15 Of The Most Bizarre Rumors Currently Circulating About The McMahon Family

The McMahon family are the most powerful family in wrestling. Vince McMahon is at the helm and he has seen wrestling through more than four decades now, being responsible for some of the best wrestling storylines and events of the previous and current generation.

Vince's children Stephanie and Shane now play a key role on WWE TV being the commissioners of Raw and SmackDown Live respectably. Shane made his return to the company after a seven-year absence back in February 2016.

Vince's wife Linda left WWE back in 2009 to pursue a political career and hasn't returned since. Life in the spotlight has come with many positives and negatives for the popular family, one of the main ones being that they are always the subject of rumors and scandal.

Currently, Vince McMahon is still very much in control of WWE despite speculation stating the opposite. There are many rumors to this effect circling around WWE at the moment and here are just 15 of the most interesting rumours surrounding the McMahon family that the WWE Universe are currently speculating about.

16 Shane Was Brought Back To WWE As A Last Resort

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Shane was brought back to WWE TV back in February 2016 and was later put into a match with The Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell with the stipulation that he could have control over Monday night Raw if he won. Shane lost the match but was given control of SmackDown Live instead, in a confusing turn of events.

It seems Shane was only brought back to WWE as a last resort because Vince was made aware that John Cena was not going to be fit to face The Undertaker in time for the match that Vince really wanted. So instead Shane was called in and he decided to make his return for the first time in seven years with what was one of the biggest crowd reactions of the past decade.

15 Real Life Tension Between Triple H And Vince?

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Vince McMahon is not the young man he once was when he bought WWE from his father. At some point, he is going to be forced to step aside and allow someone else to continue steering WWE in a new direction. Triple H has proved that he has what it takes by running NXT over the past few years and making it the phenomenon that it is right now.

It is thought that McMahon is reluctant to hand the reins over to Triple H and that is causing a lot of problems backstage between the duo, who usually worked together quite cohesively. There is also the matter of whether or not Shane McMahon thinks that he should inherit WWE from his father and not Triple H. This is a confusing state of affairs backstage at the moment.

14 Vince Wants Raw And SmackDown To Go Live On The Network Soon

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The WWE figures from the past year were recently released and cable TV is still one of the biggest providers of WWE's income with the WWE Network reaching its peak over the past six months. Vince has realized that many fans are now tuning into digital platforms like the Network instead of cable and they could be set to make the risky gamble and put Raw and SmackDown Live on the Network as a way of boosting subscribers.

It is highly unlikely that WWE will take this gamble anytime soon since they make a lot of money from the cable companies that stream Raw and SmackDown. But if they are able to increase their Network subscribers in the coming months, then there should be no reason why Vince wouldn't do something this crazy.

13 No One Dares To Disagree With Stephanie Backstage

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Vince McMahon isn't the only family member that has the WWE Universe feeling tense backstage. Many former creative team members have stated that they were able to disagree with Vince when it came to ideas and he would see this as constructive, but if they disagreed with Stephanie then they would see it as insubordination and this would then cause tension.

Stephanie is the kind of person who likes to always be right and this caused a lot of problems between Stephanie and creative team members backstage. It has reported that Stephanie is one of the main reasons why long time WWE creative member Bruce Prichard was fired a few years ago. Steph's on-screen character is much closer to her real-life persona.

12 Shane Causing Tension Backstage?

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Shane McMahon was brought back to WWE last year and he has since been put in charge of SmackDown Live. The B-Show of WWE has seemingly seen a rise in ratings recently as Shane began having an influence on the creative team for the Blue Brand.

Despite the fact that Vince still has the final say on many storylines, Shane is trying his best to make SmackDown the main show that it once was and this could be causing a lot of real tension backstage. It's well-known that Shane once tried to take over the creative department in WWE back in 2o12 and this didn't go too well. So many people are hoping that something like this doesn't happen again.

11 Reason Why Vince Missed This Year's Payback

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This year's Payback event took place in San Jose, California and the headlines following the show were all taken by Vince McMahon when it was reported that the boss had failed to appear at the event for the first time in a number of years.

Despite his advancing age, Vince is still able to travel to most WWE events and be backstage to call many spots throughout the show. The speculation suggested that Vince actually missed the entire three day weekend because he doesn't like travelling out west anymore and could be calming down on his travelling schedule now that a biopic of his life could be in the works. If this is the case then I'm sure Vince is allowed to take some time away after working 100 miles an hour for the past three decades.

10 Vince Wouldn't Welcome Back CM Punk

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It's quite funny seeing rumors that Vince McMahon wouldn't welcome CM Punk back to the company if he ever decided he wanted to wrestle again. Punk has been to the UFC and could be set to have his second match in the near future. Despite obvious issues with Triple H, Vince doesn't actually have a problem with CM Punk and could easily be seen welcoming Punk back.

Vince will always do what's best for business and he knows full and well that the pop that Punk would receive and the worldwide media that would report the return would only benefit WWE further than it already has. So there is no way he would say no to Punk in order to remain on the same page as his son-in-law Triple H.

