15 Of Wrestling's Lesser-Known "Users"

Professional wrestling, despite being a scripted performance is a harsh and difficult living for the performers competing in it. The feeling of get slammed constantly can't be pleasant and than you're at risk of receiving accidental and freak injuries. Because of wrestling's wear-and-tear, many wrestlers develop drug addictions. These drugs are varied but the most popular ones seems to be painkillers and muscle relaxers. Famed drug users in the wrestling business include Shawn Michaels, Sunny, Scott Hall, X-Pac, Chyna, and almost everyone before the Wellness Policy was implemented. Since then, WWE drug suspensions have happened very rarely. The last person to fall victim to a suspension was Paige in 2016. When 90% of American wrestlers took some form of drug to wanna continue their wrestling career. Obviously, serious drug abuse can lead to death and that has been the case with several wrestlers. Wrestlers like Chyna have fell victim the dreaded drug overdose. As I previously mentioned, it would be easier to find a wrestler who did do some form of drugs then someone who didn't.

Here are 15 professional use didn't know were drug users.

15 Tyson Tomko

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Tyson Tomko was Christian's bodyguard in WWE for a few years during the Ruthless Aggression Era. WWE tried to push him as a singles competitor and made him a monster heel and gave up on it quickly. In 2006, he quit the WWE and went to Japan. Tomko won the tag titles with Giant Bernard better known as Albert. In that same year he joined TNA and reunited with Christian. In TNA he held the tag titles with AJ Styles and the two were members of the Christian's Coalition and the Angle Alliance. He wrestled in both TNA and WWE up until 2010 where he left TNA for the second time. In 2011, Tomko was charged with robbery after he stole 210 Oxycodone tablets from CVS. He would then crush the pills up and inject them in his body. WWE would pay Tomko's time in rehab after this.

14 Perry Saturn

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Perry Saturn was one-half of the Eliminators in ECW. The team won the ECW Tag Team Championship on numerous occasions before Saturn left ECW for WCW. Joining WCW would turn out to be a mistake by Saturn as he would end up leaving in 2000 after creative differences. He would join the WWE in that same year alongside Chris Benoit, Perry Saturn, and Eddie Guerrero. Those four would become a stable known as The Radicalz and the team was short-lived. Saturn would struggle to be relevant on WWE television up until his release in 2002. After WWE he competed on the indies before going missing for seven years. He was homeless for a short period of time within the seven years. According to Saturn, he would run out of places on his body to shoot drugs into his body. He has also said that he would shoot it under his tongue.

13 Marty Jannetty

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Marty Jannetty was one half of the Rockers in the AWA and WWE. In the AWA he and his partner Shawn Michaels would win the Tag Yeam Championship twice. After The Rockers split, he would win the Intercontinental Championship from Shawn Michaels. After he would drop the title back to Shawn Michaels, his entire career would go downhill. Jannetty was given a failed attempt to form the Rockers with his partner Leif Cassidy. He asked for his release in 1996 after being unhappy with the team's lack of success. Jannetty has made a few one-off appearances in WWE since but mainly works on the indies now. His body is in horrible shape after years of drug and alcohol abuse. He can't even sit still to give an interview nowadays.

12 Road Dogg

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Road Dogg is a member of the famous Armstrong family. In the WWE, he began as the manager for Jeff Jarrett. The two are great friends left the WWE together in 1995. Jarrett gave Road Dogg a job when he first started TNA. He greatest claim to fame in the wrestling business came during the Attitude Era when he was one half of The New Age Outlaws. He and Billy Gunn became one of WWE's most beloved tag teams ever. They were members of an incarnation of D-Generation X. Road Dogg left the WWE in 2001. He struggled with drug use throughout his career in the WWE. During his time in DX, he became addicted to painkillers. He was able to kick his addiction because of a rehabilitation center.

11 Billy Gunn

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Billy Gunn has been most successful in his wrestling career when he was half of a tag team. Billy Gunn began his career as a member of The Smoking Gunns with Bart Gunn. The Smoking Gunns would win the titles three times. In 1997, he and the Road Dogg were at a career impasse. The two formed the New Age Outlaws and became one of WWE's most beloved tag teams of all-time. His final tag team partner was Chuck Palombo. He and Palombo worked with controversial gimmick very well and the two one the tag titles twice. In 2012, he made his return to the WWE and worked mainly in NXT. He helped to trained several of the NXT talent and was a trainer on Tough Enough. In 2015, he was fired from his job for high levels of testosterone which indicates PED use.

10 Umaga

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Umaga was one of WWE's best talents when he first debuted in 2006. He was on of the best monster heels WWE has ever created. He ran through everybody, Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair just to name a few. In 2007, he got his first shot at the WWE Championship against John Cena. As the history books will show, Umaga did not win. He got a rematch and lost once again. At WrestleMania 23, he would lose yet again this time to Bobby Lashley. Umaga didn't lose for an entire year and then would go on to lose at three straight pay-per-views. After his career began spiraling out of control, Umaga would begin to get lost in the shuffle. He was released in 2009 after a wellness violation and refusal to attend rehab. In December of 2009, he died from a drug overdose.

