15 Old Man Photos Of Your Favorite Wrestlers

We sometimes get so drawn into the world of professional wrestling, that we forget that the wrestlers competing in it are humans too. A drawback when it comes to being human is that getting old is ine

We sometimes get so drawn into the world of professional wrestling, that we forget that the wrestlers competing in it are humans too. A drawback when it comes to being human is that getting old is inevitable. However, most wrestlers aren't like your average human beings when it comes to aging. Even when they are getting up there in age, they still compete in the ring like they are half the age that they actually are.

On the other hand, when they are outside the of the ring, they tend to act and look more like people their own age. We all have pictures in our minds of how we remember what our favorite wrestlers look like, but there is just no stopping father time. Stone Cold isn't the same man that ran roughshod over Vince McMahon and the WWE. Also as much as we would like it to not be true, Shawn Michaels is no longer the same man who earned the nickname of "The Showstopper".

Without further ado, here are 15 "Old Man" photos of your favorite wrestlers that prove age isn't just a number

15 Terry Funk - The Nerd


Terry Funk's wrestling career spanned over an incredible five decades. Funk started wrestling in 1965 before finally retiring for what seems like the millionth and hopefully last time in 2016. For the first thirty years of his career, Funk wrestled a traditional style. In the 1990s Funk decided to change up his style and became involved in hardcore wrestling. His hardcore matches in Japan and ECW were so some of the most violent matches in wrestling history. The crazy thing about Funk competing in these matches was the fact that he was already in his fifties.

Funk would continue to put his body through punishment for the next two decades. While there is no doubting that Funk is an old man today at the age of 72, he looks even older in that in this picture. It's hard to believe that this man wearing the coke-bottle glasses only just recently hung up his wrestling boots.

14 Hulk Hogan - He's Mortal


Hulk Hogan is without question the most iconic wrestler in the history of the business. He reached the height of his popularity during his time with the WWE in the 1980s and has been going strong ever since. Hogan is such an iconic figure that sometimes you forget that he's human and he's also getting up there in age. However, even with all the legal stress he has recently dealt with, he still seems to find time to go to the gym. At the age of 63, Hulk still has the big "pythons" that men half his age wished they had.

While Hogan looks a lot younger than he actually is, he starts to look his actual age any time he is with his wife, who is over two decades younger than him. In this particular picture, he is with his wife Jennifer and his daughter Brooke. The 'Hulkster' looks like he could be that father of both of them.

13 Raven - Broken Down


Although earlier in his career Raven competed in both WCW and the WWE, he didn't make a name for himself until he joined ECW in 1995. His gimmick was that of sociopathic who wore ripped jeans, and grunge t-shirts, and had long brown hair that was often draped over his face. He played a significant role in helping ECW becoming a success, especially early on in the company's history.

Throughout the years Raven did change up his looks a bit, but nothing too drastic. However, today he looks nothing like the dark character we all fell in love with while watching him feud with the likes of Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman. His signature long brown hair is now receding and gray. He looks like he would probably break his back trying to give one of his patented Evenflow DDT's.

12 Jerry Lawler - Sugar Daddy


It might be hard to believe, but Jerry Lawler has been in the wrestling business for nearly fifty years. He just recently turned 67 years old this past November, but he hasn't seemed to age much in the past couple of decades. Even though he's technically a senior citizen, he still wrestles a handful of matches a year.

While "The King" may look like a young man compared to other people his age, he starts to show his age when he's photographed with women who look young enough to be his granddaughter. You might think the woman in the photograph is just a fan, but she's actually his current girlfriend Lauryn McBride, who just so happens to be forty years younger than Lawler. Jerry has always dated younger women throughout his life, but while the girls have remained the same age, he has gotten much older.

11 Bret Hart - The Grandpa


Bret Hart is an absolute legend in the world of professional wrestling. The self-proclaimed "the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be" lived up to that statement by putting on some of the most classic matches in WWE history. Not only was he one of the best wrestlers, he was the one of the most popular. With his black and pink attire, his pink sunglasses, and his long black hair, Hart personified what it meant to be cool in 1990s.

