15 Of The Most HATED Rumors Currently Circulating About The WWE Roster

The WWE is always trying to look for new ways to liven and freshen up their programmings so that fans stay invested in their product. Whether it be new characters, story-lines, babyface or heel turns, WWE makes sure that fans have something fresh to watch in order to keep them interested and watching SmackDown Live and Monday Night RAW. If you haven't noticed, WWE was beginning to become slightly "stale" and rather boring the past couple of months following WrestleMania 33 due to the top Champ being absent (Lesnar), lackluster story-lines, and just overall crappy booking of some of the key stars.

Considering the WWE were garnering all-time low viewership for much of the RAW and SmackDown episodes following 'Mania, it's very clear that the company is trying to spice things up with new recent story-line developments such as Big Cass turning heel on Enzo Amore, and furthering the now intense rivalry between Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar. Although many of the rumors for upcoming WWE plans are usually entertaining and exciting for us fans, some of the rumors are downright bizarre.

Now, the WWE usually puts out pretty solid content with new and fresh ideas, but sometimes they simply seem as if they have no clue as to how to run their company anymore. Some of these rumors are bizarre because they make no sense, and some are bizarre because they're simply terrible ideas. Stay tuned, as this list divulges 15 of the most hated rumors currently circulating about the WWE roster.

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15  15. Mojo Rawley In-Line For A Singles Push

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Yes, you heard that correctly - Mojo Rawley is very likely in-line for a singles push in the near future, and some believe a WWE Championship opportunity is upon the horizon for Rawley. Mainly known for being one-half of The Hype Bros with fan favorite star Zack Ryder, Mojo is very likely headed towards a split from Ryder if this past week's episode of SmackDown's Battle Royal was any indicator.

Now don't get me wrong, Mojo Rawley is far from being the worst talent the WWE have tried to push in recent memory, but as I'm sure most of you would probably agree, there are countless other more deserving stars of a push over on the Blue Brand such as Luke Harper and Tye Dillinger. Mojo definitely resembles John Cena with his overly goofy style and his love for kids, so it doesn't surprise me one bit that WWE (Vince McMahon specifically) sees something in Mojo. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how far the WWE is willing to go with Rawley's rumored push. Let's just hope a WWE Championship reign is NOT on the cards at this point.

14  14. Roman Reigns And Brock Lesnar Main Eventing Next Year's WrestleMania

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Now doesn't this sound absolutely thrilling? If this bizarre rumor turns out to be accurate, we'll all witness Roman Reigns main event his third straight WrestleMania in a row (and yes, I consider Reigns' match with 'Taker this past 'Mania to have been the main event taking into account it was the final match on the card). Even more, Brock Lesnar, a part-timer who's slowly becoming more irrelevant as time presses on will be Roman's opponent (the guy most likely to take the pin and put the beloved Reigns over).

Now don't get me wrong, I'm definitely not the biggest Roman Reigns hater on the block, but with how many exciting talents reside on SmackDown and RAW's roster presently, is Roman Reigns versus Brock Lesnar the best possible match-up the WWE can think of for a legitimate feeling WrestleMania main event? Sure, Lesnar's a draw as is Reigns, but fans would much rather see a fresh and new match without such a predictable outcome. We all know Vince's end goal is to present Roman as the boring, stale underdog babyface who "slays the beast" on "The Grandest Stage Of Them All."

13  13. Jinder Mahal Having A Long WWE Title Reign

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For all the marks out there who have since jumped on "The Maharaja" bandwagon, it's likely that you'll be getting plenty more of WWE Champion Jinder Mahal for the immediate future, so I hope that you're pleased. Before I even begin to describe this entry, I just want to take a minute and say that I believe Jinder has a heck of a lot of potential as a main event star. However, in my honest opinion, I sincerely wish that WWE made a conscious effort to build up Jinder Mahal somewhat prior to strapping the rocket to him and handing him over the most prestigious belt in all of Sports Entertainment, the WWE Championship.

