15 Pairs Of Wrestlers Who Were Friends On-Screen But Enemies Backstage

Wrestling is a solo business. Everyone is in it for themselves, fighting for spots and hoping they climb the ladder to lift the main championship in the end.

This means that much of the time there are people who are forced to work together when they really don't like each other. People who are portrayed as friends on-screen when they don't get along backstage.

This all adds to the fact that a lot of wrestling is about acting and telling a story, sometimes wrestlers are forced to work matches against people they hate and sometimes people get hurt. It's all part of the job, and one of these parts is that the show is much bigger than any individual problem.

There are many times when WWE has forced a pair of wrestlers to work together when they are not actually friends. Sometimes this helps their relationship grow and sometimes it is a scenario that fails to work out for them.

The following is a list of 15 pairs of wrestlers or wrestling personalities who managed to work together on screen, but couldn't quite get along backstage.

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15 Dolph Ziggler And John Cena

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This isn't going to be the first time John Cena is mentioned on this list since it seems there are many WWE stars who don't see eye to eye with the 16-time Champion. Dolph Ziggler and John Cena have one huge thing in common, they have both dated Nikki Bella.

Nikki and John are currently engaged and even though it has been made public knowledge that Dolph would definitely take Nikki back if she asks, somehow John and Dolph have still been able to work together on WWE TV without problems. It is thought that the duo don't actually hate each other, they just feel awkward having Nikki in common. During Cena's latest run they only worked together at WWE live shows, where at one point John, Nikki and Dolph all teamed together.

14 JBL And Mauro Ranallo

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JBL and Mauro Ranallo sit together at a commentary desk every week for SmackDown Live and JBL plays the heel member of the panel while Mauro calls the action. It seemed as though both men would have to get along since they are being forced to work together, but that's not the case at all.

It has recently been revealed that Mauro has been taking a lot of time away from WWE because of JBL's constant bullying. Mauro suffers from bipolar disorder and he has been having a lot of problems lately, problems that JBL hasn't helped with. Over the past few weeks, there have been new reports each stating that Mauro could be leaving WWE because of this and that JBL wouldn't be facing any kind of punishment, which has led the WWE Universe to jump to Mauro's defence and demand that WWE fire the bully.

13 Brock Lesnar And The Undertaker

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Brock Lesnar was the man to defeat The Undertaker at WrestleMania and has since paid respect to him despite them having three incredible matches against each other over the past few years. It is well known that The Undertaker chose Brock to break The Streak back at WrestleMania XXX but what isn't well known is how much The Undertaker hated Lesnar for a long time.

Back in 2002 The Undertaker was Brock's first major challenger for the WWE Championship and The Deadman and Brock had many matches against each other, with 'Taker only winning one. It was later decided that after Brock dropped the WWE Championship at WrestleMania XXX he would step back into a feud with tHE Undertaker and return the favour by putting him over, but Brock decided to leave WWE instead. This didn't sit well with The Undertaker and there was a problem between both men for a long time.

12 David Otunga And Dolph Ziggler

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David Otunga is currently a member of the Raw commentary team, while Dolph is stuck on the mid-card of SmackDown Live. The issues between these two men started a long time ago when Dolph stated that the only reason that Otunga was where he was in WWE was because of who he was married to.

This is a point much of the WWE Universe has made many times, because of Otunga's marriage to Jennifer Hudson, but it seems Otunga didn't react to it publicly. It seems this duo are definitely not friends backstage. Before these comments were made, Ziggler and Otunga worked together for a while while Vickie Guerrero was still managing Dolph and AJ Lee was general manager. Although, their friendship didn't last very long after the comments were made.

11 Mickie James And John Cena

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Mickie James and John Cena make headlines all on their own thanks to the fact that Cena cheated on his wife with Mickie and Mickie cheated on her fiance with John. It was a mess of an affair and it resulted in Mickie being transferred away from Cena to SmackDown, her popularity plummeting, and her eventually being released from WWE.

Mickie and John appeared together as part of a storyline for WWE before all of this happened, and while they were friends then, it seems that Mickie blames Cena for how everything turned out. The fact here is that she seemingly received a lot of the blame and was the one who was punished much more. Both Mickie and John worked on the SmackDown roster together over the past few months, but WWE creative hasn't allowed them to cross paths.

10 The Undertaker And Triple H

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The Undertaker and Triple H may have had an incredible WrestleMania match where they both stood on the ramp alongside referee Shawn Michaels and embraced, but it is thought that before The Undertaker became a WWE legend and Triple H became the COO, the two men really didn't like each other.

Rumours suggest that The Undertaker and Triple H were always on opposite shows because they really didn't like sharing a locker room and hated working together much more. It was apparently easier for both men not to cross paths for many years rather than forcing them to work together. Luckily, it seems that they have since buried the hatchet and The Undertaker has been able to have a worthy bow out after 27 years on top in WWE, whileTriple H is rumoured to be thinking about retirement options as well.

9 Mr. Kennedy And Randy Orton

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There are many stories and rumours surrounding Randy Orton at the beginning of his career, and how he was disliked by a lot of people, although it seems that Mr. Kennedy wasn't one of them. Kennedy and Orton have teamed together on WWE TV before and seemed as though they were friends until Orton betrayed him.

