15 Pairs Of WCW Wrestlers Who Were Real-Life Enemies

Hatred in professional wrestling is common in any company. Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart in WWE is one instance of legitimate heat in the professional wrestling business. Dixie Carter was one the bad side of many of her wrestlers including AJ Styles, Mr. Anderson, and almost every fan as she ruined the wrestling businesses' chance of getting a competitor to WWE. Paul Heyman is hated by almost every man he ever got to work for ECW as he has wronged them in some manner. Whether it was not paying them or screwing them out of an opportunity, Heyman sure knew how to get over on his talent. This list here is focusing on WCW. WCW had a ton of backstage politics and drama so it should come as no surprise that their was real-life issues between wrestlers. Some issues stem over jealousy in position of the card. Some stem over real-life altercations. Some issues stem over the love of woman.

Here are 15 pairs of real-life enemies from WCW.

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15 Hollywood Hogan and The Warrior

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Two of wrestling's most heroic characters battled it out inside and outside the squared-circle. After wrestling a classic match at WrestleMania VI, the fans were treated to a rematch in WCW. After a build that involved Hollywood Hogan being scared of The (Ultimate) Warrior in his window and Warrior not taking a single bump, the fans were treated to arguably the worst wrestling match ever. Warrior believed he was sabotaged by Hogan and left the company the next night on Nitro. Warrior would then go on several internet rants complaining about various things including Hulk Hogan. The two had a conversation WrestleMania weekend in 2014 but sadly, Warrior died a few days later.

14 Kevin Nash and Ric Flair

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Kevin Nash and Ric Flair's rivalry is one-sided similar to that of Dynamite Kid and Bret Hart. Kevin Nash praises Flair while Flair always talks down about Nash. Bret Hart calls Dynamite Kid the greatest wrestler ever. Dynamite Kid doesn't feel nearly the same about Hart. Nash claims to love Flair but Flair doesn't feel the same way at all. Flair felt the nWo were holding him down and always got the best of him and WCW. Flair is right in that instance as the nWo seemingly went out on top every week. Ric Flair believes that the New World Order concept was stolen form Japan. In one specific match, the two had a conflict and began to legitimately try to hurt each other.

13 Sid and Arn Anderson

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The drama between these two started because of a real-life fight. Out of all of the real-life fights in professional wrestling, this is one of the few that was life or death. Arn Anderson is one of professional wrestling's most underrated talents in all aspects of the business. He was a great talker and the style he worked in the ring is attempted to be replicated by many. Sid on the other hand is not known for his ring work and is more known for being big. The two had a dangerous backstage brawl that saw both men stab each other with scissors. Anderson was stabbed 20 times and Sid was stabbed four times. Both men went to the hospital and Sid saw himself back with the WWE shortly after.

12 Scott Steiner and Ric Flair

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Ric Flair is the biggest name in WCW history. He may even be the biggest name in professional wrestling history. Scott Steiner became WCW's top star towards the end of the company's run. Scott Steiner is not Flair's biggest fan to say the least. Steiner dissed him on a live promo on Nitro. Steiner thinks Flair used his pull to hold him down in WCW. Steiner believes Flair worked a bad match with him to stop him from getting a singles push in the early '90s. The match the two had was not good at all so Steiner does have a reason to believe such a claim. Scott Steiner recently made his return to TNA. Meanwhile Ric Flair has a working relationship with the WWE.

11 Syxx and Eric Bischoff

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Syxx (X-Pac) has recently made the news in a negative light recently. He was arrested and forced to miss an appearance at indy show because he possessed marijuana and meth. Eric Bischoff is now back in the spotlight after a few years away and he has been on WWE Network programming. The feud between these two stems goes back to when both were members of the New World Order. Syxx was injured and was forced to missed an extended period of time. Bischoff chose to fire Syxx instead of giving him time to heal. He didn't fire him in person and instead sent it in the mail. After Syxx fully healed, he returned to the WWE and buried Bischoff in his return promo.

10 Diamond Dallas Page and Scott Steiner

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The second man on Scott Steiner's list is one of professional wrestling's most loved characters. He was legitimately over and the fans now love him more than ever for helping their favorite wrestlers get back to a normal state. Scott Steiner didn't care much for DDP and threatened him and his wife Kimberly. Page attempted to do the right thing and stick up for himself and his wife but Steiner would hear none of it. Steiner used his amateur wrestling background to control Page until the two were broken up. DDP has since always spoken negatively of Steiner but admitted that he did lose the fight. The two are more than likely never interact again as Steiner is on WWE's blacklist.

9 Chris Jericho and Eric Bischoff

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As the owner of a company, you're sure to make some of your employees unhappy. Eric Bischoff angered many of his employees as the head of WCW and Chris Jericho happens to be one of the many talent that Bischoff angered. Jericho proved all-around the world that he was one of wrestling's most talented performers. He had great matches in ECW, SMW, and Japan prior to joining WCW in 1996. He got himself over and was easily one of the most talent stars on the roster. Unfortunately, he was reduced to the cruiserweight division and never got the chance to compete for a World Title. Jericho was frustrated that Bischoff continued to push the same old stars and left for the WWE.