However, my (or your) opinion matters little in the grand scheme of things, as WWE will continue to present "main event Mahal" for months to come, and this will probably continue into the fall months if the bizarre rumors prove to be accurate. WWE is planning on doing an India tour sometime in September, and it's highly likely that Jinder will still be the company's top Champ for the tour. I must say, I'm happy for Jinder despite his questionable and bizarre booking, as he's getting the chance to shine and make a name for himself.

12  12. Rusev Returning To Jobber Position Upon Return

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Now, this bizarre rumor honestly bugs me if it proves to be correct. Rusev, the exceptionally talented big man returned to SmackDown this past week and interrupted the return celebration for the "Cenation Leader," John Cena on July 4th of course. Seeing that we're talking about WWE, how could we expect anything less from the company by once again making Rusev out to be the anti-American foreign monster heel. Poor Rusev. If being gone from television despite being cleared to compete due to the WWE not knowing what to do with the "Bulgarian Brute" upon his return isn't enough punishment, then shoving Rusev in John Cena's path of burial has to be the ultimate punishment.

However, I expect nothing more at this point when it comes to Rusev. The man has been buried too many times to count, and the company is definitely not changing their ways now with the imminent match-up between Rusev and John Cena. I know that there are some hopeful fans out there wishing for Rusev to go over Cena, but that just isn't going to happen. Regardless, this rumor is almost guaranteed to come true, and it's a shame taking into account just how talented of a wrestler Rusev truly is.

11  11. American Alpha Still In The Doghouse

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For whatever bizarre reason, American Alpha are still rumored to be in the "dog house." However, no one truly knows or understands the reasoning(s) behind WWE demoting Chad Gable and Jason Jordan into total and utter irrelevancy. Both men that make up American Alpha are exceptionally gifted in the ring, and they both have a ton to offer over on SmackDown Live. As a tag team, could you possible find a better duo currently? I suppose one aspect regarding American Alpha that isn't quite "up to par" is their on-screen characters and overall mic ability.

Sure, they're slightly bland, but their talent more than makes up for their shortcomings (and besides, it's WWE's responsibility for creating intriguing characters for their stars). All I can say is that it's pretty sad to witness such a talented duo go to complete waste considering they were quickly establishing themselves as SmackDown's top tag team upon their initial arrival on the company's main roster. Taking into account where American Alpha currently stand on the pecking order, this compete nonsensical rumor is obviously accurate.

10  10. Dolph Ziggler Retiring

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Something that has been rumored for quite some time now is the impending retirement of one of the WWE's top performers, Dolph Ziggler. Although it's fairly bizarre to imagine Ziggler, a guy still amidst the prime of his career hanging up the boots, how could we possibly blame Dolph taking into account how horribly the WWE books him, and just how misused and mistreated Ziggler truly is. Few current performers can match Dolph Ziggler's in-ring ability, and it's a real shame that he has become such an afterthought the past few years despite winning the World Championship twice early on.

Yes, Ziggler is a "former World Champion," but in reality, Dolph is treated like nothing more than a "jobber to the stars" losing the majority of his big (or even somewhat big) matches consistently. Dolph will be turning 37 towards the end of this month, so he's still fairly young (Dolph's younger than AJ Styles). All that said, despite it sounding somewhat bizarre even considering how horribly booked Ziggler is (at least he still has a solid paying and reliable job), Dolph may be calling it a career sometime this year or early next year.

9  9. JBL Not Punished Whatsoever For Recent Bullying Controversies

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By far one of the most controversial and bizarre rumors currently circulating around is in regards to the JBL scandal involving the now NXT commentator, Mauro Ranallo. Earlier this year, JBL was exposed for being a backstage bully to Mauro, a guy who suffers from depression. Things were said to have gotten so bad that Ranallo had no choice but to quit his "dream job" of commentating for WWE. However, the company has since rehired Mauro, though he's far away from JBL commentating for NXT shows.

Backstage rumors indicate that JBL, a painfully obvious bully received no form of punishment for his actions despite garnering the WWE negative publicity (not to mention controversial considering the shady Be A Star campaign the company is involved with). To add to matters, it's rumored that Vince actually approves of JBL's bullying tactics. Regardless, this is definitely one of the most bizarre rumors currently swirling around taking into account just how obviously awful JBL behaved - quite baffling if you ask me.

