15 Of The Most Shameful Things Stephanie McMahon Has Done

As a powerful figure in the WWE, Stephanie McMahon has been guilty of some very underhanded things in her career.

Stephanie McMahon is the daughter of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. This means that she has been forced to grow up in the spotlight over the past three decades, which has obviously come with its own share of problems. Stephanie may be one half of the company's biggest power couple right now, but that doesn't mean that she hasn't been part of a number of scandals over the past few years.

Stephanie has also been part of some of the most controversial WWE storylines in history, much like the time that Triple H took her to get married without her consent. That being said, Stephanie has also done a number of shameful things both on and off-screen over the past few years and one of the biggest downfalls of being The Billion Dollar Princess is the fact that you are always in the spotlight, so your personal life often becomes public knowledge.

The following list looks at some of the most shameful things that Stephanie has ever done both on and off-screen throughout her career as well as some of the things the former Women's Champion wouldn't want her daughters to be reading about her early years in the company.

15 The Chyna Saga


One of the best-known love triangles in WWE history states that Chyna and Triple H were dating when she was first brought to WWE before The Game had his head turned by Stephanie McMahon when they were placed together as part of the show.

This led to an affair between Triple H and Stephanie. Chyna was later informed of the situation and this was just the start of her problems. Chyna didn't react well to the news that her boyfriend had moved on with the boss's daughter, so Stephanie used all the power that she had in the company at the time to ensure that Chyna was fired as well. This is something Chyna never forgave Triple H and Stephanie for, and something that the WWE Universe will always remember about the company's biggest power couple.

14 Her Part In HLA


There are a number of things that Stephanie has done over the past few years that have been ways for her to stroke her own ego, but one of the moments that stand out in the minds of the WWE Universe, was when she was part of an angle with Hot Lesbian Action (HLA).

This segment took place at Unforgiven back in 2002 because Stephanie's team had lost to Eric Bischoff's and she was forced to be part of an uncomfortable encounter with the two women. The angle itself wasn't all that bad, but it is definitely not something that would fit in with WWE's current PG branding or something that Stephanie would be happy with her daughters finding videos of online in the future, which tells you everything you need to know about the segment.

13 Stephanie Shows Kaitlyn Her Place


Stephanie McMahon is one of the most powerful women in WWE but sometimes there are people who test her power. Back in 2013, there was a segment on WWE TV where Stephanie told Kaitlyn to "never interrupt her again." It was reported that this was based on a real-life event where the former Divas Champion approached Stephanie backstage.

Apparently, Stephanie wasn't happy that Kaitlyn interrupted her while she was busy backstage and that she couldn't wait until she was finished her conversation before she butted in. This then led to the segment that was shown on Monday Night Raw a few days later. It is also interesting to note that this was just after Kaitlyn lost the Divas Championship and also not long before Kaitlyn decided to leave WWE.

12 Wardrobe Malfunctions


Stephanie has been an integral part of WWE TV for the past few decades and because she was part of an era where the women of WWE were seen as eye candy, Stephanie made the decision in 2001 to have breast enhancement surgery.

This surgery caused Stephanie a number of problems when she returned to WWE the following year because she slipped out of her clothes a number of times. Stephanie's most famous wardrobe malfunction was when she was about to be pedigreed by Triple H on the announce table back in 2002 and she fell out of her top. There was nothing she could do since Triple H had hold of her arms but luckily WWE was able to censor this when the SmackDown episode was aired. Footage of the incident was leaked online somehow though, to add to some of Stephanie's most embarrassing moments from her lengthy career.

11 Winning The Women's Championship


There are a number of women working their way through the ranks in WWE right now who are aiming to become Women's Champion one day, but this was a privilege that was handed to Stephanie in her first ever wrestling match even though she didn't even wrestle.

Not only that, but Stephanie was given the main event of Monday Night Raw when she took on Jacqueline for the Championship but distractions from Triple H and help in the ring from Tori saw her easily pin the WWE Hall of Famer and lift the title for the first and only time. This showed just how little the Championship actually meant at that point in history, and only served to take it further down the ranks in the mind of the WWE Universe.

10 Stephanie And Eric Bischoff


When it comes to shameful moments on WWE TV, Stephanie is quite obviously the queen. This was never made more apparent than when she was part of a storyline with Eric Bischoff while she was SmackDown General Manager and he was the authority figure of Monday Night Raw.

On the Halloween episode of SmackDown, the duo finished the show by engaging in a strange and awkward make-out session, which finally seemed to end their on-going tension. The problem was, that the following episode of Raw failed to mention that this had ever happened. It was questioned as to whether or not it was supposed to happen, but it didn't lead to anything bigger between the duo. It has just been added to the pile of odd things that WWE have allowed to air over the past few years.

9 She Helped Her Husband Suppress Daniel Bryan


Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are going to take over WWE one day when Vince finally decides to step down, but it seems that they have a unique way of ensuring that talent knows who the boss really is, and this was shown back in 2013-2014 when they were part of a rivalry with Daniel Bryan.