It seems that following a multi-person Tag Team match where Mr. Kennedy gave Orton a back suplex Orton said that it was a botch. He headed backstage and demanded that officials fire Mr. Kennedy, which shockingly, they did. Kennedy knows that Orton and perhaps John Cena were both behind his release and has made comments about both stars since. It seems as though it was all a conspiracy to get Kennedy fired because Orton thought he was a dangerous worker.

8 The Miz And Alberto Del Rio

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The Miz has been known to rub people up the wrong way many times throughout his WWE career, with Chris Benoit once kicking him out of the locker room for eating chicken over his bag. It seems that Benoit isn't the only person who had an issue with The Miz though.

Alberto Del Rio and The Miz have teamed together before and while they have managed to fool the WWE Universe into thinking they are on the same page, Del Rio has stated in interviews that he just wants to punch The Miz in the face, but he keeps running away from him backstage. Luckily for The Miz, Del Rio has left WWE now and The Miz was never the only man on Del Rio's list, with reports of backstage problems with Sin Cara and even WWE producers.

7 Dynamite Kid And Davey Boy Smith

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Sometimes in WWE, you are not only forced to work with someone that you don't like, but you are also forced to form a tag team with them and that's what happened with The Dynamite Kid and Davey Boy Smith.

On-screen, the duo seemed to get along quite well and had good chemistry as a team, but backstage Dynamite hated the fact that Davey had copyrighted the name and gimmick of their team while he was in a different country. It seems that the duo clashed a few times about different things until it was established that they really didn't like each other and they were then broken up as a team on WWE TV as well. Just goes to show, sometimes the longer you spend with someone, the more you realize that you should dislike them.

6 Randy Orton And John Cena

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Randy Orton and John Cena are two of the biggest faces that WWE has ever produced. Not only have they both risen through the ranks in WWE together, often on opposite sides of a WWE ring, but it is reported that they were best friends for a long time as well outside of the ring.

This all changed back in 2006 when Randy Orton was suspended for taking illegal drugs and failing WWE's Wellness Policy. Cena is an advocate when it comes to the Wellness Policy and wrestling being a clean sport and it is thought that Cena actually called for Orton's WWE contract to be terminated. He wasn't happy that Orton was only suspended. It is unknown of these cracks have been covered since, but the duo has worked together on WWE TV many times since then.

5 Melina And Mickie James

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Mickie and Melina had one of the best female feuds in WWE back in 2008 when they went head to head for the Women's Championship. They had some of the best matches that the Women's Division had seen since the likes of Trish Stratus and Lita before they later became friends and began working together on the Raw roster.

It is well known that Mickie and Melina are now very good friends, but back when they were both coming through WWE developmental, it seems that Melina decided to run her mouth about the projects that Mickie had been working on before WWE, including some adult entertainment. Melina put a lot of her comments online and it is thought that Mickie didn't react well to the comments. She just  didn't stoop to Melina's level and decided to keep it to herself.

4 The Rock And John Cena

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The Rock and John Cena had two huge headlining matches at WrestleMania XXVIII and XXIX. Even though the first bout was billed as "Once in a Lifetime." The Rock and Cena were on opposite sides of the ring for a while before Cena came out and helped The Rock at WrestleMania 32.

It seems that The Rock and Cena are now seen as friends on WWE TV when in real-life it is thought that they duo can not stand each other. John Cena made a comment about The Rock in an interview stating that if he loved wrestling as much as he says he does then he would come back and make guest appearances, stating that hewas the real lover of wrestling. It is unknown if these two have swept their ill feelings under the rug or not, but somehow they still managed to work together despite it.

3 Maria And The Bella Twins

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Back in 2009 Maria and The Bella Twins were both face Superstars on the SmackDown brand and were working together against the likes of Michelle McCool, Natalya, and Maryse. The Bella's were in the early stages of their WWE career, and Maria wasn't great in the ring.

Still, the trio seemed to all be on the same page on WWE TV, but backstage it seems that the women secretly hated each other. This stems from the fact that Maria had the audacity to dance with her friend Dolph Ziggler while he was in a relationship with Nikki Bella. Both Bella Twins were not happy about this and when Maria left the company and WWE attempted to resign her, The Bella's managed to talk WWE out of bringing her back. There is seemingly real heat between those three women.

2 Triple H And CM Punk

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There was a short period of time in WWE when Triple H and CM Punk were on the same page. It didn't last very long since both men had huge egos and it was always going to come to a head, but they were on the same page for a while.

Punk and Triple H became one of the biggest feuds in WWE at one point and this was easily fueled by the fact that Punk despised Triple H and obviously it is thought that The Game felt the same way. Punk was said to have walked away from WWE when he discovered that he would be facing Triple H at WrestleMania and not main eventing like he believed he deserved. It is thought that both men still hold grudges with each other and that this is one of the main reasons Punk will never return to WWE.

1 Roman Reigns And Seth Rollins

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The Shield were one of the most dominant factions in WWE for a long time before Seth Rollins decided to join The Authority and turn on his brothers. Roman and Seth are former Tag Team Champions together, and even though their run with the titles was a brief one, it seemed that the duo worked well together in the ring, but this isn't the case outside of it.

Roman appeared on Chris Jericho's 'Talk Is Jericho' podcast recently where he talked about his time in The Shield and the fact that he really didn't like Seth Rollins when they first began working together. Obviously, this later changed and The Shield became a huge hit with the WWE Universe, but for the first few months, it seems that Rollins just managed to rub Roman up the wrong way.

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