15 Of The Worst Pro Wrestling Families

The world of wrestling has featured many families trying to make their mark in the industry. We have witnessed several examples of second and third generation stars that continue the tradition of living the pro wrestling journey similar to their fathers. The Rock and the Rhodes brothers are the better examples of continuing the family legacy in a great way.

There are also other forms of family ties in the wrestling business like being siblings in the industry. The Hardys (Matt and Jeff) along with The Steiners (Scott and Rick) would be successful tales of brothers both shining in the wrestling world. Sadly, such stories don’t always go as positively as these examples.

Most of these stories feature various members of a family having terrible careers or being relatively overrated. The families selected all have less than stellar moments in the wrestling business and harmed their legacies for a multitude of reasons. Some of them have achieved success but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re good and the end of the day the negatives overshadowed any positive impact they might have had.

In the future, many more relatives of wrestling stars will likely embark on a road into the wrestling business. As of now, the selections on this list hold the claim for being the worst. We’ll break them all down with fifteen of the worst pro wrestling families of all time.

15 The Jarrett Family

The Jarrett family has been involved in the wrestling industry for a long time through three generations. Jerry Jarrett became a promoter running various companies throughout his career. Many wrestlers despised working for Jarrett claiming he would pay them unfair wages while somehow finding enough money to pay his son, Jeff Jarrett. The reputation of Jerry saw a plethora of performers despising his business practices in the industry.

Jeff Jarrett also has a pretty awful history of stories following his career. As a wrestler, Jarrett received many opportunities in both WWE and WCW. Jeff never could run with the ball and always hit a ceiling, despite getting bigger pushes than other talents.

14 The Darsow Family


Two generations of the Darsow family have been involved in pro wrestling with Barry Darsow and Dakota Darsow. Barry worked as Smash in the Demolition tag team. Despite having the longest WWE Tag Team Championship reign in company history to this point, Smash wasn’t all that talented in the ring. The character and mystique involved in the Demolition gimmick helped get him over. His son Dakota tried to follow in the footsteps of his father but achieved little success.

13 The Nemeth Brothers


There’s no argument pertaining to Dolph Ziggler’s athletic talent, as he’s been a part of many great wrestling matches throughout his run. The problem is, he's always fell short of getting to the next level. Ziggler’s career has to be viewed as a disappointment. Think of all the stars to enter the WWE from Daniel Bryan to The Shield to Kevin Owens that all passed Ziggler by on the totem pole.

12 The Harris Brothers


Ron and Don Harris are one of the rare pairs of twin brothers to enter the wrestling business together. The Harris brothers looked alike, rocked similar tattoos, shared similar names (which seemed to be picked out of a hat) and both equally stunk at pro wrestling. They looked intimidating as the typical "badass bikers" that could strike fear into their opponents with a slight glance. However, the look of the Ron and Don was the only thing the twins had going for each other quite frankly. WWE hired them on multiple occasions and they flopped both times as the "Blu Brothers" and "The Disciples of Apocalypse."

11 The Singh Family


Two generations of the Singh family have been involved in the wrestling business and neither of them could deliver great entertainment. Tiger Jeet Singh wrestled over two decades in Japan performing under the stereotypical Indian heel type character. The longevity of Singh’s career definitely is impressive, but his in-ring work left a lot to be desired. Despite spending so many years in Japan, very few pure wrestling fans remember him fondly or refer to him among their favorite performers.

10 The McMahon Family


No family has been as important to the world of pro wrestling as the McMahons. That doesn’t exempt them for the many terrible things they have done throughout the years. Vince McMahon became an effective heel character as the authority figure opposing Steve Austin. Unfortunately, his ego grew to new levels and it led to the rest of the McMahon’s coming to television. Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon and Linda McMahon all became fixtures on the program.

Shane, Stephanie and Vince all were great characters. The only problem is they have dominated television one too many times over the years at the expensive of the other talents. Shane is popular for his risk-taking high spots, but he was never a great worker. Stephanie is an amazing heel until she sacrifices the wrestlers on the show by making them look weak in comparison. Vince has made many personal decisions that hurt the product in the past.