It's been almost two decades since "The Hitman" competed in a match. While it's only natural that twenty years will age a person, the past twenty years haven't been too kind to Bret's looks. Rather than being the coolest wrestler, he now looks like coolest grandpa. Instead of wrestling the likes of Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels, Bret now spends his time play fighting with his four grandchildren.

10 Edge - Grizzly Adam


Edge had a lengthy career with the WWE that was cut short due to injury in 2011. He was just 37 years old when he announced his retirement, and he looked like he could have easily wrestled for at least another ten years. Throughout his 14-plus years with the WWE Edge pretty much had the same look, with his signature long blonde hair. After retiring, Edge finally decided to change his look up when he cut his hair short.

Despite the different hair style, Edge didn't look like like he aged a bit since he last competed in the WWE. That was until he made a recent appearance on SmackDown Live, where he once again had long hair, but he was also sporting a big bushy beard. With the patches of gray in his hair and his beard, Edge looked even older than he actually is.

9 Ric Flair - The Hunchback 


There is no question that the age of 67, Ric Flair is an old man. But you kind of forget just how old he is considering it wasn't too long ago that he finally hung up his wrestling boots. 'The Nature Boy' with his almost white hair, always seemed to look like he was a fifty-year-old man, even when he was in his late thirties and early forties. However, father time has definitely caught up to him. His once flowing blonde hair has now been replaced by rapidly thinning out white hair.

In this particular photo, Flair looks like an old hunchback rather than someone who is a former 16-time World Heavyweight Champion. All those years of drinking and partying seemed to have finally caught up to Flair. His old age stands out even more today, because like a lot of other aging wrestlers he loves being with women half his age.

8 Scott Hall - Rock Bottom


The downfall of Scott Hall's wrestling career has been well documented. All the years of the drug and alcohol abuse have really taken a toll on his body. Hall has never looked any older than he does in this picture. This must have been the rock bottom moment of his life, with his health being so bad that he was forced to be confined to a wheelchair. You know he's in rough shape when he's looking worse than Jake "The Snake" Roberts, who has battled many of his own personal demons.

Fortunately, with the help of Diamond Dallas Page and his patented DDP Yoga, Scott Hall managed to make himself look ten years younger today. It's sad seeing one of your favourite wrestlers growing up looking in a state so sad that he's almost unrecognizable. Here's hoping Scott has beat his demons, and we don't have to see him looking like he's eighty years old until he is actual eighty years old.

7 Kane - The Scholar


It's hard to believe that Kane has been with the WWE for over two decades. He made his debut with the company in 1995, and has been going strong ever since. Kane, whose real name is Glenn Jacobs, has wrestled under of few different gimmicks during his time with WWE. However, once he made his debut as The Undertaker's brother Kane in 1997, it was a career-defining moment for Jacobs.

While the gimmick of Kane will go down as one of the most feared characters in WWE history, Glenn Jacobs is nothing like his character. While his character is portrayed on television as someone who just loves to cause pain, Jacobs is actually a very bright man. He particularly has a passion for politics. With his gray hair, thick framed glasses, and business suit, Jacobs looks less like the 'Devils Favorite Demon' and more like the 'Devils Favorite Accountant.'

6 Lex Luger - Slender Man


When it comes to wrestlers with the best physiques in the 1990s, there might not have been a wrestler with a better physique than Lex Luger. His wrestling skills may have been average at best, but it was his bodybuilder type look that made him a top guy both the WWE and WCW. During his time in the WWE his character of 'The Narcissist' was based off his good looks. In WCW, his gimmick was once again built around his physique as he was known as 'The Total Package.'

Luger still looked like he was in phenomenal shape when he wrestled his last match in 2006. However, not even a year later Luger was confined to a wheelchair after suffering a stroke. While his health has improved in recent years, Luger currently looks like a shell of his former self. It's hard picturing that this frail old man is the same person that became famous for being the man to bodyslam the 500 lbs Yokozuna.

