15 Of The Steamiest WWE Diva In-Ring Gear Ever Worn For A Match

Wrestling has changed in recent years and in some ways, it's happened for the better. Mad storylines like the Katie Vick incident or Snitsky murdering a child are things of the past, and that's probably for the best. But in many ways, die-hard wrestling fans are being alienated by the company they've spent decades adoring. Wholesale changes have been made over the last ten years to transform WWE into a very child orientated product.

And one of the most notable changes is when it comes to women's wrestling. There can be no denying that the rise of stars like Charlotte and Becky Lynch is hugely important to the company, with the actual wrestling incredible compared to previous Divas. Fans are also changing their views to truly get behind female wrestlers in a way that was never apparent in previous years, and last year saw Sasha Banks and Charlotte headline a PPV, the first time in WWE history.

But Vince McMahon knows what fans want and he knows how the male brain works, which is why his female roster tends to have dressed in very little for a number of years. Therefore, we take a look at 15 of the most eye-catching and memorable Diva outfits ever to be worn inside the squared circle.

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15 Candice Michelle (Raw, 2007) 

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Candice Michelle was one of a kind in the world of WWE. Not in the sense that she was insanely hot (because that's a tick box for Vince McMahon) but in the way that she was completely different to everybody else in terms of her personality. She knew exactly how to work up the crowd and get every man in attendance a stern telling off from his other half while he salivated all over the place.

Candice wasn't in WWE for long enough, her run lasting for only four years. But in that time she improved from the green Diva Search contestant to winning the big title in 2007. But let's face it, her wrestling wasn't the memorable part of her run. The array of attires kept fans around her finger and carrying a magic wand around, she cast a spell on every single fan. We celebrate her career with this terrific ensemble taken from a Raw clash against Melina, with the bra and panties stipulation in play.

14 Stephanie McMahon (SummerSlam, 2014)

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Back before she was the most influential woman in the world of wrestling, Stephanie McMahon had a bit of an in-ring career. Highlights of that spell included a Women's Title run and a match against her dad. She was also given an F-5 by Brock Lesnar and teamed with Zack Gowen in one of the more normal storylines she's been in.

But it was back in 2014 when Mrs. McMahon-Helmsley really caught the eye when she returned to wrestling action against Brie Bella. Her shock return to action was met with a different sort of outfit to the white t-shirt and black trousers look of the early 2000s. In fact, it showcased that although she might be all lady suits when cutting a promo, the now 40 year old still sets the precedent for the younger stars.

13 Jacqueline (Royal Rumble, 2000)

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As one half of the Pretty Mean Sisters (that's PMS in case you weren't aware), Jacqueline was a pretty big deal in the late 1990s. In an increasingly boundary breaking time, the now Hall of Famer was one of the most popular females on the roster, and definitely one of the most talented. Although later in her WWE career she might have stepped away from the raunchy side of things, she more than made up for it throughout the Attitude Era.

Now we all know that Bikini Contests were Jerry Lawler's favorite part of the week, but he was in for quite the surprise at the 2000 Royal Rumble. Not only did Mae Young disrobe, much to the dismay of all in attendance, but Jacqueline left a lasting image in a pretty minimal costume. She later beat Chavo Guerrero for the Cruiserweight Title, but it's hard to determine which is most remembered by fans.

12 Eva Marie (SmackDown, 2016 Final Attire) 

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Eva Marie is no longer a part of WWE and for fans of wrestling, that's probably a good thing. It's fair to say that no matter how hard the company tried to make her happen, it was an impossible task. From lifeless promo work to forgetting to kick out of a pin, nothing really went right for the redhead. A true reflection of WWE's attempts to get into the reality TV side of things and step away from what's made them so successful over the past 20 years, Eva Marie just didn't work. With suspensions added in, a release was inevitable.

But the WWE Universe will always have their memories of Marie, and some are even positive. That's more to do with her look than anything else though. The WWE creative team were clever enough to put her in a red outfit to match her hair, hence the "All Red Everything" thing that she had going on. And it was what worked best for her in her latter days with the company, specifically in one her final outfits as you see in the picture above.

