15 Of The Most Disturbing Pro Wrestling Relationship Age Gaps

The dating carousel in wrestling will create some of the most bizarre couples possible. Wrestling is considered a weird industry in general given it is unparalleled to any other form of entertainment. Couples to form featuring at least one wrestler means there is going to be some wackiness involved in the romance. Many of the wrestlers end up dating someone significantly older or younger based off the range of different ages in each company. There are also wrestlers that just like dating out of their age range in general regardless of if their partner is involved in the business or not.

We'll take a look at some of the more peculiar relationships to form through the years. The ages between these two partners in each relationship are shocking and disturbing. It surprises most to realize that the two partners are so drastically different in life experience. The romances become disturbing due to how young one of the partners, how old a partner is or both. A combination of current and former romances to fit the criteria will be examined as we discuss them all. These are fifteen of the most disturbing pro wrestling relationship age gaps of all time.

15 The Undertaker and Michelle McCool: 15 years

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The relationship between The Undertaker and Michelle McCool has been disturbing for many reasons. Undertaker being a full fifteen years older than McCool already makes it a weird looking in from the outside. The timing of this relationship started when the two were both on the WWE roster. One of the top names entering a romance with a younger woman that coincidentally received the biggest push of her career is not a good look.

Most fans to watch at the time would agree that Michelle definitely benefited from her relationship with the older legend. McCool decided to retire in her prime to raise a family with Undertaker. This couple looks more disturbing than ever in pictures as the aging process has hit Undertaker while Michelle still appears relatively young.

14 Bret Hart and Stephanie Washington: 26 years

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Bret Hart has been out of the spotlight for many years but still managed to end up in a relationship with someone significantly younger than him. Many fans believe that Bret is still married to Julie, the ex-wife featured in the Wrestling with Shadows documentary cursing out Triple H after the Montreal Screwjob. That relationship ended many years ago and Hart is now married to another woman.

Stephanie Washington is the current wife of the Hitman despite the shocking 26 year age gap. Bret is currently 60 years old and Stephanie is a young 34 years old. The couple was featured on an episode of Total Divas having dinner with Natalya and Tyson Kidd during a WrestleMania weekend event. Bret claims he is happier than ever and this relationship may be a major reason why.

13 Enzo Amore and Liv Morgan: 8 years

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A relationship to recently end was one of the most disturbing ones at the time. Enzo Amore is known as being one of the most annoying people in the wrestling business. The other wrestlers have kicked him out of the locker room for many months now with no end to this mutiny in sight. Enzo and Liv Morgan worked together at a Hooters location years before either joined WWE.

The hiring of Morgan was due to Enzo putting in a word for her to receive a tryout at the Performance Center. This led to Enzo and Liv dating for a couple of years. The couple was spotted together after all of the big shows that had talents from the main roster and NXT in town. It could easily be viewed as an older Enzo taking advantage of a situation to enter the relationship with a younger woman. Liv however has dumped him and now claims to be better off without the annoyance being her boyfriend.

12 Bray Wyatt and Jojo: 7 years

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The current relationship between Bray Wyatt and Jojo is considered disturbing for quite a few reasons. This romance started in the form of an affair. Wyatt was outed as cheating on his wife with the young WWE ring announcer Jojo. It just would become weirder when it was revealed that the combination of Wyatt and Jojo is now an official couple.

Jojo is one of the youngest women in WWE at just 23 years old. Bray being seven years older and dating the woman he cheated on his wife with is quite disturbing. The ex-wife of Wyatt is not too happy about being on the negative end of this love triangle. Jojo and Bray have remained quiet but it is now confirmed that they are dating despite all the controversies surrounding them.

11 Sunny and David Starr: 19 years

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Tammy “Sunny” Sytch has dated countless wrestlers younger than her through the years. However, the most disturbing one may have been when she dated independent wrestler David Starr in 2013. Currently, Starr is a rising name in smaller promotions and is regarded as a very talented performer. This past decision to date Sytch may have been the one big mistake of his early career.

At the point of their relationship, Sytch was 41 years old and Starr was only 22. The young wrestler succumbed to the idea of being in a relationship with the former sex symbol. However, this just got him negative attention as Sunny is considered one of the worst human beings in wrestling. The two ended up splitting shortly into their romance and Sytch trashed her ex-boyfriend on social media. Naturally, the nearly two decades older one was the immature person.

10 Hulk Hogan and Jennifer McDaniel: 21 years

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Hulk Hogan’s love life has presented some of the worst stories about him. The breaking up between him and ex-wife Linda Hogan led to him losing most of his money and many of his shameful moments being made public. There was the leaked tape with his friend’s wife that showed him delivering a racist rant that got him fired from WWE.

Now, Hulk is married to the significantly younger Jennifer McDaniel. As Hogan is approaching senior citizen status, Jennifer is still in her early 40s. Another facet of this romance to make it more disturbing is the fact that Jennifer looks extremely similar to his daughter Brooke Hogan. There has been speculation of Hulk getting a little too close to Brooke in various pictures. Hogan marrying a young woman with a similar look to Brooke is just bizarre.

9 Batista and Melina: 10 years

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The controversial relationship between Batista and Melina actually ended up hurting John Morrison’s career more than the two people involved here. Morrison and Melina were still having their on again/off again relationship going as it lasted many years. Melina ended up allegedly cheating on Morrison with Batista when all parties were on the SmackDown roster. Many people in WWE viewed Morrison unfavorable when this story got out.

