15 Of The Worst Finishers In The WWE Right Now

A finishing move is supposed to mean something, but these ones just don't work... 15 Of The Worst Finishers In The WWE Right Now.

“Stunner!” “RKO! Out of nowhere!” “Spear! Spear! Spear!” Whether called by “Vintage” Michael Cole or Good ol' J.R., nothing gets a wrestling fan’s blood pumping like a good finisher. It’s unique, it’s devastating and it’s the coup de gras (no pun intended) of a match. They come in many forms as well; destructive as an F-5 or as simple as a superkick. High flying like a Red Arrow or technical like a Coquina Clutch. There’s no question WWE has an abundance of finishers that wow fans, pop them to their feet, put them on the edge of their seat and make them scream “Holy ****!”

We’ve seen how a finisher can make or break a superstar. No one cared about Rocky Maivia. Then suddenly, he became known as The Rock and was given a fitting finisher, the Rock Bottom. Similarly, no one cared about The Ringmaster. Suddenly, he becomes Stone Cold Steve Austin, gets a fitting finisher, the Stone Cold Stunner, and the crowd goes nuts. Same for Randy Orton, John Cena, even Scotty 2 Hotty with The Worm, good fitting finishers can add an extra layer of intrigue to a character.

Unfortunately, not all superstars have a great, suitable finisher, and this affects the paying crowd’s reaction. There’s plenty of articles about the top finishers in WWE, but I’m here to talk about the abysmal ones that are in the WWE right now. The ones that “absolutely, undoubtedly, unquestionably, 100% completely SUCK!” This article is about them. Here’s a list of the 15 worst finishers in the WWE today.

15 King’s Landing (Seth Rollins)


That’s right. In an effort to “Be like no one,” Seth Rollins has retired the Pedigree that he stole from Triple H. He’s now using some very stupid, weak looking jumping knee finisher called “King’s Landing,” a rip off from Game of Thrones. Look, I’m thrilled “The King Slayer” (also taken from GOT) is using his own move, but does he have to use something so basic? Where’s the Curb Stomp (not that I thought that was a great finisher either, honestly)? Seth Rollins is a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He has an awesome moveset. He’s one of WWE’s top stars. So why is his finisher so terrible?

Rollins needs a finisher that sets the fans to their feet. Something that generates a pop. Something worthy of a top star. Seth Rollins’ stock has taken a hit since his face turn, and his lack of an impactful finisher isn't helping him.

14 Rear View (Naomi)


I’m actually a fan of Naomi. I think she’s an excellent athlete and has become a pretty solid wrestler despite her lack of prior experience. She a two-time SmackDown Women’s Champion, and fans knew right away Naomi had the talent to make it in WWE. Unfortunately for Naomi, her finisher gets a lot of flak. The Rear View is Naomi’s finisher which consists basically of her jumping at a running opponent and slamming her posterior into her opponent’s face.

I hate to say it, but it’s not the worst finisher out there. Lately, it’s only been a signature move anyway. In a strange kind of way the move fits her character, also. Plus, getting a face full of Naomi’s steel booty is probably more damaging than people think. At the end of the day though, it’s butt cheeks to the face. Not exactly on the same echelon as a face crushing G.T.S. or stunning RKO.

13 Spear (Roman Reigns)


Roman Reigns is the face of the company and pushed like he’s 2017's Diesel. However, “The Guy” has one of the worst finishers. The Spear was an awesome set up for Goldberg, and it made sense for him to use it with his football background. “The Gore” tore people in half when Rhyno used The Spear, and it fit his gimmick and looked deadly. Even Edge started using The Spear, but by then the move was being overused and starting to look weak.

Reigns is WWE’s guy, despite his dull mic skills, and one would think they would at least find him an exciting finisher. Why not utilize his strength with a power finisher? The Spear, and in this case, Reign’s weak hitting Spear, is making “The Guy” look like the joke.

12 Helluva Kick (Sami Zayn)


I know everyone loves Sami, but his finisher sucks. The Helluva Kick suffers from the same problem as the Running Kneese (see next entry). It’s just so bland for someone that deserves so much more. Maybe I’ve just seen too much El Generico, but his finisher is so lackluster. It’s a Running Big Boot. That’s all it is. Oh, I’m sorry, it’s in the corner. Okay, so, why would any opponent ever lean against the turnbuckle if he knew that’s the one spot in the ring Sami can hit his finisher? It makes no logical sense.

