15 Pairs Of Wrestlers You Forgot Were In The Same Faction

Stables have always been a big part of professional wrestling, with some of the most memorable moments in wrestling history coming thanks to groups of wrestlers that aligned with one another. When you think of the best stables in wrestling history, you normally think of names like The Shield, Evolution, D-Generation X and The Four Horsemen.

You know a stable is good when all of the members can get themselves over with the crowd, launching successful solo careers. Most of the time, a stable makes sense as there is a common trait that all of the members share, but that’s not always the case. When a stable gets too big and starts adding members left and right, you can get some really random names thrown together.

Today, we want to take a look at some of those interesting names that were brought together in stables. We didn’t include members of the NWO, because that would be cheating as seemingly the entire WCW joined in at one point. Instead, these are smaller factions (for the most part) that will surely make you say “Oh yeah, I forgot about that” a few times. Here are 15 pairs of wrestlers that you forgot were in the same faction.

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15 Naomi and Albert

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Before NXT, Cameron and Naomi were in the developmental territory that was known as Florida Championship Wrestling. While there, the group found success as the Booty Poppin’ Dance Group (not making that up) before making the jump to the main roster. When they debuted, they were the dancers that accompanied Brodus Clay to the ring as part of a very festive entrance.

Eventually, the man known then as Tensai (but better known as Albert) would reluctantly join the group after a failed main event run. It was only about five years ago, but it’s strange to think that an eventual Women’s Champion like Naomi was once in the same stable as Albert. Now that we mention it, the fact that it was so recent actually makes it even weirder.

14 Chavo Guerrero and Zack Ryder

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It seems like it’s been forever since Chavo Guerrero has wrestled with the WWE, and it’s strange to think about how long Zack Ryder has been with the company. Ryder got his start when paired up with Curt Hawkins known as The Major Brothers, who aligned themselves with Edge and were known as TheEdgeheads. The faction would bring in Vickie Guerrero when Edge became engaged to Eddie’s widow, creating La Familia.

There was a lot of backlash from Eddie’s cousin, Chavo Guerrero, at the beginning of the storyline. However, Chavo would come around and they would be one big happy family...or, familia. At least, that was the case for a little while until they broke up just a year later. Ryder was the only one still with the company for many years afterward, but Curt Hawkins has since rejoined.

13 CM Punk and Matt Striker

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For those of us that jumped back into wrestling following CM Punk’s infamous “pipe bomb” promo, it can be interesting to go back and look at the history of his career. Punk was involved with a lot of stables. Some of which he was the leader, and others where he was one of the faces in the crowd. Back in 2007, a stable popped up known as The New Breed, filled with newer wrestlers that took on the old guard of the ECW.

A couple of months after starting, the group recruited CM Punk to help them in their endeavors. Punk would eventually give in and join the group that was led by Elijah Burke, and also contained Marcus Cor Von, Matt Striker and others. Punk would become one of the biggest names in WWE, while Striker went into commentary, now with Lucha Underground.

12 Luke Gallows and Joey Mercury

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Speaking of pre-pipe bomb CM Punk, there was a time when he was the leader of the group known as the Straight Edge Society. The stable that swore off of drugs and alcohol ripped into people that partook in such vices, with CM Punk becoming a massive heel in the process. Punk would recruit people into his society, including a drug user named Festus. After turning him around, Festus went by the name Luke Gallows.

During the group’s run, they also gathered in a masked member of the group, who was later revealed to be Joey Mercury. Both men would have their ups and downs in their career, with Gallows finding success overseas. Mercury had been a real-life addict and left wrestling before rejoining the WWE and then taking a backstage role before leaving the company in early 2017.

11 Chris Benoit and Shane Douglas

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Shane Douglas was never really a main event talent, though he did find a lot of success in many different promotions, including the big ones. In the ECW, he was a four-time Heavyweight Champion and two-time Television Champion. He would also win an Intercontinental Championship, as well as a Hardcore and U.S. Heavyweight Championship while in WCW. When Douglas was in ECW, he formed a stable with Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit, which was known as Triple Threat.

The group didn’t last very long, as Douglas had left for the WWE in 1995. They would later reform when Douglas returned to ECW the next year, but Benoit was no longer there. Finally, they would regroup in 1999 in WCW, but that was again short lived. Douglas didn’t return to glory in the WWE while Benoit became a main event talent with an unfortunate end to his career.

10 The Rock and The Mean Street Posse

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was destined to become a star, but couldn’t really get himself over as a babyface early in his career. The plan was to make The Rock a bona fide heel, and it finally happened in late 1998. That was the time when The Rock aligned with Vince McMahon, forming The Corporation stable. The Rock remained with the group through April 1999, and there were many members in the group along the way.

For a couple of weeks, The Rock was in the same stable as The Mean Street Posse, comprising of Pete Gas and Rodney. The two had been friends with Shane McMahon for a long time, and they came into the group for the final 17 days of the official Corporation run.

9 Sable and The Insane Clown Posse

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When you think of women in the Attitude Era, the first one that comes to mind for a lot of us is Sable. Even though she wasn’t much of a wrestling talent, Sable had some memorable moments, and still has a tie to the WWE as she’s married to Brock Lesnar. Back in the Attitude Era, Sable had a run with an odd stable known as The Oddities. The group was supposedly a carnival freak show type of weirdos that carried around a Cartman plush doll.

