15 Outrageously Early Ideas For WrestleMania 34

WrestleMania 33 is in the books and we think it's fair to say that it exceeded pretty much all expectations. So many fans were going into the Orlando extravaganza thinking that it'd end up just like last year, which is saying a lot considering just how bad the event was at AT&T Stadium. Seriously, go back and watch it then compare it to what we witnessed this time round - polar opposites.

Anyway, with the Citrus Bowl spectacular now a not-so-distant memory it's time to look forward. Yup, that's right, people: we want to talk about WrestleMania 34 and we don't care who knows it. Obviously it's often quite frowned upon to talk about Mania when we've still got the likes of SummerSlam and Survivor Series coming up on the schedule, but screw it.

The New Orleans event next April has a great deal to live up to, with its predecessor back in 2014 still considered to be one of the greatest Manias of all time. It had The Undertaker's streak being broken, Daniel Bryan finally reaching the top of the mountain and Triple H jobbing to a vanilla midget in the opening match of the night. Seriously, what more could you want?

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15 Sasha's Moment

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Sasha Banks is considered to be overrated by a lot of fans within the WWE Universe, but she deserves a lot of credit for the work she's done within the Raw Women's Division. After all, she and Charlotte put on some truly exceptional matches last year and The Boss has one of the best characters in all of female wrestling - if she was a heel, that is.

In the last two years we've seen Charlotte and Bayley have their moment in the sunshine at Mania, and it's about time that Sasha also gets to experience a victory on the biggest night of the year. They could even build whatever match she's involved in with the idea that she can't get the job done, which could actually be the catalyst for her long awaited heel turn.

14 Big Show's Send-Off

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We can probably count the amount of people that were excited for Big Show vs Shaq on one hand, but that doesn't mean it wasn't a shame that it got cut. After all, Show had worked incredibly hard to get into the best shape possible for the bout and it was a bit sad to see him relegated down to the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal for a fourth straight year.

Still, there's a chance for redemption at WM34, which will almost definitely be the World's Largest Athlete's final Mania. Of course, we all know that his contract is up a few weeks prior to the event, but allowing Show's contract to run out without one final big payday would be a huge insult to the guy.

Who knows, perhaps we could even see the final instalment of Show vs. Strowman.

13 Cena Vs. Joe

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John Cena and Samoa Joe, in case you didn't know, go way back. The two used to train together in California many a moon ago, with the two even sharing a few dinners together in the evening. Now doesn't that sound like a great way to start building towards a match between the two? Because to us, the writing is already on the wall.

Cena is slowly moving towards a more part-time schedule and whilst there's nothing wrong with that, we need to start looking towards the future - and the future is Samoa Joe. The guy is one of the most promising talents to walk through the doors of WWE for quite some time, and thus far he's been booked like an absolute killer. If they can keep that going all the way through until New Orleans, then this feud is money.

12 Foreign Acknowledgement

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This one would be a tip of the cap to every single person that travels thousands of miles to be at WrestleMania year in and year out. Essentially, the idea would be for WWE to put a graphic up on the screen that highlights how many people have come from each country that is represented. Obviously there's quite a lot to get through, but it'd be a pretty quick fire thing.

Then, if there's only one or two representatives from some smaller countries, they should be shown on screen and applauded for their outstanding dedication to the cause of attending Mania. After all, there isn't often that much recognition for us foreign fans and that's a damn shame when you consider how many of us there are.

11 No McMahons Involved

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This may be a controversial one, but just go with it. We don't want to see any of the McMahons involved with WrestleMania next year, at least not on screen. Sure they're good for a pop every now and again, but when you really think about it, we need to start putting the spotlight on the talent in the ring.

You could argue that Shane can still go, but his match against AJ Styles would be the perfect send-off for him when it comes to his participation in the ring. He's getting on in terms of age now and he's had his big Mania moments over the last two years - so there's no reason to carry it on. Please, WWE, be forward-thinking and put some faith in the younger talent.

10 The Club Collides

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Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows haven't really hit the ground running as many thought they would following their move from NJPW to WWE this time last year. Sure, they've had a run as Raw Tag Team Champions, but aside from that their characters don't really have much personality to them and a lot of fans tend to skim over their matches.

It's not that they're bad or anything, they've just been restricted within the WWE model. Hopefully, though, they can revitalise themselves by getting involved in a potentially groundbreaking feud - AJ Styles vs Finn Balor. Two former leaders of Bullet Club going head-to-head in front of over 75,000 fans at WrestleMania. Spectacular stuff.

9 Cruiserweight Chaos

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Every good WrestleMania features some kind of top level ladder match, and next year should be no different. In an ideal world, we'd like to see Neville continue to hold onto the purple strap all the way through to the New Orleans showcase. Then, with the company building up a whole host of other stars within the division, we finally see the culmination of his reign.

It'd make all the sense in the world as by that point, all the other superstars would care about is taking the title off of the King of the Cruiserweights. It's a very simple idea: the cocky heel champion is unstoppable in the ring, so all of the other guys team up to ensure that he doesn't walk out of WrestleMania with the belt.