8 Kevin Sullivan and Chris Benoit

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The name Chris Benoit is considered taboo in the wrestling world for the reason that we all know. But 10 years before his death, he did something that was also pretty evil. His wife Nancy was a manager in ECW and WCW for then partner Kevin Sullivan. Benoit was caught cheating with Nancy and they played it out on television every week in 1997. Almost all of their matches were street fights and it ended with Benoit winning a Loser Leaves WCW Match. In reality, Kevin Sullivan remained a creative figure for WCW. Benoit left WCW in 2000 after believing Sullivan was holding him down in the company. He went to the WWE and had a very successful career that has since been stricken from the record books.

7 Shane Douglas and Ric Flair

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Shane Douglas recognizes Ric Flair's greatness. He realizes him as one of the greatest professional talents to ever exist. Believe or not, Douglas idolized Flair and is the reason he got into the professional wrestling business. However, the two have a tremendous amount of dislike for one another. Douglas does not Flair's grip that he had over the main event scene for his entire WCW run. Shane believes Flair held him down in his first WCW run. Little did he no that was for the better. Douglas runs down Flair every opportunity he gets and did in his infamous promo when he threw down the NWA World Title. The two had a series of lackluster matches in WCW towards the end of the company's run.

6 Scott Steiner and HollywoodHogan

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For what it's worth, this the last time you'll see Scott Steiner. He is angry at most of the wrestling business including non-WCW stars such as Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Shawn Michaels. He also mad at the man who revolutionized professional wrestling in Hulk Hogan. According to Steiner, Hogan had him banned from the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony. This believed to be because Steiner threatened to kill Hogan. One could say Hogan is justified to have such arrangements arranged. Steiner now sticks to calling all kinds of mean things any chance he is given an interview

5 Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo

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Eric Bischoff carried WCW through the glory days and when those glory days were up, they went in a different direction. That direction was Vince Russo. WCW believed that Russo was responsible for WWE beating them in the ratings war. Russo's first tenure with WCW was disastrous and he was let go. He was brought back in 2000 to work alongside Eric Bischoff. The two men who are somewhat responsible for success of the biggest wrestling companies should have worked right? No it didn't. The clashed on decisions and booking ideas until Bischoff left early that same year. Both men have a grudge against each other till this day and it seems as if Russo hates Bischoff more than he hates Jim Cornette.

4 Goldberg and Chris Jericho

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Goldberg could have easily rubbed people the wrong way in his WCW run. Not being in the wrestling business and not paying your dues but getting a ridiculously long winning streak. Chris Jericho who was making a name for himself as a heel never got an opportunity to step foot into the main event picture. Chris Jericho was placed into a program with Goldberg. Jericho would mock his entrance and unintentionally got himself locked out of the arena. He beat him by count out when he didn't answer his open challenge. The two were supposed to have a pay-per-view match but Goldberg nixed it and that set Jericho off and was one of the reasons why he left. The two had a real-life confrontation when both men were in the WWE and shocking to some, Jericho won.

3 Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff

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Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff's heat stemmed from the creation of the New World Order. Flair was very possessive of spot on top and feared that Bischoff would take away his spot similar to that of Jim Herd and Ole Anderson in the early 90s. Bischoff would do anything to stick it to Flair and this included the most petty things like not giving time off when he requested it. Flair in return no-showed the event to continue with his prior engagement. Bischoff proceeded to suspend Ric Flair and keep him off TV for several months. The two were reunited in WWE and the two would have a real-life altercation during Bischoff's WWE tenure.

2 Kevin Nash and Goldberg

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Kevin Nash was also not a fan of Goldberg's streak and his logic makes sense. His logic being that you can't do much with a guy that never loses. Kevin Nash is the one that ended the streak at Starrcade 1998. The next night the infamous "Fingerpoke of Doom" occurred making the whole thing seem kind of pointless. The fans have since given Nash a ton of heat for putting himself over the undefeated Goldberg. On several occasions, Nash has referred to those fans as marks and Goldberg as a mark himself. Nash has also called Goldberg out for cutting his hand after punching the limo window in an infamous WCW botch. Goldberg remains the pacifist in this situation between the two.

1 Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan

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Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan's backstage issues are some of the most known issues in wrestling history. Randy Savage went as far as to make an entire rap album dedicated to explaining his hatred for Hulk Hogan. In the album, Savage repeatedly ask for a real-life fight with The Hulkster. The real-life hatred stems from Hogan getting close with Savage's ex-wife Miss Elizabeth. Savage believed Hogan was the man that Elizabeth had relations with. Hogan had no hatred towards Savage and wanting to make amends with Savage but Savage had no intention of doing so. Savage never got to make things right with Hogan or the WWE before his death in 2011.

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