8  8. Brock Lesnar Holding The Universal Championship Until WrestleMania 34

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Get ready folks, because there's a great possibility that we will all be witnessing part-timer (at best) Brock Lesnar as the Universal Champion for months to come following his obvious win over Samoa Joe the other night at the Great Balls Of Fire PPV. Now don't get me wrong, I can appreciate Brock Lesnar's dominance and aggression whenever he steps foot inside the squared circle, but in my honest opinion, Brock should be far away from any World Championships simply because he's not around nearly enough to have legitimate title reigns anymore.

If anything, Brock has been appearing less and less as the years press on, and Brock has become increasingly irrelevant and isn't drawing quite as well as he used to. Like the other bizarre rumor I had mentioned earlier regarding the bout between Roman and Brock at 'Mania next year, this rumor is likely coming true. We will probably have Lesnar as the Universal Champion up until WrestleMania 34 which is where he'll most likely drop the gold onto Reigns. Let's just say that there are far better full-time options that could be considered for RAW's top title holder, but that means little to WWE obviously.

7  7. AJ Styles Remaining A Midcarder For The Rest Of 2017

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When I had initially found out the other day that AJ Styles had defeated Kevin Owens for the United States Championship at a live event, I couldn't help but get excited. However, upon further thought, I realized what this likely means for the WWE's greatest performer currently on the roster - AJ Styles is remaining a midcarder for the time being (probably until sometime next year). I'm definitely not the only one who believes this bizarre rumor to be the case, as plenty others have been saying the same thing ever since Styles was ousted from the WWE Championship picture.

Now why would this be considered bizarre you say? Well, I'd say it's bizarre taking into account how successful Styles was as the top title holder, and how "phenomenal" his main event matches were each and every PPV. To me, AJ Styles, a guy who recently turned 40 should be WWE's immediate priority considering Styles doesn't have very many years left (at least performing at the level he is today). Yes, I think the US Championship should receive some spotlight, but I'd rather see Baron Corbin in the US Title scene over Styles who should be competing for SmackDown's top prize.

6  6. Baron Corbin Winning WWE Championship Sometime This Year

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"The Lone Wolf" Baron Corbin is currently making his way towards a future WWE Championship reign, and to me, I find this rumor to be bizarre if it proves to be accurate. Baron's definitely a solid hand who can be trusted to put forth solid bouts, but he just doesn't scream "WWE Champion" up to this point. Yes, I obviously can see that Corbin has the size Vince loves and that he's resembling of a heel Roman Reigns, but if we're going to be honest here, wouldn't you agree that Baron's slightly bland?

Now this isn't entirely Baron's fault, as WWE makes the final decisions on promos, character portrayal et cetera, but Corbin has done nothing to convince me that he's deserving of a WWE Championship run this year (or early next year as some dirt-sheets claim). Many believe Corbin is fairly crappy and overly-scripted sounding on the mic right now, and Corbin simply needs more time to iron out his character among other things. If WWE had some intelligence, AJ Styles or Kevin Owens would be in the WWE Championship scene before Corbin. However, as we all know, Vince McMahon gets what Vince McMahon wants dammit!

5  5. No Current Plans Of Splitting Up The New Day

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This bizarre rumor definitely bugs me to some extent. The New Day, aka the most popular WWE faction in recent memory are not splitting up anytime soon if the rumors prove to be true. Instead, New Day will remain a cohesive trio for the time being, though some dirt-sheets report that another heel turn may be in the works for New Day. Now why would I or anyone else find this rumor to be odd? Well, it simply comes down to the fact that New Day have spent plenty enough time as a team, and all three members deserve a chance to shine alone.

Big E looks like a legitimate main eventer, Kofi Kingston can fit anywhere on the card and make sense, and we have a strong midcarder (or perhaps even a main eventer if presented correctly) in Xavier Woods. Yes, I do love The New Day, but they've went as far as they will go as a trio, with a huge accomplishment of being the longest reigning tag champs in the company's history. The New Day have been together since 2014, and their gimmick is getting slightly stale if you ask me, despite returning recently from a noticeable absence.

