15 Of Wrestling’s Most Disgusting Stories

The entertainment industry is a sleazy business both inside and out. Though there is some truth to the lifestyle being a sleek and glamorous package where your wildest dreams come true, it’s no secret that there’s a secret side to what entertains us that is dark, gloomy and sometimes gross. The WWE has had it’s fair share of purposefully gnarly moments over time and the business as a whole also has an extensive history of stories that will make your skin crawl, your stomach twist and your lunch lurch.

Whether it’s inside or outside of the ring, strange behaviors have always naturally attracted itself to the wrestling business. While it's not quite that way nowadays, the business has a history full of stories that sound gross when you first hear them.

There’s a saying amongst the boys and girls of the locker room: “What happens on the road, stays on the road,” and with all the crazy antics that seem to go down when the camera is both on and off, it’s no wonder. Whether it’s gnarly pranks, dank sex or the expelling body fluids, here 15 disgusting wrestling stories that will surely make you want to take a shower.


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Disco Inferno was… not as popular as the song, although he did try to live up to it’s hype. Despite his Cruiserweight, United States and Tag Team Championship reigns in WCW, he’s been mostly forgotten by the world of sports entertainment, yet risen in popularity in the world of perverts.

Old people and Twitter, for the most part, are a lethal combination. Recently, he’s tweeted strange and uncalled for things like “if you are at an independent wrestling show and there is a hot girl in the audience, post a pic of her and I will shout you out on my podcast.” It’s pretty mean for him to assume that pretty girls don’t watch indie-wrestling and extremely creepy to suggest fans take pictures of the ones that do.


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While sharing a hotel, Perry Saturn and Raven got bored and decided to call some strippers to their hotel room as a way to kill time. Unbeknownst to said call-girls, the simple act of stripping wasn’t enough and the poor ladies soon found themselves acting as a naked goal-net for a bizarre game of slip n’ slide.

Raven and Saturn set up a slip n’ slide in the hotel hallway, using a hose they attached to their room sink to wet it down. On one end of the slide was a stripper, sitting with her legs open. On the other end was a naked Perry Saturn with an 'accessory' strapped to his shining bald head. Raven would bowl Saturn’s body towards the lady, in hopes of striking a hole in one.

When the duo found out that there wasn’t enough velocity for Saturn to reach the lady, they went as far as to grab a fire extinguisher for an extra push. Needless to say, the ECW stars and ladies got kicked out of the hotel room. It’s not known how the lady feels about the incident, but at least she can be grateful Saturn was using a toy and not his old friend “Moppy.”


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Why Henry O. Godwinn would let himself go from a member of Ted DiBiase's Million Dollar Corporation to a humble hog-farmer, we’ll never know. I guess he figured he’d make bigger bank selling bacon. After Henry was kicked out of DiBiase’s heel-stable, he was joined by his cousin Phineus to form the Godwinns and the duo would soon find success as two-time Tag Team Champions.

Being hog-farmers, a staple in their career was dumping litres of brown, liquidy, grimy slop on their opponents. Though it’s reported that for the majority of the time, the mysterious slop-water only looked disgusting but was otherwise harmless, sometimes… people wouldn’t be so lucky.

It’s best to stay on their good sides as apparently the Godwinns would occasionally layer their murky water with poop, urine and other gnarly ingredients, bathing their unlucky combatant in something even the pigs wouldn’t play in.


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Part of a writer’s job in WWE is working and communicating with talent. After being notified which superstars they’re working with, It’s no surprise that a writer will usually call and message talent to discuss angles, storylines and gimmicks that will not only make audiences happy, but also the stars in question.

According to Figure Four Weekly, a wrestling newsletter, there was an incident where an unnamed new WWE writer took his privilege much further than what’s stated on his paygrade. Allegedly, this new writer was doing creative for some female talent and would make borderline harassing calls to the superstars, often calling them in the middle of the night or sending strange e-mails, most of which have absolutely nothing to do with work. Once the powers that be got note of this unnamed writer’s behavior, they unapologetically kicked him to the curb.


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When WCW out of business and it came as a shock when fans found out that Vince had purchased the company. What came as an even bigger shock was when months later Vince had hired his arch nemesis Eric Bischoff, the General Manager of WCW who nearly put WWE out of business, as the General Manager of Raw.