5 Shawn Michaels - Haggard


Shawn Michaels hasn't wrestled a match since 2010, but he has still made numerous appearances with the WWE. In everyone one of his appearances, he still looks like he's in fantastic shape, and could probably compete in a match at a drop of the dime. You don't have to look any further than this past WrestleMania when Michaels appeared in an in-ring segment in his usual wrestling attire. He looked like he was in the best shape of his life.

The fact that Michaels has always looked ten years younger than he actually is makes this recent photo of him at the WWE Performance Center a little weird. He looks ten years older than he actually is with his gray stubble and his many wrinkles. The rumors have never been more rampant about 'The Heartbreak Kid' making his return to the ring. If this picture is any indication, Michael's is in need of a shave and some rest before he's ready to return.

4 Sting - The Silver Fox


Sting is another example of a wrestler who has remained in fantastic shape throughout his lengthy career. Sting was able to have to great matches well into his fifties, wrestling men young enough to be his son. Sting has pretty much looked the same since dating back to the late 1990s in WCW. While he has been able to keep his body fit, the one noticeable physical change that ages him is his thinning hair. If it wasn't for his receding hairline you probably think he is nowhere near his actual age of 57.

While his hair may have thinned out in recent years, it has always remained brown in color. However, this picture from 2011 is a rare occasion where Sting sported his natural gray hair. It's safe to say it something just wouldn't seem right about seeing a "Silver Fox" Sting competing in the ring.

3 Randy Savage - Santa Claus


'The Macho Man' Randy Savage is one of the most iconic character's in wrestling history. When you think of Savage, you think of his very colorful attire with his signature sunglasses and bandanna. His promos were also uniquely him, with his raspy voice and high energy. During the late 1990s Savage's attire may have been less bright and his promos were not as intense, but he still remained one of the most recognizable faces in the business.

After making his last wrestling appearance with TNA in 2004, Savage quietly retired from the business. Savage remained out of the spotlight until 2008 when he attended the premiere of the animated film Bolt. He looked completely unrecognizable with his signature jet black hair now being white as snow. It's crazy to think how someone with an iconic look like Savage could become so indistinguishable from the next guy in just a matter of a few years.

2 Scott Steiner - The Kernel


Scott Steiner has almost always been known for his incredible physique, and even at the age of 54, he still looks more built than men half his age. Scott Steiner is also known for his bad temper, so you add that plus his giant muscles, he's definitely somebody you wouldn't want to pick a fight with. However, in this photo, Scott looks more like a business man than a fighter. This is because in 2016,  Scott opened up his own restaurant, where he now is serving burgers rather than punches. Despite the fact that Steiner looks like Colonel Sanders doppelganger, he did not open up a KFC franchise. Steiner instead opened up a Shoney's restaurant in Acworth, Georgia.

When 'Big Poppa Pump' isn't behind the restaurant counter, he still continues to wrestle to this day. He most recently was a part of Jeff Jarrett's startup promotion Global Force Wrestling. (Note the famous friends in this photo.)

1 Stone Cold Steve Austin - Fine Wine


'Stone Cold' Steve Austin became a household name during the Attitude Era, which was one of the most successful time periods in WWE history. Austin was so successful due to his no-nonsense attitude, while always defining the authority. His feud with Vince McMahon will go down as one down as one of the greatest in WWE history. While Austin was known for causing havoc inside and outside the ring, he was also was known for his love of cold beer. After every one of his one of his victories, it was a tradition that he would always chug down a few beers.

Seeing Stone Cold drinking some red wine while sitting near a fancy garden just doesn't seem right. It's hard to believe that Austin would have gotten over with that fans had he chugged down bottles of wine instead of beer. While it seems like the 'Texas Rattlesnake' has started to mellow out a bit, he still looks like he's more than capable to give out a Stone Cold Stunner at a moment's notice.

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