Sami’s known to use the Brainbuster. Why not use that? Or just let Sami use the Blue Thunder Bomb as his finisher, which gets a pretty good reaction already. I’m sorry, a running boot to the face doesn’t cut it, especially when so many other wrestlers use a simple big boot anyway as a regular move.

Despite his dumb finisher, Sami Zayn is still over on his own. Imagine if this guy had a logical finisher, one that didn’t require his opponent to be in one certain spot in the ring to execute and something not as basic as a kick.

11 Running Kneese (Tony Nese)


If you don’t know Tony Nese, I wouldn’t blame you. He came over as part of the Cruiserweight Division. Unfortunately, he really doesn’t have much to show for it. He may be only 5’9” but he’s an incredible talent, has a great look and has put on some great matches. The only problem with his ringwork is his terrible, dull finisher. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good move, and I actually like the move playing off of his name. Let’s be honest though, it’s a boring finisher.

Wrestlers get hit with a knee all the time and that doesn’t finish a match. The Running Kneese could be a great set up to a finisher though, like Zack Ryder’s Broski Boot. Nese needs a great finisher to go with his great ringwork and look. A running knee is probably the worst finisher you can give him, especially in a Cruiserweight Division that demands flashy finishers.

10 Bayley to Belly Suplex (Bayley)


Aww. Because this move has a cute name and everyone loves Bayley, it pains me to add the Bayley to Belly Suplex to the list of worst finishers. The move is a cute play off of the belly to belly suplex, but it’s really just a simple move at the end of the day. She is (or was) the most over female superstar on the roster. She a former Raw Women’s Champion. How about giving her a better finisher? Use the Bayley to Belly Suplex to set up a better finisher or just give her a secondary finisher. A belly to belly suplex shouldn’t be a finisher any more than a body slam. After seeing the kinds of moves wrestlers kick out of today, this just simply doesn't cut it. Sorry, Bayley. How about hug?

9 Beauty Shot (Tyler Breeze)


For some reason people like Tyler Breeze. He’s not terrible by any means, but his finisher is dull as dirt. The Beauty Shot is a spinning heel kick. He hits it perfectly and the opponents sells it like a finisher. The problem is that the move is just too boring, too basic and no one cares when he hits it. It’s not like we haven’t seen a spinning heel kick before, and we’ve seen plenty of people kick out of it before. So, why is this one so special? It’s not, and the Beauty Shot really needs to be demoted to signature move at best. Tyler Breeze has potential, so let’s give him a finisher that lets him stand out a little bit. Why is his spinning heel kick so much more devastating?

8 Running Corner Dropkick (“Gentleman” Jack Gallagher)


Another guy from the Cruiserweight Division with a boring finisher. Correction: The Most Boring Finisher Ever! The reason WCW had such a successful Cruiserweight Division is because of the flashy, exciting, high flying moves. Here we have someone who uses a running dropkick in the corner as a finisher. Yes, a dropkick is a finisher now. You know, the move Daniel Bryan used to use as a regular striking move in the corner. Somehow this finishes matches now. This is by far the worst most woefully dull finisher I have ever seen, and people wonder why the Cruiserweight Division sucks.

Gallagher is actually rather entertaining despite this, but he is not going anywhere in professional wrestling with a dropkick as a finisher. The Cruiserweights are agile, quick and high flying. Is it so much to ask that to have a little imagination with these finishers? Save this division and give these guys some exciting finishers, ASAP.

7 DDT (Alexa Bliss)


Alexa Bliss is a two-time RAW Women’s Champion and a one-time SmackDown Women’s Champion. She’s been nicknamed “The Goddess” and has even been compared to the great Trish Stratus. So, what’s her finishing maneuver? A DDT… Could such an amazing rising star be given a finisher any more boring? It’s not even a theatrical DDT, it just looks like a regular DDT that literally every superstar has kicked out of for a two count. What’s next? Is an arm drag going to be a finishing maneuver now? Why is Alexa’s DDT so destructive? Her DDT finisher makes no sense. It’s time Alexa got a real finisher, one worthy of a champion, a “Goddess” and a women’s wrestler that has a bright, limitless future ahead of her.