On a WWE Network Exclusive Countdown on Eric Bischoff’s career, he talks about a strange segment where he was forced to locked lips with Stephanie McMahon. As if kissing the boss's daughter on camera wasn’t weird enough, Bischoff states that Vince was in the room directing the scene, watching it all go down in real life. Why did Vince want his daughter to kiss the man who nearly put him out of business? I couldn’t tell ya. Bischoff has also kissed Vince’s wife Linda McMahon on WWE programming.

What’s even weirder is Bischoff isn’t the only one Vince has made lock lips with his daughter…


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Vince McMahon is the chairman of WWE. He is extremely involved with creative and everything you see on TV has to go through him. Vince has put himself and his family in a variety of strange storylines whether it be kissing female talent in front of his wife, allowing his son to be tossed around the ring like a ragdoll or putting his daughter in various hostage situations.

None sends more chills down the spine of the WWE Universe, however, than that time Vince and Stephanie McMahon kissed on the lips. Vince and the newly crowned Women’s Champion Stephanie sat on a couch in his office. She tries to convince Vince to allow her husband Triple H to take on The Rock in a match, seeking vengeance for something the Rock did to her. A strange aura surrounds the entire scene, a feeling of “I don’t like where this is going.” It was something about the tone in young Stephanie’s voice, almost like she was trying to seduce her father.

She grabs Vince’s hand and after some convincing she leans in for a kiss on the lips. You can see in her face that she was a little uncomfortable with it, but not as uncomfortable as everyone at home who just witnessed this entire segment.

9 Bradshaw's Hazing

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Bradshaw is notoriously known for vicious cases of hazing newcomers into the business. There's one story that Edge shared in his autobiography that one time, Bradshaw inappropriately touched him in the shower back in the locker room. While Edge saw this as a joke, others have come forward and said JBL did some hazing that went too far. One case was a younger wrestler on the roster having confessed to slipping something in a woman's drink and taking advantage of her. To teach him a morality lesson, Bradshaw dragged that wrestler into the shower and... well, it gets hazy from there on how far he went. Overall though, Bradshaw's gone a little too far in various hazing stories that have been told about him.


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On an episode of WWE Story Time on the WWE Network, Jake “the Snake” Roberts tells a story about a match with Andre the Giant on Andre’s birthday.

Andre seemed to be a bit of a jokester in the locker room during his time and would often bring antics to the ring. While he and Jake the Snake were in a match during a house show, Roberts reports that Andre had held him down and sat on his torso.

Unable to escape from beneath the cheeks of the 240-kilo giant, Roberts suddenly felt a strange, earthquake-like rumbling against his body for an incredible 30-seconds. Andre burst into laughter mid-rumble and when Roberts ask what’s so funny, the Giant joyously states: “I farted!”

When all was said and done, Andre got up and Jake noticed a giant greasy stain on his chest. This wasn't the worst of Andre's antics.


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“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan is a cooky WWE Legend who, throughout his tenured career, not only became the first winner of the now infamous Royal Rumble, but also faced-off against some of wrestling’s most historic figures.

One legend Duggan has faced in his career was Andre the Giant. Already known for not being very hygienic, Andre’s massive size and strength wasn’t the only thing that brought dread to his opponents. That’s why Duggan succumbed to one of his worst nightmares during a house-show against the Giant.

You see, Andre had this spot during the match where he would strangle his opponent with the shoulder-strap of his tights. Unfortunately for Hacksaw, Andre missed his throat and instead wrapped the strap along his mouth. Already deep into the match, Andre’s stanky sweat had already built up into his attire. The juices ran down Hacksaw’s throat like a streaming river and Duggan would vomit outside the apron upon release. Apparently, some of Duggan’s chunks splashed on audience members in the front row.


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Mr. Socko was so popular among fans he may have well won his own championship. As Mick Foley’s Mankind character evolved from a broken outcast to a more comedic style, the lovable sock was introduced during a segment where Mankind was paying comical visits to Vince McMahon in the hospital.

With Mankind’s finish being the mandible claw, Foley saw this as a prime opportunity to integrate Mr. Socko into the ring. Foley would take Mr. Socko off of his foot, which had been building sweat for the duration of the match, roll it over his arm and stick it in the mouths of his opponents until they passed out and he was deemed the victor.

If that wasn’t gross enough, Foley admits that he never used to wash Mr. Socko, which started making him extremely unpopular in the locker room. So just think of it, here’s a guy who is taking a sock directly off of his sweaty foot and sticking it in someone’s mouth, then you’re in a match with him and you have to take that same sock, now mixed with today’s foot-sweat, yesterday’s foot-sweat and the spit of the guy he fought yesterday and let him shove it into your mouth. I can’t say I blame the unpopularity.


