15 Pairs Of TNA Wrestlers Who Were Real-Life Enemies

Many wrestling fans hate TNA for the product they have put out. What was once a promising upstart company has now been around for fifteen years and has had a rough time staying afloat and staying around. Several people are at fault for TNA not becoming a huge success. The people on this list are people around upper management. These people include Dixie Carter for the hiring of most of these people, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff for bad booking, and Vince Russo for horrendous booking. Through their fifteen year history, TNA has seen many names from the WWE and WCW walk into their company and this is where their biggest mistake comes into play. TNA didn't learn time-after-time and chose to go with the older already made stars instead their homegrown talent. Whether or not it's too late we will see this year as they are already not looking good under the new management. Despite TNA's short history they have had wrestlers who had real-life hatred towards another wrestler.

Here are 15 pairs of TNA wrestlers who hate each other outside of the ring.

15 Vince Russo and Hulk Hogan

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Despite the Bash at the Beach 2000 incident being a work, the heat between these two are very much real. Hogan is probably the most difficult man to work with in wrestling and Russo experienced that during his days of booking for WCW. Russo went on to explain that in his worked shoot at Bash at the Beach which was unfortunately the only part of the script that Hogan did not know about. Hogan would then go on to sue Russo and WCW that same year. The two would work together to book TNA in 2010 and run the once promising company into the ground. Russo gets most of the blame for it but Hogan surely should get some of it.

14 Sean Waltman and Dixie Carter


Sean Waltman returned to TNA in 2010 as a member of The Band. During this time, Hogan had taken over and brought in names like Sean Morley, The Nasty Boys, and Ric Flair. The Band was an incarnation of the New World Order but was called that because of WWE owning the name the New World Order. He wrestled a pay-per-view match with Scott Hall against Kevin Nash and Eric Young. The match saw Nash turn on Young and join his real-life buddies. Waltman was scheduled for a match at the next pay-per-view but no-showed or at least that's what Dixie Carter put out. That's where the heat stems from. Carter said Waltman no showed when in reality, he was dealing with a battle of Hepatitis C. Both Waltman and Hall were released from the company not to long after their arrival.

13 Jim Cornette and Dixie Carter


Jim Cornette hates a plethora of people and the former TNA President makes that list. Jim Cornette was given free reign to run to TNA. He envisioned TNA becoming an acceptable alternative to the WWE. Sadly, everything that possibly could go wrong for him went wrong. What went wrong was the rehiring of Vince Russo. After a couple of years of trying to make it work, the company went with Russo instead of Cornette for whatever reason. Soon after his release, a story was put out that he had an incident with Russo at a taping which Cornette denied and asked Carter for a retraction on the story. Carter didn't do so and in fact continued going with that story.

12 Kurt Angle and Karen Jarrett

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Most people have a rough relationship with their former spouses. It must be even harder to be forced to work with them. Karen Jarrett was brought to TNA in 2007 as the heel manager of Kurt Angle and she was then his real-life wife. After that ran it's course she left TNA until being brought back as the heel manager for Angle's rival Jeff Jarrett who married her. The storyline although having legitimate heat was very awkward and was executed poorly. The angle also lasted ages. Jarrett got the better of Angle at the beginning but Angle ended up winning the feud. One of the pay-per-view matches saw Angle bring in Chyna for a mixed tag match against the Jarretts.

11 Scott Hall and Samoa Joe

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Despite these two wrestlers seemingly having nothing to do with each other, the two have heat with each other. Scott Hall was brought back to TNA in 2007 after being out of the wrestling business for a few years. He was set to take part in a Six-Man Tag Team match where he was going to team with Kevin Nash and Samoa Joe against Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, and Tomko. Scott Hall who wouldn't become better for another six years no-showed the event leaving them with Eric Young as a replacement. Prior to the match starting Joe got on the mic and dissed Hall on the mic for not showing up. In an effort to stick up for his friend, Nash allegedly slapped Joe twice backstage for his on-air outburst.

10 The Hardys and Anthem 

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The Hardys were given the freedom to do as they please in TNA under the old management. With that they created some of the most entertaining wrestling in years. We saw Matt Hardy's broken brilliance, Brother Nero, and several matches that were different but excellent. Then TNA got what it desperately needed and re-branded and basically started over. In came a group known as Anthem. The Hardys were not fond of Anthem and left TNA immediately after they arrived. Sadly, they claim to own the Broken Hardys gimmick and are stopping the Hardys from using the gimmick in the WWE. They are involved in a lawsuit over the rights to the gimmick.

9 Mr. Anderson and Dixie Carter

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WWE's former Mr. Kennedy joined TNA in 2010 as apart of TNA's Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan regime. He spent six long and boring years with the company and had multiple face and heel turns. He won the TNA Title on two occasions. Like many, he has an issue with Dixie Carter and his issue stems from his final days in TNA. Anderson failed an on-the-spot drug test at a TNA taping and was fired from the company. In fairness to Mr. Anderson, he may be the only person to have ever failed a drug test. In fairness to TNA, he has a history of drug test failures. Immediately after the release he said "F*** TNA" on the independent scene.

