15 Pairs Of WCW Wrestlers Who Are Real-Life Buddies

Friendships in wrestling should come as no surprise especially nowadays. Wrestlers are just upfront with their friends in wrestling now. Heels and faces are seen in public very often. This has not helped kayfabe whatsoever. It hurts the business and I hate seeing wrestlers not even try to uphold the integrity of the business. Prior to the Curtain Call, wrestlers tried their damndest to uphold kayfabe. The measures they took to do so are so drastic and ridiculous you have to respect them. Now wrestlers post pictures on Instagram with someone they may have just fought or that's a different alignment. Although this issue may seem minute and miniscule, kayfabe would help the current product drastically. Prior to kayfabe being buried all wrestlers had friends whether they were heel or faces. For example, The Rock and Steve Austin fought all the time. And while they were incredibly close, they were able to hide their close relationship. As far as WCW guys, they were also able to hide their relationships no matter how weird and strange they might have been.

Here are 15 pairs of WCW stars you wouldn't believe were friends outside of the wrestling business.

15. Jeff Jarrett and Vince Russo

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Jeff Jarrett and Vince Russo's friendship began in WWE and transitioned over to WCW. Russo favored Jarrett over many of the usual WCW talent. He wanted Jarrett pushed all the way to the moon and sadly Jarrett was never really over (although Jarret believes otherwise). However, to pay back Russo for pushing him so heavily in WCW, Jarrett gave Russo a booking job in TNA. Little did Jarrett now that this was a horrible idea. Russo put the TNA talent in horrible positions and they have never really managed to recover (Russo happened to along during a hard time for WCW and helped sink the ship once and for all). It will be interesting to see as Global Force Wrestling comes along, if Jarrett gives Russo another chance.

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15 Raven and Perry Saturn

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Raven and Perry Saturn's friendship began in ECW. However, the two had some success in WCW. They were put into Raven's Flock in WCW. They won the tag titles on one occasion in WCW. Like many wrestlers of yesteryear, they were heavy drug users and this transitioned to WCW. The two would go around having sex with many ring rats, as they were called back then. Listen to some of their shoot interviews on YouTube, the stories are seriously maddening.  Saturn claims to have the ability to count on Raven anything and that the two have been friends forever. Both Perry Saturn and Raven have reconnected since Saturn returned after being missing and homeless for a few years. A friendship based on the usage of drugs is still a friendship nonetheless.

14 Kevin Nash and Bret Hart

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This may come as a surprise since people think Bret Hart loves wrestling and Kevin Nash hates it. But no, the two have maintained a good relationship with little to no issues. Nash claims that WCW used one of the best wrestling talents ever in Hart. Another reason Nash said he is fond of Bret Hart is because Hart knew how to get WCW to give up more money for the talent. The two have both said that some of their favorite matches have come against each other. In particular, the match at Survivor Series 1995 between the two are spoken upon fondly by both men. The two do many small wrestling conventions and events together. Kevin Nash's friend Scott Hall however is not the biggest of the self-proclaimed "The Best There Is, The Best There Was and The Best There Ever Will Be."

13 Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan

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Eric Bischoff was able to pull Hulk Hogan to WCW in the early '90s from the WWE where Hogan created his legacy. They both had plans to takeover the wrestling world and put Vince McMahon out of business. Bischoff convinced Hogan to turn heel despite him being heavily against it. Both Bischoff and Hogan had a hand in destroying WCW. The two went to TNA in 2010 to try to "fix" it. Unfortunately they did more harm than good. Much like WCW, the two killed TNA like they did the former WWE competition. After the two left TNA, they still remain good friends to this day and Hogan appears on Bischoff's podcast occasionally. Eric Bischoff has even defended Hulk Hogan during the entire adult tape/racism scandal.

12 Vince Russo and Kevin Nash


I don't know anyone can be friends with Vince Russo as he is a stain on the wrestling business but Nash took a liking to him. Nash has been on Russo's podcast where he gave Russo a very in-depth look in to his childhood. Nash told him the story of his father who he lost at an early age due to cocaine use. Nash claimed in a shoot interview that he believes Russo doesn't dserve the flack he gets. He think's that his booking philosophy is misunderstood. Nash thinks that the fall of WCW is not the fault of Russo, but the fault of talent. Nash believes that a wrestling booker can book the best things but if the talent don't go out and execute it, it flops. He is not entirely wrong with that line of thinking.

11 Konnan and Disco Inferno


The Disco Inferno was often used a comedy act in WCW. He had some minimal success while being there until the company closed it's doors in 2001. Many of his colleagues speak fondly of Disco and it's to see why. The dude is hilarious. He has appeared on numerous podcasts as of late and is a constant member of the Vince Russo podcast. Even more surprising than Russo is Konnan. The two were members of an incarnation of the stable The Filthy Animals in WCW. Disco appears on Konnan's podcast Keepin' it 100 very often and the two talk about the current state of WWE. The two usually speak negatively about the product and it's hard to blame them, the episodes of RAW have been tough to watch.

10 Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner

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Scott Steiner's evolution from strictly a tag team wrestler to a top-five heel in wrestling is not talked about enough. People may dislike "Big Poppa Pump" for some reason but he was truly talented as a heel in WCW's dying days. Kevin Nash once said that he and Steiner became friends prior to joining the wrestling business as they are both from Michigan and they both worked out at the same gym, where the friendship was formed. Nash claims that the Scott was a very intimidating and frightening man which anyone could see at first sight. Both men went on to TNA and formed the Main Event Mafia. The Main Event Mafia truly was a great concept until they screwed around much like almost everything TNA has done.