9 The Annis Family


Teddy Hart is viewed among the biggest disappointments in history of the pro wrestling business. The high-flying spectacle that came with his amazing aerial moves showed his huge potential to become a future star in the business. WWE made him one of the youngest wrestlers they signed to a developmental contract. His poor decision making and horrible personality saw his career go downhill and he would get exiled from every major wrestling promotion. His current position in the wrestling industry is on the outside looking in.

8 The Von Erich Family


You can’t argue with the success of the Von Erich family in Texas during the time of the territories. The Von Erich boys were legitimate Superstars to the fans in Texas. However, if you watch their matches back today, they're pretty subpar. Kerry Von Erich had the most potential and still couldn’t get past the mid-card during his time with the WWE. They were all slightly above average wrestlers that benefited from being in the right place at the right time.

7 The Armstrong Family


“Bullet” Bob Armstrong made a name for himself wrestling in the 60s working for three decades before finally retiring in the 90s. His body of work saw Armstrong perform all over the Southeastern United States area. He never really was considered one of the best in the world or a legendary performer, but still received a spot into the WWE Hall of Fame. His matches were quite vanilla with no flare whatsoever. That was allowed in the era, but his work does not stand the test of time today.

6 The Orton Family


WWE celebrates the Orton family as one of the superior in the wrestling industry, but that simply isn’t true. Bob Orton Sr. had a strong career in his era but never stood out as one of the bigger stars of the time. “Cowboy” Bob Orton found more success in the WWE as one of the flunkies next to the legend Roddy Piper. Orton accompanied Piper and Paul Orndorff to the ring for the first WrestleMania main event against Hulk Hogan and Mr. T.

The strengths of Cowboy Bob basically consisted of wearing a cast and being a background player. His matches left a lot to be desired.

5 The Bischoff Family


Eric Bischoff had a hell of a run in WCW by gaining power. His risk taking and big decisionsf led to the company reaching new heights. WCW took the war to the WWE and ignited the memorable "Monday Night Wars." Sadly, that power and success caused Bischoff’s ego to grow. He wanted to be on television more than he needed to and allowed his friendships with top wrestlers to impact the product. Bischoff’s strengths caused WCW to reach the top of the world, but his mistakes put them out of business.

4 The Colon Family


The Colon family has become more popular in recent years with the next generation having a chance to shine in the WWE. Carlos Colon is a former wrestler, but is most known for his promoting work in Puerto Rico. Many consider him a legend, but one horrible incident led to his reputation suffering in ways that can never be repaired. Bruiser Brody was stabbed to death in the shower at one of Colon’s shows. Colon allegedly threatened the wrestlers not to testify against the culprit and basically helped cover it up.

3 The Putski Family


Ivan Putski had a highly successful career in the WWE over the course of his twelve year career. Both Vince McMahon Sr. and Vince McMahon Jr. enjoyed the loyalty and hard work of Putski. It led him to remain employed despite being one of the most boring wrestlers in the industry. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter and their readers voted Putski as both the Worst Wrestler and Least Favorite Wrestler in 1984. WWE still chose to induct him to the Hall of Fame due to his longevity.

2 The Shane Family


This is the second case of twin brothers making the list, but Mike and Todd Shane are by far the worst brothers in wrestling history. The Shane Twins were jacked and that afforded them many opportunities in the industry. They had no talent and relied on their physiques. WWE signed them to a developmental deal and eventually introduced them on television as the team known as "Gymini," as Mike and Todd received a push on the SmackDown brand.

1 The Watts Family


Bill Watts has a controversial history as a promoter leading the UWF and later gaining power in WCW. His radical rules saw him ban top rope moves and demanding 90s wrestlers work a style that was more popular in the 70s. Watts would lose his position after making racist comments, stating restaurants should be allowed to refuse service to African-Americans.

Some people enjoyed his booking style, but there’s no argument against him being a horrible person that hurt the reputation of wrestling.

Another awful move by Bill Watts was booking his son Erik Watts as a wrestler in WCW. Erik had no talent, but received a push going over superior wrestlers time and time again. Pundits criticized the blatant display as nepotism. The history books will always view Erik Watts among the worst wrestlers of all time and Bill Watts as a hateful human being that should not have stepped foot in the wrestling business.

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15 Of The Worst Pro Wrestling Families