15 Old Man Photos Of The Undertaker You NEED To See

The Undertaker is one of the most iconic wrestlers in WWE history. His constant ability to reinvent himself, his appeal to the crowd, his WrestleMania streak and his plethora of memorable matches place him among the greatest men to ever step into a ring. But what's one thing that separates him from most other WWE Legends? His longevity.

Perhaps Undertaker's two best matches came against Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 25 and 26, when this guy was already in his mid-40s. He put on a heck of a match against Shane McMahon at this year's WrestleMania at the age of 51. Even though it's obvious he doesn't quite have the energy and movement to be as great as he once was, Undertaker is still reliable enough to put on a main event.

However, behind the scenes, Undertaker sure looks 20 years older than he really is. When it comes to WWE, his hair and beard are died black. But outside of the ring, he's a totally different looking man. Here's a look at 15 shocking photos of him ageing that you need to see.

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15 Age is just a number

via static.independent.co.uk

The Deadman, who's 15 years older than his real-life wife, Michelle McCool (pictured,) looks like anything but a guy who was able to face Shane McMahon at Hell in a Cell and Brock Lesnar twice last year. It looks like he's balding already in this photo, as he doesn't have the signature long hair or fancy mohawk here.

And of course, he hasn't died his hair or beard black in the photo, either. To be honest, he looks like Michelle could be his daughter here. Another interesting thing of note: When has The Undertaker ever smiled as a character? He's doing it here.

Does he look that old to you here? It doesn't MATTER WHAT YOU THINK! There are 14 more photos to go through, so let's see how the Deadman looks as we progress.

14 Rocking Green

via i.imgur.com

Here, we see The Undertaker looking somewhat...unwilling to take a picture, I suppose? To be honest, before I saw this photo, I wouldn't recognize him if I saw him on the street walking past me. He looks like a completely average human without wearing any WWE attire or merchandise. The Undertaker is dressed up as someone who doesn't want to be recognized in public.

A nice green t-shirt and a regular hat with sunglasses. The only way to really recognize him would be by looking at the tattoo on his neck, if you can make it out. Maybe his 6-feet-10 stature would also provide some hints. But really, just stop and take a look at this man. Compare him to any photo of him when he fought at WrestleMania. Don't tell us you would be able to tell right away this was The Undertaker.

13 Like a Boss

via s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

Sorry Sasha Banks and Vince McMahon, but the real boss is the man you see in this photo here. The Undertaker once again looks completely unrecognizable with the sunglasses and his Texas Longhorns hat on. Maybe the tattoos on his arms would be a giveaway to some, but you'd have to have paid full-on attention to them during his fighting career.

And again, the grey facial hair makes him harder to recognize. And as you've noticed, the photo is cut off here. Looks like Undertaker wasn't so thrilled about being recognized by an eager fan who wanted a picture beside his idol.

On a side note, major props to this fan who was able to recognize him and take the picture. Perhaps he should consider a career in secret services for being able to spot such a big name who did his best to stay undercover.

12 Back in Black

via reddit.com

Well, we can't help but think you would recognize The Deadman just a little bit more in this picture here. He's wearing his signature black, albeit the WWE attire. We'll assume this was another thrilled fan who witnessed his idol and was able to get a photo. And look! He had The Undertaker half smile. That's a good thing, right?

But if you look more closely, Undertaker doesn't seem all that thrilled about having to take it. Once again, it appears as though his cover was blown. His beard appears to be more of the brown colour that we've seen him don before, so he doesn't quite look as old as other photos you have/will have seen.

On a side note, did anybody else just learn that he's a supporter of the NRA? If not that, he at least likes their shirts.

11 Hanging with Gnash

via prowrestling.ne/

Okay, now The Undertaker looks a LOT older in this picture here. We see him hanging out with Gnash, the official mascot of the Nashville Predators' NHL team. Now, do you want to know the scariest part of this picture, other than the fact The Undertaker could deliver a Piledriver to him at any given moment?

This photo was actually posted to the internet in Feb. 2013, meaning this is what the old man what have looked like at age 47. As it turns out, The Undertaker has actually began to age much more over the past couple of years than we thought. It looks to me like Undertaker is happier in this photo than Gnash. This photo might make history: The one time The Deadman smiled more than the other occupant of the picture.

10 Looking On

via pwmania.com

The Undertaker looks like he's in his 70s in this photo. The light complexion, the white beard and the hat that you'd normally see your grandfather wear during camping. Oh, and the casual t-shirt, too.

This all comes with age, but we do wonder if some of it is stress as well. Undertaker has suffered concussions in the past and has had problems fighting recent matches without getting injured. He also must have problems going to sleep any time he has to fight guys like Brock Lesnar or Shane McMahon.

9 Under(Taker) the Sea

via pwpix.net

With Undertaker no longer being a full-time wrestler, he's using all that money he saved up for adventures like this. Surely, a nice photo to see. This man deserves to go on the journeys that he's always wanted to. Being a WWE superstar means non-stop travelling year-round. This photo should be motivation for the younger WWE superstars. Keep working and doing your thing, and you'll eventually save up enough cash to go on wonderful trips like The Undertaker is doing.

We also wonder what adventures he saw under the water? Perhaps he came face to face with a Great White Shark and had to chokeslam it from his boat? But yeah, he definitely looks a lot older in this photo. This was before the days of the grey hair, however.