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WWE is no stranger to decisions that leave a bad taste in your mouth and this was one of them. In 2002 the now-C.O.O. of the company Triple H was feuding with “the Big Red Monster” Kane. A part of this strange storyline involved Triple H revealing Kane’s secret, that he had killed a woman named Katie Vick 10 years ago. Kane responded by stating an animal jumped in front of the car while he was driving her home from a party, causing him to swerve, killing Katie.

The following week, Triple H unveiled a video that he says was of Katie Vick’s funeral. A dummy is seen laying in the casket, apparently supposed to be Katie Vick. Triple H approaches the “body” wearing a Kane mask. He then proceeds to grope and finally hop in the casket. The video ended with Triple H stating “I did it, I sc**** her brains out.”


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During an interview with YouShoot, New Jack talks about a time he and Sabu were walking down the hallway of a hotel room that many ECW wrestlers were staying in. While trying to find their room, New Jack recalls hearing a woman moaning that “Tod is God, Tod is God” through one of the doors within the hall. Curious as to what this is all about, New Jack and Sabu break into the room.

Inside, the duo allegedly find 2 Cold Scorpio with a woman as manager Bill “Fonzie” Alfonso and ECW Commissioner Tod Gordon watched while enjoying it a little too much.

According to Sandman, who was also in the room, the woman was yelling “Tod is God” because 2 Cold Scorpio told her to before getting on with the act.


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Terri Runnels was a key manager during the WWE’s Attitude Era. The bodacious blonde was a valet for “the Bizarre One” Goldust during the height of his career. The duo married in 1993, only to divorce six years later.

A decade after that, Terri Runnels would begin a relationship with one of ECW’s most crazed and rebellious figures, New Jack in 2009. Whether it’s his drug-fuelled in-ring performances, blasts of foul language or unapologetic distribution of extreme violence, New Jack is notorious for taking things too far, which made him popular among fans of hardcore wrestling.

 After Runnels and New Jack called it quits, she was forced to take him to court when she found out he was selling her private photographs taken when they were together. New Jack encourages people to “inbox him if they wanna see Terri doing nasty s***.”

The fact that he would try to sell private images of his ex like that is disgusting in and of itself.


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As seen on the 2011 season of WWE Tough Enough, Bill DeMott was the training equivalent of Simon Cowell during the early days of American Idol. He was loud and mean to contestants, making him the much-needed television jerk. Apparently, this persona wasn’t just for TV. Apparently, what we saw was considered a tame version, as DeMott has received a plethora of complaints from talent spanning anywhere from mistreatment, to embarrassment, to racism and sexism. Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins, MVP, Bob Holly and even Kenny Omega have all shared concerns about DeMott’s unprofessional demeanor.

One of the most notorious of these horrid DeMott stories claims that the former WWE trainer told his developmental talent that anyone who stripped naked in the ring and either gave or took a stink-face would be allowed to take the day off. The trio who volunteered were Melissa Coates, Zack Ryder and Luke Gallows, the latter of which stripped down and stuck his big butt on the female superstar as well as “Long Island Iced Z.” There is a picture floating around of a naked Luke Gallows rubbing his bare into Ryder’s face Rikishi-style.

In a bizarre twist of events, DeMott allegedly stuck jelly-donuts between the face-cheeks of the receivers and the butt-cheeks of Gallows to sweeten the deal.


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Large-set superstars are a lot of things. They’re big, they’re strong and they can get very sweaty. With perspiration comes an aroma that is generally unpleasant. Dusty Rhodes is considered one of the all-time greatest and most charismatic performers in the history of sports entertainment. A mentor in NXT before his passing, he is also highly respected amongst talent and fans alike.

That being said, many people who’ve shared the ring with Dusty say that, despite their tremendous respect, he was fairly smelly to be around. Dusty wasn’t too keen on washing his gear and after taking part in gruelling, sweat-drenched matches, it’s no surprise that his tights would catch a bit of an odor, particularly where the sun don’t shine.

To counteract this, Dusty invented “the Muffler,” which essentially was a bunch of paper towels bunched together and shoved up between his butt-cheeks. This towel would act as a sponge and absorb all the sweat dripping from his behind.

John “The Barbarian” Nord recalls a time he faced Dusty in a match. While setting Dusty up for a Piledriver, Nord witnessed the Muffler drop out of Rhodes' tights and into the ring. The site of the reportedly brown-stained towel nearly made Nord vomit in the middle of the ring.

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