15 Outrageous Pranks In Professional Wrestling That You Need To Know About

Stress, fatigue, and the pressure of performing in front of thousands of fans can make the workplace a tension-filled bath house. That’s why we’ve heard many great tales of pranks being pulled in the pro wrestling community. These guys would spend six days out of the week together and, of course, they had to let off a little steam. Most pranks are harmless, while others can be a living nightmare for the victim. We never said wrestling was like Disneyland, so be prepared to hear some repulsive, distasteful or hilarious tales. We would like to mention that many of these pranks were done during a time when there wasn’t a corporate environment surrounding the business.

The likelihood of being disciplined was non-existent. For these, think of the WWE Network’s“Swerved,” but without the PG rating. We also would like to point out that some of the best ribs ever were done by three legends that are no longer with us today. Curt Hennig, Davey Boy Smith, and Owen Hart.

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15 The Pepper Hotline

In 1999, Al Snow had a feud with The Big Boss Man that revolved around Snow’s dog, Pepper. At one point during the feud, the dog went missing and Snow would plead to a Raw audience and the viewers at home, asking for help in finding his best friend. The vignette involved calling a phone number that appeared on the titantron. Snow said to call the number if anyone has any information about Pepper.

14 The Tonight Show with Jay Leno


In a shoot video, Ahmed Johnson told a beautiful story about Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith. As we mentioned in the intro, both Owen and The British Bulldog were notorious pranksters throughout their careers. No one was safe, including Johnson. Right around Johnson’s first WrestleMania (XII), he received a phone call from people working for Jay Leno’s talk show.

They asked Johnson if he would like to appear on the show, which he happily agreed to. He was so excited, that he bought fresh clothes and a chain worth around $4,000. While waiting to be picked up by Jay Leno’s crew in a hotel lobby, Davey asked where he was going. Davey then acted mad when he heard Johnson got invited to a talk show and he didn’t. Owen then appeared and asked why Ahmed the limo hadn't picked him up.

13 A Bet Among Legends


Before Stone Cold Steve Austin and Mick Foley became wrestling Gods, they were mid-carders in WCW. At the same time, an older gentleman named Diamond Dallas Page was trying to get his wrestling career going in the right direction. Page was obviously stressing out and nervous in those days and both Austin and Foley surrounded him like vultures. The two legends made a bet that they could break Page in two or three days because they were traveling and sleeping in the same hotel room together. Foley explains in his first autobiography, “Have a Nice Day: A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks,” they got DDP going when Stone Cold made a joke about his age.

12 Prank Phone Calls


You can ask anyone in the industry, Canadian wrestlers stick together and have a special bond. The same goes for Canadian countrymen Chris Jericho and Christian. With a great friendship comes great pranks and Christian pulled off an epic one after being pranked by Jericho. Christian talked about the rib, explaining he knew of a deaf telephone interpreter service from his indie days.

11 Padlocks! Padlocks Everywhere!


Curt Hennig was a genius at the rib game, even before he reached the status of a Superstar. A long time ago, in the wrestling community, many wrestlers would take padlocks and find ways to lock up colleague’s clothes, bags, and other personal items. Hennig was a master at this rib and was involved in a prank war during his time in AWA.

10 A Rhyno in the Woods


While doing a few shows in Tennessee, Rhyno would stay at James Storm’s house with Billy Gunn. After Storm and Gunn had a long night of drinking, Storm asked Rhyno to drive the next day, which he did. Little did he know he was about to be set up by Storm. While driving through the Volunteer State, Rhyno was pulled over by a police officer. It went normally, as Rhyno rolled the window down and obeyed the officer's command.

9 The Edge Splash


Tommy Dreamer and Edge may have had different backgrounds, styles, and charisma in the wrestling industry, but that hasn’t stopped them from being good friends. Dreamer shoots in a video that the former World Heavyweight Champion would pull off the legendary Super Fly Snuka splash while in a hotel room.

8 The Legend of Paul Bearer


What went generally unnoticed throughout his managerial career was Paul’s ribbing skills behind the scenes. He was creepy as hell in the ring, but was actually quite hilarious outside of it.

He ribbed multiple wrestlers during his time backstage and even The Undertaker felt his wrath. Taker apparently hated cucumbers, so Paul would hide them in his bag and even in his boots, which The Deadman was obviously none too pleased about.

Bearer took things a step further with Mark Henry by hiding his crutches when he broke his leg. Like Taker, Henry was furious and, to make matters worse, Paul was nowhere to be seen when poor Mark walked around the arena in search of his crutches.

7 Attire Malfunction


Mick Foley, Bob Holly, and Al Snow made the hardcore division matter in the WWE and it’s only fitting that a rib would involve all three. In Foley’s autobiography, “Have a Nice Day: A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks,” he dedicated one chapter to the legend of the pen** suplex. During a house show, Foley knew Snow was working with underwear on and decided to prank him.

6 The Mischievous Life of X-Pac


If you know about The Kliq, you know about X-Pac and his antics. We decided one rib wasn’t good enough so we included all three with the same theme, human waste. X-Pac didn’t care much about what his victims thought when he pulled off his poop pranks. Not even Mark Henry and all 300 pounds of him scared X-Pac from putting his feces in Henry’s sandwich, which Henry then ate.

5 Mr. Perfect's Favorite Bucket


Human waste and pranks were a part of the culture in wrestling for a long time. Don’t believe us? You can easily find tales of these outrageous ribs being used on unsuspected victims. Curt Hennig (Mr. Perfect) was no exception when it came to ribbing, especially with feces.

4 Sunny's Sloppy Day


Tammy Sytch or Sunny, whatever you want to call her, got a lot of heat backstage during her time with WWE. Backstage rumors indicate her behavior ultimately got her released by the company. Some believe, the backstage heat between Sable and herself actually caused the manager to lose her job.

In this situation, Mark Canterbury, known as Henry Godwinn, told one story about Sunny and the bucket of slop he used to carry around because of his farmer gimmick.

3 Roddy Pipper and a Bear


The Hot Rod, Roddy Rowdy Piper, was the ultimate performer in the wrestling industry. He was great on the mic, looked the part, and could take a lot of punishment. In his book, “In the Pit with Piper,” he lets the fans in on a prank that was done to him when he first started wrestling in the North West territories.

2 Coach's Gambling Problem


Being the new guy in the WWE locker-room can be hard. Jonathan Coachman was approached by Jerry Brisco to start a football pool soon after he started working for the company. It was a harmless $10 to pick the winners of the football games. Not realizing hew as being pranked, Coachman did what he was told. It wasn’t too long before the cops showed up and accused Coachman of running an underground gambling pool.

1 Mr. Fuji's Secret Ingredient


Some fans remember Mr. Fuji as being the ultimate heel manager in the WWE, while others remember him for his great work as a wrestler, especially in the tag team division. What a lot of people don’t know about Mr. Fuji is he was a hardcore prankster and not in the nicest way. One example is the stories of him eating at a restaurant with colleagues and he would drain his bladder right there at the table, projecting his waste on to the nearest person sitting with him.

But that's not the most shocking rib that Mr. Fuji pulled. The tale surfaced on Eric Bischoff’s podcast when he interviewed Hulk Hogan. After former wrestler, Tor Kamata, got on Mr. Fuji’s bad side, he decided to make a meal for Kamata and a few other wrestlers. After the meal, Mr. Fuji showed the guys his ingredients and came out with the head of cat.

The lesson is, don’t mess with Mr. Fuji.

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15 Outrageous Pranks In Professional Wrestling That You Need To Know About