8 Just Chilling

via http://data1.ibtimes.co.in/

The Undertaker is without a doubt the freakiest wrestler of all-time. His persona, his music, his attire and his unexpected appearances out of nowhere definitely struck an element of fear into all of us. But it was a good a fear. A fear we all loved and it was a reson we wanted to watch him.But in this photo, he's very terrifying. The tall stature, the clenched fist, the mean mug and the sunglasses.

This photo should also remind you to never mess with a woman who has a man. The Undertaker looks overly protective here and is trying to come off as incredibly intimidating. Well, it's working on me, at least. No matter how much he continues to age, The Undertaker will always find a way to scare you the way he did when 20 years ago.

7 With Crutches

via i.reddituploads.com

Looks like we've got another huge Undertaker fan who was able to spot him in public. This time at a Starbucks. And man, does the poor Deadman ever look out of it in this picture. We've re-iterated many times how old he looks, but now on crutches? The 51-year-old really isn't in the shape he once was in.Fans have been speculating why he's on crutches. With no official reasoning released, we can only assume his body is just breaking down a bit from the three decades of him putting his body on the line.

Again, he just looks totally unrecognizable here. His hair is grey, he lacks the black makeup around his eyes and isn't wearing the epic cape or the signature hat. Or a WWE belt, either.

6 Blurred Lines

via pbs.twimg.com

I'm not sure who exactly is in this photo with The Undertaker, but it appears to be in someone's private home. Did this guy allow Undertaker into his house? Did Undertaker invite him in? We don't know, but man, this photo is definitely a little blurry, don't you think?

The Undertaker's beard is more white here than any mall Santa Clause I've ever seen. HE's wearing casual cargo pants and a Converse hat with a plain black t-shirt. Really, this just looks absolutely nothing like The Undertaker. He's just dressed so out of character and...oh yeah, the quality is bad. Even if he was in his original WWE attire and makeup, it wouldn't be that easy to recognize him.

Perhaps there'll be one more match where The Undertaker doesn't look anything like this.

5 Mean Mugging

via http://static1.thesportsterimages.com/

Well, we have to give credit to The Undertaker for enjoying his age. To us, he looks more tough and awesome when he's got the all black hair. But again, he only dyes it for the WWE. We should admire him for embracing his natural looks as he ages. Another reminder that you should never compare yourselves to others and appreciate your looks! Life is too short.

But man, this guy should be arrested for mean mugging. Look at that. It's straight-up terrifying. I just wanted to say that I don't think I'll ever approach this man for an autograph if I meet him. It simply seems too scary. We know The Undertaker is a real nice guy in real life, but again, I'm not willing to take any chances.

4 Mean Mugging, Part II

via scontent-lhr3-1.cdninstagram.com

I have read some stories about The Undertaker being very nice to people who approached him. He even offered to take one guy on a motorcycle ride for his birthday when they sat side-by-side at a concert. Now, I hate to make Undertaker seem mean and all, but it's tough to believe. Just look at how unimpressed he looks taking pictures with all of these fans.  The Undertaker has a cane and doesn't look like his real self, so he probably took the chances and hoped no one would recognize him.

We will give him the benefit of the doubt. I'm sure it's exhausting having to pause for photos with perfect strangers every day when he's finally at the time where he can enjoy every day life without working.

3 Ladies Man

via http://25.media.tumblr.com/

It doesn't matter if he's married and how much he's aged, the ladies still love Undertaker. These young ladies are obviously caught up in the moment of meeting one of their idols, and this is one of the happiest images you'll see of him meeting with fans. Perhaps they had the right approach. The Undertaker appears somewhat recognizable in this one. He does have a heavy black leather jacket and a fedora that looks identical to the hat he always wears when he makes his entrances.

The Undertaker actually doesn't quite look as old in this picture compared to others. But as someone who took photography class, the lighting of this picture definitely makes him stand out more as a happier looking person. But we can't discount that half smile, either.

2 He Smiled!

via http://www.wrestlezone.com/

Alright folks, history has been made. It appears as though The Undertaker has smiled for the first time ever outside of the ring. Actually, I haven't even seen him smile on WWE programming before. So let's consider this the first time he has ever smiled. Plain and simple. It looks like he and Michelle are at a home (perhaps there's,) with a nice guest in attendance. This must have been a great night for them, as The Undertaker looks thrilled to be wherever in the world he is in this picture.

He actually wouldn't be so hard to spot in public with this look. His hair isn't quite as grey. Oh wait, that's just the darkening of this image. Please pardon by ignorance. I do apologize for that.

1 The Old Guy

via cdn.wittyfeed.com

The Undertaker is 51 years old. That's not super-old for human standards, but it is for a guy involved in sports entertainment. The fact this man has been able to stand tall (pun intended,) for this long is amazing. But at least in this picture, he looks incredibly beat and exhausted. He's super pale, looks absolutely exhausted and the hair has totally greyed more than ever. To be fair, it appears as though this picture was taken at an airport. Maybe he's just jetlagged.

And you also don't envision him wearing a plain hat and a yellow sweater with regular shorts, either. The Undertaker is completely unrecognizable here. But perhaps that was the look he was shooting for, here. The Phenom has done so much in WWE, and his career is on its last legs.

So as you go through these photos, just remember to appreciate everything he has done. He may only fight one more match before hanging them up for good.

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