8 Kevin Nash and Jim Cornette

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Kevin Nash in TNA clearly looked like he was the for a paycheck. No memorable matches, full on gray hair, and his ring work took a step back. Jim Cornette who wasn't fond of Nash to begin with took exception to this as he was trying to make TNA work. Jim Cornette said that Nash was limited in the ring and his moveset was incredibly limited. Kevin Nash has said that he would like to "Teabag Jim Cornette." Jim Cornette believes Nash was only in the wrestling business for the money. Cornette absolutely despises his best friends Shawn Michaels and Triple H. He hated the Curtain Call incident and wanted to go after all of the members of The Kliq.

7 AJ Styles and Dixie Carter

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Dixie Carter, although seemingly a nice and sweet lady was clueless about the wrestling business. Mistake after mistake, and failure after failure saw her finally leave the company recently. Her mistakes include the constant rehiring of Vince Russo, bringing in Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan, and the list goes on-and-on. By far her biggest mistake was letting AJ Styles walk away. Carter and Styles couldn't to an agreement and TNA's greatest creation went elsewhere. Before going to the WWE, Styles tore up the scene in New Japan and had several classic matches. Also before going to the WWE, Carter said AJ backed out of an agreement he had to return to TNA.

6 Scott Steiner and Hulk Hogan

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Scott Steiner hates most people in the wrestling business. His list includes Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and Ric Flair but the man we are focusing on here is Hulk Hogan. Steiner talked an incredible amount of trash about Hogan to the point where Hogan had him banned from the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony. It's hard to believe he was going to be able to go anyways because of his hatred for Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. WWE had him blacklisted from the event. According to Hogan, Steiner had threatened him. Steiner has returned to TNA recently and Hogan is waiting to get the call back to the WWE after his incident in 2015.

5 Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett

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Marrying your opponent's ex-wife is a real way to get heat. It is a real good way to get heat if your opponent is as beloved as Kurt Angle. Jarrett married Angle's ex-wife Karen and the story for whatever reason was played out on TV every week. Angle and Karen's kids were brought up and Jarrett gloated about him taking away his woman. The feud lasted forever in terms of wrestling feuds and went through five different pay-per-view matches with Jarrett winning the first three and Angle winning the last two. He brought Chyna in as a tag-team partner to take on the team of the Jarretts. Both men have gone their separate ways for the better as Jarrett is back in TNA and Angle is back in WWE.

4 Awesome Kong and Bubba the Love Sponge

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Bubba the Love Sponge made his name on his radio show and being good friends with The Hulkster. He and Hogan are such good friends that he filmed an adult tape of Hogan and his wife that accidentally leaked. He and Hogan are also such good friends that he got hired to TNA once Hogan got their. He offended the toughest women wrestler in the company with insensitive. That woman being Awesome Kong. Kong attacked Bubba and beat the daylights out of him. TNA released Awesome Kong who offered them a lot and kept Bubba the Love Sponge who offered them nothing. He was also gone shortly afterwards.

3 Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo

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Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo worked together to book two different companies in TNA and WCW. However, they kept their hate for each other very low. Now it's 100% out there. Bischoff who is back in a positive view in the eyes of WWE has been on the WWE Network and had several DVDs where he completely rips Russo a new one. Russo who doesn't have as a big a platform has responded to Bischoff's claims. He said he didn't like him after the first meeting they had together in WCW. He claims most of things that Bischoff has said about him is lie. The two worked together in WCW and were miserable, they tried again in TNA in 2010 and the two still couldn't find a common ground and both companies suffered.

2 Sting and Jeff Hardy

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Jeff Hardy has claimed in the past that Sting was one of his favorite wrestlers. He was given a chance to main event a pay-per-view with one of his idols and he completely blew it. In 2011 Jeff Hardy was in the midst of his only heel run as a singles competitor. He was set to face Sting at Victory Road for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Jeff Hardy was visibly under the influence of Somas. He walked out to the ring dazed, confused, and stumbling. Eric Bischoff came to the ring and told Sting to end the match quickly which he obliged. Jeff Hardy still tried to kick out but Sting kept him pinned down. Sting was visibly upset and called the whole thing "bulls***" when he walked back up the ramp.

1 Jim Cornette and Vince Russo

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Jim Cornette hates Kevin Dunn, the aforementioned Kevin Nash, Donald Trump, and Shawn Michaels. However, he hates no man more than he hates Vince Russo. The hatred stems from their time booking WWE in the late '90s together. Jim Cornette hates Russo's booking style and the decisions he made with certain talent. Russo feels that Cornette was out of touch with wrestling in 1997. Imagine how he feels in 2017. Russo was brought back to TNA while Cornette was there Corny tried to make it work. TNA somehow chose Russo over Cornette and they are obviously paying for it still eight years later. Cornette has now come up with new cuss words to describe his hate for Vince Russo.

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