15 Pairs Of Wrestling Enemies Who Squashed Their Real Life Beef

Some of wrestling's most longstanding rivalries happen not only inside the ring but outside of it as well. Jim Cornette and Vince Russo have hated each other since Vince Russo became a writer for the WWE in the late '90s. Ric Flair and Shane Douglas have disliked each other since the early '90s and their has still yet to be a resolution to the hatred. Many wrestlers have been given the chance to end their hatred for one another and have taken the chance to reconcile their differences. Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels have reconciled their real-life problems that stemmed back to the '90s as well. Bret and Shawn was arguably wrestling's most heated real-life hatred and the hatred featured real-life fights and in-ring screwjobs yet they were able to reconcile. These two are the best example of wrestlers ending their dislike for one another. This list is for the pairs of wrestlers who have had rivalries outside of the ring but manage to put an end to their differences.

Here are 15 pairs of wrestlers you didn't know no longer disliked each other.

15 Ric Flair and Bruno Sammartino 

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Ric Flair and Bruno Sammartino are two of the biggest stars in the world of professional wrestling. They both were humongous draws for their era and both are on the Mount Rushmore of professional wrestling. Unfortunately when you're as big of a star as both of those men, you begin to develop a big ego. After Bruno was retired and Flair was near retirement, the two had a disagreement. According to Flair, Bruno snubbed him backstage at an event. Flair proceeded to bury him and say he couldn't draw fans outside of New York. Sammartino called Flair a liar and claimed to have zero respect for The Nature Boy. The two have made up since Bruno's alleged snub.

14 Triple H and Jim Cornette


There aren't many people that are like by Jim Cornette and Triple H was a high member of Jim Cornette's s*** list. While Triple H never had any issue with Cornette, Cornette took issue with Triple H's involvement in the Curtain Call and his fake apology for the incident. Cornette has also taken issue with Triple H marrying into the McMahon family. All of the issues that Cornette has are somewhat reasonable. I'm sure he never thought he'd be invited back to the WWE let alone squash his issues with Triple H. Despite everything Cornette said about him, Triple H invited him to the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony and when Cornette was there he shook his hand.

13 Steve Austin and Eric Bischoff

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Steve Austin is one of wrestling's greatest success stories. He was fired from WCW for being generic. After a short stint in ECW he went to the WWE and started off horribly. Vince McMahon thought he shouldn't talk and Ted DiBiase became his mouthpiece. The two were a horrible fit. DiBiase left to join WCW and Austin was left by himself in WWE. Luckily and as we all know he succeeded. Eric Bischoff is now known as the man that fired Steve Austin. Steve Austin should be given a good bit of responsibility for putting WCW out of business. When you're fired from your place of work tensions usually run high between the employer and employee. These two were able to put their differences aside and work together in WWE and even do podcasts with each other nowadays.

12 Kevin Nash and The Rock

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Kevin Nash returned to the WWE in 2002 along with his nWo cohorts. Their first feud was with The Rock. According to several shoot interviews The Rock rubbed Kevin Nash wrong several times. Nash claims that The Rock forget the pecking order and was very difficult to work with. Some even say that he had the finished changed at WrestleMania X8 with his match against Hulk Hogan. Kevin Nash has even claimed that The Rock is gay because of his lack of a love life. The Rock never responded to Nash's negativity and remained silent. After The Rock's injury against John Cena at WrestleMania XXIX Nash wished him a speedy recovery and obviously squashed the beef between the two.

11 Triple H and Kurt Angle

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Kurt Angle recently made his return to WWE and that is thanks to his former real-life foe Triple H. Triple H like many others on this list has reconnected and fixed relationships with people he has had issues in the past with. Triple H left the WWE in 2006 and went to WWE. This caused him to be criticized publicly by Triple H and Vince McMahon. Triple H wanted to be Vince's number one guy but Kurt Angle clearly was head-and-shoulders better than Triple H at the time. When he left Triple H convinced him that he's not as good as he really is. Triple H put his old hatred for him behind and are expected to work an angle together whenever Triple H returns to television.

10 Eric Bischoff and Jim Cornette

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Eric Bischoff and Jim Cornette's paths never crossed in the wrestling business but their one interaction was extremely negative. Jim Cornette believes he was sabotaged in his last run with WCW and Bischoff vehemently denies doing such thing. Jim Cornette tried his hardest to make TNA a credible wrestling company and after he got fired Bischoff tore it all down. The two were brought in to do a WWE Table for 3 on the WWE Network and were given a chance to air their grievances. The two found out they have a common interest. That interest being hating Vince Russo. Cornette's hatred for Russo is well documented and Bischoff dislikes his former booking partner for all of his bad ideas.

9 Ric Flair and Mick Foley

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The rivalry between these two men is one of the few real-life rivalries that were played out on WWE television. Mick Foley is loved by wrestling fans universally because of his craziness and the bizarre things he would do to his body. The dislike between Flair and Foley began over Foley's comments on Flair in his book "Have a Nice Day." Foley claimed that Flair was a bad booker but a phenomenal wrestler. Ric Flair took exception to the comment and called him an a "gloried stuntman." While Flair isn't completely wrong here, Foley also took exception with the comment. In 2006 they feuded with each other and had a few matches with Flair going over most of the time. The two have settled their differences and are now closer friends than people would have ever envisioned.

