15 of the Most Heartbreaking Wrestling Stories

She left you standing in her dust cloud as she drove away. You felt your heart shatter while she faded out of sight but you're no longer in her rearview and soon you will be nothing more than an occasional memory; a story to tell when the conversation and the drinks run dry.

The news is a daily reminder of the haunting horrors that exist throughout the world. The ugliness that is all too common on a planet that is meant to be something beautiful to share. Your heart is cracked but will continue to pulsate for those who no longer have a heartbeat.

A lot of things can break your heart ... including wrestling.

The following piece is a look back at those moments that have sincerely made a fan feel. Not in the manner of rooting or cheering faces and heels but in the manner of genuine emotion; a look at the human in every being.

These are not necessarily moments that have transpired in the ring or have been part of any sort or storyline. These are tragic, terrible, and tumultuous events that have occurred in real time, real life.

In this article we will tread with humble hearts as we observe and revisit a number of incidents that have hurt feelings and rattled emotions. In a world that is meant as pure entertainment, sometimes reality replaces its colorful characters.

These are the top 15 times wrestling broke your heart:

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15 The State of Virgil 

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Your only memories of Virgil probably involve "The Million Dollar Man" and that's fine but subjecting this man to ridicule during his struggles is not a proper act of human decency.

Virgil (real name: Michael Jones) has had hard times in life after wrestling; having to sell autographs at subway stations as a way to make a buck. However, it is the "Lonely Virgil" memes that really make you feel for Virgil.

In a cruel joke, fans have taken to posting pictures of Virgil online at wrestling conventions where the line-up at his table is nonexistent.

14 Brian Pillman's Death 

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Brian Pillman was a wrestler full of promise and another tragic tale of a star gone too soon. Perhaps you know Pillman best from his days as a Hollywood Blond or his associations with The Hart Foundation.

Either way, you will recall that Brian Pillman was an energetic performer who knew the value of entertainment. Despite never making any main event noise, Pillman caused more than enough disturbance during his short life.

Due to a previously undetermined heart condition, Brian Pillman would pass away at the age of thirty-five.

13 The State of Kamala 

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Kamala was a gimmick portrayed by a man named James Harris. This gimmick would see Kamala act like a wild Uganda savage who was seemingly void, or at least severely lacking, of intellect.

Kamala never made much on an impact in WWE and since his days with the company, his financial state of affairs and health have both dwindled. Due to complications from diabetes, Kamala has had both legs amputated.

The former wrestler now lives on disability money from the government while selling wooden chairs as a means of momentary support.

12 The Genetics of Giants 

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The wrestling world has always been attracted to giants. Those men who make folks of a normal size appear insignificant. In hindsight, what the giant gains financially, he loses emotionally as he is placed under "freak status."

Looking back on the lives of these giants (Andre, Gonzalez), their time is limited as they generally do not survive into old age. To make matters worse, their bodies begin to shut down due to their massive structure.

This leads to a painful existence that includes lack of general mobility and that certain fear that the end is near.

11 Chris Kanyon's Death 

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The hardships of professional wrestling are enough to make a man crack. Add in the struggle of living as a closeted homosexual in an unforgiving world for so many years and you have much more to deal with emotionally.

Chris Kanyon was never a wrestling mega-star but he knew how to entertain a crowd and made the most of what was provided; especially in WWE where Kanyon was never going to be a top-tier performer.

The struggles of Chris Kanyon (real name: Christopher Klucsarits) would end with an apology letter and sad suicide.

10 The State of Scott Hall 

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This is not an insult or an attempt at meathead commentary but how is Scott Hall alive? The man once known as Razor Ramon has faced some hard years in professional wrestling and life.

If you watched the E:60 special on Scott Hall, you will understand slightly that his life is far from smooth in terms of "every day normal." Hall lives each day heavily medicated in order to function somewhat properly.

Scott Hall has always lived with his foot on the gas; never bothered with the brakes. And now, Hall must live each day dealing with that accelerated pace.

9 Miss Elizabeth's Death 

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In the wrestling industry, Miss Elizabeth will always be known as its "First Lady." Elizabeth didn't look like Lita, sound like Trish Stratus, or wrestle like Sasha Banks. Elizabeth was simply a wrestling beauty.