9 Vince Making A Lot Of WWE Cutbacks To Save Money

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Despite the WWE Network apparently doing so much better than WWE could have imagined, the company are still not making the kind of revenue they hoped. So they are being forced to make cutbacks.

Pyros have now been taken out of WWE programming as well as the purple Cruiserweight ropes on Monday Night Raw. It was recently reported that WWE has also decided to drop a lot of original programming from the Network. The Edge and Christian Show has been cancelled even though the duo had began filming a new series. It is unknown what else might come of this, but it is thought that another round of budget cut releases could be in the works as well as WWE looks to save some more money.

8 Vince Not Be Sold On A Number Of Wrestlers

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Triple H has been responsible for bringing in a lot of the Superstars who are currently on the main roster because of his role down in NXT. But even though they have been given Triple H's seal of approval, Vince is still not completely convinced.

The likes of Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens are the main ones that Vince is still said to have problems with. Owens because of his size and Joe because he has been seen to injure two main roster stars and was almost responsible for ruining one of the biggest matches at WrestleMania when he took Seth Rollins out of action for eight weeks ahead of the event. Considering the push that Joe has recently been given and the position that Owens currently holds on SmackDown Live, it appears as though Vince has finally come round to Triple H's thinking about both men.


6 Vince Is Still Mad At The Rock

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There is a misconception when it comes to The Rock and WWE. Many of the WWE Universe think that The Rock can do whatever he wants on TV because he is bigger than the company and WWE would never tell him that he can't do something.

The Rock may have gone too far back in February when he appeared following a live episode of Raw to film scenes from the new film all about Paige's family. The Rock went on to call CM Punk in the middle of the ring, but luckily, Punk didn't answer the phone. McMahon was said to have been fuming about this backstage and The Rock hasn't been seen on WWE TV since and even missed this year's WrestleMania. Is he still in hot water with The Boss?

5 Shane Was Ready To Step In And Replace Seth Rollins At WrestleMania

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There have been a few different rumors surrounding Triple H and Seth Rollins from WrestleMania this year. Many fans believe that the entire storyline was a work, while others actually thought that Rollins wouldn't recover in time to face Triple H on the Grandest Stage of Them All.

One rumor even suggests that if Seth Rollins hadn't been able to compete in his match against Triple H then Shane McMahon was ready in the wings to step in, but when it was realized that Rollins was OK to proceed, McMahon was instead put into a match against AJ Styles. Shane up against Triple H will definitely be a match that the WWE Universe will be seeing again in the near future as the control of the company storyline still continues to be rumore.

4 Shane Once Tried To Buy Newcastle United

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Shane McMahon left WWE back in 2009 to pursue other avenues outside of the world of wrestling, that Shane had been exposed to his entire life. It was then reported in 2016 that back in February 2014, Shane had tried to put together a consortium to take over the club and buy out owner Mike Ashley.

The Premier League football club were in a bad place back in 2014 andt Shane wanted to buy the club as a project of his own and have no links back to WWE in any way. There were only rumors surrounding this deal for a number of years, but there could have been some truth to this as it is thought that Shane may still be open to buying a Premier League football club in the future.

3 Stephanie Could Be Pregnant With Her Fourth Child

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One of the more bizarre rumours currently circulating about Stephanie McMahon is that she could be pregnant with her fourth child and that is why she's been absent from WWE TV since WrestleMania when she was pushed through a table by Triple H. Thanks of course to Seth Rollins.

The rumors began a few days ago on Reddit but as of yet there is no official word on whether or not Stephanie is expecting another child after already giving birth to three daughters with husband Triple H. Both Triple H and Stephanie have been away from WWE TV now for a number of months and this could explain why the duo have been missing. Allowing Vince McMahon and Kurt Angle to run Raw in their absence.

2 Triple H And Vince Will Have A Public Fight For The Company

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There were a number of rumors that have been followed by avid speculation that began a few years ago when it was revealed that Vince McMahon and Triple H were ready to collide at WrestleMania with control of the company on the line. Recently this has changed to the duo instead choosing wrestlers and having them compete on their behalf instead.

It is thought that at some point the real life power struggle will become a storyline on WWE TV and Vince will finally be forced to hand over the company to Triple H so that he can go on and enjoy retirement. Vince is appearing less and less in WWE right now and this storyline could be happening much sooner than the WWE Universe were expecting.

1 The Infamous Stephanie/Randy Savage Rumour

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No rumor article would be complete without one of the biggest rumors in WWE history that is yet to be confirmed or even talked about by the McMahon family, despite a number of former Superstars stating that they believe there is some truth to it.

For the members of the WWE Universe who are not familiar with the rumor, it is thought that Stephanie McMahon and Randy Savage became much closer than just friends when The Billion Dollar Princess was just 14-years-old. Vince found out about it and this is why Savage wasn't allowed back in at WWE and why McMahon didn't allow him to take his place in the WWE Hall of Fame until after his death. The story is still being speculated about to this day as it seems the McMahon family are still no closer to revealing the truth.

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