11 Christy Hemme (WrestleMania 21)

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The Diva Search winner's wrestling highlight was probably just that, having been selected ahead of hundreds of other entrants. She made her proper debut at SummerSlam in 2004, and what better way to start than against the likes of Trish Stratus in one of the most famous formats of all time - a Dodgeball match.

Like many Divas of her time, Christy wasn't up there with Trish and Lita when it came to the wrestling but she was still a key part of the Raw brand. But let's not forget that she did challenge Stratus for the Women's Championship at not just any event, but Wrestlemania 21. She might have been defeated but to be put in that position by the decision makers gives a big indication of just how well she was thought of at that time. She also had a look completely different to the rest of the roster. In a world of blondes, the red haired Hemme added something WWE didn't have at that time.

10 Chyna (WrestleMania X-Seven)

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She wasn't your standard Diva and that's what made Chyna into the worldwide star that she was. Able to battle with the men as well as the women, the Ninth Wonder of the World had the looks as well as the ability to dominate the female division.

Always paired with the biggest stars of the time, Chyna rarely ever lost and spent most of her time holding the Women's Championship purely because of the difference between herself and the rest of the roster. She battled against the likes of Chris Jericho and Eddie Guerrero and held her own well, but even though she was bigger and badder than the rest, she could compete in terms of male support. And back at Wrestlemania X-Seven, she balanced another easy win with arguably her best gear.

9 Lita (Raw, August 2000) 

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Lita, Lita, we all love Lita. Luckily that was never a chant because it's horrible, but the lyrics would make perfect sense. The records will show that Lita was one of the most successful females in wrestling history and for anyone who has ever seen her perform, they would agree. Entering the company paired with the completely forgettable Essa Rios, Lita broke free from those constraints and made something of herself.

And although her time may have been marred after the Matt Hardy incident, it provided a real opportunity to go ultra heel in her partnership with Edge and that was probably when she was at her hottest. But when she was fresh on the scene in 2000, that truly set her up for her historic WWE run.

We celebrate one her best attire's ever in the picture above as she celebrates a Women's Championship victory after defeating Stephanie McMahon.

8 Stacy Keibler (Wrestlemania XX)

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WrestleMania XX wasn't the best, but it was certainly a solid spectacle. The triple threat for the World Heavyweight Championship would go down as one of the best main-events of all-time had Chris Benoit not gone on to do the things he did three years after. Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle also put on a show, while The Undertaker returned to beat his brother, Kane. But mixed right into the middle of the card was something a little different.

Stacy Keibler teamed with Miss Jackie to take on Sable and Torrie Wilson, with the winners being selected to model for Playboy. It's not quite "Judy Bagwell on a pole" type stipulation, but it's not the sort of thing you'll ever hear of again in WWE. At the start of the match, all four competitors chose to battle it out in lingerie and Keibler, with the longest legs on planet Earth, put on quite a show for the MSG audience. Thankfully Vince and company picked the right match for this stipulation, or John Cena versus Big Show could have been a very different spectacle indeed.

7 Sunny (LOD Outfit, 1998) 

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Sunny was always a shining light throughout her time as a part of WWE. As popular with male fans as she was with Dolph Ziggler 20 years later (allegedly), she was even popular with her fellow performers, but not for long. Eventually, she'd had one liaison too many and it didn't take long for that same locker room to turn against her. Somewhere in here there's a joke between Sunny and heat, but we'll let you put it together.

She truly was the star of WWE for a good couple of years and she was no doubt the star of many teenage boy's walls as the pin-up of wrestling. She rarely actually took part in any matches but unsurprisingly, whenever she did she had the crowd right in the palm of her hand. We celebrate Sunny's best WWE attire in this shot, as she played the role of manager for the LOD 2000 team. This was her final gig in the company and at the very least, it gave us something great to remember her by.