9 Carlito

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Carlito joined WWE's main roster in 2004. His gimmick was very simple. He was "cool" and took that gimmick and hit it out of the park. In his first match, he defeated John Cena for the United States Championship. He had one of the better talk shows on WWE's main roster called Carlito's Cabana. Carlito couldn't get over the mid-card hump during his WWE run. He was booted off the Wrestlemania 25 card with his cousin Epico. Those two split up in that same year. In 2010 he was the NXT coach of Michael Tarver. In 2010 he was released after a wellness policy violation and refusal to go to rehab. Carlito was struggling with a painkiller addiction. There were talks of him returning after the draft in 2016 but it hasn't happened.

8 Test

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Test had a promising WWE career that began in 1999. He was a member of Vince McMahon's Corporation. Test's biggest claim to fame was being one half of tag team T&A with Albert. The team was managed by Trish Stratus. Although they never won the Tag Team Championship, the two were a staple for the Attitude Era. After they broke up, Test floated around the mid-card and picked up some mid-card championships on the way. He was released in 2004 after a surgery. They brought him back in the new ECW and was released before being back a full year. He had one match in TNA and retired from pro wrestling at the age of 33 in 2009. Four days before his 34th birthday Test would die from a drug overdose of Oxycodone.

7 The British Bulldog

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Davey Boy Smith was one half of The British Bulldogs with Dynamite Kid. They wrestled in the 1980s for the WWE. They one the tag titles on one occasion. After they split up, Smith kept the British Bulldog name and became a singles competitor. His greatest moment as a singles competitor came at SummerSlam 1992. He defeated his real-life friend Bret Hart in England at Wembley Stadium for the Intercontinental Championship in the main event. A detail Bret Hart tells about the match is that he had to work the Bulldog on the fly. Bulldog was not in the right state to compete in the match and Hart had to work it by himself basically. Bulldog passed away in 2002 two years after his WWE release. He died from years of drug overdose including steroid use.

6 Raven

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Raven is easily one of wrestling's most innovative characters. His work in ECW was tremendous. His promos were something that we haven't seen in wrestling before. He was a focal point of ECW during the early days. His feud with Tommy Dreamer lasted three years and never at one point felt stale. Raven is a two-time ECW Champion as well as a four-time Tag Team Champion. After a two-year stint in WCW as well as a short return to ECW, he returned to WWE. WWE did horrible things to the Raven character and neutered it. TNA helped give him back some of that credibility. The ECW locker room was filled with drug users. Raven was admittedly one of them and was avid user of pain medicine.

5 Eddie Guerrero

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Eddie Guerrero is one of the most beloved wrestlers ever. It would be incredibly hard to find a wrestling fan that dislikes Eddie Guerrero. What he did for the Cruiserweight Division in WCW helped revolutionize a different style of professional wrestling we weren't use to. He left WCW after being booked as if he were something less than a main eventer. He won the Intercontinental and European Championship during his first WWE run but was released in 2001 after an addiction to pain medicine was revealed and he refused to go to rehab. He returned in 2002 and in 2004 won his first world title after defeating Brock Lesnar. In 2005, the wrestling world were caught off-guard by the death of Guerrero which was caused by heart failure after years of drug abuse.

4 Miss Elizabeth

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Miss Elizabeth was Randy Savage's valet for much of his early career. She helped Savage a great deal early in his career and added another element to his character. She was a part of many memorable moments during her WWE career. These moments include the first W when she took her skirt off to help her team win. At WrestleMania VII when she reunited with her husband in a moment that sent serious emotions to the heart of many fans. She joined WCW where she manage her then ex-husband Randy Savage and later Lex Luger. Elizabeth and Luger wound up dating in real-life and the two had a wild relationship for the short period of time where they dated which included a domestic dispute. Elizabeth died a few days after the dispute from mixing alcohol with pills.

3 Kurt Angle

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Kurt Angle made the transfer from amateur wrestling to professional wrestling when he joined the WWE in 1999. Kurt Angle grasped the concept of professional wrestling better than any wrestler I can think of. Angle understood what to do both inside and outside of the ring better than any wrestler. Unfortunately another aspect of professional wrestling is high painkiller intake and that part found Kurt Angle. According to Angle he would take hundreds of painkillers a month for his neck issue. This addiction led to the split between he and Vince McMahon. Another addiction Angle faced was an alcohol addiction and he was arrested for DUI several times while with TNA. Luckily, Angle is back where he belongs and is addiction free.

2 Kevin Nash

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Kevin Nash gets a bad rap and is unjustly disliked by several fans of wrestling. His run as WWE Champion is considered horrible as he was a big man that wasn't a draw. The talent that he was put against was not the best. He faced Sycho Sid, Mabel, and the British Bulldog in the middle of his run. His ring work also gets a bad rap. When he was in the WWE his matches before his title run weren't as bad as people make them out to be. Admittedly, almost all of matches in WCW were not good. Nash like many of his Kliq buddies were heavy uses of pain medication. Nash has admitted in a shoot interview that he once took thirty-three Somas at one time. Nash was able to kick the addiction as he got older.

1 Brock Lesnar

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WWE considers Brock Lesnar to be their major draw despite hardly ever wrestling on WWE television. The former UFC Heavyweight Champion has had maybe the most successful career the WWE's ever seen. He was on the main roster in early 2002 and by the summer of that year he was a World Champion. He defeated the likes of The Undertaker and The Rock. By early 2004, he made the smartest decision an unhappy wrestler could do and that's leave. He was struggling with pain and after every time he wrestled he would take Vicodins with Vodka to help cope with the pain. The wear-and-tear on his body was so devastating for Lesnar that he would over a 100 Vicodins a month. Luckily, for wrestling fans Lesnar survived the drug and alcohol abuse.

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