the Universe has been clinging to despite the fact that Nia Jax has a boyfriend and it definitely isn't Braun Strowman. Fans think that Braun and Nia belong together and are attempting to push them together by already deciding that they are a couple.

Braun is thought to still be single and even had his Tinder profile leaked to the WWE Universe last year. Meanwhile, Nia Jax has been dating fellow professional wrestler Josh Woods for a number of months now and the couple even have a pet pitbull puppy together called Kali. Sorry, WWE Universe, Nia is happy with her boyfriend right now if their social media pages are anything to go by, looks like Braun will have to look for love elsewhere.

14 What Is Going On With Dean Ambrose?

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Dean Ambrose really seems to be gaining a lot of heat backstage in WWE right now. It all stems back to when he turned up to the Hall of Fame Ceremony drunk and was joking around with his wife Renee Young, who was hosting the event.

WWE punished Ambrose by putting him on the kickoff show of the event and then he was forced to drop the championship in an odd match with The Miz at Extreme Rules. Dean and Renee were then taken of Total Divas and replaced by the likes of Nia Jax, Alexa Bliss, and Carmella, which is another part of this punishment. Dean hasn't learned his lesson though since he continued to make comments about WWE and their creative team while he was on commentary recently. There are now rumors that he may not finish this year as a WWE star.

13 Have The Colon's Asked For Their WWE Release?

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SmackDown is called "The Land of Opportunity" but when it comes to their Tag Team Division, there have been a number of problems with the likes of American Alpha, The Ascension, and even The VaudeVillians being underutilized before Simon Gotch was released.

It comes as no surprise that the current rumor is that Primo and Epico have requested their release from WWE. The speculation began when Pro Wrestling Tees tweeted a picture of Orlando Colon's new shirt design. This is the real name of Epico and Superstars who are contracted to WWE are not usually allowed to sell merchandise outside of the company. There was speculation for a number of weeks about the release and the tag team were not seen on SmackDown this week, so their future could still be considered to be up in the air.

12 Daniel Bryan Could Be Teasing A Return To ROH

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Daniel Bryan is currently working as the General Manager of SmackDown Live. But it is obvious that Bryan will not be happy until he is allowed back into the ring. Bryan was actually cleared to wrestle by all of his own doctors, but WWE staff refused to clear him to compete, which means that Bryan is actually able to wrestle elsewhere.

When Cody Rhodes won the Ring of Honor World Championship back in June, Bryan congratulated him and also warned him that if he holds the title for 462 days and is about to beat his record then he will come for him. It wouldn't be until the 28th of September next year, but it certainly has the WWE Universe buzzing about seeing The American Dragon in the ring again.


10 Austin Aries Was Released Because Of His Attitude

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Austin Aries is considered a veteran in wrestling circles. There isn't a lot that A Double hasn't achieved and he thought he had finally made it when he was signed to WWE's NXT brand. He was then promoted to the main roster to feud with Neville over the Cruiserweight Championship, but WWE never looked at him to perform outside of 205 Live.

Aries was said to have had quite a self-righteous attitude backstage and rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. He was also not happy when he was told that his match against Neville for the Cruiserweight Championship at WrestleMania 33 was not going to make the DVD. He would miss out on the royalties and quite a big payday because of this, which obviously led to more problems for the former TNA star.

9 Big Cass's Political Opinions Are Causing Problems

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WWE has recently decided to pull the trigger on what has been a rumored push for Big Cass for a number of months. Now that Enzo and Cass have gone their separate ways, Cass could be targeting the Universal Champion.

Even though Cass is being pushed on WWE TV and seems to have a bright future on screen, he isn't well liked backstage because of the fact that he is quite an outspoken Donald Trump supporter. Many of the wrestlers backstage disagree with all of his opinions. Cass may be working well as a heel, but he is gaining much more heat backstage than he is from the WWE Universe, which is never a good sign especially since Cass is still considered to be new to the main roster.

8 Tye Dillinger And Peyton Royce

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Tye Dillinger and Peyton Royce are the latest WWE couple rumored to be together by the WWE Universe. The couple spent a lot of time together on the NXT roster before Dillinger was promoted to SmackDown the week following WrestleMania. But the duo now have one main thing in common.

Peyton hasn't been seen in a match on NXT TV since she failed to capture the NXT Women's Championship more than a month ago while Tye has only just resurfaced this week as he was used in a quick build-up match for WWE Champion Jinder Mahal ahead of Battleground. If the couple is the latest duo to come together after spending so much time in each other's company on the road with WWE, then I'm sure the WWE Universe will be more than happy for them.