Melina was ten years younger than Batista at the time making it even more bizarre. Batista stated in his book that he and Melina loved each other, but they just couldn’t make it work. Melina being a decade younger than Batista and dating someone else likely factored in here. Batista being so much older than Melina and most of the other talent was a surprise to many, but he did join the business later into his life.

8 Edge and Beth Phoenix: 7 years

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Edge and Beth Phoenix is actually one of the most likable couples in wrestling. Both had tremendous careers entertaining fans for many years. Despite being retired, they each still find a way to do the wrestling business proud by being seemingly great ambassadors. Many fans would be shocked to realize that Edge is actually seven years older than Beth.

Phoenix retiring at a young age makes her seem older than you would expect. Beth is barely older than current star Asuka and in the same age range of many of the current WWE stars. However, she made the decision to leave wrestling early to set up the next chapter of her career. Edge is quite older providing a surprise to fans assuming they are around the same age.

7 CM Punk and AJ Lee: 9 years

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Another couple that doesn’t seem to have a strong age gap between them is the married couple of CM Punk and AJ Lee. However, there is nearly a decade of life between them as Punk is nine years older than Lee. AJ would still be in her prime today if she wanted to continue wrestling at just 30 years old. The decision to retire at 28 came due to the controversial falling out between WWE and her husband.

Punk is inching closer to 40 making him noticeably older than his wife. This shows how the WWE system used to work in regards to hiring male and female talent under different visions. The men in their 30s would now be hitting their prime. The women would get signed in their early 20s with careers typically ending around 30.

6 Matt Hardy and Reby Sky: 12 years

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The shocking 12 year age gap exists between current married couple Matt Hardy and Reby Sky. Matt started the year as red hot as any other wrestler in the business. That made it easy for us to forget that he is actually 43 years old. His wife Reby Sky is surprisingly over a decade younger than him at 31 years old. The two now have a happy family together.

Reby leaving the wrestling business before Matt is something most wouldn’t have predicted due to their age gap. Matt is reaching the end of his career as he signed with WWE for one more run after the Broken success. The combination of Matt seeming younger and Reby coming off as more of a veteran with how she presents herself makes it a shock to realize twelve years of a gap between them.

5 Triple H and Stephanie McMahon: 7 years

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The age gap between Triple h and Stephanie McMahon being seven years isn’t too shocking but it is disturbing when thinking about their relationship starting. Vince McMahon brought Stephanie into WWE for an on-screen role at the very young age of 23. Her relationship with Triple H started in her early 20s while he was already at 30.

Stephanie committing to Triple H at such a young age ended up shaping the future of the industry. Obviously, the changes are taking place now with the couple running the company behind Vince McMahon. The disturbing aspect of the romance saw Stephanie end up dating an older wrestler with a more noticeable age gap at the time. Things are less disturbing these days as the power couple appear to happier than ever with many more years ahead of them.

4 Sable and Brock Lesnar: 10 years

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Sable and Brock Lesnar presents a different dynamic than most of the other relationships here. The majority of wrestling romances features the man being the older person in the couple. Sable is actually older than Brock Lesnar by a decade. Brock is approaching 40 years old as Sable hits 50. The two seem to be happy together on their secluded farm life in Canada.

The timeline of them meeting for the first time has their age difference making sense. Sable was at the end of her career as Brock was starting his in WWE around the 2003 time frame. They remained together through all of Lesnar’s changes from WWE to the NFL tryouts to Japan to MMA back to WWE. Sable has however remained far away from the spotlight not even appearing at the Hall of Fame or other events.

3 Michael Hayes and Rosa Mendes: 20 years

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One of the most problematic relationships in WWE history took place between Michael Hayes and Rosa Mendes. Hayes has been an influential producer backstage among the most powerful people in the company. The fact that he ended up dating one of the female performers just looked shady from all aspects imaginable.

No one really talked about it in the same sense as other relationships like this due to Rosa never getting pushed. It still was quite disturbing that a relationship featured one of the bosses dating the talent that happened to be two decades younger than him. Hayes has done a lot of controversial things during his time in WWE but he still has a great spot. Mendes and Hayes have since split up with the former WWE talent now being married with a child removed from the wrestling business.

2 Jerry Lawler and Lauryn McBride: 39 years

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We could have gone with many choices here for Jerry Lawler, but his current relationship is the most disturbing. Lawler has been in relationships with women decades younger than him for a long time and has even been accused of hitting on underage girls in the past. Despite the negative reputation it gives him, Lawler refused to quit on his ways.

The current love interest of Lawler is Lauryn McBride. At 67 years old, the elderly Lawler is seeing a woman nearly four decades younger than him. McBride is 28 years old and actually wasn’t even alive when Lawler got married for the first time. There’s nothing but red flags here as one of the most drastic age gaps you’ll find in any romance. Lawler’s perception as an old man preying on younger women is just validated here.

1 Alberto Del Rio and Paige: 15 years

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The age gap between Alberto Del Rio and Paige’s current relationship is something that has become more of a story than in other romances. Del Rio being 15 years older than Paige made people in WWE try to prevent Paige from entering this relationship. Paige went against their wishes and everything went poorly for all sides.

Del Rio has continuously trashed WWE despite them employing Paige and her wanting to work for them. There was the incident of both wrestlers being accused of domestic abuse after they had a public fight. Paige entering something so serious at the young age of her mid-20s just seems to add negative stories to her life with each passing month. Many of her friends are reportedly concerned for her well-being when dating Alberto. The age gap and volatile personalities led to a disturbing relationship for the worst of reasons.

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