6 Alexa Bliss (SmackDown Live, 2016) 

via heavy.com

Let it be known that Alexa Bliss is phenomenal. For most of us, she's the best at cutting a promo, one of the top the WWE have had in a long time. She's scathing, entertaining and does the role of a real, classic heel that so many have tried and failed to do previously. In the ring she's dynamic, and fully deserving of the major push she's currently in the midst of. And to top it all off, she's got the look.

Having been pushed up through NXT, the main roster is a better place for having Bliss in it. And her subliminal advertising of Suicide Squad last year showed Bliss at her blossoming best. With dyed hair, pig tails, that sinister look and the Harley Quinn look down to a tee, Bliss was brilliant. What was WWE like before her triumphant entrance?

5 The Kat (SummerSlam, 2000)

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Whatever a well overweight Samoan man can do, a skinny American woman can do just as well. Terri and The Kat battled it out in a Stinkface match back at SummerSlam 2000 and let's face it, we'd take that match over some of the shambles WWE served up earlier this week. Although the match lasted less than four minutes, Rusev versus Randy Orton lasted less than 30 seconds and at least the 2000 crowd could leave satisfied with what they saw.

As a wrestling spectacle, it didn't trouble any record book writers. But for the time, it was exactly what the WWE viewership demanded and it's fair to say that Vince was definitely more in tune with the WWE Universe than he is today. The Kat picked up the win and the plaudits, but doesn't finish above Terri this time around.

4 Terri (SummerSlam, 2000)

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Terri might not have left victorious that night, but she's narrowly edged above The Kat in this list. Never the best in the ring and not as utilized as the likes of Trish Stratus, Terri still had her uses in the company. For instance, the sad demise of Perry Saturn into a mop lover wouldn't have happened had he not left the Diva for a kitchen item....

But even though she might not have been the star diva of the time, Terri was deemed as hugely popular with the male audience - although every woman was in truth. And that night in North Carolina, the "She Devil" ensured that the Stinkface match went down in history as almost making up for seeing Rikishi's bare backside every night.

3 Trish Stratus (Taboo Tuesday, 2004)

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Making choices can be quite a difficult thing. What car to drive, where to live and most importantly of all, what's your favorite memory of Trish Stratus? The legendary multiple time Women's Champion will go down in history for helping to transform the division and in turn, transition from barking like a dog at the request of her owner into becoming arguably the most important female athlete in sports entertainment history.

Constantly encapsulating audience with her abilities, persona and looks, the former T&A manager truly did give 100% Stratusfaction. And during Taboo Tuesday 2004, she didn't let that slip in the "Fulfill Your Fantasy" match. The fans chose for the participants of the Battle Royal to battle it out in schoolgirl outfits, Trish Stratus was there, and won. But on that night, everyone won really.

2 Torrie Wilson (WrestleMania XX)

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The world needs more of Torrie Wilson and we'll argue with anyone who says otherwise. For anyone who has seen Wilson on her Instagram feed, you'll know that she's still in phenomenal shape. If we're being honest, she's probably even hotter than she was in her WCW and WWE days and that's saying something.

Torrie never had a run with the Women's Championship but that was never really needed to elevate her to the top of the division because she got there in her own way. In the ring she wasn't bad, but the whole wrestling side was never really what she was there for. She was undeniably the most popular female on SmackDown and from her Dawn Marie rivalry to erm... her rivalry with Sable, she will live long into the memory.

1 Sable (Vengeance, 2003)

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Sable is Brock Lesnar's wife and therefore, she should never be offended. That's not the reason why she's top of this list though; it's primarily down to her historic times in a wrestling ring. Whether in her original spell of the 90s or her return from 2003 onward, Sable was always guaranteed to get some sort of a reaction from the crowd. And while she wasn't the best technically, that reaction usually came courtesy of her appearance and behavior.

It's difficult to pick out just one memorable outfit from throughout her run, but her regular ring gear in her second spell was incredible because it showed off a woman who was approaching 40 and still in the shape of her life. Will she return for a third stint alongside her husband?

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