6 Claymore (Drew McIntyre)


Drew McIntyre was “The Chosen One” when he was in WWE. He had a good look and a great finisher, “The Future Shock,” but he just wasn’t catching on with the fans. He went to TNA and the Indies and his career restarted. When McIntyre started to make a name for himself in the Indies, WWE invited him back. While McIntyre is a bit more over now and his physique and ring skills are looking better than ever, I wish I could say he still has his awesome Future Shock finisher.

He’s using another finisher, called the “Claymore.” It’s an awesome name for a pathetic finisher. It’s just a running dropkick, and it’s not even using both legs. It’s a cool non-finishing move and his opponents sell it like they’re hit with a shotgun, but it’s not good enough to be the finisher of “The Chosen One.”

5 Shining Wizard (Adam Cole)

All that hype and that’s his finisher? I’m sorry, that’s not going to cut it. This guy has been hyped to the moon, and we know he’s got better than that in his arsenal. I know it’s early, and he can still change his finisher, but Cole has been built up to be the next big star. Give him a finisher that wows people not one that makes us say, “That’s it?”

4 The Accolade (Rusev)


I’m a huge Rusev fan, but his “Accolade” finisher is a huge disappointment. It’s basically a camel clutch which is a nice submission hold, but there’s some issues with it being a finisher for Rusev in today’s product. For one, it’s been done to death. Iron Sheik used it, Sgt. Slaughter used it, Muhammad Hassan used it, for a while Jinder Mahal used it. It’s an over exposed finisher.

Two, Rusev is a big guy. There’s no doubt having Rusev sitting on top of you pulling your chin back would hurt like hell, but the guy is so massive and strong, I was hoping for some sort of massive slam when the “Bulgarian Brute” debuted.

Rusev hasn’t been as dominant lately, so it’s rare to see any finisher from Rusev, but he does seem to be moving away from the Accolade and using an unnamed superkick instead. That superkick would be a better finisher for such a big guy to use. Unfortunately it seems everyone else in WWE is also using the superkick as a finisher these days.

3 KO (Kassius Ohno)


Kassius Ohno is a 6’4” tall wrestler on NXT. He excelled in the Indies, then came to WWE’s developmental territory, NXT. However, Ohno would be released because of his poor physical shape, only to be invited back despite being in even worse shape. Still, Ohno’s physique isn’t his issue.

Ohno is a stud in the ring with a massive moveset, so why the heck is his finisher an elbow to the back of the head? His KO finisher is a little more elaborate than that, but it’s still just an elbow. Wrestlers take elbows, kicks, punches and knees to the head in every match. So, why is his elbow especially devastating? It’s boring and makes no sense. Thankfully, he seems to be using a discus big boot which is kind of cool. If he used that as his finisher, I could live with that, but the KO finisher is too “meh.”

2 Corner Forearm (Mojo Rawley)


Mojo Rawley is an up-and-coming star, bringing a lot of intensity to SmackDown. He won the Andre The Giant Battle Royal earlier this year. Winning the Battle Royal trophy should indicate upper management’s high feelings on Mojo, and he could be a star in WWE. The problem is his finisher absolutely sucks.

Since, when is a running forearm a finisher? That’s right, his finisher is a running corner forearm. It does look strong, but not strong enough to be a finisher. Does Mojo have a steel plate in his arm like Lex Luger? At least that was the excuse for Lex Luger, but even then, the forearm wasn’t Luger’s finisher for long. I like Rawley, but for such an intense dude, his finisher needs to be just as explosive and as intense as he is. A running forearm just doesn’t pop the fans like a finisher should.

1 Jawdonzo (Enzo Amore)


Enzo actually does have a finisher, even though he’s everyone’s punching bag right now. His finisher is the “Eat Defeat,” “Lost in the Woods,” inverted stomp facebreaker that Gail Kim and Xavier Woods used. Now, Enzo uses it, calling it the “Jawdonzo,” whatever that means. It’s not a bad move, but we’ve seen it before.

The move was pretty cool when Gail Kim used it, introducing fans to the move, but now with Xavier Woods having used it, the move kind of lost its steam. It’s just not as cool anymore. I’d say Enzo needs a finisher worthy of a Cruiserweight Champion and “realest guy in the room,” but with Enzo’s reportedly nuclear heat, who knows how long he’ll even be in the company for it to matter.

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15 Of The Worst Finishers In The WWE Right Now