9 Scott Hall and Diamond Dallas Page

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Scott Hall owes a ton gratitude to Diamond Dallas Page. Page helped to get Hall's life together. Hall was a heavy alcoholic and was close to his deathbed until Diamond Dallas Page came to the rescue. Because of Page, Hall got recognized by the WWE once again. He joined the Hall of Fame in 2014. And in 2015 he had another WrestleMania moment where he took part in the Sting vs. Triple H match. He also took a bump which is important because he could hardly walk years prior. Thanks to DDP, fans can now have positive memories about Scott Hall. Along with Scott Hall, Page has also helped to fix the life of Jake Roberts who was way worse than Hall. Much like Hall, Roberts joined the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014.

8 Diamond Dallas Page and Kevin Nash

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DDP and Kevin Nash formed the tag team known as The Insiders which is a play on The Outsiders. That name is also an inside joke as both men had some say in how they were booked in WCW. Nash owes Page a great deal of thanks because Page helped save the life of Scott Hall, Nash's friend. The two worked together to help fix Hall's life while he was in the hands of DDP. The two did a very successful job in fixing his life as he completely turned his life around. They helped get his hip replaced and helped get him back into WWE's good graces. Both Page and Nash make occasional on-screen appearances in WWE with Page's last one coming at WrestleMania 32 in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal.

7 Dennis Rodman and Hulk Hogan

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Dennis Rodman is a basketball legend without question. Him being a member of the New World Order however made zero sense. He wrestled two tag team matches with the leader of the New World Order, Hulk Hogan. One match was a loss against the team of Lex Luger and The Giant at Bash at the Beach 1997. The other was a victory against Diamond Dallas Page and NBA rival Karl Malone. Rodman would have one more match in WCW in 1999. At Road Wild he was in the co-main event against Randy Savage in a match where Savage took the victory. The friendship between the two was also put on display when he won Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Wrestling. Rodman has not been anywhere near the wrestling business since then.


5 Eric Bischoff and The Cat


The Cat or Ernest Miller was a karate master. He and Bischoff shared the love of karate as both men are black belts. The Cat trained Aces & Eights member Garrett Bischoff in karate. Bischoff convinced The Cat to become a professional wrestler. Little did Bischoff know that karate is different than wrestling. The Cat was a joke of a wrestler. He took part in the Glacier versus Mortis and Wrath storyline and didn't add anything to make it better. He made it to WWE after WCW closed and mainly commentated Velocity. He appeared at the 2004 Royal Rumble and was eliminated quickly. He was released not too shortly after and probably should have remained a karate teacher. Bischoff did an interview on the WWE Network with JBL recently and The Cat was in the movie The Wrestler.

4 Eric Bischoff and Diamond Dallas Page

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Eric Bischoff got the chance to run WCW in 1994. From there we saw a promising company with the capability to run Vince McMahon out of business to a complete joke which is not Bischoff's fault at all. During his time as executive producer, he made some certain friends in the business. He without question treated some talent better than others while other talent may have been better. One of these friends was Diamond Dallas Page. Some say DDP was only given the title because he was Bischoff's friend and neighbor. Personally, I disagree because DDP was arguably the second most over talent in wrestling next to Steve Austin in 1997. He was also the second most charismatic wrestler in wrestling next to The Rock.

3 Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett

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Jeff Jarrett's first run in WCW was a failure. For some reason, management continued to tease him being a member of The Four Horsemen but never officially put him in the stable. His second run was much better and was a multiple time World Heavyweight Champion. Steiner and Jarrett developed a friendship that started in WCW and later transitioned over to TNA. Steiner and Jarrett worked together in TNA from the jump as Steiner immediately joined the group known as Planet Jarrett. Steiner even made a few appearances in Jarrett's second wrestling company Global Force Wrestling. Global Force Wrestling has yet to get off the ground and it will be interesting to see if they ever will. The company has a good bit of talent, but they have failed to make an impact.

2 Scott Hall and Curt Hennig

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Curt Hennig helped to break Scott Hall in to the wrestling business. Without Curt Hennig, we wouldn't have Razor Ramon, the New World Order, The Kliq, or other countless moments of wrestling goodness. The two teamed for while in AWA and held the Tag Team Championship once in the promotion. Hall credits Hennig for all of his wrestling knowledge and tips that Hennig gave to him. Hennig is to thank for Hall being one of the smartest wrestling minds inside and outside of the ring. For example, to protect the Razor's Edge, in matches Hall was going to lose, he would never do the move making the move one of the most dominant in history. That ideology  was helped put into place by Hall's mentors and Hennig is one of them.

1 Ric Flair and Roddy Piper

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These two men feuded and teamed together very often with each other in WCW. That is because the men were very close until Piper's untimely death in 2015. The two men were tight and had insane amounts of respect for each other. Flair brought Piper out of retirement to win the World Tag Team Championship from The Spirit Squad. The two even appeared on an episode of Wife Swap. Flair was heartbroken when Piper's death was announced and still is. When TMZ asked him what he though Flair responded by saying that he still misses him. Flair has been through a lot in his life from being in debt to losing his son Reid and even the almost career-ending Plane Crash, but you have to respect his ability to keep moving along.

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