7 Xavier Woods Knew Nothing About Recent Paige Insult

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WWE decided that it was a good idea to allow The New Day and The Usos to collide in a Rap Battle last week on SmackDown Live. It ended up being one of the best segments of the week when The Usos decided to drop a "Rated R" bomb on an unsuspecting Xavier Woods.

It was thought that maybe Xavier knew and signed off on the whole segment before SmackDown went live, but reports now suggest that Xavier had no idea that The Usos were going to pull out one of the things that WWE had spent months trying to get past. The Usos didn't show their battle lyrics to anyone before heading out to the ring, so what the WWE Universe saw on SmackDown was Xavier's actual reaction to the scenario being brought up all over again.

6 Enzo Amore Is Being Shunned By The WWE Locker Room

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Enzo Amore is without a doubt one of the best talkers in WWE right now. But the split between Enzo and Cass was rushed and so was their first matchup at Great Balls of Fire last weekend.

Enzo is said to be annoyed about the fact that he was forced to split with Cass as well and is causing a lot of problems backstage. Enzo was apparently kicked out of the WWE locker room and was even kicked off the WWE tour bus by Roman Reigns recently as well. WWE doesn't look as though they have any future plans for Enzo right now, so the "Smacktalker Skywalker" should probably learn when to be quiet. Otherwise, he may be kicked out of the locker room for good.

5 Bray Wyatt Not Being Punished For Recent Personal Issues

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WWE have a history of staying out of any personal business when it comes to the Superstars on their roster. Back in 2015 it was revealed that Seth Rollins was cheating on his fiance with an NXT Diva and then personal photos of Rollins were leaked online. WWE still allowed Rollins to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion a few months later.

Bray Wyatt has recently been revealed to have been part of an affair with WWE ring announcer JoJo Offerman and the couple has been seen arriving at WWE events together as well. Bray Wyatt has celebrated back to back victories over Seth Rollins over the past week and looks to finally be getting the push he deserved in WWE. So it doesn't look as though the Eater of Worlds will be being punished for his recent personal problems.

4 Corey Graves Set For A Romantic Angle?

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This is another odd rumor. Corey Graves has been used as much more than just a commentator on WWE TV recently and has become an integral part of the current Kurt Angle storyline as well as being the one to reveal that it was Big Cass who was attacking Enzo.

That being said, there appear to be plans for Corey Graves to enter a romantic storyline with Bayley in the coming months as WWE attempt to earn some credibility back for the former NXT Women's Champion. This after she was subjected to an embarrassing storyline in her feud with Alexa Bliss. It is unknown how Corey is supposed to step into this storyline but it could be interesting to see Bayley used differently on Raw and to be given a decent storyline.

3 Cathy Kelly And Finn Balor

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Cathy Kelly is WWE's Social Media Correspondent. She has become quite popular with the WWE Universe ever since a picture of her holding hands with what looks like Finn Balor was shared on Social Media.

The couple is yet to confirm or deny that they are in a relationship as eagle eyes fans continue to try and find pictures of the duo that prove that they are in a relationship. Finn Balor is currently flying high on Raw, even though he failed to be part of the Great Balls of Fire event on Sunday night. Meanwhile, Cathy seems to be working well on WWE's YouTube channel. So it makes sense that the couple would prefer to keep their romance a secret, at least for now anyway.

2 What Is Going On With Byron Saxton And Nia Jax?

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In one of the latest episodes of WWE Ride Along, Nia Jax joined Tom Phillips and Corey Graves and as part of the show. She then called Byron Saxton who obviously had no idea that she was in a car with Graves and Phillips and was saying a number of strange things about inviting her around to meet his family.

Nia has a boyfriend as already mentioned, but this doesn't seem to bother Byron. Even Graves and Phillips found his comments hilarious since he mentioned that his "apple pie would make her toes twinkle." It was an embarrassing conversation for the WWE Universe to have to listen to, but it could well be just the way Byron is with all of the WWE women, we don't actually know.

1 Chad Gable Set To Be An Illegitimate Child?

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Perhaps the craziest rumor of the week or even the year is that American Alpha star Chad Gable could be set to play a huge role in the Kurt Angle storyline on Raw next week.

Kurt Angle has invited whoever has been messaging and calling him to Raw next week and the current rumour suggests that it is Chad Gable who is his illegitimate son, who's mother is Stephanie McMahon. It links in with the story about a Father's Day message and no one said that he had to be saying "I love you" to a girl. This would then tie in with the fact that Triple H is supposed to wrestle Kurt Angle soon. It would also allow Gable to work with Kurt, which is something he has wanted to do for a number of years.

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