Miss Elizabeth (real name: Elizabeth Hulette) was the first female to make an impression in WWE. While women wrestlers had been around prior to Elizabeth, the impact didn't match.

Miss Elizabeth would pass away at the age of forty-two due to a lethal mix of alcohol and pain medication.

8 The State of Jake Roberts 

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Many professional wrestlers have fallen and will continue to fall hard. However, sometimes that fall is enough to crack concrete. Such is the case with legendary WWE Superstar, Jake "The Snake" Roberts.

Jake Roberts (real name: Aurelian Smith Jr.) has dealt with some of the darkest demons life can offer but has apparently overcome most and is said to be living a much more well-adjusted life.

However, the problematic past of Jake Roberts is documented in the film Beyond the Mat which serves as a harsh look into a wrestling reality.

7 The Von Erich Family 

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The Von Erich family is a wrestling family; plain and simple. Spanning generations, the Von Erich clan has produced some excellent wrestlers over the years who have discovered their share of success within the industry.

However, something in the Von Erich bloodline has lead to multiple deaths at their own hands. Three of the Von Erich boys (Michael, Chris, and Kerry) would all make the decision to end their own lives.

This is a family that remains well-respected in the wrestling world to this day but a family that has endured much sadness.

6 The Flair Family 

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At the tender age of twenty-five, Reid Flair - son of Ric Flair - would pass away from an accidental overdose. Tragedy beyond compare for a father who now lives his days without his boy.

In a recent angle on Monday Night Raw, while attempting to psychologically mess with Charlotte (Reid's sister), Paige would mention this untimely death and cause quite an internet backlash as a result.

Losing a loved one is never easy but a parent losing a child is said to be an unmatched loss and for that you have to feel for the Flair family.

5 The State of Dynamite Kid 

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You hear the inspiration stories all the time: wrestlers discussing who it was that made them want to pursue a career in the industry. One of those inspirations - who is sometimes forgotten - is British wrestler, Dynamite Kid.

Dynamite Kid (real name: Thomas Billington) helped make the smaller man look tough in the big man's world. Unfortunately for Kid, years of hard bumps have taken a major toll on his livelihood.

Dynamite Kid is now paralyzed. In a short but sad scene from the CNN documentary, Death Grip: Inside Pro Wrestling. the effects are obvious.

4 Deaths of Legends 

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Any time a professional wrestling legend passes away, the industry mourns and feels for that legend's friends and family. While all wrestling deaths are sad, the loss of a legend takes along a piece of the business.

"Macho Man" Randy Savage and The Ultimate Warrior have passed in recent years; leaving a hole in the lives of their biggest fans that cannot be replaced with anything new or ever anything on par.

Even more recent: the deaths of "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes and "Rowdy" Roddy Piper have left the wrestling community in pain.

3 Owen Hart's Death 

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If you watched the Over the Edge 1999 Pay-Per-View, a grim memory of Jim Ross announcing the death of Owen Hart may be all that comes to mind as it pertains to that night in Kansas City.

Owen Hart falling to an early death is a haunting reminder that even in a world fake fighting and manufactured storylines, situations can become real in a hurry and lives can be altered.

The following night WWE would produce a Raw is Owen broadcast to pay tribute to the fallen Superstar.

2 Eddie Guerrero's Death 

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Who didn't love watching Eddie Guerrero as WWE Champion back in 2004? Guerrero will go down as one of the most entertaining performers as well as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

In November of 2005, Eddie Guerrero would meet an early end when he passed away as a result of heart failure. Fans worldwide were shocked and deeply saddened by the sudden passing of Guerrero.

Tributes to Eddie Guerrero still pop up to this day in WWE as many Superstars have adopted Guerrero's move as a way to pay homage.

1 The Benoit Tragedy 

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Let's clarify something right away: nobody here feels sorry for Chris Benoit. His actions were heinous and unforgivable.

The heartbreak here comes along with son, Daniel and wife, Nancy who became innocent victims of a man enraged and out of his mind. The events of that weekend have been speculated upon for years but no one will ever know the true nature of the events.

As far as we know: Chris Benoit went crazy, took the lives of his wife and son, and then took his own in an unbelievably tragic set of circumstances.

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