Sable joined the group shortly after SummerSlam in 1998, and remained there for a few months. Since The Oddities themselves didn’t talk much, their biggest mouthpiece to that point had been the Insane Clown Posse (who also performed the theme song). If you want to show a child what the 1990’s was like, just find a clip of Sable and The Insane Clown Posse at a WWE event together.

8 Big Show and Earthquake

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Looking back at the mid 1990s in WCW history, you have to wonder how they were able to go through a ratings boost. When Hulk Hogan joined the company, many fans came along with him and wanted to see what type of storylines he could get involved in. Before the nWo, Hogan was fighting off the Dungeon of Doom. The group set out to destroy Hulkamania by any means necessary.

It appeared that they were finally able to destroy Hulkamania when they brought out a hired gun named The Giant, who was supposedly Andre the Giant’s son that hated Hulk Hogan for beating his father. Of course, The Giant would later become The Big Show and has had a long WWE career, but he was also joined by fellow Dungeon of Doom member The Shark. The Shark was John Tenta, who became a member of the previously mentioned Oddities.

7 Rey Mysterio and Disco Inferno

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There were plenty of stables in the most popular era of WCW history, and among the many was The Filthy Animals. When the group made their debut in 1999, they were babyfaces that included Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero and Torrie Wilson as their manager. The next year, Mysterio remained with the group as they turned heel while Guerrero separated.

Taking the place of Guerrero was Juventud Guerrera and...Disco Inferno. Back then, Disco Inferno was simply known as Disqo, playing off the stylization of R&B singer Sisqo. Mysterio would become a main event talent for a long time, while Disco Inferno never made it to the WWE, instead heading to TNA for a period of time and wrestling independently. For the gimmick he was given, though, he did a great job.

6 Rikishi and Yokozuna

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While many younger fans surely know Rikishi as a staple of the Attitude Era, there was a time when he was part of a duo known as The Headshrinkers with Samula Anoa’i (yes, the same family that spawned Roman Reigns). The group would find success in the territorial game, and eventually expanded into being known as the Samoan SWAT Team. They picked up members of the family along the way, including Rodney Anoa’i.

Back then, Rodney was known as Kokina Maximus, and all of them signed with WWE in 1992. Rodney would not stick with the team, however. Instead, Vince McMahon repackaged him as a Japanese sumo wrestler named Yokozuna and lifting him to main event status. It took years for us to realize that he was actually Samoan the entire time.

5 Mick Foley and Gangrel

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Raven was always one of those wrestlers that knew how to bring people together, running his own stable across multiple promotions for more than a decade. Back when Raven was in ECW, he was able to get many different wrestlers into the Raven’s Nest. Among them was The Vampire Warrior (real name David Heath). Eventually, Cactus Jack (Mick Foley) would follow suit by turning on Tommy Dreamer.

Cactus Jack had already been an established name in pro wrestling, but that wasn’t the case for Heath. However, he would find success in the WWE when he continued to play a vampire-esque character known as Gangrel. Indeed, that was the same Gangrel that led The Brood, launching the careers of both Edge and Christian. The guy just couldn’t catch a break.

4 Seth Rollins and Luke Harper

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When seeing these names, you are probably trying to think of a time when Seth Rollins might have temporarily joined The Wyatt Family. That didn’t happen, but Rollins and Luke Harper have been in a team together, just not in WWE. While both were in Ring of Honor, the two were members of The Age of the Fall. Back then, Harper was known as Brodie Lee, and Rollins went by Tyler Black.

The group would last for two years and even branched out into different promotions. Rollins would win the Ring of Honor Tag Team Championships twice, but it came with Jimmy Jacobs. We all know what has happened since then as both members came up through NXT and have found success on the WWE main roster.

3 Stacy Keibler and The Dudley Boyz

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We guarantee that you remember The Dudley Boyz, and we also guarantee that you remember Stacy Keibler. However, not a lot of people remember that they were joined together at one point in history. Keibler had been with WCW starting in 1999, but then made the switch over to WWE after the company was bought out. Keibler started her WWE career by managing The Dudley Boyz as the Duchess of Dudleyville.

Now that your memory of Keibler being a Dudley has been jogged, you probably remember how it ended. After costing a match for The Dudleys, Bubba Ray powerbombed her through a table. It was then that Keibler branched out, eventually becoming more popular on the mainstream and getting in a relationship with George Clooney.

2 X-Pac and Stone Cold Steve Austin

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Back in 1994, Ted DiBiase was still active in the WWE, but no longer in the ring as he was injured in Japan to end his career. DiBiase went the managerial route, forming a stable that would be known as The Million Dollar Corporation. DiBiase had plenty of members in the stable that included King Kong Bundy, Tatanka and Irwin R. Schyster. Two of the names that stand out, however are The 1-2-3 Kid and The Ringmaster.

At the time, nobody knew that either one would become a star. The Ringmaster, of course, became later known as Stone Cold Steve Austin while The 1-2-3 Kid made a name for himself as X-Pac, and part of D-Generation X. Only one won the Million Dollar Championship, though, and that went to Austin.

1 Triple H and Mideon.

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In 1999, two of the biggest factions in WWE history decided to merge, forming a superpower that would be able to take on the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin. It was when The Corporation and The Ministry of Darkness came together, creating The Corporate Ministry. The McMahon Family and The Undertaker were the leaders of the group, and there were plenty that followed along in their steps.

Of course, Triple H doesn’t go anywhere without the McMahons, but there was an interesting name that came along. Mideon was also in The Corporate Ministry, long after his days of being Phineas I. Godwinn. Just imagining Triple H in the same group with one of The Godwinns is a weird thought, but anything was game in the Attitude Era.

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