8 The Real Takeover

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WrestleMania is the brain child of Vince McMahon, and as such we should all be incredibly grateful to the man. Unfortunately, the last few years have shown that he just doesn't have what it takes anymore to run things from a creative standpoint. Sure, there are good moments here and there, but you can't justify Randy Orton beating Bray Wyatt like that. You just can't.

So what would the Takeover be, you ask? Simple - Triple H runs WrestleMania. It seems like a baffling thing to suggest, but the King of Kings is on the rise in WWE's corporate ladder, and sooner rather than later you just know this is going to happen. Plus, he's got a great track record with the outstanding streak of great NXT TakeOver events. It's a no brainer.

7 The Ultimate Underdog

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WrestleMania XXX was the crowning moment for fan favourite Daniel Bryan. The leader of the Yes Movement had finally reached the mountain top after years of scratching and clawing, winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the best way imaginable. It was a heartwarming sight for all to see, and we'd quite like to witness a sequel next April.

With whom, you ask? Why, of course the answer is simple: Sami Zayn. The Underdog from the Underground seems to be following Bryan's trajectory rather nicely, with fans instantly latching onto Sami upon his promotion up to the main roster. It may seem a little lather, rinse, repeat - but just think about the pop if Sami finally wins the big one at WrestleMania. Magical stuff.

6 Farewell, Brock

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If you believe the dirtsheets, then next year's edition of WrestleMania may very well be Brock Lesnar's last. The Beast Incarnate has had an interesting second stint with the company, with his five-year tenure thus far providing us with a lot of surprising moments. In the present day, however, we think that New Orleans is the perfect place for Brock to ride off into the sunset.

Think about it - the place where he achieved his greatest victory over The Undertaker is also the place that marks the end of his professional wrestling career. You could build him up as an unstoppable monster with the Universal Championship in tow, and by the time WM34 rolls around he'd have been champion for over a year. It's a potentially great story if told properly.

5 Matt Hardy Vs. Bray Wyatt

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This may not seem like a WrestleMania-worthy feud to some, but just think about how great it'd be for a second. "Broken" Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt are two of the most interesting characters in the history of professional wrestling, and seeing them square off on the grandest stage of them all would certainly be a headline-making moment.

Plus, and this goes without saying, it would give Bray the chance to finally get a win on the board at Mania. After going 0-3 (0-4 if you count the atrocity that was WM32), the Eater of Worlds needs to bounce back and that isn't going to happen if you have Matt win here. Still, whatever the outcome may be, you can guarantee that this'll be something we've never seen before.

4 Taker Headlines WWE Hall Of Fame Class Of 2018

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The Undertaker supposedly retired from professional wrestling at WrestleMania 33, to the distress of pretty much everyone inside of the Citrus Bowl and everyone watching around the world. The Phenom is a hero to men and women from every walk of life, and seeing him descend into the darkness one last time was something that was hard to see.

However, we should all be given the chance to honour The Deadman one last time - as the headline act for the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2018. Taker could finally address all of the fans that have admired him for so many years, and whilst he doesn't have to completely come out of kayfabe, it'll be nice to hear from Mark Calaway for a change.

3 One More Match For Angle

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The Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle is back in the WWE with his entry into the Hall of Fame hopefully marking the start of a tremendous last run with the company. It's something that fans have been clamouring for ever since he left back in 2006, and now that he's walked back through the doors, it seems like only a matter of time before he puts on the red, white and blue once again.

Obviously there's still some health issues to contend with, but if Kurt feels like he can go one more time then WrestleMania 34 would be a great place for it to happen. After all, Mania is the place where legends go to have one last night of glory - and the odds are that Kurt wouldn't have much more than one bout left in him.

2 Announce A Five-Hour Main Show

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WrestleMania is a long, old slog to sit through no matter how much endurance you have when it comes to watching wrestling. For the last two years the main show has gone over five hours and whilst some of us don't mind that, it's a little bit insulting of WWE not to inform the crowd how long the show is actually going to be.

For a long time now it's been a four-hour spectacle, so adding an hour onto the end isn't as simplistic as it may seem. A lot of people plan their evenings and routes back home beforehand, and it doesn't help when they don't know how long they're going to be in the stadium. Just announce how long it's going to be and be done with it.

1 Reigns Turns Heel

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Yes, we know, we're going to sound like a broken record. It's been said over and over again for years now, but Roman Reigns needs to turn heel in order to freshen up his character. It's as simple as that. WrestleMania 33 was the straw that broke the camel's back and if you need any more proof, go ahead and watch the Reigns promo from the Raw after Mania.

It's 15 straight minutes of fans letting WWE know that they're not going to stand for this anymore. Unfortunately, the turn won't really have the intended impact unless it happens on the grandest stage of them all - meaning that we've likely got twelve more months until there's any chance of seeing it happen.

Just make things right, Vince, for once in your life.

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