8 Sean Waltman and Eric Bischoff

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Eric Bischoff was trigger happy when it came to firing people in WCW. He fired the aforementioned Steve Austin. He also fired The Honky Tonk Man after a very short period and claimed he was his favorite firing. Bischoff took his firings to a whole new level in 1997  when he fired Sean Waltman via Fed Ex while he was recovering from an injury. Waltman was obviously bothered by this as he was never given a chance to continue with the hottest thing in wrestling, the New World Order. Waltman returned to the WWE in 1998 on the night after WrestleMania XIV. He was given a live mic and completely dug into Eric Bischoff and buried him. Both Bischoff and Waltman settled their issues and Bischoff brought him into TNA in 2010. They have been guests on each others podcast as well.

7 Shane McMahon and Triple H

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Shane McMahon's return to WWE last year caught us all by surprise. He returned on Raw after being away from the WWE for nearly seven years. Many believed he left to pursue other ventures once he realized he would he would never be given the keys to the McMahon castle. Instead those keys would be given to his son-in-law Triple H. Having your own father choose someone else over you has to be upsetting and we saw it with Shane. It force him out of the wrestling business. When he made his shocking return he did an interview with Mick Foley on the WWE Network and Mick Foley pestered him about his issues with Triple H. Shane claimed the two had no issues and that has held true thus far.

6 Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff

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Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff's hatred for one another peaked during WCW's peak. Eric Bischoff was looking to push WCW in a new direction when he was at the helm in WCW. Ric Flair was very protective of his top spot as he should be. The two had several disagreements including one where Bischoff suspended Flair for no-showing a WCW event. When both were members of the WWE roster in 2003 they had an alleged fist fight backstage. The bad blood has seemingly boiled over since the incident and the two are now good friends. They worked together in TNA and have been guests on each others respective podcasts. What was once one of wrestling's most heated hatreds has now become one of wrestling's best make-up stories

5 Kevin Nash and Goldberg

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Kevin Nash has rubbed many people the wrong way during his tenure with WCW but none more than Bill Goldberg. Goldberg's inflated streak number reached 173 wins and zero losses by Starrcade 1998. He was booked to face the winner of the World War 3 Battle Royal. Kevin Nash won the match against Goldberg and ended his streak thanks to Scott Hall's use of the stun gun. Kevin Nash dropped the title to Hulk Hogan the next night thanks to the "Fingerpoke of Doom." Nash received a ton of hate for ending the streak and many say he booked himself to win. That is not true as he didn't become booker until later in the year. Kevin Nash called him a mark for not wanting to lose. The two were seen sitting together at this year's Hall of Fame ceremony which seemingly ended the feud between the two.

4 Vince McMahon and Bruno Sammartino 

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Considering the relationship between Vince's father and Bruno Sammartino, it's a true travesty that these two legends couldn't get along. Bruno Sammartino was the WWE's huge draw for the entirety of the '60s. He was the longest reigning WWE Champion and when he lost the title, people cried. When Vince McMahon Jr. took over it was a different story with Bruno and the WWE. Bruno's son David Sammartino was brought to the WWE and they made him a jobber and gave him no push. Bruno took offence to this and the relationship became strained. Bruno would not become a member of the WWE Hall of Fame until 2013. One of WWE's greatest draws had to wait forever to join the Hall of Fame because of pettiness between the two men. Thankfully it's over.

3 Ric Flair and Bret Hart

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Bret Hart and Ric Flair are considered by many to be some of wrestling's top talent. It is almost universally considered that they are members of the wrestling Mount Rushmore. Because of this, it is unfortunate that these two didn't always get along. According to Hart, on Flair's way out of the WWE, he gave him bad matches when Flair was putting Hart over. Bret Hart flat out said that Ric Flair sucks in that very same year. Flair responded with the claim that Bret wasn't a draw. Flair's comments were criticized and proved wrong by many people in the wrestling business. After throwing around harsh words like that it's hard to imagine these two reconciling but they did. They have done business together in both NXT and on the main roster with Bret Hart managing Natalya and Flair managing his daughter Charlotte.

2 Triple H and Goldberg

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Triple H's reign of terror during the Ruthless Aggression Era is one of professional wrestling's dark ages. He's hurt the careers of many wrestlers during his time including Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Randy Orton, and Scott Steiner. He had two incredibly long World Title runs and this is clearly his worst run in the WWE. Goldberg was the one we thought would end Triple H's run on top but we were sadly mistaken. At SummerSlam 2003 he lost to Triple H when everyone knew he should've won. He wont the title the next month and this reign is not memorable whatsoever. He would drop back to WWE and leave the company in April of that year. Goldberg was obviously upset about his run in WWE and sworn off of coming back. Like most he came back to WWE and ended his personally problems with Triple H.

1 The Rock and John Cena

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Two of wrestling's most charismatic stars had two matches where the heat between the two became very real. In WWE's attempt to create a dream match, they had The Rock and John Cena feud starting before WrestleMania XXVII. On the Raw following 'Mania,they announced their match for for WrestleMania XXVIII. During the year of build time that the two had they began to legitimately dislike each other. John Cena felt that The Rock had went over the line with some of his comments. The Rock took issue with Cena calling him a part-timer. After two sub-par matches the two ended their real-life feud. Cena regretted the feud getting personal. This comment came after Cena becoming a part-timer himself.

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