4  4. Hulk Hogan Returning To WWE

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Yes, you heard that correctly "Brother's," it's currently rumored that WWE and Hulk Hogan are ironing out some kind of a deal which will result in all of us witnessing the return of "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan to television. It's unknown what role Hulk would fill (perhaps just a couple special appearances here and there), but regardless, this is pretty big news if the rumors prove to be true. Now why do I find these rumors surrounding Hulk to be bizarre? Well, let's put it this way, the WWE tried their absolute best not too long ago to completely erase Hulk Hogan's name from their company due to some of the controversies in regards to Hogan (the alleged racism being one of them for sure).

I honestly would love to see Hogan in a WWE ring again, but this seems pretty fishy for WWE to even consider bringing him back because of how strong their negative feelings were towards Hulk Hogan just a couple years ago. Sure, Hogan's out of the thick of it now, but those controversies surrounding Hogan don't just disappear because time has passed, the WWE will definitely look like total hypocrites if they change their tune about Hulk and bring him back - there just aren't two ways around it.

3  3. WWE Officials Unhappy With Dean Ambrose's Work Ethic

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Bizarre rumors are currently circulating around that various WWE Officials are allegedly "unhappy" with Dean Ambrose's work ethic and overall attitude. This is likely a direct connection to why Dean Ambrose has fallen so hard from grace, going from being a main eventer to losing an Intercontinental Championship match the other night against The Miz at the GBOF PPV. I'm honestly not the biggest Dean Ambrose fan out there, but Dean's recent performances aren't all too different then those from say a couple years ago. Ambrose was never the greatest in-ring performer, as his move-set is extremely basic and repetitive, but Dean hasn't worsened to the extent some would like believe.

Perhaps Ambrose is slightly slower in the ring than he was during his initial Shield days and a bit of time following their split-up, but Ambrose is still the same guy from 2012-2015. I find it odd how the WWE would be nitpicking Ambrose now for his ring ability, considering he was performing nearly the same prior. I believe this rumor is just WWE's way of making their decision of demoting Ambrose out of the main event scene seem legitimate and for a real, genuine reason.

2  2. Brock Lesnar Sticking Around Longer Than Most Expected

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For those of you who were hoping and praying to see "The Beast Incarnate" ride off into the sunset when his current contract expires, you'll probably be very disappointed to hear that there's a good chance that Brock will resign with the WWE. Why would this be considered bizarre? Well, Brock had been so close to not resigning with the company the last time around, and it was rumored by a plethora of sources that Lesnar would be calling it a career when his current contract runs out. However, with the new recent rumors, it's been said that Lesnar will likely remain a WWE Superstar and sign a new deal.

I could care less if Lesnar chose to resign provided he was utilized as a special attraction star who appears every so often to hand out an a-- kicking, but unfortunately, there's a great chance that Brock Lesnar will remain one of the Universal Championship contenders for the duration of his stay in WWE - the company are paying Lesnar a great deal of money, and seeing he's one of their only draws left, WWE wishes to utilize Lesnar at the top of the card. Get ready folks, main events on RAW's exclusive PPV's will likely remain Brock's territory. This is obviously great for Lesnar seeing he'll probably rake in even more dough, but it's not so great for those of us who appreciate a full-time Champ over a part-timer.

1  1. The Hardy Boyz Not Close To Acquiring "Broken" Gimmick

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Unfortunately, it looks like The Hardy Boyz aren't as close to obtaining the "Broken" gimmick as so many of us had wished to be the case. Instead, it seems like the Hardy's are still amidst a battle with Anthem Media over the gimmick. It was reported not too long ago that Jeff and Matt Hardy were "very close" to acquiring the gimmick from Anthem, though PWInsider recently reported that quote unquote "it's actually much closer to the opposite with the two sides remaining very much at odds."

Now this rumor is bizarre to me taking into account the fact that Matt Hardy was just tweeting about how close they were to getting their old gimmick back and that they were just "days away from winning." If this bizarre new rumor proves to be accurate, then we won't be seeing the "Broken Hardys" anytime soon in WWE. This is honestly very disappointing, as it would be very exciting to see the full-fledged Broken Hardy's, and not just The Hardy Boyz who constantly tease their previous, successful gimmick.

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