The duo stated that Bryan was a "B+ player" on WWE TV but this was actually a lot more real than the WWE Universe were aware of. Stephanie and Triple H were trying to prove that Bryan wasn't good enough to be in the main event picture in the hope that the WWE Universe would accept this and then turn to Batista to be the main event for that year's WrestleMania. Obviously this failed, and thankfully so since Batista versus Randy Orton would not have been a good main event on its own.

8 She Helped To Force Her Brother Out Of The Company


Shane McMahon is the only son of Vince McMahon so it would make sense for the current SmackDown Commissioner to inherit the company when Vince finally steps aside. This isn't the case anymore since Shane was pushed out of the company when Vince decided that he would hand the company off to his daughter and son-in-law instead.

There was a power struggle for a while backstage before Shane decided to leave and with it, he decided to surrender any power he had in the company. Shane returned last year when WWE were struggling, but he still has much less power in the company than his sister and is still awkward around Triple H to this day which gives off the impression that there are still problems between them.

7 Stephanie Is One Of The Reasons AJ Lee Quit


AJ Lee is a former Divas Champion in WWE and she was the one woman who has ever been able to stand up to Stephanie. AJ thought that Stephanie wasn't doing enough with the power that she had in WWE, which is why she decided to tweet her and tell her that she needed to do more.

There were then a number of different segments on WWE TV where AJ and Stephanie displayed a lot of tension between them. AJ shockingly decided to quit the company back in 2015, just over a year after her husband CM Punk departed from the company, and it is thought that her issues with Stephanie were a huge part of that. AJ was obviously going to be punished for tweeting something like that, but in the end it seems to have pushed Stephanie to help the women in WWE and finally start a Women's Revolution.

6 Backstage Problems With Employees


Stephanie is one of the most powerful women in WWE both on and off the screen and she is well aware of the power that she holds. There were recent stories that Stephanie really made the backstage officials in WWE aware of her power, to the extent that she didn't like receiving any negative feedback.

It is reported that Steph would see any kind of negativity as a personal problem between her and the person who delivered the news and this was something you didn't want to get into with the "Billion Dollar Princess." Many WWE writers have found this out about Stephanie over the past few years and there are a number of employees who have lost their job because of tension with Stephanie, which is shocking.

5 Contradicts "Be A Star" Campaign


WWE has a number of campaigns that they encourage their superstars to be part of, but it seems that the company also regularly contradicts itself. Stephanie has been one of the biggest faces of WWE's anti-bullying campaign over the past few years. The only issue is the fact that Stephanie herself is considered to be something of a bully.

There are a number of stories currently circulating about Stephanie and the way she has bullied creative writers, executives and even fellow WWE stars backstage. She also plays one of the biggest bullies on WWE TV on a regular basis as well, which just shows how hypocritical WWE can be sometimes. Perhaps the campaign needs a new face while Stephanie is being seen as a heel on WWE TV just to stop the confusion?

4 Compared Her Father's Trial To 9/11


Stephanie McMahon did one of the worst things she has ever done on WWE TV back in 2001, and this was when she was part of a promo style interview on Monday Night Raw where she talked about the recent 9/11 terrorist attack that had shocked America.

As part of the promo, Stephanie talked about how America would move forward and become much stronger following the attack, much like her family had over the past few years following her father's trial surrounding the steroid issues in the company. That's right, Stephanie compared one of the biggest tragedies in American history to her father's ongoing trial. It is not known what Stephanie was thinking at the time or why WWE decided to air this, but her credibility was out of the window after this one.

3 Women's Revolution Ego Trip


Stephanie was at the forefront of the Women's Revolution when it officially started back in the summer of 2015, but this part of the revolution was a failure. It was actually the NXT Women who managed to kick-start the revolution a few months later.

The fact that Stephanie had to be around the women the entire time and then stories emerged that she was the one booking the women for a time afterwards showed what kind of an ego trip Stephanie went on when she was booking the women. There was no need for Stephanie to be part of any of this, much like there was no need for her to step in and feud with Brie Bella back in 2014 since it only led to a pointless feud with her sister Nikki. It seems that Stephanie just loves to go on an ego trip every now and then and the Women's Revolution was her most recent one.

2 Stephanie McMahon And John Cena


The entire WWE Universe remembers the segment on SmackDown where Stephanie McMahon was in the ring before she was interrupted by John Cena who went on to rap about a wet dream he once had about the General Manager of the show.

Stephanie seemed to take it all in stride, even though Cena stopped a number of times to stare at her chest before she then allowed him to smack her backside. It was cringeworthy and disturbing throughout and quite obvious that this was another one of Stephanie's ego trips. It's a segment that is burned into the memory of many older fans who remember it, but as with many Stephanie segments over the past few years there was no need for it and there was no continuation of it either.

1 Stephanie McMahon And Randy Savage


Being in the public eye from a young age is not always a positive thing, as Stephanie McMahon found out when the rumour that surrounded her and Randy Savage was made public knowledge.

It was reported that Randy Savage and Stephanie were part of an encounter of their own when Steph was still a teenager, something that her father later found out about and led to him and Savage having heat for a number of years. It is thought that this is the reason why Savage was only inducted into the Hall of Fame after his death and why Vince wouldn't allow him to come back to the company after he found out. This is a rumour that neither family have ever admitted was true, but one that has been floating around for decades.

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15 Of The Most Shameful Things Stephanie McMahon Has Done